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Creeps Every Woman with Tattoos Meets

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Women with visible tattoos often encounter negative stereotypes, rude questions and unwanted touching. (No seriously, stop with the touching, people.) Sources: http://www.nbcnews.com/nightly-news/infographic-americas-love-tattoos-grows-n95486 https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/head-games/201305/how-do-people-view-women-tattoos http://www.newyorker.com/culture/photo-booth/a-secret-history-of-women-and-tattoo Share this on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1m6GEZE Share this on Twitter: http://ctt.ec/3C8k5 Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1l8JXv3 On the web: http://www.stuffmomnevertoldyou.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/momstuffpodcast Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StuffMomNeverToldYou Google+: http://bit.ly/1kNchOQ Tumblr: http://stuffmomnevertoldyou.tumblr.com/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/stuffmomnevertoldyou# Join Cristen to get down to the business of being a woman and all the Stuff Mom Never Told You about bodies, boys and the female brain.
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jab7168 (21 hours ago)
women with tattoos are creepy.
Tiffany Ivonne (8 days ago)
#ignorance 😂🙌🏽🔥 Love this video
Douglas Fisher (18 days ago)
Anyone willing to permanently alter their skin or body for the rest of their life has mental issues, bottom line. Tatts were once reserved for sailors, convicts and weirdos back in the day. Now, unfortunately, it is a”trend” to be covered head to toe in ink. It’s incredible how many retards roam this earth, especially in this country. Monkey see, monkey do. 🙊🙉🙈🐵
Rachel Garber (1 month ago)
I really don't like tattoos, but this video is sooo offensive, what is the matter with people, smh 😲 myob morons.
smrtym09 (1 month ago)
I used to be a waitress and I had a lady catch me looking at her tattoos on her leg, she then complained to my manager that I gave her dirty looks for having tattoos. My manager was also upset with me until I told her that I also had a tattoo it was just where no one could see it. Unfortunately the women left before I could explain , she then went online and wrote a bad review , luckily she didn't mention me by name. It's sad that she just assumed I was giving her a dirty looks because that's what most people do when in fact I was just squinting to see it because the restaurant had bad lighting.
kuunami (2 months ago)
The women with the tattoos are the creeps.
jgranger3532 (3 months ago)
It's perfectly legal to pass over people jobs who have ink. Might not be fair but it's legal. The Federal Employment laws prohibit radical, sexual, and sometimes oriantation, disabilities, age and religious discrimination, but not ink. It cuts into your income. You will often not know why you didn't get that job. You wanted, was it the tats? You'll never be able to prove it was. Employers arn't paying you to be you, they often pay for an image. If they hire you as "entertainer" (Hooters), or "performer" (Steve Win's hotels) They can tell you,what to weigh in some narrow circumstances. The US airlines used to be able to tell flight attendants what they could weigh, overseas they do it all the time still today. You don't have the legal protection you think you do. Kids, boys and girls don't get ink. It attracts the woung sort of people who are too visually oriented. People often get what's fashionable but it gos out of style but ink is for ever.
Julianna (3 months ago)
Yeah I was sitting on my seat watching a representation in a theatre one day and someone just caressed my tattoo, that is on the nape of my neck. Thanks, stranger sitting in the row behind me?!
Molly Godlewski (3 months ago)
That one comment about the girl in the pub made me thankful that the bar I go to is filled with more tattooed people than not. That guy's actions are totally not ok, though.
TheHarsh Truth (4 months ago)
If you're a girl & you get tattoo's and flaunt them publicly, you deserve all the attention that comes with it no matter how creepy or negative it may be. You chose that lifestyle... deal with it.
Death Professor (4 months ago)
Funny how the ugliest women seem to whine the most about "how creepy guys try to talk to them" when in reality these women get absolute minimal male attention and if anything are upset by it. Of course they'll all deny this and predictably insult anyone who points it out so they can stay in denial. Whatever gets u through life boo boo.
Phntm27 (5 months ago)
They're ugly and utterly narcissistic
Sam Anderson (8 months ago)
Rock Star Girl (8 months ago)
See i plan on being a tattooed woman and literally if someone tried going near me like those examples they would get punched in the throat or I'll tell them to fuck off
CJ Drummer (4 months ago)
If your brain hasn't evolved with the rest of yourself once you grow up and get a tattoo, then I hope you end up in jail where you belong with that attitude. EDIT: Self defense is one thing - when necessary - and I agree that you'd have that right. But you're referring to, "those examples," of which only a couple involved unwanted physical advances.
