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Elon Musk Doubts This Idea. Ali Hajimiri Is Betting on It.

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Caltech professor and inventor Ali Hajimiri has a reputation for defying conventional wisdom and turning science fiction into reality. His latest and boldest project to date is wireless power transfer, and it could change the way we power our lives. Video by Matt Goldman Game Changers is a three-part series about some of the world's most determined and hard-working visionaries who are on the verge of becoming household names. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2018-07-12/elon-musk-hates-this-idea-ali-hajimiri-is-betting-on-it-video ------------------- Bloomberg is the First Word in business news, delivering breaking news & analysis, up-to-the-minute market data, features, profiles and more: http://www.bloomberg.com Connect with us on... Twitter: https://twitter.com/business Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bloombergbusiness Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bloombergbusiness/
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Text Comments (1181)
Frank X (20 minutes ago)
If anything this technology could be used for powering satellites, space equipment?
Lucas Baião Pires (6 hours ago)
The phased array concept is decades old and it is used across multiple applications. There is nothing innovative about this video.
Graham Strouse (15 hours ago)
Whether it works or not I appreciate the man’s attitude. Unlike Silicon Valley schmucks like Musk and Elizabeth Holmes he doesn’t seem to feel the need to swing his thang around to prove how awesome he is.
Vincent Boutot (15 hours ago)
why don't you build solar panel in other country instead?
Tavio Co (1 day ago)
Bloomberg is so so desperate to crash Elon Musk & Tesla. The secretive speculators behind Bloomberg can't digest the genius Elon disrupting the old ideas, pushing for new boundaries.
Arunabha Das (1 day ago)
Progga (2 days ago)
Putting "Elon Musk" in the title to get clicks ...
Arturo Fernandez (3 days ago)
I'm on Ali's side, me and my dad have been thinking about this for a while now. All technology sounds impractical and stupid at the beginning, why did we bother to build a wheel when you can pick up things and walk? why did we bother to generate electricity if fire was easier to access? The truth of this is, Ali's thinking is more Nikola Tesla's than the company bearing his name.
Montana Baker (5 days ago)
As long as Hajimiri's wishful thinking eventually yields something that make's Musk's math wrong. New tech changes rules all the time, right? But in this case it may have to change a -lot-
Aa AA (5 days ago)
Discuss it scientifically not thru ants analogy, that’s STUPIDITY...
Tan Tan (5 days ago)
This Guy says he put ants in a jar and they started building a HOME... Fucking liar. Ants only build a home around their queen. Other wise they scurry off LOOKING for the queen. I hate liars. And phase Arrays are useless when they cant be produced in a sensible and cost efficient way. BLOOMBERG is notorious for making videos about nothing and trying to pretend like it is something.
AsianGlow (5 days ago)
The Sun is already "transmitting" energy to Earth. It pains me to say this, but Elon Musk is right on this one.
Jorge Egroj (6 days ago)
Wow!! That was an unnecessary comment from Elon Musk.
Ty coon (7 days ago)
he preaches discipline then talks about space solar energy completely ignoring the 2 factors, launch cost and power conversion. he is the iranian bill cosby of science
Saskatoon Sky (7 days ago)
You seem really really high on your mediocre ideas. Muslims are useless.
Caeden W. (7 days ago)
But storage is the real issue here, not lack of space or solar energy on the ground...
Victor Nascimento (7 days ago)
clickbait accepted
Argasy Argasy2 (8 days ago)
The title is misleading. Elon doesn't doubt it can be done, he simply stated that it wasn't economic. I do not doubt that there will be more applications for this technology, just not what he intends for it.
David Mountain (8 days ago)
So far he seems to be able to power an LED (<1W) from about 200mm. I don't see any potential problem getting that power to useful levels at ~35km
Eager Beaver (8 days ago)
What about sending power to space?
Bernie Zelvis (8 days ago)
Don’t stand in the way of the beam!
#David (8 days ago)
Classic bullshit artist.
ForestNinjaZero (9 days ago)
Elon Musk doubts anything which requires knowledge of physics. We don't want to hear any more from Elon Musk about how 'stupid' his competitors are while they're all defeating him, and advancing industries with their achievements. Obviously, he's the one who is stupid.
monty royal (9 days ago)
What about pacemakers?
Stopper Mark (10 days ago)
Elon did calculations to back up his opinion, this guy hasnt.....show me the math pal
battu tulu (11 days ago)
Display camera was taped at 1:54...
Mac P (11 days ago)
Whats with the OBNOXIOUS violin music in the background? How stupid.
Agiu TAJIK (11 days ago)
0:08 when Exactly it happened? because i was born there too but i haven’t witnessed missiles coming down
Doran Martell (11 days ago)
So you're directing more heat (energy) toward a overheating planet and calling it a green solution.
Abd Aziz Abd Hamid (11 days ago)
Even Tesla did try transmitting power via air. In fact only the Sun does it successfully since it produces tremendous amount of energy.
joaquin guelfi (11 days ago)
Don't use a clickbait titles please.
shahid k (11 days ago)
Sheldon Copper would hate this guy...
dah lay (12 days ago)
And the government will stop his project because government will lose money selling energy to people.
