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Things Not To Say To An Autistic Person

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THINGS NOT TO SAY SEASON 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i__fBb2oSUM What's an autistic person supposed to look like anyway? 8 people with autism set the record straight so everyone else can stop asking such cringeworthy questions. Click here to watch more: http://bit.ly/Things-Not-To-Say-To-Playlist -- Click here to subscribe to BBC Three: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-BBCThree Did you know that we’re up to other things in other places too? Best of BBC Three/ Daily Drop: www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bbcthree Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bbcthree Instagram: http://instagram.com/bbcthree Tumblr: http://bbcthree.tumblr.com iPlayer: http://www.bbc.com/bbcthree Oh, we’re on Snapchat too - just incase you were wondering… add us, bbcthree.
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ElectroLuxray _ (11 hours ago)
Autistic? I prefer “socially inept”
toilet bowl productions (11 hours ago)
I’m sorry to all the autistic people out there but... I’m afraid of mentally disabled people. Pls don’t throw hissy fits in the comments.
ElectroLuxray _ (11 hours ago)
It’s ok I won’t kill you I have standards
dagnytheartist (19 hours ago)
My favorite thing about being autistic is indulging in my special interest (cartoons/comics/drawing). Also, I love that since I've always known I was autistic I never felt like I had to change to be normal; everyone else needs to change to accept me. Or just get out of my way!
ravenkiller2910 (1 day ago)
I have aspergers syndrome and someone said to me that I've been faking it just because I'm really smart
Lillac animates (3 days ago)
I have autism. I get bullied ALL THE DAM TIME *Flips table*
Pokemonbrick66 ROBLOX (3 days ago)
The USA have a big issue with bullying and violence
Mira Linner (4 days ago)
If I could get rid of my autism I would in a heartbeat
Julia Rolfart (4 days ago)
"Autistic people can't feel empathy" WTF it's autism not Antisocial personality disorder. Learn the diffrence before you comment on someones disability.
ElectroLuxray _ (11 hours ago)
IKR I’m no sociopath
Look at all these retard's I can't say anything I'm autistic myself
I have Aspergers, and I embrace that. After all, normal is boring!
Rapid Fox15 (6 days ago)
My little cousin is diagnosed with autism and he’s freaking amazing so what the actual hell is my reaction when people bully other people just because their different like th
The Penguin Plays (6 days ago)
My friend has autism, and I watched this because he always yells at me, he calls me weak because I’m a girl, says I’m ugly, can’t sing, bad at art, maths, science - I have spent the past 5 weeks trying to find out why he is like this - is it because he’s autistic? But my results have proved nothing so far because autistic people, like my cousin, seem kinda nice :// I figured I might be the one in the wrong, like I should begin saying things to him because I’m a shy girl who just smiles and fakes a laugh, which is why I’ve been YouTubing “what not to say to autistic people”. My friend made a diss track on me the other day, which said, “Hey Ebony, what’s for dinner? I hope it’s sushi because you need to get thinner!” I know a lot of commenters suffer autism, so can someone please explain to me why he acts like this to me? :) Thank you!
Lindsey Hebert (6 days ago)
Autistic people will be sensitive if people hurt them and they felt disliked and when people don’t care they worry or cry they get scared of noises , they don’t know as much as normal people do they y special needs some can’t do for themselves like me they need care they are treated different than normal people in some ways
Kieran Halfpenny (6 days ago)
If someone comes to me and says: You Have A Lack Of Empathy You Could Be Normal If You Tried You Don't Look Autistic I would straight up go: Fuck Off I don't care if its the queen - I'm Autistic and you're mocking me.
ElectroLuxray _ (11 hours ago)
I tried being normal and NOPE
Jason Brown (7 days ago)
"You can be normal if you tried." That's intolerant. I've tried being normal, most boring day in my life. "What's it like being autistic?" Partly for shock value, I say "It's like being a retarded genius."
lizza tooopf (7 days ago)
It makes me cry thinking about how some autistic people are treated. My 7 year old little brother was just diagnosed with autism. He has been being bullied by kids twice his age. It's horrible! They make fun of his arm flapping and emotional outbreaks. It pains me knowing that my little brother may grow up depressed and/or suicidal. People need to think about how their words effect others.