Death Professor (4 months ago)
Don't cut yourself on all that edge
Klaus (8 months ago)
damn I never thought about this
Lone Wolf 775 (8 months ago)
Amazing isn't it? LOL Ink is pretty conventional now anyway so it's not a big deal anymore to see folks totally covered. Plus the tramp stamp (lower back tat) is kinda old fashion now ladies. Just sayin...
Gone Gone (9 months ago)
This is so creepy! oh my goddess just why do people (mostly men) think it’s ok to comment on or touch a women’s tattoo? and this applies to lots of other things like makeup/clothes... etc. It’s 2018! How many more years/decades we have to wait before being seen as people and respected accordingly? Bc apparently when you grow boobs the hunt season begins, also 20 years old dudes commenting on how hot looks a 16 year old is my life now, just wtf?! 1- this is pedophilia 2- I didn’t ask for this as an additional “present” when was hit by puberty (this includes periods haha). Ok what I’m trying to say is do yourself a favor and be a feminist (if you aren’t already) and make this place better for everyone 💗
Rebekah Navarro (9 months ago)
I view a tattoo as an expensive watch, necklace or purse. Would anyone in their right mind think it's ok to grab it? I compliment them in the same way.
Traveling Stoner (10 months ago)
I have carpe diem on my chest and I've had old dude literally say " if I were 20 years younger I'd carpe that diem"
Loreena B (11 months ago)
I get creepy old men that ask about my visible tattoos all the time. I get asked what the significance is and I just tell them it's something I've loved since I was a kid. I've had men lean down to stare at my thigh tattoos during the summer. Look with your eyes, not your hands.
Gerard the Bunny (11 months ago)
Maybe it's just where I live but nobody has really creeper on me too bad for mine (one on the back of my neck and one on my upper back) I usually just get compliments
Sporty Smith (11 months ago)
Just more new age unnecessary pollution.
Anna Seiler (1 year ago)
I always get "Your boyfriend/husband must be a tattoo artist." Because obviously there's no way I could make the decision to get tattoos without a man.
John Nastrom (1 year ago)
Women with tattoos look like trash. Only in the west are women dumb enough to spend money on something that drastically lowers their sexual market value.
CJ Drummer (4 months ago)
Absolutely true. I, and many men I know, am not attracted to women with tattoos in the slightest. Insisting that men should be attracted to something they're simply not, is absurd and ignorant. Am I supposed to be attracted to grey hair? Blond hair? Any trait - simply because it's on a woman? Are all women attracted to big noses? Are all women attracted to short men? Are women not attracted to men without jobs, when one could just as easily argue that said man is an incredible person? Tattoos are beautiful? Is that a fact I'm supposed to accept? Can I have my own likes and dislikes? Feminism is absurd. Being a proponent of women's rights is smart. Feminism is dumb!
Basketcase13 (1 year ago)
How the hell do people think it's okay to grab someone just because they have tattoos you're being a creep whether they have tattoos or not STOP IT
Antwimo chillon (1 year ago)
Nobody cares about your fucking tattoos. youre tatoos are designed for the attention you seek. these stories are simply a slew of attention seeking opportunities shared by the histrionic PD"s that submitted- its attention upon attention.
iMaDeMoN (1 year ago)
Actually, if you are sleeved, you very likely suffer from impulse control problems.
pam espinosa (1 year ago)
Dealt with All of this
Camille De Mott (1 year ago)
My coworker thought mine were fake and tried to scratch it off.... other than him, I've never had an issues with opinions from strangers. People are so strange...
CJ Drummer (4 months ago)
Tattoos are strange.
LLB999888777 (1 year ago)
i couldnt date a woman with a tat, I just find it too big a turnoff. but I keep that preference to myself in public.
The NS Weeaboo (1 year ago)
Lol, Unless you are in the Navy, tattoos are for plebs or sluts.
