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Things Not To Say To An Autistic Person

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THINGS NOT TO SAY SEASON 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i__fBb2oSUM What's an autistic person supposed to look like anyway? 8 people with autism set the record straight so everyone else can stop asking such cringeworthy questions. Click here to watch more: http://bit.ly/Things-Not-To-Say-To-Playlist -- Click here to subscribe to BBC Three: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-BBCThree Did you know that we’re up to other things in other places too? Best of BBC Three/ Daily Drop: www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bbcthree Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bbcthree Instagram: http://instagram.com/bbcthree Tumblr: http://bbcthree.tumblr.com iPlayer: http://www.bbc.com/bbcthree Oh, we’re on Snapchat too - just incase you were wondering… add us, bbcthree.
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im using a crt monitor (15 hours ago)
i don't give 2 fucks for aspies since they do nothing for society, have no intelligence or good hygine, and they mooch off welfare just to waste money. also they die early and are self-centered jerks who hate gays and others for no reason other than because they are too stupid to communicate. dumb ass autistic fucks csn't even move from there parents house since they are poor.
im using a crt monitor (6 hours ago)
+gamelvr1 maybe both
gamelvr1 (8 hours ago)
Either you're trolling or you're a sick evil piece of shit.
I do games (23 hours ago)
"Oh he's not autistic, he's just smart, he's just this, he's just that" Always trust your intuition.
superstar Worm (1 day ago)
Don't say these thing to me
Audio Maverick (1 day ago)
I have autism... Having autism is like being an alien trying to adapt to human life but never fully succeeding. So you turn inward into a world of music in the hope that one day you will enchant the humans with your tails alienation.
Dovacraft (1 day ago)
i've got one for describing autism i'ts like everyone with autism has a tardis, it's the same but deeper inside it's vastly different and unique for everyone. also you could get lost (in thought) and when your under pressure the tardis will sound the cloister bells really loudly.
KingBeanAnimations (1 day ago)
I freaking hate the people who ask that, its like they think people with autism[ such as myself ], are an entirely different species.
LL Armstrong (2 days ago)
Stay away from Heartless Aspergers AS partners and This Aspies wife
RoyaleRose922 (3 days ago)
These guys seem like they'd be so much fun to hang out with. (I'm Autistic as well, and honestly agree with some of these questions being annoying af)
Fob on a Cob (4 days ago)
Russ has autism
ᴍʏᴛʜɪᴄᴄ (4 days ago)
When I was in Year 6 someone said to me "your family needs to get treatment for your brother's autism, he's acting really weird," or something along those lines. I started chasing them with a compass, resisting the urge to just chase them to the music room and push them out of the window.
Sarah Jane Schofield (5 days ago)
I said to my mum the other day, that the only way I would ever get my autism "cured" (first of all, autism is not an illness, second, it is lifelong), would be if there was some way of getting it back if I wanted. I have no clue if life would actually be better for me without it. BTW, I don't believe that whole thing about the MMR vaccine being linked to autism.
gamelvr1 (8 hours ago)
I can understand that. I personally am in the camp of desperately wanting a cure. Most of the time people who stubbornly state a cure isn't needed refuse to think that some people could want it. Or the good it would do for the most severe cases.
gottfer (7 days ago)
this is not how autism works, get your shitty actors outta here
Katella - (3 days ago)
What makes you think they're actors?? Autistic people aren't a monolith, it's a spectrum and we're all different.
KM!Official (7 days ago)
i went to school with someone that had autism and they were unusual but in a funny way so he was a good friend
The Humungus (7 days ago)
I have autism and I take it as a huge compliment when someone says that I don’t look autistic or they would never have guessed I had it. It really depends on the person. Thankfully it’s completely unnoticeable and I’ve only told it to my closest friend and people in therapy settings.
super_sad (7 days ago)
Was anyone else asked really wild questions when having an assessment at an older age (I'm 16)? Like I was asked, "Where does money come from?" "Do you want a long term relationship?" "What do your parents spend money on?" "Why do people get married?" or did assessor pick up the wrong form? lmao
Hedgemist (8 days ago)
Well, after working in a UK primary school, I've met several children with autism. I must say though, I learned nothing from this video. You have a platform here and you have wasted it. Stop trying to be edgy and funny and just tell it like it is.
Party Duck Adventures (8 days ago)
How do you 'look' autistic??
Daniel Webb (8 days ago)
Buzzfeed UK?