Dandy Candy (7 days ago)
I am Autistic and thank you so much for making this video. when I watched your video I started to cry because I have had friends that once I tell them that I am Autistic that is the day I do not get treated as a person, so thank you so much.
UNCLE BIG KID (7 days ago)
Please Don’t take this the wrong way but Normal is stupid. We are all different and good at different things. I mean if we were all good at everything it would be a boring world because it wouldn’t matter to anyone, you’d just be like “you can play music? Big whoop so can I.
Holly Chloe (7 days ago)
YoU dOnT LoOk AuTiStIc😭😂 no I don’t sis I look like every other 13 year old on the planet😂
Shamso M (8 days ago)
I wish i never had austim i hate it i have to go to dumb special ed and i hate it cuz u have to be with dumbasses and weirdo s👿👿👿👿👿👿👿
Quatae Dorsey (8 days ago)
Things not to say to a autistic person You have autism
Andy Norvell (8 days ago)
No kidding.. I dont have anything.. Im autistic.. Good comment..
ShadTheAnimator (9 days ago)
One of the main things that piss me the f#ck off is the phrase ¨You must be retarded because you are autistic¨, another thing is once when my little brother was on the phone with a friend, it was a face time so when my little brother showed his friend me, his friend said word for word ¨Oh my gosh that is the ugliest person I have ever seen.¨
Mr Satan Jr (9 days ago)
omg I have to go through this all the time!
trudesinadelaide (9 days ago)
My two sons. Opposite ends of the spectrum. Very very different. One is sensitive and empathetic. Other aloof dont touch me and doesnt care. Ones a chatterbox. One isnt. One is social. The aloof non chatterbox one. The other is antisocial. Could go on. But as a parent. I love their uniqueness and individuality and wouldnt change them for quids
Aidanator 3000 (9 days ago)
Speakonia Master 400 (9 days ago)
Getting my Lawyer, serves this BBC channel right, how dare they make fun of my disability
UniverseStars Stars (9 days ago)
Autism is the new normal.
London Alana King (10 days ago)
'Everyone's a little autistic.' WHAT THE FUCK , who would say that?!?! That's such an idiotic thing to say!
NerdyMcNerderson (11 days ago)
So I’m in a child development class and my teacher was telling a short story of an autistic kid she knew. She was saying how like smart he was and literally a girl asked “Wait, how can you be smart if you have autism” As someone on the spectrum, you could imagine how shocked I was at the very mention of that statement
Sophie Nugre (12 days ago)
the you don't look/act autistic is so terrible. I get that so much too. it's so isolating. I'm one of the few who is brainy enough to impress people rather than disappoint them but that also makes for a lonely life and I'd hate to be used as a misrepresentation. and yeah if neirotypical people tried harder I'm sure they could be autistic too. it's funny how intuitively unreasonable such idiotic statements become when you flip them around.
Imogen Jackson (12 days ago)
I know this was pretty close-minded of me before, but I think with the whole media thing too, but I was actually quite surprised when these people were autistic. This clearly shows how I need to do more research, so I'm glad I saw this to educate myself a bit.
Clorox Wipes (14 days ago)
I'm bisexual, I get bullied worse.
Elizabeth Spurway (12 days ago)
Clorox Wipes How do you know?
Andy Norvell (14 days ago)
Kool user name..
Claire B (15 days ago)
I’m autistic, I’m in college studying public health, I’m in a sorority among a couple of other organizations in my school. My big this is sniffing and coughing, that wasn’t always my trigger until I was stuck in a testing room with someone recovering from a cold. Social interactions aren’t too hard for me thanks to speech therapy and social skills I did as a child.