MGTOW/IBMOR Warrior (1 year ago)
Death Professor (4 months ago)
funniest part is ugly tatted up bitches are complaining about shit they know won't even happen to them
Haymaster03 (1 year ago)
That's it, I'm getting a tattoo that says "Don't touch me"
Raul Lopez (1 year ago)
Though i can't relate to the agressions from perverts, i think that people in general just react wildly to out of the ordinary appereances, and some, lacking common sense, can comment or do dumb things that others may find uncomfortable. As a 7'2ft tattooed man, i often draw a lot of attention, generally the people that dare make a comment about my height ask innocent questions(yet still non-original and dumb), and some even get kinda angry when i tell them i don't play basketball. On the other hand, most of the attention i get from girls, i kind of enjoy. The bottom line is, whether its tattoos, race, sexuallity, height, some peeps are just plain stupid, and we shouldn't pay them no mind, unless they invade our private space or that of others.
Libby (1 year ago)
I've had almost identical experiences based on the way I dress. I don't have many tattoos, they're not always visible because the body parts that I show are my arms and hands which have tattoos. I dress like a 'Hippie' (I've been told) and some people are insulting I.e. 'you could do so much better' and others are just attracted to my uniqueness and then go on to talk about my tattoos and hit on me. I am a 19 year old demisexual and I have a boyfriend of 2 years. I understand that not everyone has the same sexual orientation as me but honestly I have only had bad experiences with males. People seem to treat tattoos in the same way they do with unusual clothes and I'm not okay with touching etc or even comments, it makes me feel like I should fully cover up which isn't right.
susanne baker (1 year ago)
yep...guys think im their desert..with their whistling n touching me....sometimes i wanna whack em across the face*
Felicia Pulo (1 year ago)
My best friends has 2 large tattoos on each of her wrists. She told me a story that we both laughed about when a man said "nice tattoos" to her, and thinking it was a compliment she said "thanks." However, he then followed up that "compliment" by saying "did you know that's a sin" and lecturing her about how God didn't want her to ruin the body he created for her like that. And she was like "ummmm... ok" nice passive aggressive compliment before your lecture on how I've wrecked God's gift to me, and apparently saying my body was God's gift." I wasn't there so I don't know how that confrontation ended, she just told me the story and we laughed about it with the question of "what the hell stranger?" lmao.
CJ Drummer (4 months ago)
Having tattoos and believing in The Bible is very contradictory. I'm not a believer so I certainly wouldn't have gone down that road. Since it's everyone's right to have body art, I wouldn't begin to randomly attack someone's choice either. I personally am not attracted to women with tattoos, but I wouldn't feel the need to say that to one in public simply because the tattoo is in view. I would just not consider her a potential mate for myself.
DumbledoreMcCracken (1 year ago)
Pro Tip: A significant number of people are "crazy", and any flashy thing attracts their attention. "Crazy", in this context, means that the people in question lack self control and empathy, and are basically psychotic (but not *necessarily* violent). So, a tattoo is an *open invitation* to all the psychotic people, who lack self control and empathy, to come over to bother you. They can't help it. That is why there are people who appear demure; demure people aren't detected as readily by the crazy people, and blend into the background.
Gy Bx (1 year ago)
As an Orthodox Jew, no tattoos or piercings allowed. If you're a tattooed or pierced goyim, stay away. If that offends you, then you're anti-Semitic. Deal with it.
wolfsf2012 (1 year ago)
I've tried explaining to not grab at the arms of tattooed people (or hair) to my mom and she just doesn't get it. She's just like 'oh I'm just trying to she it better or blah blah blah' But she too has a tattoo on her ankle and how would she like if people just came up to her and grab at that.
Brandon L (1 year ago)
oil paints last longer on a canvas than ink will on your skin! and guess what it could be worth something when you die! unless buffalo bill wanted your epidermal. i like a few tasteful meaningful tattos but some people don't know when to stop!
horrorjunkie92 (1 year ago)
Tattoos were a masculine thing up until 5 - 10 years ago. It would be like if men suddenly started getting eye liner and lip gloss. It would take several years for women to just start accepting that as normal. When the opposite sex touches your tattoos, that's like a subtle form of flirting. It happens to me occasionally. Nothing I need to record scratch for.
CJ Drummer (4 months ago)
Wow... you are really a rare, good, and smart person!