Lauren Victoria (8 days ago)
i have autism, and some of these are actually compliments to me😕
rigz (9 days ago)
i expected these adults to act like forrest gump or something no offense. im impressed how theyve pulled through their autism
gamelvr1 (8 hours ago)
+rigz What she said is true
rigz (7 days ago)
@+Charissa Dubin um sure
Charissa Dubin (8 days ago)
"Pulling through their autism" isn't really a thing. Autistic people can be any intelligence, from being intellectually disabled to being a genius. I'm assuming you meant this as a compliment but it sounds like you could use more exposure to autistic adults. I would suggest Amythest Schaber's channel as a place to start. https://www.youtube.com/user/neurowonderful
zzz43452 (9 days ago)
They dont look autistic. More like SJWs trying hard to play pretend. Spectrum my ass.
zzz43452 (8 days ago)
Dead Soap, that wail means you are a homo dolphin or a muslim landwhale? Virtue signal is not my native language.
Dead Soap (8 days ago)
get out
John Doe (10 days ago)
when I got diagnosed with autism my dad apologized for all the times he got mad at me, but then told me I had to start working at being normal. Really hit a cord.
TrueBlue170 (10 days ago)
Honestly - if I could get it cured then yes, I would. But at the same time this is a mindset that I want to lose someday.
gamelvr1 (8 hours ago)
I personally think a cure would do a lot of good. Only if it isn't forced on anyone though
Maddy V (10 days ago)
Yessssss it is like everyone is talking a different language
Friend of Jesus777 20 (10 days ago)
People should NEVER call people with ASD crazy,mad,looney,retarded,stupid, freak, ocd Case, nutcase, etc etc, people need stop calling names to ASD people and minority groups just quit it ! Autism is complex and people with it can’t always express themselves in a way that’s understandable to people without the condition !
Johnathan Ballard (10 days ago)
yes some people think that people with autism are dum NO it's just hard to commucate with body language twice as worse with crushes he like trying to speak with someone that has compelty different language
Taylor Hudgins (11 days ago)
I read enthusiastic for some reason so I was confused
emilyvos (11 days ago)
1:51 my mom keeps telling me i act autistic and stuff and she says that me being able to really feel empathy is something that isn’t autistic at all and that that is just a little odd
I have Hyperlexia and some people mistake me for having autism and whenever I tell someone I have Hyperlexia they says “ Oh, so you just want to cover it up?” They also say “Your just doing it for attention!” Like no I legit have Hyperlexia and it IS a real thing!
Posaree Rathwell (13 days ago)
There's a boy in my class who has autism, and everyone in my class always makes jokes about it, not at him, just rude autism jokes. I always feel bad when he hears them :(
Leroy just leroy (13 days ago)
shaanti 05 (14 days ago)
I have Aspergers (a form of autism) and i think that there is no such thing as "normal" cause everyone is different, some people are short/tall, some are Black/white/other and so on.
Spooky ghost _16 (14 days ago)
I’m an individual living with autism I was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder when I was 3 years old it’s a mild form and it runs in my family my fathers side of the family has a history of autism my cousins have it autism feels like a disease to me living with autism is a struggle at times Theres a lot of struggles I face with it
Dear FutureMe (14 days ago)
I was diagnosed as an aspie around 4 years ago and since my autism isn’t as severe as others, she doesn’t believe I have it!! 😒😒😒
CheckerOwO (14 days ago)
*_Gonna be honest, why does every joke about autism like saying "Autistic" in comments. :/_*
1day2spare animations (14 days ago)
Can i just say. My younger brother has autism, and he is rude, too social, and looks autistic. Because of this i struggle with special needs people, since thats the stuff i have to deal with. You dont get used to it, and it doesnt change. Its like have a billion other siblings.
Jennica Knight (15 days ago)
I'm an autistic 13 year old girl and I get one of these the most. "How would you describe Autism?" It pisses me off, I literally just wanna say "AUTISM IS A PROBLEM I HAVE, IT'S A DISORDER. JUST SHUT UP AND GOOGLE IT!!!" I've had to tell my class about Autism when I was only 5 years old. The worst part is my brother has Autism too, but he has it worse. Plz like this to help find a cure for Autism
Bart Allen (15 days ago)
"always men or children" my mind has acc been blown, how, how could I forget
Sean Lee Boboyo (15 days ago)
You know, autistic people are dippy.
•__Gacha Koneko__• (15 days ago)
Person on internet: Thats so autistic Me: Thanks... -I have autism-
Ace Mackenzie (15 days ago)
Man bun, guns and roses shirt, flannel people have good taste. And this is so relatable like even my family pretty much put everything I do to being autistic. I do something good aww it's a gift from being autistic. Struggle doing something oh it's the autism. And yes I have a serious lack of empathy but that's because I'm a bunch of physical and mental diagnosis including personality disorders so it's nothing to do with my autism.
