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14 Facts About Money You Should Know by Age 30

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There are definitely certain things you can do that will lead to prosperity, but there are others that will bring you to financial disaster. If you want to sleep soundly at 50 because you practiced good money habits at 30, then you’ve come to the right place. TIMESTAMPS Kids are expensive 0:48 It's not embarrassing to ask for a promotion 2:15 It's more profitable to rent than own 4:04 Invest in your health and education 5:15 Don't invest in something you don't know well 5:42 Don't borrow to pay old debts 6:16 Stay connected with your friends 6:50 Buy good quality shoes and clothes 7:19 Avoid impulse purchases 7:50 Start saving money for old age now 8:19 Eat and cook at home 8:44 Put part of your salary into a savings account 9:27 Be on the same page with your significant other 10:05 Find a passive source of income 10:40 SUMMARY - Raising just one kid can drain your funds up to as much as a quarter of a million dollars! - If you've been working in the same position for more than 3 years, the time has come to make your way up the career ladder. - When you rent, you don’t have to spend money on maintenance, taxes, and sometimes not even on furniture. - It's important to take care of yourself, go on vacation at least once a year, get enough sleep, and eat the right foods. - Giving into strong emotions or impulses to invest in dubious projects can strip you of a lot of (if not all) your money. - Don’t take out a new loan in order to pay off an old one, and don’t borrow money from one friend so that you can pay back another. - Personal relationships are much more important than money. No amount of money is worth losing your friend over. - It's more cost-effective to spend more money on durable things because you’re not buying them again and again. - If you’re on a tight budget, impulse shopping will punch holes right through it. - If you save at least $20 to $50 a month, you’ll have a decent amount in your account when you’re elderly, which will make you feel more secure. - Next time you go to the grocery store, count up how much you spend on your food. - Anything can happen, and some things demand a lot of money from you. - Partners should be unanimous when it comes to financial questions. - Study the best ways to invest money and choose the one that suits you the most. Maybe we've missed something? If so, add your own advice on how to manage money more reasonably in the comments section! Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ SMART Youtube: https://goo.gl/JTfP6L 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: https://goo.gl/zarVZo ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (4752)
BRIGHT SIDE (7 months ago)
4:04 Surprising, right?
Mantis Matt (13 days ago)
What savings account gets 7% interest?! Owning is definitely cheaper in the long run.
All Things Apple (1 month ago)
BRIGHT SIDE I found another one but I'm not going to say where it is so someone else can do it and have e a chance for this
All Things Apple (1 month ago)
durba - (1 month ago)
+J B still there won't be enough to buy in cash. House is too expensive
Jem Jem (1 month ago)
cjwsk12 (16 minutes ago)
buying a house is property. buy a house, rent it out, you got loads of $$$$$ coming at you monthly. this is how rich become rich, by investing buildings
vikkzx (10 hours ago)
The advice on here is horrible, hopefully no one follows these tips.
matthew andrade (14 hours ago)
A one bedroom apartment near my job is at least $4,500 per month without utilities and street parking. This video has some inaccuracies.
matthew andrade (14 hours ago)
What bank offers 7% interest in a savings account (4:40)? Chase doesn't even offer more than .09%
Ethan J Films (1 day ago)
NVCKY (1 day ago)
%7 interest in a savings account? ... Dislike lol
major600 (2 days ago)
I never seriously considered buying a house. I'm single and live alone, so I don't need the space. I don't want to pay the taxes on a house. I don't want to pay for the utilities on a house. I don't want to pay the insurance on a house. I don't want to pay to furnish a house. And I sure didn't want to put in (or pay for) the labor to maintain a house and yard. My apartment is on the second floor on high ground, so I don't have to worry about flooding. If I ever decide to move, I can pay a simple penalty to leave it all behind me. No penalty at all if I give two months notice.
Bal Loney (2 days ago)
too late for me to know these facts... at 64?
Jesus Alvarez (3 days ago)
11:41 . 11:41
DUDE... YOU SAID BE ON SAME PAGE WITH YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER WHEN IT COMES TO FINANCES... I do not have a wife so thats not good advice >:( Also if your wife does not work she is gonna be expensive too.
nikhil ladna (5 days ago)
Light bulb stamps please
grace white (5 days ago)
Not the best bright side video.
manav patel (6 days ago)
sam ardhalkar (6 days ago)
Saw light
deepak bommasagar (6 days ago)
On board. On dollar .In green house.
Trent Villines (7 days ago)
Light bulbs during asking for promotion presentation scene on dollar bill in house at rent vs. Buy and in #1 so you watch the whole thing lol but actual lights on roller coaster and in womans house and dentist office....