Kittenfluffkawaii :3 (15 days ago)
I always get the “just try to be normal” thing and it’s SO ANNOYING
ElectroLuxray _ (11 hours ago)
It’s like BOI I TRIED
Invader Bes (16 days ago)
As an autistic person I honestly hate it when people say "you don't act/look Autistic" or "that's a lie, you don't act/look autistic" Like, it's a spectrum and not all autistic people are retarded
nothin to read here (16 days ago)
Nowadays people generally think you're stupid if you have autism
Lizzie VanBuren (16 days ago)
Oh my gosh I soooooooooooooo relate! I'm autistic and I HATE those "autism child" memes. Ugh.
Humaira Islam (17 days ago)
‘You could be normal if you tried’ LOL no I can’t. Plus, what’s normal anyway? 🙃
Andy Norvell (9 days ago)
Hi Humaira.. So glad to hear from you..l agree with you There is no cure for autism..there is no such thing as healing and it wont go away with time..autism is always and forever..ppl try to fix things that are not broke.. And yes ppl drive them selves crazy trying to be normal..or appear to be so..just as well be who you are..because you cant change who you are.. I have a few videos on my channel where l talk bout my autism if you are interested..
Humaira Islam (10 days ago)
I know- hence the term 'normal' is a stupid term. Autism shouldn't really define any human that is on the spectrum. ASD is a very broad word. If I ever lived 'so normal' my life would be full of stress. The worst thing is that society just sees autism as some cure to be part of the world, and I actually disagree. Like I said, when someone tells me to be 'normal' I laugh my head off and ask 'yeah... What's normal though? I am fine the way I am, and I do not need 50 opinions about curing ASD. ASD is not a curse, it is a blessing. Take it for the good and not for the bad. It brings so many good in all of us that no neurotypical would have. Same goes for you too.
Andy Norvell (16 days ago)
There is no normal Humaira.. We are who we are.. I dont think l wanna be so called normal.. A lot of bad things come from ppl who try to decide what normal is.. How tall or short we are our size..our beliefs..our nationality..how we look.. In our creator's eyes whoever that is we are all equal.. To me autism is normal it is who l am and l would not change it one bit.. You are an amazing person Humaira dont let anyone convince you otherwise.. Autism has many battles..but it makes us harder stronger and smarter that the rest..
Cody Vector (17 days ago)
...meanwhile the third world is invading. Get your heads out of your ass, Britain
xX Allie Xx (17 days ago)
ive been bullied for 8 years lol ninth year I guess im nearly 13 btw
Wardah Arsalan (18 days ago)
My sister is autistic but she cant talk properly but she understands quite well
poppy deakin (18 days ago)
uugggh these stress me out one I get a lot is "but your good at this" or "but ur good at that" which I always reply with " well autism doesn't mean ur crap at everything" it doesn't really annoy me as I am used to it but it pisses me off that I have to be used to it. and when people use it as an insult its like my making fun of someone for being human WE ARE WHAT WE ARE!!
Donut (19 days ago)
Asperger here
Emily Vasquez (19 days ago)
How are they all making the best eye contact ive ever seen? Not sure if ive ever looked at someone in the eye for more than a split second glance in a convo
juanita auelua (20 days ago)
I have a 14 year old son and every time when someone asks about my sons special needs I tell them he has ADHD and mild autism they automatically think handicap are you mental are u a retard but its mostly handicap everybody assumes OK my son has mild autism so he must be a handicap my son always say no I'm not handicap
Andy Norvell (18 days ago)
Pay them idiots no mind.. Im autistic..HFA..lm past Aspergers.. I drive own my own car and have a job l love.. I see ppl my age who call themselves "normal" they have no job no car and no money.. So the way l see it my autism has served me well.. I saw someone l know the other day who talks crap on autistic ppl and he was ridding on a moped in the pouring rain..l had to laugh..l even had the kindness to throw my hand up and wave as l drove by.. Personally l wear my autism as a badge of honor..lv had to fight some hard battles..autism has made me harder and tougher than most.. If you are interested l have a few videos on my channel bout my autism..and what l do for work..
I've got A name (20 days ago)
"For me, it's hard to put myself in another person's shoes, and people mistake that for a lack of empathy." Quote of the year.