SteamedBunGaming (16 days ago)
Good overall message here but these guys just seems so much more sensible than most of the autistic students in my school... They should actually get someone who suffers severely from autism and hear their opinion. Because as my slightly autistic friend said himself, being slightly autistic isn’t that different from being normal, for him it’s more on the emotional side, but to be honest, I act like him but I was never diagnosed with autism.
Charissa Dubin (8 days ago)
Well they are adults, so they may have been more similar to the people at your school when they were in school themselves. Additionally, there may be autistics in your school who you don't know are autistic who may blend in. Also, we do not know how these people are in their everyday life. While they may be verbal, that doesn't tell us anything about their sensory sensitivities, need for routine, executive function, and more.
Talia B (16 days ago)
It’s because of stereotypes like this I don’t tell people I’m autistic
gamelvr1 (8 hours ago)
I wouldn't rule out telling people altogether. I used to very against it. I'm still very careful about who, if, and when I tell someone.
Maude Blanpain (16 days ago)
hah jokes on u, I actually would like to kill my autism
Miled Shark (17 days ago)
I have autism and i go to a special school with all autistic children some cant speak some can ony five can speak and there all in a groop i am one of them five. Somedays its hard because people just cant understand were your comming from so they just try to avoid you. I only have two good friends my dog and my other friend Xavier Xavier has autism to so we get along verry well because we understand. But i have one thing to say to people without autism. Maybe go and learn about autism and the way we are please do not avoid us we are not differant. Dont fear us. Treat us like everybody elts because we are not differant were just miss understood.
Miled Shark (17 days ago)
Im 12 years old and i have autism i use to have anger issues i can handle anger now but the biggest way to piss me off is to say autistic people are dangerous so if you want a punch in the face go up to a autistic person and say autism people are dangress
Kaye Jackson (17 days ago)
I'm atisumtic
Kate Roy (18 days ago)
"You don't look autistic." That's because when I show traits of my autism I'm ostracized from society, Karen.
Lucky Snack Creations (18 days ago)
I’m glad this video exists omg
Simon HN (18 days ago)
1:29 I mean you could just... you know... ACTUALLY roll your own eyes?? I really don't get this statement, I'm sorry.
Carl Jackson (19 days ago)
im autistic im only 15
Jack K (20 days ago)
I wish my autism made me mathematically gifted
claire murphy (20 days ago)
I have autism and when I was in school I wore headphones (because I thought ear defenders were too noticeable) but everyone asked me why had them and me and my friends would make up stuff,but there was this one time this boy shouted at me right at my ear and I screamed at him "DON'T TOUCH ME!!!" but it is quite hard having autism, but still it makes you different which is good even if you don't have it, love yourself for who you are and don't love what people *want* you too be you are perfect the way you are and if you are a bully stop just stop I know you may be going though a hard time but think about other people's feelings I know I just a stranger on the internet but you have to listen too me we are all humans treat others the way you want to be treated. - A loving stranger on the Internet❤️❤️❤️
Default: Yorker (20 days ago)
This is kind of suggesting that autistic people are really defensive. The video, that is.
jhillst (20 days ago)
Another one I'd add to the list: Accusing an autistic person of "sealioning." Most people don't realize how ableist that term is, but it is.
Sagat 2002 (20 days ago)
Hi, I’m autistic and I think you are all pathetic. Grow some thicker skin.
Kianna Kaiden (21 days ago)
gosh these people say to offensive stuff to autism people even though they don't know but if you are one of those people who say offensive to autism people and snap you
Nikita Aleksandra (21 days ago)
"autistic people could be normal if they tried" jeez how fuckn,, awful can someone be??? I'm completely baffled,, how can people actually think it's okay to sAY shit like that
sassy (22 days ago)
i’m autistic and have depression and the most hardest challenges in my day to day life is communicating because i’m worried i might something wrong or get awkward
suzie peaches (21 days ago)
gamelvr1 he can speak I try to remember and I don’t like being rude to people I try to understand but if you are wrong you are wrong like I was harassed and I never got help he never got in trouble I have bad skill to but I usually stay away from people idk when u was harassed I think I stopped caring and started being scared of autistic guys until I met this nice one I never meant it out of meanness I was in a bad place and judged a lot of people for one person mistake
gamelvr1 (21 days ago)
+suzie peaches At the same time, please try to remember that having difficulties with non-verbal forms of communication is a HUMONGOUS part of being on the spectrum.
suzie peaches (22 days ago)
sassy sorry I had an experience with an autistic person there was blood but I have no problem with autistic just saying a lot of them can’t tell when they are to close like this kid at my school
sassy (22 days ago)
suzie peaches erm okay.. thanks
suzie peaches (22 days ago)
sassy yes a lot of autistic people have social issues I am not autistic but try reading body language like if they move away leave them alone cus you can get sued for that
Livisthius (22 days ago)
My boyfriend whom I'm in a serious relationship with as autism and he faces these questions. It sucks and I feel this pain.
