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Hey, welcome to the Sebasdion Family! are you #TeamDion or #TeamSebb or #TeamGeorgia or…??? there are a lot of teams here and a lot of pranks, challenges, vlogs etc. lol merch» https://bit.ly/2MEW2cG HAVE YOU SEEN MY LAST VIDEO? » https://bit.ly/2NV3i5X Watch mocha meet latte here» http://bit.ly/2nLq70f SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL » http://bit.ly/2zjXoGd for new videos Sundays and Wednesdays❤ we’re always live on TWITCH GAMING» https://bit.ly/2Iii0Um 24 HOUR COUPLES LIVE STREAMS AT » http://bit.ly/2EogiPE Thank you so much for taking the time to watch my video! pretend i’m netflix and binge watch me here❤ BUYING MY BF HIS DREAM PET» https://bit.ly/2NV3i5X Making a song w/ my boyfriend» http://bit.ly/2ycwgVR Boyfriend Dream Room Surprise» https://bit.ly/2KgmzQZ Morning routine» https://bit.ly/2lkA6YK Viagra Prank» https://bit.ly/2J51Wmh Viagra Prank on sister» https://bit.ly/2uJnuyU How To Kiss» http://bit.ly/2BjChF8 WE DID DRAG» https://bit.ly/2GNGq8j every prank, ever: http://bit.ly/2FuZoQp what potato are u? I’m curly fries 🥔 POTATO SQUAD↓ boyfriend🥔❤ https://bit.ly/2KDOxXb sister🥔 https://bit.ly/2qnfe5j Queen Ivan🥔 https://bit.ly/2lFhDGH Kween Latte🥔 https://bit.ly/2NYX0lH King Mocha🥔 https://bit.ly/2mrH9zp ↓Follow Me Here↓ Twitch: https://bit.ly/2Iii0Um Twitter: http://twitter.com/dionyorkie Instagram: http://instagram.com/dionyork my YouNow is lit: http://younow.com/dionyorkie snapchats: DIONYORKIE i’m a grandma on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dionyorkiee tumblrrrr❤ http://bit.ly/2sWTBgC get a personalized video message from us or be on the wall of poops, I’d love to thank u for watching and for the support❤» http://bit.ly/2nLq70f
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Text Comments (991)
Maddy& Katie_slimez! (2 months ago)
Nikeela Davis (18 days ago)
Maddy& Katie_slimez! why u gsy !!
Get Paid1k (1 month ago)
DionYorkie my Mexican boyfriend tryed to do the same thing I didn't know he I was going to get that mad 😞😕😀
Mihailo Spasic (1 month ago)
DionYorkie aha you dont make guys put stuff in their body and when you abduct kids from the playground and rape them thats nothin huh HUH
Katie Williams (2 months ago)
DionYorkie hey Dion I'm a huge fan of you and sebb I'm gonna be coming to Canada this summer I'd hope I get a chance to meet you guys I love watching your videos you are amazing
Hey my people Williams (2 months ago)
Maddy& Katie_slimez! Me don’t need notifications on I live in youtube
Doumaa-x x (1 day ago)
Nasty af had to spoil
Blac StuneVevo (2 days ago)
When You Are Gay And Single. You Be Like : 🙂💔🌈
Angelina fnaf Ships (3 days ago)
I’m laughing so hard >I<
itkarola bihhh (4 days ago)
"your going to get an eye boner" 😂😂😂😂 I'M WEAKKKK
V I K U T S YAO (5 days ago)
LPS WarriorKK (5 days ago)
M luckystar (6 days ago)
wait Seb thinks its dangerous and he force feed it to Dion☹️
brokensword (6 days ago)
ummm which one of them are b ......? 0-0
Laiba CH8706 (7 days ago)
"Your gonna get 'eye bonner' " like.. WTF😂😂😂😂😂😂
BaRon Nahor (7 days ago)
Are you fucking gay ? Fucking Dicksucker men both of you got a dick go and find some pussies to fuck it feels so good but fuckin a guy on his asshole isn't cool at all yo retarded piece of shits
Katie price (4 days ago)
STFU like if you don't like this content then go to a different channel, no one needs you negativity! like get the fuck out!!!!!
Sean Burkholder (7 days ago)
I think im gay now
Yareli Micheal (9 days ago)
ban this guy (9 days ago)
Alyeexa Myeed (9 days ago)
Aha dion your digs at this also oml sebb forcing dion to drink it is just as bad
Alyeexa Myeed (9 days ago)
Ew he spat the water out the re-drank it
Alyeexa Myeed (9 days ago)
Aha he slapped his but
Alyeexa Myeed (9 days ago)
Awww they're so cute the way they just cuddle next to one another
Alyeexa Myeed (9 days ago)
1:38 graceful also ooh sexc
Alyeexa Myeed (9 days ago)
Phew I was really scared for a second 😂😥
GOGO LOGO (10 days ago)
Izzie (10 days ago)
“You’re gonna get an eye boner.” THIS ENTIRE VIDEO HAS ME SCREECHING OMFG
Izzie (10 days ago)
“I just wanted you to last longer than five seconds my bad.” IM SCREAMINGG OML
Anime mania (10 days ago)
Lmao those puns in the left bottom corner
Anime mania (10 days ago)
Done 😏
Jovan Stankovic (10 days ago)
WTF you fauk guy bitch
Chase C (11 days ago)
DIAWWWWWNAHH lmao so cutte😂😂
Joel Garcia (11 days ago)
Why would u spit you nasty
beautiful skies (12 days ago)
do a prank of watching porn and getting caught. (just search up moans)
rosie carthy (13 days ago)
my fav emoji is the heart bc I love you to so much #teamDion and #TeamSebb and #TeamGeorgia
Angel D Matos (13 days ago)
Respect ✊
Noah Brazil (13 days ago)
Cuz I’m new to this channel
Noah Brazil (13 days ago)
Not tryna be rude but is he straight or gay
Malka Malshan (13 days ago)
Miss that old Deon...!!!