2 inch Willy (7 days ago)
tip on renting out your house. make sure the rent pays off the mortgage thats for sure.
RICOFRITO (7 days ago)
Enjoy LIFE to the fullest you never know when its time to go...
Crazy Boyfriends (7 days ago)
A house for $550 a month!? Do you live in Iraq or Somalia?
David Nwabueze (7 days ago)
Hey, if you are in the US and above 20, hmu or let's hook up (your venue) I got a good business deal
Jthomas Annillo (7 days ago)
The home you live in is either a liability or something that you might just break even on when you sell. Investing in real estate strictly means that you either flip it or you buy to rent it out and have someone else pay the mortgage.
Dyonissis Zoes (8 days ago)
7% interest? 😅 I need the address of your bank. Not to mention that money in the bank is still subject to variations in terms of actual value. Real estate is less volatile. Take this type of advice with a pinch of salt...
Stacey Cann (8 days ago)
I lent my best friend money for what she deemed an emergency 25years ago.initially she said she would give it back in a week, then a month. i slowly withdrew myself from her but about five years later i had to let it go realizing the friendship was more important than the money.
Adrian Ionut Neagu (8 days ago)
children are long term investment if you look at it this way.. they could as well get filthy rich bc of their upbringing and be grateful when you get to be old. This is a reasoning if you are cold hearted. Plus, a higher rate of mutations and/or congenital birth defects can raise the cost of the upkeep for the child with older maternal age. You're too nearsighted, you dark side
Duane Theimer (8 days ago)
Buying a house today is like going to prison for 30 years. If you can't afford it don't do it.
sagar778 (9 days ago)
The lightbulb 💡 appears @ 4.57 - 5.07
Daniel Angelov (9 days ago)
i am on 10th tip but this is insane ur talking for a people who actually dont have money to eat or to normal payed person??? no sense at all
headreader (10 days ago)
0:54 all off them!!!
Aly Plus3 (11 days ago)
Idk about this video. Like, where are you finding a HOUSE for $550 rent. 🤔
11:00 light
4:58 light bulb
achingship (11 days ago)
Buying a house is always better. You can live in that house till old age, no landlord issues. You can rent it out and make some money. Your kids can inherit the house and live there. You can wait for the value of the house to rise and sell it. So adding all these up buying is the better option.
Roxana Gonzalez (12 days ago)
Lightbulbs at: 4:57 , 5:04 , 11:01 , 11:03
Austin Amelse (13 days ago)
EAT IT! (13 days ago)
Nice video I liked all the suggestions. I'm 28 living in socal and rent. I can't imagine owning a house now. My rent is $1025 tho. I'm debt free, have a job to pay bills. Currently trying to find a way for passive income.
kickwce (13 days ago)
Complete wrong about renting. You buy property and you own it at some point so the cost vanished after 20 years. When renting cost increases over time and never finished. Bad maths.
Our rent before is about 1500 and the Mortgage that we have now is 1450
Andrés Campo (14 days ago)
Kids aren't expensive for a number of reasons. They are beneficial and valuable in ways that money can't buy, when you get yours you will understand all what they bring to you. A family is a small business with big profits.
Mac Turner (14 days ago)
STAY SINGLE! Relationshits are really expensive
Snankz (14 days ago)
5:24 Is she really reading something in the water ? I mean how tf is she going to keep that dry ?
FruityUnicorn17 (14 days ago)
Not when you’re in the Bay Area, California. Rent is insane out here. Somebody please h e l p
yco67 (14 days ago)
this is depressive..
Tarek CH (15 days ago)
Here i’ll fix them for you : 14 - Having one kid when you’re not very financially stable will teach your kid that needs are before pleasure and your son will give you motivation to work harder each day. 13 - Ask for a promotion but don’t stay employed for a long period. Build your own business and use your previous job as a learning experience instead of a career base. 12 - Think in the long term. Rent is more profitable now but in 20 years you’ll wish you bought and not rented. 11 - Invest your TIME in learning life skills and health and not your MONEY. Don’t waste your time and money paying for another degree. Teach yourself at home. 10 - Only invest when you’ve tackled every inch and every corner of the business you have in mind. Ask experts and do your research properly. 9 - Don’t borrow in the first place so you don’t have debts. Always rely on yourself and there’s no disgrace in any job. 8 - Meet new people and make new connections. Connections are key. 7 - Prioritize needs over pleasure as long as you have to. Don’t buy anything you don’t need until you’re very stable financially. 6 - You need to have more than one source of income. 5 - Saving money is for the poor. Invest properly so that by the time you’re old, the only thing you have to worry about is where to travel next. 4 - Homemade meals are way more cheaper than fast food. 3 - Each three years your yearly salary should be doubled. 2 - Every great man needs a great women to suppot each other and walk the journey together. Choose your significant other wisely and life will be much easier. 1 - Always payback to your community and never forget where you came from. Stay humble and keep in mind that in life you’re either somebody or nobody.