AJBeetle1 (22 days ago)
Looks like some romance is blossoming...
LuLu Brennan (23 days ago)
when I was in primary school I wrote #autism on my calendar, one of the boys in my class said to me "why would you write that? I know your sorta autistic but your not autistic." ugh so angry
flymus (23 days ago)
Because it's a way of being like highly sensitive it shouldn't be a disability or diagnosis. It's the world we live in that makes it a such. Autistic people are different - not sick or wrong.
gamelvr1 (8 hours ago)
What about the people whose autism is so severe, that they'll never be able to live an independent life. Autism is a huge spectrum. For some it's like you're saying. You're lucky. For plenty of others, it's a curse. I myself fall into that category. I would give anything to rid myself of it.
Veronica Jackson (23 days ago)
Autism does not have a “look”. *For Christopher * ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I LOVE SOMEONE WITH AUTISM © 2010 Registered Trademark All Rights Reserved. By Veronica Lafay Jackson The face of autism is the face of many. There are no significant facial features. Nope, not any. So what does it look like? How will one know, if someone has autism? How does it show? Is it in a laugh, in a cry or a pout? How can one tell what autism is about? 1 in 88 children reflect the halo prism. Which means 1 in 88 children each year are diagnosed with autism. The face of autism is the face of many. There are no significant facial features. Nope, not any. So what does it look like? How will one know, if someone has autism? How does it show? Decoding autism is an ambitious mission. Support and research will bring answers to fruition. The autism spectrum is a bright and colorful vision. I should know because I LOVE SOMEONE WITH AUTISM. © 2010 Veronica Lafay Jackson
Meredith Dady (23 days ago)
What’s annoying is how people find the word retarded and autistic hilarious and use it to describe things you can use other words
theblondguy (24 days ago)
Johnathan Holman (25 days ago)
was she saying autistic people can't understand other people's thought processes?
suzie peaches (22 days ago)
Johnathan Holman yes there has to be a two easy street tho we don’t want to babysit anyone
Pokemon Trainer Lillie (25 days ago)
People who think if you have autism you're stupid. Uh, all of the people with autism I know are super smart. Apart from me, I have it but I'm not that smart (despite people telling me I am). Just, don't say that to people with any mental illness actually.
Pokemon Trainer Lillie (25 days ago)
And I know some people who say that, my school has issues.
Sckribbles (25 days ago)
An important thing to mention! Autism in girls is VERY different from Autism in boys.
Thedestroyer 7 (27 days ago)
I'd say Autism is like being in a play, a really really loud and bright constant play that everyone else but you have been given the script to.
Kristal Ann (27 days ago)
Back when I was in grade 2 or 3, there was a boy who I noticed didn't have anyone to play with, and at the time I didn't have a friend either so I started playing with him and we became good friends. But then I noticed that a lot of the kids in my class (mostly the girls actually) were sometimes making fun of him, and they started making fun of me too and saying I shouldn't be hanging out with him. I continued to play with him and continued to be made fun of for associating myself with him. Eventually I found out he was autistic, and the girls told me that was why they made fun of him, and continued to tell me I shouldn't be hanging out with him. 8-year-old me didn't know what 'autistic' meant and still didn't understand why they made fun of him, to me he just seemed like a nice boy who was actually nice enough to hang out with me, which was better than the kids in my own class who usually ignored or excluded me. I later learned what autistic meant but still didn't understand why that gave them a reason to make fun of him. At the time I thought I was the one who hadn't been educated enough because I had never even heard the word 'autistic' at the time while the others I'm my class seemed to already know about it, but looking back now I realise the others in my class were the uneducated ones because they seemed to think they had a good reason to bully someone. There is no such thing as a good reason to bully someone and there is nothing wrong with autistic people, and they are perfectly capable of being friends with a non-autistic person so I don't know why my classmates had such a problem with me being friends with him.