Aria290 (1 year ago)
I feel it. I got a lot of tattoos. I have those nice people who look from a far without touching you and ask to see it and I am okay with that. I am even okay with some people asking about where I got it done at or what the pain level. Just don't grab me or touch me to try to see my tattoo. I hate when people do that and I hate when people ask me dumb questions/makes dumb statements. As if you didn't know you had a tattoo on your body or you didn't make your own choice to get a tattoo. I been told you are like an exotic animal that you don't see too often, why would you ruin your body, are you trying to be a man, who is going to marry you, you are such a pretty person to ruin your body, and etc. It's annoying when people want to throw that at you and worst when religious people come up to you saying "god" will never let you in heaven or you know getting a tattoo is a sin and god doesn't like that. I am like if you feel that way don't get a tattoo and if you think it ruins the body don't get a tattoo. We all make our own choices and this is my choice to do what I want with my body.
Lolli Akashiya (1 year ago)
I wouldn't let ANYONE get that close to me unless you're one of my close friends or my boyfriend. People have to earn that right. It's creepy for strangers to do certain things and I don't know why they think it's okay to touch someone without asking.
Deka Red (1 year ago)
At least you live in a country where you don't have to worry about everyone thinking you're a criminal and/or sinner and wouldn't mind killing you.
Whiskers Briarwood (1 year ago)
happens to fellas too. I have had women grab my arms and pull up my sleeves to get a better look at, my sleeves. In fact my wife did this on our first date. haha
udor nyc (1 year ago)
I find women that are attractive to me, even more attractive when they have "serious ink"! It's not a fetish, just a great deal of respect and appreciation... and I find it sexy. I am appalled by the comments and grabbing a lot of the inked girls frequently receive. I should disclose that I have a traditional Japanese suit, covering two half sleeves, chest panels (hikae) and a full back tattoo that goes from neck down to my lower thighs. Until about ten years ago, I got frequently asked if the person can touch my ink, and I often let them check it out. But now... a decade later, this curiosity is almost non-existent because so many people have ink or being exposed to it, that there is no more novelty factor... at least here in NYC. I did have an interesting "rub-down" past summer, by a 75 years elderly black church lady at a birthday party in a park... who totally loved tattoos... she was so sweet, she was tracing some lines on my back-piece... she was funny as hell... :)
I hate those "how will your body look when you're old with that tatoo". bitch, my body's gonna look disgusting when i'm old, regardless of the tatoo. actually, tatoos can enhance one's physical traits or "hides" others
YorkChangeling (1 year ago)
Who the hell goes around grabbing people in public for *any* reason?!
PingwingWi (1 year ago)
The worst thing about being tattooed and having piercings is that guys that I slept with assumed that i must like pain and being abused during sex, which is not true. Or maybe I was just unfortunate to meet guys that don't know the difference between porn and reality.
DaaaahWhoosh (1 year ago)
I guess that's just the problem with being in public, if you want to look the way you want to look then people are going to harass you for it. I don't have tattooes, but I wear a tie to work even though it's "business casual", and people keep on making jokes about it. I don't get why it makes a difference, I mean women can wear pretty much anything they want to work, why do men have to all wear ugly polo shirts? And why do you think I'm "dressing up" when I wear a tie? I just like the way it looks, it helps hide the fact I have no upper body definition. I'd wear vests too if I didn't think I'd never hear the end of it.
J Girl (1 year ago)
DaaaahWhoosh you do you and screw everyone else
siarnne (2 years ago)
IRL: Indy Racing League?
CJ Drummer (4 months ago)
Ignorant Republican Losers
DaaaahWhoosh (1 year ago)
Irate Russian Lawyers.
Tappa Tappa (2 years ago)
Im a tattoo artists and women with heavy tattoos are bigger sluts
Briket S (2 years ago)
Tattoo artists can't spell
cercamons (2 years ago)
"It gave old creeps an excuse to drag their fingers down my arm." As if I needed a reminder that ageism is the acceptable ism.
Glenn Smith (2 years ago)
Body art...oh please! Women with tattoos are naff and cheap.
