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10 NOOB Weapons That Can RUIN Your Gaming Reputation | Chaos

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Text Comments (2148)
TGS _Dragonz (3 days ago)
I want vbucks
sean curtis (3 days ago)
i just startet fortnite and thoy all teez me
MasterDaniel (3 days ago)
I now fell ashamed for using the P90 in CS:GO.
Jenny Reid (4 days ago)
When I was a fortnite noob I thought that the scoped assault rifle was a sniper
bobby deloy (6 days ago)
I want so I could get skins and the battle pass I Don't have a Twitter
King TigerFire (9 days ago)
John Swindle (11 days ago)
Type 95
Dr Muffin (13 days ago)
XMG from advanced warfare
XxdudeKillzXx boi (16 days ago)
The noobiest weapon ive used must be the M9 beretta in MW1 and MW2
typicalclash 3 (18 days ago)
Nova in infinite warfare
TeamEXITUM (19 days ago)
Millionarc (27 days ago)
Titan bo3 and bo4
The biggest noob weapon: Oofnuke
That Magical Muffin (29 days ago)
Millionarc (27 days ago)
Lawrence (29 days ago)
Dingo black ops 3
Adriano maestro (1 month ago)
mw3 bettey
Adriano maestro (1 month ago)
good thing thet nerf it in tf2 for the smart
The Gun (1 month ago)
Or jest good
Aakash Malla (1 month ago)
205 brecci-Black Ops 3😠😠 It is the most overpowered gun in the game
S Killough (1 month ago)
I want v bucks because I don't have a skin and my friends laugh at me
Brecci 205 2.0... mu small maps master
Shun Slomam (1 month ago)
P90 fortnite
Adam Burgess (1 month ago)
Dual pistols in COD black ops sucs
yuya XD (1 month ago)
Judy Julien (1 month ago)
the ak47 is cbro i saw a noob killing my team but i kepp clutching
RIFXL (1 month ago)
MP5 in rainbow six should be number one
That Magical Muffin (29 days ago)
Really tho
Gabriel Wheeler (1 month ago)
Matyu Thm (1 month ago)
I think Brecci also shouldn't be on list
Matyu Thm (1 month ago)
I think semi automatic sniper system in Fortnite isn't noob weapon. I think no semi auto sniper system is noob weapon.
Matyu Thm (1 month ago)
I think Scar Mk20 is pro weapon not noob weapon.
What about bastion in overwatch?
Clement Gandasasmita (1 month ago)
Phlog tf2
NavI (1 month ago)
Olympia in bo3
Scet Scet (1 month ago)
The AA12 from Mw2....
arvin halim (1 month ago)
The scattergun from tf2
LotreX (1 month ago)
P90 Is noob gun too, 50 rounds, hight fire rate
Josh H (1 month ago)
USAS with frag rounds pre patch in bf3
JAMES SCHAEFER (1 month ago)
M16 cod 4
Antwaun Carr (1 month ago)
M16 mw3
cameron bowling (1 month ago)
Kn from bo3
Not Sans Undertale (1 month ago)
Kai Morrison (1 month ago)
Gravity hammer all halos
Tim Berrian (1 month ago)
Haymaker12 call of duty black ops 3
_Bowler_ (1 month ago)
No LMG’s? Hmmmmmm...
