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Told me not to Post😂😂 | Exposed REAL FAME IN 1V1 | DriftDa2 | I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG

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Kik : Starscream2011 Song : Chill Bill Remix He begged me not to post but gotta do it Because of my growing channel.I had to post For this reason, views and becoming a Da2 legend. That is helping me with 2! Goals. It shows that i am a worthy opponent for the Demi-Gods Of Da2. Also watch my other video with him aka FAME MIKE. My apologies for calling him fake in other vid! Please help me with the channel by Liking, subscribing, and sharing😃😄. PEACE
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Crotion Militias! (9 months ago)
extremeWgaming R5 (9 months ago)
Nice slash glad u put tht kid in his place hes only 11😂
Lord SplashDa2 (9 months ago)
Lindy Swan lmao 😂😂 TY BRO
ASTRONOID DA2 (9 months ago)
GG what tab u use
Lord SplashDa2 (9 months ago)
TAZE GAMEPLAYZ (9 months ago)
Gud jr
[FAME]DA2 MIKE# (10 months ago)
[FAME]DA2 MIKE# (10 months ago)
The one I beat u that u didn't post u selfish fuck
Lord SplashDa2 (9 months ago)
[FAME]DA2 MIKE# plus it's just friendly not actually serious... Just a gam3 b4o
Lord SplashDa2 (9 months ago)
[FAME]DA2 MIKE# it's fine kid..... You wouldn't understand if you were my age then you would've known by now
ASTRONOID DA2 (10 months ago)
Lord SplashDa2 (10 months ago)

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