Glenn Smith (2 years ago)
+db2xs As always a craze takes off in the UK and everyone gets sucked in like sheep. Poor quality tattoo's everywhere. Awful bulging flesh displaying laughable school attempts.
db2xs (2 years ago)
HAHAHA This is a dumb and generalized statement. Care to come out of your hole and live in the world a bit?
wildgreen (2 years ago)
idk whats up with thinking its ok to just touch random strangers but this reminds me of the way people try to rub pregnant women's stomachs
Elizabeth Dutch (2 years ago)
I have 13 tattoos, several of which were designed by my late husband. I don't mind when people come over and look at them, or ask if they hurt etc, but I have had three really stupid comments. The first is the sheer number of people who come over and ask what my scapula piece means in English (it's the quote "Formally you shone among the living like the star of day, now dead you shine like the star of night) in Greek, this is usually followed by an awkward silence when I explain that it is a dedication to my late husband, but one person asked me if that meant I was back on the market (I am not going to put my response but you can probably make an educated guess). The second stupid comment (which I get a lot) is "why would anyone get so many tattoos" (usually followed by "don't you worry what they will look like when your old"), my current response to this is "I have so many awesome memories that I needed physical depictions of them so when I'm old I'll still remember them". The third stupid question came from my Gran after I got my first tattoo when she asked "does this mean you're joining the navy, because in my day only sailors had tattoos", I never thought of a comeback to that and just chalked it up to me not growing up in 1920s/30s Chatham. Honorary mention for stupid reaction to my tattoos goes to all the people that look like they are going to pass out when I explain that most my tattoos were designed by my late husband, and the one person who asked if they could colour in my calf piece with a felt tip pen.
n s9999 (2 years ago)
women with tats gross me out. More power to them but I couldn't imagine waking up every morning looking at inked up skin. its a deal killer.  I never advertise that preference though. to each their own
n s9999 (2 years ago)
where I come from "daft dummy" means powerful and attractive
Ana Lima (2 years ago)
+n s9999 ive read it and I was just agreeing and explaining you easy offended head
n s9999 (2 years ago)
+Ana Lima read my comment ya daft dummy
Ana Lima (2 years ago)
do you go by the street grabbing others arms/legs/whatever saying "what a ugly thing to do?" or stuff like that? that is the difference between having a special taste/preference and being a moron
essennagerry (2 years ago)
See, it's absolutely ok for you to have that preference. What is not ok is people who dislike tattoos trying to convince tattooed people that their opinion is the right one.
Laura Pietrowski (2 years ago)
I have tribal-Inspired wing tats on my shoulder blades and have had people come up from behind me touch them, out of nowhere!! I can't see what's happening and someone is touching me without consent, terrible combo.
Kirsty Ferguson (2 years ago)
I've had people grab me in public too without asking permission to touch me to look at my Wednesday Addams.
Annie Leonhardt (2 years ago)
He was joking as he was a magician and it was part of the act but he made a crack about me getting drugs. It's a little crazy that a tattoo of a Pikachu, a innocent character, would still make someone connect you with drugs.
Jill Stock (2 years ago)
I'm lucky that in the Navy tattoos are kinda the norm, so I mostly just get "oh, I didn't know you had that thigh tattoo" or just straight up "cool tattoo."
astrea79 (2 years ago)
The only person who physically grabbed me and yanked on my clothing to look at my tattoos was my own mother. I was 22 and legally allowed to make my own choices about my body, but that didn't stop her from telling me she wouldn't go to my funeral when I got AIDS and died. Because apparently everyone with tattoos gets AIDS?
Elizabeth Dutch (2 years ago)
That's a really cleaver trick what with basically everywhere using disposable needles (because they are cheaper and safer) since the '80s, and there being no fluid transfer from another person when you get tattooed...then again I had someone ask me if my tattoos made me more likely to catch infections from work (didn't have the heart to tell them that 1. healed tattoos are like the rest of your skin, and 2. that a good thing about working with dead people is they don't tend to be contagious).
AbsolX Guardian (2 years ago)
If I even get tattooed I would get a web design. However it hurts a lot and I might not like it later or prefer it for fancy advents. I just use makers on my right hand.
Alliey Mamas (2 years ago)
Hahahaha, all day long! I've been dealing with it for about 10 years now and it never surprises me how all social etiquette goes out the window.
Anelisabeth van poucke (2 years ago)
This turned into a learning opportunity for a good friend of mine: a good year ago I was attending a party a couple of days after getting my first tattoo (on my ribs) and she was eager to show it to our friends. So in her enthusiasm she yanked up my tshirt. Which, obviously, made me very uncomfortable. I never mentioned it to her until now. I sent her this video and explained what happened that night and she was very embarrased and assured me she would think about her actions before doing them. My body isnt public property, not even when it's filled with "pretty colours".