Mikey Bien (15 days ago)
That i not true
wakers wakers (15 days ago)
I’m smelling some useless info 🤔
Scuba Rodriguez (15 days ago)
30 seconds all of em are there
Jonathan Rogers (15 days ago)
nicaw (15 days ago)
too late. im 30 and broke
Silvester Chua (16 days ago)
Unless you're in Singapore and a Singaporean. 12-15 years of renting could buy u a house.
chad eriksen (16 days ago)
If I lived on Kansas I could rent a $100k house for $550; however, that's not realistic.
kerry joseph (16 days ago)
Better invest today because money invested today is worth more than tomorrow
Kenclifford Saint Jean (16 days ago)
Mihai Alexandrescu (16 days ago)
Kayleigh Viegas (16 days ago)
2:19 4:02 4:56 11:01
ali zafar (16 days ago)
SSJG (16 days ago)
I might add, "kids are expensive" is nonsense. Kids are as expensive as you make them to be. Here in Europe there are literally immigrant families with 7 kids on welfare. And since school and healthcare is free, there is no real costs. And they eat cheap food. Lets rephrase...If you want to have kids and still live single lifestyle, then yes its expensive.
SSJG (16 days ago)
It's correct to say that owning costs more than renting. It's obvious. However you are actually acquiring an asset which you own. And unless you live in Mogadishu, real estate always increases value on long term. Not to mention you can turn it into a business by renting it. It can be extremely profitable. You should only avoiding buying if you cannot afford it. Otherwise buying is superior. Alternatively, but this is only if you really know what you are doing; WHICH MOST PEOPLE DONT, is to invest money in stock market, commodities, forex, etc. But it's extremely easy to lose money there.
unclemusr (17 days ago)
Nicholas Koh (17 days ago)
7% interest rates! please share ;)
Jon W (17 days ago)
The bird, its the stork, but ok. 1:38
Cosmo Vixen (18 days ago)
Haha haha $550 in rent. Thats a joke. Not in San Diego!
deaglan Wardman-Furey (19 days ago)
about as accurate as a shotgun and useful as a chocolate teapot
2J oneH (21 days ago)
0:31 that’s when all four light bulbs are in the video 🤠
Jonathan Phillips (21 days ago)
All four light bulbs 0:31
Kayleigh Viegas (16 days ago)
1) 2:20 2) 4:01 3) 4:59 4) 11:01
HoTGirL *** (24 days ago)
1st bulb- 2:19 2nd bulb- 4:01 3rd bulb- 4:56 4th bulb- 10:59
Adam Buczko (25 days ago)
My dad always said if you wait till you can afford kids you’ll never have any I’m about to have my second me n my wife do well but can I afford it well see😃🙃👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
Time stamp 40 seconds four light bulbs.
Mat Underwood (27 days ago)
The most important factor of renting vs. buying is whose pocket the money is going to. Who cares if the buying option is more expensive per month. Buying a house is like saving money, you are paying yourself because you keep the house. Renting is just giving someone else money. If you spend 20 years renting for $1,000/mo (more realistic then 500) you spend $240,000 and never see it again... its gone... If you have a 20 year mortgage for a $240,000 house, 20 years later you still have $240,000 (most likely more value in 20 years...) You cannot forget that if you take a mortgage for a 240k house; when the house raises in value, you don't owe more, you profit..... whereas landlords can raise rent prices whenever they want.
Michael Bates (27 days ago)
Ha! I WISH I could find an apartment that cheap.
Michael Thurlow (27 days ago)
If you know how to depreciate real estate and deduct it from your taxes this increases the profitability. Don’t listen to his real estate advice. When you pay your mortgage you are mostly just paying yourself
Raul s (27 days ago)
This video indeed, is helpful❤️
Mambwe Mwape (27 days ago)
In my country, 550 will get you a 3 - 4 bedroomed house with 2-3 baths! I've lived in london though... Bright side talking 3rd world money plans! That's why most can't relate
I leave in a cheap neighborhood and my mortgage is half of what people pay for rent. Your statement that renting saves money is not even close to accurate. Stop BSing people. Someone is going to actually listen to you and regret it. So take responsibility for what comes out of your mouth!
Diogo Ferreira (28 days ago)
What I pay in rent is the same I could be paying for two mortgages, just sayin’...