Finn Dawg (22 days ago)
I am diagnosed with autism and ocd. Insults and dumb people have never gotten to me. Stop being a bunch of babies about bullies. Had i not been made fun of i wouldn't be who i am today. I was worse when i was younger but I'm high functioning. Now... Not one of those things offended me. Autistic people have sticker skin than you think and to say "dont say this to an autistic person" is down right insulting. That is litterally treating people like me different. How don't you idiots see this? This is basically telling people to act and treat me different than how you feel. Why?
ThatWeirdo (22 days ago)
The worst thing I’ve experienced, autism wise, was one of my friend reading a book about it. She was just trying to understand me, but it completely twisted her vision on me. I was looking at my phone when she approached me with a “It would be better for your social life if you went offline for a change!” And I had no idea where she got that from! She later explained that it came from a book so it must be true. We were young then, but still. You don’t go up to people, especially me not being able to handle any social situation well, and tell them they have to go ‘fix’ their social life.
Gary Mortimer (22 days ago)
I have trouble holding down a job because of this. My sense of empathy and righteousness is off the charts. Employers and colleagues write me off for convenience instead of telling me what the problem is and offering me support.
Gary Mortimer (22 days ago)
I'm autistic and the thing that's frustrated me most of all is the decision of the educational authorities to put me into a special school where everyone had the same terrible curriculum that for me was too easy and a waste of time. I am now almost a graduate in music and I'm also fluent in French.
POLANDWAR (22 days ago)
seems like a lot of false diagnoses by psychiatrists to make money
Cara Peinecke (22 days ago)
Fucking thank you for this video. It's so good to see other autistic people talk about their experiences.
TrustyMcoolGuy (23 days ago)
I am autistic. Also, the girl who said that autistic people are portrayed as children or men and not girls. I would like to tell her that girls can be children. I know, surprising.
Joseph Place (24 days ago)
2:20 oh my god them teachers are the bullies
Jillian Taylor (24 days ago)
“What’s your special ability” being a gifted child for years and then growing up and letting everyone down
GuitarGuy (26 days ago)
Can I just ask on the autism scale which direction is more severe?
GuitarGuy (26 days ago)
That girl in the flowered shirt looks like that Japanese girl from Condé Nast Traveller
Julie Hannegard (26 days ago)
for me as an autistic person who has a big lack of empathy and who completely misses the ability to feel regret people always try to explain my symptoms to me as if i havent heard it from actual doctors and as if i want to hear it from a white "spiritual" dude at the bar.
Toxic-Ai Hamilton (26 days ago)
This is why I keep my Aspergers a secret
Tyler Withers (27 days ago)
When they say you don’t look autistic it’s because they show so meany very profoundly low functioning on tv. They don’t give very meany examples of high functioning people with autism.
Jacob Cumberbatch (28 days ago)
Do things not to say to people with ADHD
SuperNintendoGameboy (28 days ago)
It sometimes takes a bit longer than usual for me to process things. Most of my 1st grade year was in a class with other special needs kids, but I would also attend a class with normal kids. However, my mom wanted me to have a normal life because despite me being on the spectrum, she didn't want me feeling like I was too different from other people. She pushed to get me into a normal school by my 2nd grade year, however I was still assigned a teaching assistant to help me out in case I was struggling on some subjects. She was really kind and helped me out whenever she could, explaining things in a way I could understand. Fast forward to my 11th grade year when I signed up for a Woodshop class, but the teachers knowing I was on the spectrum were worried I was gonna get hurt and wanted to take me out of the class. My parents convinced them to let me take it because I wanted to. Naturally, I had a T.A. help me but I could only attend the class every other day so whenever she wasn't here, I was using that time to catch up on work from other classes. It worked out in the end, and now I have an end table for my computer. The point is despite being on the autism spectrum, I turned out ok even if I'm a bit socially awkward at times, plus I don't want people to treat autistic people differently. It makes more sense for them to understand it and try to treat them like they would treat any other person they care about.
char_leecinematography (28 days ago)
2:05 You just described empathy.
spiddyman007 (29 days ago)
Watch the ONN autistic reporter. Watch the retarded policeman
cabellero1120 (30 days ago)
There Is something called HFA High Functioning Autism! Not All Autistic people are like Rain Man! Theyre not All obsessed with Numbers or TV!!