馬行空 (2 years ago)
I personally don't get what people like about tattoos but I know how to not be an asshole about it
Randompersonality (2 years ago)
I don't have a tattoo (needle phobia. They give me near panic attacks every time I need my blood drawn or a shot. I can imagine having a full blown attack if I try and get a tattoo) but I have really long hair since I like to grow it out to donate for wigs for cancer patients. For some reason, people feel that it is ok to run their hands through my hair or grab my hair (men and women). Perfect strangers! Since my hair is down to the middle of my butt, people would often touch my butt too trying to play with my hair (men and women, old and young). I now where my hair in a bun when going out or at work to stop them. This is ridiculous. I swear I will punch the first stranger who touches my pregnant belly. If I don't know you (regardless of how I am dressed or what my body looks like) hands off! You ask first. If I say no, IT MEANS NO!!!!!!!!! Don't call me names because I think it is creepy that you feel entitled to touch MY BODY! It is MY body. Not yours. So suck it up buttercup and, like they taught you as a kid, KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOUR BLOODY SELF!
Alba Spire (2 years ago)
Americans are bigger on personal space than Europeans and Aussies, but this is one place where I would agree. Touche Pas!
Wintaura (2 years ago)
I have shoulder blade tattoos and all the people who have yanked away my shirt and bra straps to see them (without consent or invitation by myself) have been women. Men have all so far been respectful and only looked when I showed them.
Jessica (2 years ago)
My mom has used the "strapless wedding dress" line/warning so many times I've lost count (as of right now I only have one tattoo on my shoulder blade). she's planning the wedding I don't know if I want and guilt tripping me at the same time.
chronix (2 years ago)
A guy here. This pisses me off. Not the stereotype, but like how the other guys think its an excuse to touch women.
ComputerUser321 (2 years ago)
+Chronix Could you rephrase your comment, it doesn't make any sense to me
Gina Lekasdottir (2 years ago)
If a guy grabs your arm or clothes without asking, punch him in the fucking face, then curb stomp his crotch
Briket S (2 years ago)
+Warrior Son -_- If a woman chooses to have a body? Did you mean to say tattoo? So you say that whenever a man chooses to touch a woman it's on her, whatever the circumstances. Just for looking appealling to you. Because you want to. No matter what. It's always her. That's called assault dude!
Gina Lekasdottir (2 years ago)
+Warrior Son if a man chooses to touch another human being, against their will, they should be expected to get knocked the fuck out, I don't care who you think you are.
Warrior Son (2 years ago)
If a woman chooses to have a body, then it's on her if men choose to touch that body.
Gina Lekasdottir (2 years ago)
That is completely different from some creep grabbing your arm or clothes to look at your body art
ComputerUser321 (2 years ago)
+Gina Lekasdottir What if the guy grabs your arm to stopp you from being hit by a bus?
Miranda Mulkey (2 years ago)
I always get "You'll attract the wrong type of people" mostly from my parents and their church friends. When in reality my tattoo artist introduced me to my husband! I've also had the people trying to touch me and following me around stores creepy times too.
I find it weird people say "How are you going to feel about those tattoos when you're 90 and in a nursing home". I mean, you look stupid NOW.
Alex 'Last Name' (2 years ago)
i hate it so much when people say stuff like: "you gonna regret it so much when you're older"... come on really. i don't think i would even care when i'm a grandma. at least my grandchildren would have an awesome tattooed grandparent *sigh*
MrProofMan (2 years ago)
Can you make a video about guys with piercings? As a pierced male I hear a LOT of shit like what you said. "What if you get a job?", "What about when you're older?", "Won't it scar if you take it out?", "What does your mom think?", all sorts of ridiculousness. I love how people assume we put absolutely no thought into it whatsoever. Gee, I NEVER considered any of that -_- Or there's my favorite question, "Did your girlfriend make you do it?".
