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GTA 5 Online FAST AND THE FURIOUS Special #2! GTA 5 Stunts, Jumps & EPIC Racing! (GTA 5 PC Gameplay)

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Grand Theft Auto 5 PC gameplay FAST AND THE FURIOUS special GTA 5 Online livestream! This Grand Theft Auto 5 gameplay includes GTA 5 PC next gen gameplay, first person gameplay and funny moments! ► Help Me Reach 1,500,000 Subscribers! Click to Subscribe! ► http://bit.ly/SubToTG Spreadshirt Shops: ● US Shop - http://typicalgamer.spreadshirt.com ● UK Shop - http://typicalgamer.spreadshirt.co.uk ● EU Shop - http://typicalgamer-eu.spreadshirt.net Join Team TG and subscribe today: http://bit.ly/SubToTG GTA 5 Online Fast and Furious job playlist: ● Add me on Snapchat - TypicalSnaps ● Follow me on Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/typicalgamer ● Like me on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/typicalgamer ● Follow my Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/typicalgameryt ● Follow me on Twitch - http://www.twitch.tv/typicalgamer ● Follow me on Google Plus - http://plus.google.com/+typicalgamer The Stream Team! ● HikePlays - http://www.youtube.com/HikePlays ● Team Epiphany - http://www.youtube.com/Team0Epiphany ● Typical Gamer - http://www.youtube.com/TypicalGamer Let's keep the comment section AWESOME to ensure everyone has a good time. Be sure to ignore, dislike or flag spam on negative or hateful comments. With your help, we can continue to build an awesome community! Thanks and enjoy! :D Subscribe for more daily, top notch videos! http://bit.ly/SubToTG If you enjoyed the video & want to see more GTA 5, leave a Like!
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Text Comments (3383)
william0745 (1 day ago)
I love you typicalgamer
Braydan Guy (12 days ago)
Duke of death
Heather Carter (17 days ago)
My brother loves Fast and the Furious cast
Heather Carter (17 days ago)
I love your guyses video so much
Maybell Porter (18 days ago)
Don's Car
XCprivate privateraym (27 days ago)
I would drive the doge demon Or the new doge charger Or GTR premium Probably the 1966-1970 doge charger
Jacob Herrera (1 month ago)
Hikes a JERK
daniel szpejankowski (1 month ago)
Jake ur so rude. i saw fast 7 and 2 sooooo lit.
Justin Morton (1 month ago)
ice carger
Jimmy Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Use a lambo
Emily Mayfield (1 month ago)
HTG guess what I'm not panda panda panda maker Contra Panda please
Leshrac Demon Dodge (1 month ago)
I love dodge very much
Alicia Pickett (1 month ago)
I hate hike
Mebel Agustin (1 month ago)
I would youse Dodge Challenger, corvette,Lamborghini Heracan and Nisan gtr
Billy Talbert (2 months ago)
Do a gold lambo
Brs Mrtnz (2 months ago)
I love Hike and TG
dominick james (2 months ago)
I like the red car
dominick james (2 months ago)
Paint it pink and then you can call a Pepto-pismo
Troy Griffiths (2 months ago)
I love all doms cars and dom is my favorite fast and furious character
Regina Logan Porter (2 months ago)
Do orange
Regina Logan Porter (2 months ago)
Typical Gamer3 (2 months ago)
Between 🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮 ps4 and 💻💻💻⌨⌨ pc witch 1 is easy to use
Typical Gamer3 (2 months ago)
4 hours
xgrade 101 (3 months ago)
I would go with the devil 16 for my hyper car
Tbone Bmx (3 months ago)
The entity
imandra suarez (3 months ago)
I would use the konis3gg 1 or the the lambo centanario
Wanders Rodz (3 months ago)
Rip walker
Typical Gamer (3 months ago)
How old are you tg
Salomi Araes (3 months ago)
TG you have million dollars in the game
Gaming with Dominic (3 months ago)
i would use a audi r8 or a nissan gtr
Shaleen Gray (3 months ago)
Does car is my favorite
Zach Creates (3 months ago)
Mine would be a Dodge Demon
Step Legend37 (4 months ago)
What was the first car he recreated?
