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A sad story (try not to cry 😭)

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Alyssa Masker (5 months ago)
This sucks so bad
KingAce4Life (9 months ago)
this was so bad i dont even have words..
KingAce4Life (9 months ago)
Bro your silly af, nobody cares of this shit. You even putted "try not to cry". im pretty sure noby cired and there was no challange in it. theres even a huge watermark saying "textingstory.com" but i dont wanna discuss with you anymore, so i want answer if you reply.
Skywtaker Productions (9 months ago)
KingAce4Life well are you gay I'm 13 and you talk shit about me being too young? What is your problem
KingAce4Life (9 months ago)
you dont really have to put mutch thought into someone dying of cancer while their textin a girl. unless your nine years old.
Skywtaker Productions (9 months ago)
KingAce4Life well did you think about the thought I put into it
Mark Real (9 months ago)
Worst story ever!!!!
Skywtaker Productions (6 months ago)
Mark Real I still don't care
Sans fortnite (10 months ago)
*sigh* I've seen better story's that have lust in them
Terry King (1 year ago)
This video sucks
Sumaya_TubedYou (1 year ago)
Hello sky
Skywtaker Productions (8 months ago)
Sumaya_TubedYou well ####
Skywtaker Productions (10 months ago)
Sumaya_TubedYou Mia stink bread
Siddh Shah (1 year ago)
why would you waste your last breath texting?
Skywtaker Productions (10 months ago)
Siddh Shah that was my brother I never waste my time like this
Skywtaker Productions (1 year ago)
CloUdRusH idk i just make really cringey vids because my editing is terrible I have no editing software
Siddh Shah (1 year ago)
what a staged story. i cringed at that
Terry King (1 year ago)
CloUdRusH me to
Bosh eys (1 year ago)
Hi this is good I gues

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