MrProofMan (2 years ago)
There was definitely a shift in the way customers talked to me. I did a little experiment at work by wearing my eyebrow ring for a while and then going without, and I hardly even had to pay attention to notice the difference. When I had the ring in, some customers would instantly talk to me like I was a moron. Right off the bat I'd get slow-talk in a very condescending manner, like they'd assume I'm uneducated or didn't understand what they told me. Despite the fact that I was the one to initially ask if they needed help, you'd have thought I barely knew English with the way they acted. Fun fact: I'm a journalism major in college. But that tiny little ring brought out the worst in people, and once I took it out the difference was uncanny.
Keoki johnson (2 years ago)
I always say "cool ink" and that's it.
Émilie Warren (2 years ago)
When my aunt saw I had a tattoo she told me people with tattoos only got them because they are unhappy and ashamed of themselves. When I told her I didn't think what she was saying was true, she responded to me it was because I was one of these people. At the end I told myself it was useless to continue arguing with a woman who were building a theory simply based on ignorance.
Rocknroll (2 years ago)
When some creepy ass guy grabs you, that is assault
edward woodaqrd (2 years ago)
i am a man with a tattoo i got in the navy you know it goes unnoticed i guess i look more like the type of person that would have a tattoo but i think i have it i am pretty big and could look to be on the dangerous side and if a man touched my tattoo he might very well find himself picking his teeth off the ground but if a woman touched it she might get a smile ed
edward woodaqrd (2 years ago)
no one has the right to grab you and check out your tattoo they might politely ask to look and you have the right to refuse it is your body and the tattoo is the art or adornment you choose to have no one has the right to grab you or touch you against your will and you have the right to tell them you are uncofortable if they stare you have rights and so do they and its too leave you alone when you dont want to be touthed ed
Ernie Leon Guerrero (2 years ago)
Has anyone ever called the police on one of these crazy assholes that attack women with tattoos? If you grab someone, you could charge someone with battery or sexual assault. It's obviously a hassle, but I'd love to see all those ppl in jail.
Aaron Schlabitz (2 years ago)
Does she not realize that most of things are done/said to men with tattoos too?
leah bessette (2 years ago)
I think it all comes back to a certain percentage of our population missing a few (or forgetting) lessons from kindergarden. 1: keep your hands to yourself, and if it's not yours leave it alone. 2: if you don't have something nice to say, keep your lip zipped. 3: treat other people the way you want to be treated. 4: if you keep behaving like an a-hole no one is gonna want to play with you at recess, AND the teacher is gonna call your mamma.
Bobbie-Jo Schouten (2 years ago)
A woman at work grabbed my arm and started feeling my tattoo and showing my arm around to the whole factory without even asking...
Matt Drummond (2 years ago)
I have people ask me why I would do that (my four tattoos) to myself. Seems to come with the ink. I tend to be introverted so I get extra bothered by grabby on lookers. What angers me is the slut shaming that women with tattoos experience on a daily basis. Most of my growing up was with my mother and sister, most of my inner circle is full of women some of which have more than one tattoo. They are highly respected members of the community who do not fit the stereotype placed on tattooed women by society. You wouldn't know we were "the type to have tattoos" if you saw us dressed for work.
MsWannabeGamer Ⓥ (2 years ago)
I don't get why people feel the need to touch everything. Do they think the tattoo is a 3D sticker that's applied on top of the skin? Spoiler alert, it just feels like normal skin. The person whose arm you're rubbing feels it the same way as someone without tattoos, you're just rubbing their fucking arm and it's creepy af.
seto9182736 (2 years ago)
I don't have any tattoos as of yet. When was at work, one of the customer asked me if I had any tattoos. Because I was at work, I had to be friendly to the customers and I felt like I had to actually replied to the customer in order to be friendly. So I replied that I didn't have any and then he made some comment of I should keep it that way. I don't get why people feel the need or think it is appropriate to tell people what to do with my body.
Elizabeth Chaltraw (2 years ago)
Wow! I got a tattoo for my 30th birthday last year (paid for by my awesome hubby as my present) and haven't had any issues like this! I do live in a college town with forward-thinking people, and the tattoo is pretty visible since it's on my wrist/forearm. I'm so sorry to hear this stuff goes on!
BlackBerserkgasme (2 years ago)
WHAT THE F**K IS WRONG WITH THESE MEN?! As a man myself can I just say I'm ashamed on behalf of the male sex? What kind of a creepy psycho just grabs a strangers arm to "look at their tattoos"? Jesus christ!