Alex 101 (14 days ago)
Fucking fags how u boys watching this
Bella Marie (14 days ago)
"You're going to get a eye boner" IM DYING😭
Random Comment (15 days ago)
Either your lashes and your skin is naturally fancy or your make up is :))
Gfgbbfk Cvjkj (15 days ago)
Julian Is The Best (15 days ago)
I reported you guys for sexual harrasment
Julian Is The Best (15 days ago)
Gay motherfuckers
Adham Haitham (15 days ago)
You are a gay
maria elena funtalba (16 days ago)
Hector Lopez (16 days ago)
If he put the water on my mouth i would spit it on his mouth😂
Oscar Marin (16 days ago)
Fucking gay
pink rose3024 (16 days ago)
What exactly is vigra can someone explain??😂
Armius 063 (16 days ago)
8:50 this is literally what i do when My boyfriend is Mad, he always fall for that shit and then we play and fuck xD
A GAMING (16 days ago)
Tony Neacsu (17 days ago)
Oh nigga you gay! HAHAHAHA!
saba sofia (17 days ago)
you are gey
Nikeela Davis (18 days ago)
why u gay
Juan Pablo Magana (18 days ago)
So dramatic 😒😒😒
Lit Boi (19 days ago)
Can I see the actual box? It's not? Can I see the actual box? Oh what is it? Can I see the actual box!
Nike Sattler (19 days ago)
I really like the colour of the Mac book
Andres Carmona (19 days ago)
There gay
Theodora St (19 days ago)
I would totally smash dion if he wasnt gay❤😍
Benita Cox (21 days ago)
he had to make sure he did not drink wrong one
Grasias De nada PORFIN ESPAÑOL!!!!!!!!!
Jazlyn Edwards (22 days ago)
“Your gonna get an eye boner “😭😭😭🤣🤣I was dead 💀👀🍆🤣🤣🤣
Bryce Evelyn (22 days ago)
Ha gayyyyuy
Captain Sar (22 days ago)
Plz delete this gay channel
Bored Person (21 days ago)
Captain Sar please do not, delete this disrespectful attitude
Shut Up (23 days ago)
*like WhAT if I dIE*
Scott Brady (23 days ago)
Sebb is a hypochondriac like me, that’s why he’s so pissed off 😭😂😂
Brittney Calvin (23 days ago)
Omg y'all are Soo cutteee😍 I mean fr
kris nava (23 days ago)
Ariana Thatsmyname (23 days ago)
josh dun obsessed (24 days ago)
Adrian W (24 days ago)
DiOOOOOn is the best word, your name!
Anaya Swanson (24 days ago)
Instant subscribe! Makes me laugh
Yanna Woody (24 days ago)
Omgg love u guys😂😂❤❤❤
shtthfckp (24 days ago)
Sebb: You're so rude. Literally on every video. CUTEEEEE
Rosmeri14 Ortega (24 days ago)
OMG by the time he said you going to get an eye boner I was dead😂😂
• F L U F F Y • (24 days ago)
That one is pretty rude... I can't laugh I just feel bad for Sebb
gaming pr0fas (24 days ago)
Bored Person (21 days ago)
gaming pr0fas Rudeeeeeeee
Jad Styles (25 days ago)
courtney curtis (25 days ago)
they’ve been together for so longhgg😫😫😫
Art _ mation (26 days ago)
When he purrs my dog started barking.
sapphiredark (26 days ago)
I'm mad they kept drinking the water after Seb spit back in it 😭
Leila Sahinovic (26 days ago)
“boing boing”😂
Sofiya Mashir (27 days ago)
Едрить... Какого хрена происходит?!)💁
Tifaga Fuiava (27 days ago)
Your so dumb af for letting him know too early lmao
Badmode _ONgirl (27 days ago)
5:21 he spits out the water and then he re-drink it.. disgusting
عواطف نونو (28 days ago)
Thank you for the blessings of Islam
Sam Famx (28 days ago)
U literally made me so wet😂
Sam Famx (28 days ago)
I just wanted u to last 5 secs😁😂😂
Zhang John (28 days ago)
Sed was really angry
BALLOONS with GUNS (28 days ago)
8:50 gggggrrrrrrrrrr LMAO🐯
Adam Montgomery (28 days ago)
Nice feet ;)
Danjenin Lucena (28 days ago)
ok I just wanted you to last 5 more seconds 😂😂😂
Paul Omar (29 days ago)
HAHAHAHAH😂😂😂 Crazy..
Cesc Gascó i Villa (30 days ago)
8:17 dion: throws tea at sebb's face sebb: AAAAAAHHH DIOOOOOOONN!!! That went in my eye, did that had more VIAGRA?Dion, what the hell is wrong with you?? dion: You're going to get an eye boner... THAT KILLED ME
Demarion Wilson (30 days ago)
Isaiah Navarro (30 days ago)
Bob Usiaphre (30 days ago)
Lydia Jameson (30 days ago)
viagra is a pill or powder you put in something or just swallow it after like 3 hrs or so it'll make you want to have sex
ViolinGirl (30 days ago)
i love boyfriends
also Ballora (30 days ago)
"Ugh you literally made me so wet but not the way I was hoping tonight."
Kyle Elliott (1 month ago)
We wut you guys to show us your dick
Bored Person (21 days ago)
Kyle Elliott no we don’t, go on phub you perv
Carson & Vincent (1 month ago)
https://youtu.be/2smgSU-tUYU 👑 Go‼️Subscribe ❤️🌈

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