Alpha Omega (2 months ago)
Acr from mw3
ZAC & JEAN-LUC (2 months ago)
Hayden Hale (2 months ago)
Vbux please! @Hayd3n_01
Ronald Sweinhagen (2 months ago)
brecci in bo3
You ment Itment (2 months ago)
target finder in bo2
Math Gang (2 months ago)
Ha LOL I learn controls and best weapons quick plus weapons tryhard scrubs use
ComicLuvvah 1230 (2 months ago)
What about the model 1887s??😂😂😂
Killa808 (2 months ago)
i want to win to improve my skin game in bornite😂 twitter: @KillaCookie808
Mawaistooba Bilal (2 months ago)
Broccoli 205 in bo3
Bigdre8455 (2 months ago)
If we are talking about recent, then the titan LMG from black ops 4. Is a noobs best friend. No recoil, alot of bullets, and stock! Its assault rifle killer
DNAx Master (2 months ago)
Mp7 any cod
moe perry (2 months ago)
Akimbo rcp90 golden eye 64. Go ahead and add oddjob to that as well
Ender Duck (2 months ago)
Pyro's flamethrower in tf2 is the world's noobiest weapon. The pyro is now called by the community as wm1
Ruslan Cioban (2 months ago)
colony d2
nose guard57 (2 months ago)
Nss Duke (2 months ago)
Target finder no explanation needed.
Reptic Chameleon (2 months ago)
Rise (2 months ago)
Xm25 BF4 or usas frags. Disagree about semi automatic sniper. You simply can't use the bolt action in sqauds alone as the team can easily build to revive them.
Spiciest-studio (2 months ago)
Any heavy gun
Dylan Maynard (2 months ago)
Brecci bo3 whoever uses it is a mental abuser
9lives lie-cat-lie (2 months ago)
ya can't blame some noobs for using these guns their new and don't know any better I better of some "veteran players" take advantage of these weapons to.
Vorzs (2 months ago)
BO4 welcome to specialist War machine
Adolf Hitler Plays (2 months ago)
dualsh0ck entity (2 months ago)
also item 10 should have 2 weapons scar 20 and g3sg1 bc there are two auto snipers for both sides
dualsh0ck entity (2 months ago)
minigun in modded phantom forces F U C K I N G R E C O I L A N D R A N K 2 0 UN L O CK
x X x_mEmEdAdDy_x X x (2 months ago)
Cheeki Brecci
Troll farts (2 months ago)
Nbdy cares bout fortnite
Beorange Crush (2 months ago)
I used the noob combo and went 27:4
DESPERATE 4 CLICKBATE (2 months ago)
NV4 iw
Apexyboii - (2 months ago)
Definately the minigun from fortnite. No reload, uses the most common ammo type, absolute laser when crouching and staying still, and does literally up to 18-19 damage per shot, with about 20-30 RPM
the_ BLACK (2 months ago)
FCING GRANADE LAUNCHER NOOBS IN COD4...... (I play in uG server)
XIOSITŸ_ŸD : (2 months ago)
And you forgot LMG
XIOSITŸ_ŸD : (2 months ago)
In mortal kombat you forgot constant punching when your on the floor
Lancer retro in gears of war 3
Benito Mussolini (2 months ago)
Yes No (2 months ago)
Its high noon
Blyat Boy (2 months ago)
Chim cob cqb
JD Max (2 months ago)
Pulses shotty, R6S...
nolan tracy (2 months ago)
M27 lmg cod ghosts. Plz tell me some people agree
Andrew Coady (2 months ago)
amir touati (2 months ago)
The number 4 becomes irrelevant in rainbow six
David Cane (2 months ago)
just started fortnite and want v-bucks
kidbotcreeper/ /Ethan (2 months ago)
Bo3 is all about shock charges and trip mines
Leonov Martinovich (2 months ago)
I didn't play BO3, and I never knew the brecci was a shotgun until this video, I always assumed it was an OP semi auto rifle in the other lists
Daboss Wills (2 months ago)
Mr.brokendreams (3 months ago)
The Devotion would like to have a word with you m8
Kyrian Dill (3 months ago)
i am cool
Colin Clement (3 months ago)
Dark sword Dark souls 3
Tyson Gowan (3 months ago)
So anything that pisses people off is a noob weapon
Asp bo1
Veronica Huizar (3 months ago)
You missed the shocktrain\noobtrain in War Robots
Doge On The Internet (3 months ago)
Hecate II
Sir xFire (3 months ago)
The mw2 pro pipe
AtumnNormal 790 (3 months ago)
When I play mortalKombat x and use Jax I always use the rocket launcher

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