Soros Phuvix (2 years ago)
This also affects people with Henna tattoos! I have had multiple and I just absolutely love how they fade and then I can renew them. It's like drawing on your body with a pen, but it just lasts longer, but without the needles of a tattoo gun if you're a sissy like me and refuses to go near one. Multiple times have I had someone brush my long hair, that reaches to my waist, to look at a neck/back henna work. As someone who highly values personal space, all I can really do is slowly turn around with a god awful terrified look of disgust at them. Like I'm sorta okay if you bend at an awkward angle to see my arm or something, but I think it's even more okay to ask to see those. Something like "Hey that's a cool tattoo you have there, but may I see the rest of it because your sleeve is blocking it." I would more than likely say sure and roll up my sleeve, because as someone who goes to art galleries/museums for fun, I get wanting to admire a piece of art.
Susan Boyd (2 years ago)
Do people actually do that...? I always just ask if I can get a better look. Most people would be more than happy to show you, and if they say no, then that's that. Let it go.
Say Rah (2 years ago)
I have one tattoo that I got at 18 that I absolutely hate and regret getting. I am in the process of getting it removed through laser tattoo removal, but because the treatments are expensive I've had to space them out, so the tattoo is still visible. It's on my upper back and I try to keep it covered, however if any of it pokes out people immediately pull down my shirt, touch it, stare at it, and/or ask invasive questions. It's humiliating for me because I already hate the tattoo, and I hate being touched. But it doesn't matter if I tell people to lay off and stop touching me/asking questions, they will keep prying unless I get visibly upset or yell. It really sucks that people feel they're entitled to my space because of the tattoo, especially since I don't want it.
John NoNameGibbon (2 years ago)
Bah, I don't agree. People with tattoos do it to look tough, women included. Women with tattoos are usually, not always, but usually, a bit crazy. I find it attractive. And I happily stereotype girls (and men) with tattoos. You'll know if they're a dull-as-dirt exception just by talking to them. No need to worry. And, no, your lil tat doesn't count. Also, I fin your use of the word "creep" problematic. Stop slut-shaming men with that.
Lacy O (2 years ago)
Strangers touching me is the main issue I have had. I haven't had any men make lewd comments...yet. While shopping for my wedding dress a few years back my grandma had the nerve to say, "it's too bad you have all those tattoos." At that point I had had visible tattoos for about 6 or so years. You think she would have accepted it by then.
Mako Yuhara (2 years ago)
(I am a woman, just thought I'd mention because most people assume I am a guy based off of my name) and I do a lot of body art, as in, I do whole arm pieces of art(sharpie and etc.)and more to represent myself FOR MYSELF. And although most people think they are cool, I get the 'But you're such a pretty girl' one almost every time I do them. Like damn, can someone please express themselves in peace, like it's on my body not yours. I am going to get real tattoos in the future, but to my fellow women who actually have tattoos, man I don't know how you guys suppress the feelings of wanting to smash a million glass bottles on your heads. Yall are the MVPs
Gerard Byrne (2 years ago)
I think you might be reading a bit too much into this whole thing. Okay, so people shouldn't put their hands on someone without their permission. It happens sometimes, people are weird. That doesn't mean it's an epidemic. I've got a tattoo and I've received all of the 'they'll look awful when your older' and 'why would you do that to yourself' stuff from all manner of people. I also have a penis. My tattoo is on my ribs so I haven't gotten people touching it without my permission because it's not visible when I'm clothed, but I'm sure it would happen if it were. And if it did I wouldn't assume that all women are perverts, I'd think, hey! This girl is attracted to me in some way, or if I didn't find her attractive 'okay, you need to stop touching me now' That's really what it boils down to, if an attractive guy gently took your arm and said 'wow! Your tattoo is awesome' you'd think it was hot, if an old guy or a guy you don't find attractive does it, creepy.
John NoNameGibbon (2 years ago)
I know right? Women put their hands on men all the time. Creeps! Creeps! ::faints::
Andrew Dean (2 years ago)
... sickening. Embarrassed to be a man.
Emily .Ash (2 years ago)
I have a tattoo on my upper back that says "not yet". When I first got it, a guy asked me if it was meant to signify to men whether I had ever had anal...
Warrior Son (2 years ago)
It sounds more like an invitation to me... 😉
John NoNameGibbon (2 years ago)

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