Ghostlight (30 days ago)
I'm hypotactile, so I have a hard time feeling/reacting to pain, and I stim by like exacerbating wounds and shit. I have an empathy deficiency, but I certainly don't lack sympathy or compassion; I choose when to care about something or someone, with my head, not with my feelings, I can turn it on or off depending on the situation and what I'm required to do, so it can make me quite cold/ruthless in some situations, but if I'm dedicated to caring about something or someone long-term, I'm very determined about it. Like my caring is a very conscious thing, nothing to do with empathy at all. But I mean... spectrum and all.
Sheryl Lynn (30 days ago)
Congratulations. You've all made autism some kind of fad. You're all NORMAL.
Thing Trash (1 month ago)
I'm Autistic and this one video, I agreed with.
Princess Art (1 month ago)
Things not to say to people with ADD/ADHD. “You don’t seem like it” “You don’t have it! You have good grades!” “So you cant pay attention?” “I have it too!” “So.. what other disorders do you have?” “Oh it isn’t real” “Everyone has a little bit” “You just have bad behavior” “You’re just lazy” “If you tried harder you’d do better” “You’ll outgrow it”
Lindsay Ritchie (1 month ago)
I’m glad I have this video because I feel no one really gets what it’s like being autistic I live in a place where people use autism as an insult or to be rude in general and it hurts so much I feel I can’t talk about it with my friends because I don’t want them to think I’m annoying. It’s just nice and overwhelmingly pleasant to see a bunch of people in the comments I can relate to
Jeff da gamer Mintah (1 month ago)
I'm autistic and I get these things. What I do is throw those excuses away and ignore it. The world isn't perfect but you can't go round telling people what you can and cannot say. It's free speech, you can't dictate it, if you don't like it ignore it
ugh (1 month ago)
my only positives about being autistic is that like people mentioned in the video i'm really good at quizzes on daytime tv, i have long distance hearing so if you're talking shit about me and think i can't hear you i can (so look out lol), and that i'm really good at debating people because i pay a fuck ton of attention to subjects i'm interested in so can battle you verbally on most topics and win 😂😂
This is horrible.
Justice237 (1 month ago)
I have Aspergers and to me it feels like how a dyslexic person feels trying to read. Learning to read comes naturally to most people but people with dyslexia take longer and have to try a bit harder and think more about it. To me, it’s like that, but with social cues and rules, I always have to think about what I’m saying and the way I’m saying it so I don’t offend people accidentally, it kinda feels like I’m always acting. It’s why I prefer writing or texting to talking face to face because then I’m more able to think about what I want to say.
Bashir Hamwi (1 month ago)
But wait, how did you succeed in making these people appear on the show ?
gamelvr1 (27 days ago)
Why do you think they "made" them
IggyTthunders (1 month ago)
It's always men! Beeecause we're the vast majority of autists, because we're all also the majority of the hyper intelligent: that's the trade off men face.
Cardan (1 month ago)
About the curing thing, if i had adhd and there was an option to cure it, i definitely would. It impacts me negatively in so many ways.
Sarah Her (1 month ago)
I loved watching this video! The level of self-acceptance these individuals with autism has is inspiring. I’m a mental health practitioner working with my first client with ASD. How have you guys overcome the stigma associated with ASD to reach the level of self-love you have?
ginny may (1 month ago)
Ya know I’m sick of people thinking I’m autistic.. to be honest I’m not sure what’s wrong with me.. I mean sure I have a few disabilities but I’m pretty sure I don’t have autism..
Wonders Aimlessly (25 days ago)
If you are autistic, that's not a bad thing! Please don't think it is! (this is coming from an autistic person) :)
ginny may (1 month ago)
I mean I don’t understand some things like pregnant women or people that have Down syndrome or have a lib missing I just I don’t understand which makes me feel so strange.. I’ll either get angry or I’ll faint or get scared coz I’m not sure what to do.. but usually when I see people in pain I’ll just be there like “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!! I don’t know what to do I’m sorry...” it’s pretty much me just going “I’m sorry” a bunch.. I can’t help it coz I have no fricken clue what to do.. or feel..