SkullKing11841 (27 days ago)
If you wouldn't want your autism cured you don't have it bad enough. I'd want mine cured.
that one persons (27 days ago)
4:18 bottom left corner oh hello fly ❤️
conlan gooch (27 days ago)
I have autism and i found this .... ... ... ... interesting.. so true tho what they were saying
emily hargreaves (27 days ago)
Oof.. my cousin is autistic and I’ve said these a lot.. need to apologise Me: derpity derp derp Him: 🙄 😤
Skullcrush 13 (28 days ago)
I have two cousins who are autistic one is in his teen years and the other is a adult they both are very different the older one is very smart he just lacks communication skills but he’s been very successful and he has a job, my other cousin moved to a school for teens with special needs and he been doing really well with his speaking and emotions mainly because he has other people like him that he can relate to. Every person with autism is very different
mirroredguitarist (28 days ago)
Autistic person here... Say whatever the fuck you want. lol
Ugh I get all of these so much and I'm still in school, but the one that pisses me off is "oh I couldn't tell" or "You don't look/act autistic" like no you don't get it uuuggghh
Na na na Na na na (29 days ago)
I watched a video before called try not to get autism...it was like a try not to laugh challenge but really rude. There was also another one with something special (mr tumble) which focused on disabled children and autistic children, and the video I watched would zoom in on all the children and say rude things about them, mainly the autistic ones. It really hurt me. Yes, all these things people say in this video are SUPER annoying, but personally, the thing that annoys me to no end is when people use Autism as an insult.
Yes finally something about autism !!!! An auustic insta ishyyy234 sc ishy7645
Emily’s World (29 days ago)
My country has a serious problem when it comes to bullying. A question. What country do I live in?
forest static (30 days ago)
I has adhd
Having Autism and having puberty is the worst thing ever! I feel like I’m a terrible person that deserves no love at all. Of course, I’m being dramatic, but that’s the problem. Autism just literally screws all the “oh, I’m just overreacting, I will just calm do-“ NO! My problem with having Autism is the sensation of “Believing”. I just can’t believe, it’s just so hard and during puberty, it just makes you feel so much worse. For anybody under the age of when you get puberty with Autism, try and be happy. I made the mistake and so far it’s the worst mistake I have ever made of my life.
Sophie -crafter (30 days ago)
I hate it when people say them to me (I’m autistic)
NickeyMckoy (1 month ago)
i have asd and if i had a cent for everytime i have heard one of these things i would have a used car
NickeyMckoy (1 month ago)
+Wolf_Gaming 2000 ok
Wolf_Gaming 2000 (1 month ago)
NickeyMckoy I found out I had it when I was 12 I’m 14 now
NickeyMckoy (1 month ago)
+Wolf_Gaming 2000 really i only figured out that i had it when i was 13 2 years ago and my family thought that i knew about it
Wolf_Gaming 2000 (1 month ago)
NickeyMckoy I have ASD too man
Bored beaver (1 month ago)
Everyone always asks me are you good at maths and art and singing and sports because your autistic
Nikki Loakes (1 month ago)
Oh I can totally relate to this. I myself am autistic and people tell me all the time I look normal. Looks aren't everything you know!
Freya Baillie (1 month ago)
Im on the autism spectrum and the thing she said about its like people are talking a different language and that is so true like I really can't understand some people's body language or emotions but I have lots of empathy for people just in the wrong sense
Leo Calonder (1 month ago)
I have a friend with Aspergers who used to be roasted all the time at school. I never understood why, he was normal like everyone else. One day he told everyone he had Aspergers, and everyone then called him retarded for a solid 2 years. Luckily no one cares any more
Lottie Rose (1 month ago)
My twin is autistic
iiPumpedYew (1 month ago)
dONt MaKE fuN OF mY AUTisM
M. (1 month ago)
Can you translate to Arabic i need to send to someone,who doesn’t speak English
Ella Rose (1 month ago)
I love this!!! Hit the nail on the head 😘
heather (1 month ago)
why are some people visibly ‘autistic’ and others not
Anna ._. (1 month ago)
heather it’s a spectrum disorder. Different people are on different parts of the spectrum. For example, people with aspergers are high functioning whereas other autistics may be low functioning and never be independent
Mental Dude (1 month ago)
This is bullshit Im autistic and i have never heard this stuff said to me
Name Change. (1 month ago)
My cousin is autistic and he's my favourite person to be around. I'm an introvert and I love being around autistic people. They make me feel instantly comfortable and I don't feel that need to explain myself like I do with other people.
好你 (1 month ago)
I tried to tell my classmates that I’m autistic and they accused me of lying because I’m on the high functioning end of the spectrum.
Meagan Pedersen (14 days ago)
Do you have Asbergers? Hope that's not to personal to ask.
I act like a “normal person” at school but people seem to magically know I’m not. And I get really irritated when people say to others “Stop being so autistic”
vokikas (1 month ago)
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