Noahlove Chavez (4 months ago)
Noahlove Chavez (4 months ago)
like. you
W!L (4 months ago)
the comet kinda looks like a gold fish
Jacob Drake (4 months ago)
I love the team abifoney and tg alet
Stanrocks (4 months ago)
dom's charger
Joseph Ellis (4 months ago)
Jalen Guise (4 months ago)
Mari Brown (4 months ago)
I will use the Toyota supra
Ronan Hall (4 months ago)
Dom’s charger
juven medina (4 months ago)
Ysidro Viera (4 months ago)
Adela Aguilar (4 months ago)
Nori Allen (4 months ago)
I like all of your comments
Eden Mcintyre Davis (4 months ago)
All red
Eden Mcintyre Davis (4 months ago)
Or black
Tonsasha Garey (5 months ago)
Juan Chicas (5 months ago)
I would us the Nissan gtr or the macleren
Carolann Fegeley (5 months ago)
Nice race that
Carolann Fegeley (5 months ago)
hi there do you like mice
Summer Mcclain (5 months ago)
I 💘 t
Random Bollins (5 months ago)
Honustly mine would be a 1970 dodge Charger or a 1968 Chevy Camaro
Braiden Barcus (5 months ago)
sonya clark (5 months ago)
Christopher Hawley (5 months ago)
Dom car
Chris Naughton (5 months ago)
Light green
t gaming (5 months ago)
Yousef Yousef (5 months ago)
I no fast Furious 7
Exziel Rivera (5 months ago)
NOS king (5 months ago)
doms 1970 dodge charger rt
Christian Giddens (5 months ago)
I would use the Nissan 350z
Mary Fuentes (5 months ago)
paul walker gta
Gisselle Hernandez (5 months ago)
Brenda Karns (5 months ago)
1970 Dodge charger
Goku Black (6 months ago)
Brian's Toyota Supra
Precutcrib52 (6 months ago)
That was the best live stream ever
Gojirafan 1969 (6 months ago)
The car I would drive is the black Honda Civic from The Fast and The Furious
Suzette Reid (6 months ago)
Dom nick car
Colton Leid (6 months ago)
Love it
Vance Raines (6 months ago)
The rain does that to me in my cars
Tanner Knoll (6 months ago)
I would use a Mclaren p1 because it's my dream car and the color would be blue
Vanessa sonic. toy. tv (6 months ago)
Do a fast a furlous but tg car went you mad a golden car or a 💎 one with your friends
Vanessa sonic. toy. tv (6 months ago)
Mad a gold car or a 💎
Zachariah Cameron (6 months ago)
I own the 1970 doge charge
Joshua Wilkinson (6 months ago)
ied conse doms cars
Ashley Shull (6 months ago)
How do you get that logo
lilducesavege yt ark (6 months ago)
Dons car
tashalee fergison (6 months ago)
Pink and black
Ria Andayani (6 months ago)
Buy elgy
jaykiyla Craig (6 months ago)
midnight green is the color i always use on the cheetah
Jean Fisher (6 months ago)
Isaac Jordan (6 months ago)
I like the orange car
Layton Smith (6 months ago)
hinasey vinem gt
Mykkaja Holbrook (6 months ago)
Dom,s ice charger
Kexfighter Plays (6 months ago)
Andrea Marie Barker (7 months ago)
Jake's car looks like mashed potatoes and gravy
Andrea Marie Barker (7 months ago)
Nice lime green and midnight blue you rock.
Andrea Marie Barker (7 months ago)
Do it midnight blue.
Christopher Vlogs (7 months ago)
TG you can drive man stop it
Mark (7 months ago)
I have a trismo a bogoti.and a Lamborghini
Lindsay Simpson (7 months ago)
Are you playing with papa jake
Simon Miezanskas (7 months ago)
kick hike out he's destroying all your vehicles
Wyatt Rushing (7 months ago)
GRIFFIN GARDNER (7 months ago)
Doms 1970 charger rt
Milan Manick (7 months ago)
Whats up
Milan Manick (7 months ago)
Aiden Richardson (7 months ago)
TG,s. Cars. Cool😎
kiforlife 2018 (7 months ago)
Your car 7 or 8
bb (7 months ago)

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