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10 NOOB Weapons That Can RUIN Your Gaming Reputation | Chaos

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Text Comments (2532)
Ben Fouts (11 hours ago)
Rifle grenade WaW was first noob tube.
ASRIEL DREEMURR (14 hours ago)
The m16 in battlefiel 3
The slayer of all (20 hours ago)
The first gun that you get at the beginning of destiny 1
Steven universe lover (2 days ago)
imma nolife But KSG12 in PhantomForces
MysticalMiner 1 (2 days ago)
Balloon sword
thepurplepichu 21 (2 days ago)
Wanna win v bucks
David Draghici (3 days ago)
David Draghici (3 days ago)
P90 is CSGO
KN 44
Robert Mennaman (4 days ago)
noob tube from cod MW2 has to be first
LMG's in CoD Ghosts and I.E.D's!!!
RazAlguise (4 days ago)
The Scar-20 in CSGO. Sure you can use it but the treatment you receive from your teammates and the enemy team is like being a Jew in Germany during the era of the Third Reich.
Rose Pollock (4 days ago)
I'm not a noob and I use the semi auto sniper bolt is better but I use it
p90 sniper bo3
karim lavji (4 days ago)
I dont believe in noob guns a gun is a gun
Joseph Clingenpeel (4 days ago)
I’d like to win mainly because I watch all your videos and I enjoy your in sites on most games
ferinine Mailestrom (5 days ago)
Titanfall 2 r201\r101 Pick up a real gun that takes skill boys.
Raul Mata (5 days ago)
Hey hi I would like the v bucks so that I can the new skins in fortnite @percosetjack
Antbob Gaming (5 days ago)
The burst rifle in the last of us, covert training in the last of us, sharpshooter 3 in the last of us, the tactical shotgun in the last of us, the variable rifle in the last of us, bomb expert 3 in the last of us, the semi auto in the last of us, and finally, the shorty in the last of us
SantaCat (5 days ago)
No it’s the flame shotguns in cod ww2
Agent R4qun (6 days ago)
They are in the game rigth ??? So ....
Zacho Wacko (6 days ago)
noobiest weapon i’ve ever used... the mp5k from cod black ops 1
Ethan Johnson (6 days ago)
Autoshotgun in l4d
Paulo Flores (8 days ago)
Infamous p90 from csgo
Of course the brecci is number 1.
205 Brecci. LOL!
Devon Fish (9 days ago)
Nah, I'd say that the Haymaker or the Dual Lcars are more open then the Brecci
Noob tube
SpyDude1432 1432 (9 days ago)
Plasma pistol plus any precision weapon
Aroley (9 days ago)
The XM in csgo
Lime Green Creeper (9 days ago)
Ante Dujic (9 days ago)
Why noob weapons? I get it that people use these guns A LOT (I was always annoyed about the SCAR in CS:GO) but the gun is in the game, you obviously wanna win the game, you know a gun is good WHY NOT USE IT! I just don't get it why you even made this video... it does not make sence... As I said if it's in the game everyone can use it as much as they want! And BTW why would you votekick someone for using the same gun in a game? That's just rude and you can't takea loss in a game!
artic Troops (9 days ago)
Jacob Bellaire (10 days ago)
The Colony in d2
Jokubakas89 (10 days ago)
the scar-20 is actually full auto
Technology Unleashed (5 hours ago)
kyle penwright (10 days ago)
Mw2 noobtube
TacoRoniNoodles (10 days ago)
Stock rocket launcher tf2
S Singh (10 days ago)
I want to win cause I got no skins
Jim the GOD (10 days ago)
The scar20 my first time i used it i sat at the care at A on dust and got 4 kills but i hit all my shots
Wyatt Ratliff (11 days ago)
I KNEW the Smart Pistol would be on here. Personally, its one of my favorite guns.
advance gryphon (11 days ago)
the smart pistol in Titanfall..... the bain of my existence
Daniel Cazac (11 days ago)
Rift e9
spotlesslion (11 days ago)
Brecci In hardcore is op
Augustin Hoang (11 days ago)
perpendurcular 720 (11 days ago)
Riot shield-cod wwll Like not even the Anti TANK gun cant pierce it
HairyNeckGrowth 1 (11 days ago)
What about the throw back to the 1887 or ranger akimbo in cod. Or having a iron sight sniper in cod waw
poop4263 (11 days ago)
Season 1 pump in fortnite
Ep1c332 Ridgeway (12 days ago)
Brecci in black ops 3
Ethan Stancel (12 days ago)
Wat is wrong with using lethal equipment like mines or trip mines there good equipment plus if ur sniping it protects u from behind i may be looking at this the wrong way but even some pro s use them
Doctor Zed (12 days ago)
“High learning curve” -csgo already new this was a show for casuals as soon as I heard that csgo is basically tf2 with less features.