59458 ́ (1 month ago)
all the dislikes are 4channers
Angelic Distortions (1 month ago)
First of all, don't say autistic person. Autism does not sum up our entire being.
[CENSORED] (20 days ago)
rose petals (1 month ago)
I watch videos and people think that t us autistic people look like aliens or big bird or some weird looking monster. When in reality the only thing that makes us stand out and is when people find out they treat us like it they touched us that we will turn to dust. I go to a school that specializes in autism and people make fun of us and call us things like 'rage mode' and say things like 'there goes an autistic' and I think this needs to stop and they need to accept that we are different in our heads but not in the outside world we look the same as you.
rose petals (1 month ago)
+Bill Overbeck I love that song OMG
Bill Overbeck (1 month ago)
But I'm friends with the monster that's under my bed! Get along with the voices inside of my head! You're trying to change me, stop holding your breath! You think I'm crazy, yeah you think I'm crazy! Well that's not fair, whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
EPIC BOSS COW (1 month ago)
Autistic = Oooga booga give me your fingers
Platinum_Noelle (1 month ago)
"Everyone is a little autistic" "And everyone is a little stupid, but it seems you're more than most." Also, I wish I didn't feel empathy bc I feel way too much of it. I'd love to watch a Will Farrell movie without that pesky secondhand embarrassment kicking my ass every 5 minutes. And that "you don't look autistic" comment gets me. I know I don't look autistic, I know it's not obvious, I spent years and years mimicking other girls to make it that way because different people get bullied.
Aidanator 3000 (1 month ago)
Sarah A (1 month ago)
As someone with Autism, I hate being in loud places such as at a shopping centre, pub etc because I can hear everything and can’t filter things out. It’s so intense that I can actually feel it all. On my skin etc. Kind of like someone pressing their hand really hard against my chest. When something crashes on the floor it feels like my back is being scratched by a cat or something. I find it very hard to concentrate on a conversation as a result. This often makes me quite withdrawn or quiet or I look panicky and even ill. People assume I’m being rude or I’m not showing interest when it’s actually because I’m overwhelmed with my surroundings and can’t hear a bloody word that someone is saying except mumbles.
emir 97 (1 month ago)
I have a question and its really2 urgent for someone to answer, i've always wondered why am I still behaving like a child even though i'm 21 years old now but something prevents me from being mature and I really want to be a normal adult person. However, my interests or hobby may not be the same as other adults, these are the things that I like to do, i'm a huge fan of toy collections and sometimes I play with them, from legos, hasbro toys and airplane models, had to admit that i am currently still sleeping with my two dolls because i find it comfy and cute, whenever my parents scold me even with one word, i can't hold my tears and crying like a baby, i'm clumsy as i cannot hold any fragile items carefully often not able to throw things in a bin directly and then i get triggered so easily, i'm a very shy person as this is also a challenge for me to socialise or interact with others at college, having difficulty of understanding a specific question as i had to re read twice or more to prevent any mistakes as this is also affect my examinations too, having difficulty to continue or start a conversation otherwise people may not understand what im trying to say or proof a point, poor communication skills and they always tell me to repeat my question, cannot make an eye contact when doing my presentation and sometimes stuttering too, gets triggered and angry very easily especially during an argument and i can accept losing or when i type something to send a message and all of a sudden the app starts to close and i had to throw a meltdown by punching the phone screen, i walk with my two toes ever since i was born, anxiety issues, very curious person and kept asking why, i always say random stuffs but sometimes it can be nonsense too, i can't control my laughter during an innappropriate situations and etc. There are lots of stuffs that I would like to share but these are my main issues that I am facing right now, so i am very curious to know whether of my symptoms is related to Aspergers? And I keep on thinking whether if im diagnosed with Aspergers or not. It would be an honor for someone to answer my question thank you.