Sergio Díaz Nila (12 days ago)
phased arrays, that is complex adaptive systems with a decentralized & distributed architectures, with emergence, redundancy, and other properties. future computers will employ this, on what is called the manycore architecture. Elon Musk has envy because he didn't thought about it
AJ (14 days ago)
Hope he proves Elon wrong.
Lister Dave (14 days ago)
I don't see why one would go to the trouble of converting the solar energy into microwaves in space then beaming to the surface of the earth. What exactly do you gain by doing that? I see the advantage of having 24x7 production of electricity but why not just focus the sun directly to a collector on earth, avoiding the losses in conversion to microwave and back? You just need a large optical reflector in space rather than solar panels and you achieve the same results, only much more efficiently. That is you get much more electricity produced for a given cost or for a given mass launched into orbit.
sanjuansteve (15 days ago)
We should all have electric vehicles charged from the excess power generated from our home, business and covered parking rooftop solar arrays.
H.M ASIF (16 days ago)
If we can shrink a phone to the size it is today...I don't see a reason why we cannot integrate this concept into the current grid as a source of power...the receptors need to be more efficient in dispersing the wireless energy into the grid...ideally if we could somehow amplify this energy...before passing it on...it really could work....and it would be consistent in terms of the flow...however weak it may seem now...it really is a great idea.
Joseph Smith (17 days ago)
LOL... A Muslim inventor... There is no such thing. A Muslim Terrorist?? Yeah, plenty of those are around!
Michael Derosier (18 days ago)
This is amazing!!
V1 Gibby (21 days ago)
Why so many dislikes?
Arabic Chic (21 days ago)
if you think this is impressive technology, then let me tell you something, last month a saudi arabian scientist has patent issued and made successful prototype of cell phone charger, that can fully charge a phone battery by radio wave that you found everywhere. Bloomberg if you want more information hit me up.
Don Folders (21 days ago)
Elon Musk doesn't doubt the idea, he doubts that it will be efficient. Ali is just self absorbed and invents for the recognition, not practical success, and Bloomberg survives another day by using more misleading clickbait. WHEN YOU ARE A NEWS ORGANIZATION, AND YOU USE CLICKBAIT, YOU ARE A LIAR.
Alperen Akküncü (22 days ago)
Did they change the title of the video?
Marco Dieter (23 days ago)
He's using Raspbian
Salvy Gonzy (24 days ago)
hmmm interesting then nxt step along our orbit u will gonna try building a halo then a dayson sphere
Sion Mars (25 days ago)
He can turn this into a weapon
ElectroSalvo (26 days ago)
wrong market, it's a useless prototype gizmo in space. Try the Electronic consumer markets wireless charging and stuff of that nature.
Attila Ihász (26 days ago)
So, somehow, it makes more sense to buy a 100$ 2kg solar panel, put it into space for for ~6.000$, install it around a long range transmitting system (??$) that will have some efficiency losses, with the work of 10+ engineers and scientists, then to just buy 3 panels for 300$ and and have them installed by a single electrician on a spot of the 99.99% surface of the Earth that does not already have solar panels on it. Intriguing. Same amount of power produced, one cost 300$ + 1 electrician hour, other costs 6.100$ + ??$ + 20+ engineer / scientist hours. Oh by the way: The ~6.000$ launch cost for 2 kg ( Falcon 9 reusable configuration) goes up to ~10.000$ if you disclude ventures of Elon, and go with the second cheapest option currently available. Just saying on your comment "If there is anyone out there who could steer the thrust of technology from its own demise, and toward the betterment of humanity" - there a lot of people actively doing that, and this guy might be amongst them, but he needs to not just imagine and make "cool tech stuff", but also make it in a way that it practically and economically makes sense to be anywhere near of the frontier.
Nathan ObJective (26 days ago)
It's better used in transfering power between spaceships, or between different MODULES within a single spaceship, or modular spaceship... Not to the ground.
gelisob (27 days ago)
Let's assume crazy 90% conversion on send and receive laser. Now tell me how much will be lost in the 60km of air moisture and clouds? And then tell me the plan how to convince goverments to allow such powerful laser in orbit.. That can "miss" the receiver too..
IJM IJAM (27 days ago)
He's against it bcus it's what he's doing...
M JP (27 days ago)
great guy. Hope he is going to be funded.
ThePrimeGameProtector (27 days ago)
Now we know that Elon Musk is an asshole. I used to like the guy.
LetoZeth (27 days ago)
Using Elon Musk to get views. *disliked and stopped watching*
hypnostream (28 days ago)
If elon doubts it you know it will be successful for sure musk is not the person ppl think he is
Dick Riley (28 days ago)
Poor guy thinks he can put those in SPAAAAAACE... lol Musk knows better...
Vinod Raghavan (28 days ago)
He should Generate Power from Jhinns...
BeAn BeAn (28 days ago)
Elon owns both a solar power company and a rocket company, both making the most cheapest _and_ advanced products within their industries. You'd think he would be the first to jump on this idea if it were actually feasible... Duh...