Kobby KariKari (28 days ago)
Hey I'm 19
Tullotoe Underfoot (29 days ago)
If you can find a magic investment that will guarantee your principle and 7% for 30years, why wouldn't I also invest in that magic investment and pay my much lower mortgage payment with the interest. At the end of 30 years (assuming no loss of principle, and your rent doesn't increase, because my mortgage won't) you will have $100,000 principle, and I will have the same $100,000 plus $100,000+ house (regardless of how little it has increased, it will have increased). Then, I have no mortgage payment, and can reinvest my 7%, and after 40 years, you still only have $100,000, and I now have very close to $200,000 and a house worth well over $100,000. There is no math that will support your hypothesis. The only legitimate argument against owning is how transient you need to be in today's market place. With telecommuting back on the rise, this is even a specious argument.
Pravesh Tiwari (29 days ago)
2:22 is this the first one? 4:02 second? 5:04 third?? and 11:01 the fourth? And i disagree on a lot of things.
battu tulu (1 month ago)
1. The whole banking system is "Fraud".
Łukasz Jerzy Jerzy (1 month ago)
11:04, 5:05, 4:03, 2:20
Sea Wolf (1 month ago)
You can end a friendship if your friend is toxic and reason is because of money.
Mudassir Kamran (1 month ago)
Nice video
Nitish Choudhary (1 month ago)
1st - 2:21 2nd - 4:03 3rd - 4:58 4th - 11:01
Marc G (1 month ago)
keep renting and i get your money, this video is made by idiots
Bert Shrock (1 month ago)
I will never love bingo.
Alex Mollov (1 month ago)
I used to get 8,55% interest/year in a 3 year USD deposit account but this was in Bulgaria 15 years ago and the inflation was like 2-3%...good times. In Romania at that time I had seen a 14% interest rate on deposits, they had about 4-5% inflation. Now in both countries the interest rates are 1-2-3% If Bright Side can tell me which country's banks offers 7% I will be very happy :)
violet dreamsss (1 month ago)
Thank you so much
Jennifer Reyes (1 month ago)
I love my bff when it came to spending I noticed she was saving and I wanted to spend wich starting becoming a problem I thought she didnt care to waiste a dollar on me
max barbosa05 (1 month ago)
Where’s he getting all these kids with money
Luv Life (1 month ago)
I will never buy a house again unless I become rich, we bought a house in 2015 for $135 nice three bed 2 bath finished basement huge backyard to only go completely broke because everything broke once we moved in...everything. In Michigan
Tullotoe Underfoot (2 days ago)
You should be able to drop 20% down, and your payment should only be 2/3 or 3/4 of what your target is, banking the extra 25-30% for repairs. And bank it religiously.
Unnati Raj (1 month ago)
At 2:18 The first light bulb comes up. At 4:03 The second bulb comes up. 4:57 Third bulb At 11:01 4th bulb :)
DarinDmarkovic1 (1 month ago)
2:21 4:02 4:57 11:01
Lind95 MG (1 month ago)
These days owning your home can be a nightmare. It has it's advantages but it also comes with a hefty price and too many headaches. Renting is the way to go for me. If you need to move no worry, especially if you no longer can afford it or it's haunted.
Ngan Seng Chai (1 month ago)
Dink cs (1 month ago)
This video is designed for weak minded people, this video is sad. This guy talking has never made over 100,000 a year, he’s giving advice when he hasn’t been successful. I may sound like I’m hating hardcore but it’s the truth, a nobody giving financial advice. He’s got tips and tricks if you’re making 20,000 a year.
Boogey MANN (1 month ago)
Here's a tip: have rich parents who have lots of property so that you can live in it. My parents have 3 houses and I asked them to let ke live in one. Technically its still theirs but thats alot cheaper than having to rent or pay for property.
Boogey MANN (1 month ago)
In the Philippines you would most likely live in your parent's house,which was also the house of your grandma,and the home of their parents. Also your parents would happily pay for your education (depends on your kind of family though) and they would probably just be happy that their child graduated and they would usually throw a really big party. This is based from my experience with my own family and from the families of my friends. BTW I don't know if this applies to everyone here because most of my friends have families which include rich businessmen and Government officials. Soooo yeah.
Tahirie Tahiry (1 month ago)
What $100k house would be $500 a month??? In my area a house like that is at least $1100 a month to rent, and to own it is half of that a month.
MrZhefish (1 month ago)
7% intresst? no bank gives you 7%, you should be happy that you ain't paying for them to keep it. at least in EU it is that way. and if you invest it in stocks, substract also the cost for the commision to buy/sell stocks, constant monitoring and the risk involved. if you can and have a secure job, it is much wiser to invest it in property you like....

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