Andy Norvell (1 month ago)
Well lm 37 l still like old cartoons..l too punch the phone screen..l walk on my two toes especially on hard wood floor.. I have social issues too..make poor eye contact..not sure how to start a conversation.. I never felt like l grew up either.. I work a regular job l love..l drive.. Im autistic.. You may very well have ASD..Aspergers is no longer a Dx..as of 2013..with the new addition to the DSM manuel.. Now called the DSM 5.. If you are seeking an autism Dx..go to a Neuropsychologist.. Dont mess around with any other Doctors or any organization claiming to give the "official autism test"..as their is no such test.. They will most likely send you through a bunch of red tape and cost more money than you need to spend.. There is a very good book on autism lv read named ( ln a Different Key The Story of Autism ) .. If you read any book on autism thats the one to read.. I have a few videos on my channel bout my autism..
Ultimate Marvelfan123 (1 month ago)
The way I describe the abilities thing is that it's abilities but in a painful way. Fuck I can't even go to the supermarket half the time.
Joan Hill (1 month ago)
Random Person: How would you describe Autism? Me: How would you describe being a neurotypical?
Bill Overbeck (1 month ago)
You oughta know, tonight is the night to let it go! Put on a show, I wanna see how you lose control! So leave it behind cause we have a night to get away! So come on and fly with meh as we make our great escape! So baby don't worry, you are my only, you won't be lonely! Even if the sky is falling down! You'll be my only, no need to worry! Baby are you down down down down down, dooooooooown, doooooooown! Baby are you down down down down down, dooooooooown, doooooooooown! Even if the sky is falling down down down!
joseph stakes (1 month ago)
why are there like three different videos in my recommended about autism or Aspergers
joseph stakes (1 month ago)
understandable, have a good day
Bill Overbeck (1 month ago)
Because you should just let it be! Come on and put your body next to me! I'll take you away, hey! Turn this place into our private getaway! So leave it behind cause we have a night to get away! So come on and fly with meh as we make our great escape! So why don't we run away! Baby don't worry, you are my only, you won't be lonely! Even if the sky is falling down down down down down down! Doooooooooooown, dooooooooooown!
Ioannis Kap (1 month ago)
"Autistic people don't feel empathy" "Oh fuck off"😂😂 1:50
Daniela Friendstorm (1 month ago)
As an autistic person, this video made me so annoyed. These people are trying to represent all autistic people, but they do it in such a horrible way. I've heard most of these things but I simply didn't care, because I actually understand that the person saying them don't intend to be rude or annoying. Just fuck off honestly.
Craig Bailey (1 month ago)
so basically it is like being it's like being Damon or Stefan Salvatore
Giavonna Campana (1 month ago)
🐥I ducky
Christy CoOl (1 month ago)
you guys are soo normal and cool more than people who are ''fine'' you just nee something that evryone needs..it's understanding..this magical word can cure so many people
Kevin Newby (1 month ago)
Never thought questions like those actually piss me off, and I am too autistic, it also annoys me that I try to tell people that we have selective hearing and where beaten if we are not, also. Gotta say that I hate it when people take advantage of the autistic, I was bullied by younger kids who assaulted me for dressing up for Halloween, and I keep heating that autistic people get assaulted by these... A bashers... Its disgusting...
Brindle the Skinny Pig (1 month ago)
If anyone ever tells me I could be normal if I tried, my reaction would be something along the lines of 🤡😜😝😛😜🤡🤡😜😋😛🤑🤠🤠😎😎👹👹👹👻👻🙀😺😼😸😸🙀😽😼👊🏼. That's just the kind of person I am😂😂
heil odin 99 (1 month ago)
ChristianK 353 (22 days ago)
I've seen you before
Bill Overbeck (1 month ago)
We da best music! Another one...DJ KHALED!
Artgirl4 4 (1 month ago)
I have autism
SlayTheRake (1 month ago)
Ok I disagree with the last one. Assuming that Asperger's is a diminished '6th sense' (sense of mind), then 100% if someone asked me if I wanted that fixed I would take it, why not.

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