Matthew Chun (28 days ago)
The obvious comparison is wifi versus ethernet. I'll stick with ethernet :)
Wemdiculous (28 days ago)
who cares if energy gathering is more efficient in space when you need 9 pounds of Rocket fuel for every pound you send up... just use the money you save by not going to space to build a bigger array on earth. Otherwise you really need to send something that can produce these into space and produce them there before the proper scale can be achieved.
Wiz Kidd (28 days ago)
Frankly this is a waste of time, figure out how to make a space elevator , so many problems vanish.
Sergio Rodriguez (28 days ago)
You know what's funny is that if you don't see the benefit of this idea then what. Think about it Einstein said it E = MC2 which allows light to be captured at any given speed. Nikola Tesla already had a system in place for energy transmission using the earth as the conductor. It doesn't matter how fast you go in space or not light will always catch up and energy will always be there. Put a solar panel on or in your car to charge your phone you'll still get energy. And by the way elon may own a rocket that is powered by fuel and owns a car company powered by batteries why waste your time with fuel. You can create a turbine powered rocket or a mag rail gun rocket that spins.
Max Nomad (28 days ago)
3 or 4 orbital arrays with the same concept to focus intencity
orangeray21 (28 days ago)
I think if they used the energy in space, that may make more sense, instead of costly beaming and transferring to facilities on Earth. For instance, the space station, junk clean up, surface mining on the moon, and much more!
Sarvesh Gharat (28 days ago)
Is it necessary to write equations on windows to look genius?
Helaman Gile (28 days ago)
Lol that's me
Harmeet Nijher (28 days ago)
This could revolutionize the process of establishing Mars
Nancy B. (28 days ago)
lithgrapher (28 days ago)
Iranian smart dude
Merf live (28 days ago)
It's just a promo video for funding. Nice work. Hope he makes it.
Jay Gojiya (29 days ago)
Transfer electricity wireless is joke
antonio volpe (29 days ago)
My P100D is in full agreement with Elon
deviousxen (29 days ago)
This made me hate Elon Musk more and I had no idea that was possible and THAT is truly amazing.
Vitaliy Fursov (29 days ago)
Musk is not a scientist, he is not an engineer. He is simple salesman who must maintain his "superior" reputation. Mr. Ali , most likely, works on PhD program or some kind of military grant. Time will show, but so far.. the stupidest idea is Flight to Mars of Humans and Batteries for home.
Shaun Twed (29 days ago)
Don't be so Stupid, Moslems havn't invented anything in Thousands of Years 😂
Diego Sanchez (29 days ago)
Why not bet on fusion or thorium reactors?
le paw (29 days ago)
efficiency = 1% eletrical power 99% heat or what? Many words but nothing got said
Gf (29 days ago)
anything wireless is an atrocity, i get headaches just by turning on the wifi.
Alfredo F. (29 days ago)
Engineering is the discipline of creativity.
elon thinks 800 mph vaccum trains that travel hundres of miles can be built for a billion doallars but space based solar power? thats the stupidest thing ever. i think people will soon find out that support for elon musk was the stupidest thing ever. he is a fraud. literally. he lied to investors about telsa production numbers.
Jay (29 days ago)
You just want to build a giant space laser, admit it.
Roamin Scot (29 days ago)
So what did this guy invent?
Timetunnel (29 days ago)
Youtube should suspend clickbait videos
Guymick Cormic (29 days ago)
Joel Hernandez (29 days ago)
It’s a great idea until they find a way to weaponize it 🤦🏻‍♂️
DeuceGenius (29 days ago)
It would be nice to absorb all the power the earths magnetic field deflects
m m (29 days ago)
Why would you go to space to bring power back to earth, at such a huge tax to effeciency? This sounds like a stupid idea.
The BiG (29 days ago)
Thunderf00t pls show the way
Ufksjcjd Nvmvmc (29 days ago)
Elon Musk should stick to making fake submarines for pr stunts and leave real science to the real scholars.
tsmspace (29 days ago)
I say why solar?? Blasting solar panels to space is a lot of very rare minerals. We could set up a wind farm on Antarctica, catch up that Katabatic soup with some copper and magnets, and beam it via satellite network around the world, damned be the diminishing effects of so many conversions,, it will allow for short term high energy demands to be met without huge temporary infrastructure. A glorified mobile solar panel and you can soak up terawatts for a one time activity.
Jean Roch (29 days ago)
I wish him the best, but Musk is right. The more you convert energy, and the farther you send it, the less you get in the end. Having your solar panels right where you're using electricity makes a million times more sense.
mursalat (29 days ago)
Give em some time. These idiots will stop shitting on Elon for no reason someday. Grow some braincells
matthew rittenhouse (29 days ago)
Is that a bomb ?
North 2345 (29 days ago)
So he's copying the grounds of tesla
ScottTheAngel (29 days ago)
Seems like lots of power would be wasted and I'm sure elon has thought this through already.
Matthew Mclean (29 days ago)
build it in space
Abraar Sameer (29 days ago)
10$ per KWh...
Cas (29 days ago)
Work together equils positive results.
Cas (29 days ago)
More tests from other brains will determine the positive and honest results.

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