Infinity Infinity (12 days ago)
"vmp"? bo3? no..? ok
CykeMC (12 days ago)
Actually when I started playing creative destruction, I won my first game I played
ryan white (12 days ago)
The cuburus from infinite warfare it’s I light saber gun
Snow Dragon (12 days ago)
In the beginning of the video you asked us what we think that noobiest thing is.... I said the becci.... Wait hold on what's top one?
What about the AK in Blockstorm?
Ian Bonnar (13 days ago)
Does any video game weapon take that much skill? Except shotguns, whoever uses those are pussys
Tomas Kleinaitis (13 days ago)
Popadoc Games (13 days ago)
DUEL BERRATE conter strike
King Yee (13 days ago)
BB gun fallout 3
aaskills2608 (14 days ago)
Gold scar in Fortnite Jk it's grey pistol😂
Leebron Jemas (14 days ago)
Daigo Umehara...biggest noob of all
I'm a sniper fortnite noob and I think hunting rifle is beter
K A R M A (14 days ago)
MK 48 with Target Finder bo2
Darren Jones (14 days ago)
I want V-Bucks for skins I like....
17JordanHM17 (15 days ago)
Wrong about the Lancer, you are a full blown noob and have no skill if you use the gnasher
Hi_ Gaming (15 days ago)
The 205 brecci
Mr Fluffy Paws (15 days ago)
Literally any gun at all from any multiplayer CoD that's ever existed... also gravity hammers in halo, while not always efficient when the noob gets a hold they always do anyway.
Riley Rafferty (15 days ago)
calling a 70 round pistol mag to big when in real life you can buy a 150 round glock mag LOL.
themonolithian (16 days ago)
Mp40 dual mags COD WaW
Tim El Gato (16 days ago)
Brecci is back in black ops 4 enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jessivie Platero (16 days ago)
Scar from. Csgo
Mando Darman (17 days ago)
no P90 in CSGO?
Tony Hactavish (17 days ago)
i don't really know about Brecci but when you use Haymaker on Black Ops III they will call you Gaymaker instead XD
Wrap 40 (17 days ago)
P90 Csgo
Troy Davis (17 days ago)
if you use a shotgun your a full blown noob
Tobby Best (17 days ago)
Bo3 gorgon fmj wallbang and camp
The cod troll (18 days ago)
Chaos idc about fortnite just let me watch the video without a fortnite reference
-Hungry Hippo- (18 days ago)
Ppsh cod ww2
Paul Hampton (19 days ago)
I make it a point to stay away from multiplayer games cos campers and snipers ruined it all for me
Dionysius Rama Nandyka (19 days ago)
Dark sword in ds 3
Gabriel West (19 days ago)
M8 seige cough cough
grogyan (19 days ago)
Redeemer Unreal Tournament Flack cannon unreal tournament
Asura Shun (19 days ago)
They can go to hell,I'll use the weapons I want,not the ones they tell me to
Peaches Rambo (19 days ago)
Bunch of whiners, can't use good weapons, can't camp. This is why I don't play on line.
GBdubs (20 days ago)
COD WW2 Fire Shotguns
Get Dragonfruit (20 days ago)
I personally call the smart pistol "the gun of shame"
BOGGY HD (20 days ago)
Brecci 205 bo3
Chris (20 days ago)
What about the devotion from Titanfall2?
Thunder_Runner (21 days ago)
Doesn't mention dual needler from halo 2
Cam DiMarco (21 days ago)
I want the Vbucks so I can get more Fortnite skins
ZeeRKa ـ (23 days ago)
exposedgamer511 ___ (23 days ago)
Victoria Angelina (23 days ago)
Needler. Nuff said
MGR gaming and more (23 days ago)
Titanfall 2fixed the problem
Daniel Silvas (23 days ago)
Number 4 fuckin pisses me off
Michael Hall (23 days ago)
I 1v1 my friend in b03 and he spams shock charges just to slow me down while i actually try sniping him
XxLeBron23 xX0 (23 days ago)
Kbar infinite warfarw
Rah 2x (23 days ago)
LSAT with Target Finder on BO2😂😂 was way too good and took no skill to use
He He (24 days ago)
The halo 5 ar
WorldFighter1, 3, 2 (24 days ago)
You forgot the Hellriegel from BF1.

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