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10 NOOB Weapons That Can RUIN Your Gaming Reputation

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Text Comments (1400)
Justin M (10 minutes ago)
What about the "thorn" in destiny 1 before the nerf???
Dean Asher (2 hours ago)
M60 bo1 hands down
ROBETTAJA YT (3 hours ago)
From overwatch (heroes not weapons) Reaper pharah and MR.FANTHENUTMCCREE
VooDoo4TW (4 hours ago)
Brecci with a silencer and Ex Mag is super fun. Makes it a little harder to use as well.
Michael Hernandez (4 hours ago)
I wanna win so I can buy skins in br and lamas in stw
jack sparrow (6 hours ago)
I want to win v bucks my twitter handle is @The Captin825
NickRobTkd (7 hours ago)
Acr (mw3) & vigilance wing (Destiny 2)
Savage Sam (7 hours ago)
Minigun in fnight
Evgeny Terekhov (7 hours ago)
KN44 in COD BO3
DiscordFlex (8 hours ago)
What about the black ops 3 Dingo? Nothing like an 80 round LMG with little to no recoil, near perfect accuracy, and high rate of fire to ruin the intensity of a hardcore TDM or Dom game. I've found it to be an essential tool for corner campers.
Pr0fane (8 hours ago)
If you're talking about ridiculously overpowered and overused guns, the P-06 should definitely have replaced the Brecci.
Chris Manos (9 hours ago)
Before i watch - Any shotgun in deathmatch in bf4
Yusof Johan (10 hours ago)
where the heartbeat sensor acr?
Robyn Walter (11 hours ago)
@Goggy29 fortnite!
Tzaraeff (11 hours ago)
UMP45 MW2 haha
Cody Schonhoff (13 hours ago)
F the brecci.
Tíriss-Daiwa Barends (13 hours ago)
I want to win because it will be my first 'Victory Royale'
Tíriss-Daiwa Barends (13 hours ago)
Tanroj B (15 hours ago)
I get bullied at school for having no skin
Laura Ludwig (15 hours ago)
duel weild scorpians from black ops
zeke gam3z (15 hours ago)
Noob tube
ZYXDEATHLY DeathBringer (15 hours ago)
BreCCi, not Brechi, your normal voice pisses me off but when you mispronounce something, oh my god. It’s just awful
WINDEX GLASS CLEANER (39 minutes ago)
ZYXDEATHLY DeathBringer like, hard C?
Trevian Stewart (16 hours ago)
Lcars bo3
AglazedDonut 643 (16 hours ago)
205 Brecci nuff said
David Hesson (16 hours ago)
I like how you say "real gun fight" and "get your hands dirty" its video games after all lol
Run Free (16 hours ago)
I want the 15000 v bucks so I can make my streams more entertaining with all the latest skins!!
CrazyCarl - Overwatch (17 hours ago)
The scar is fully auto in cs
CrazyCarl - Overwatch (17 hours ago)
Remington bo2 or whatever it was called, the first pump shotgun.
Tala (17 hours ago)
instead of the brecci id say the saps 12 mw2 with fore grip with steady aim, stopping power, and marathon
Clinton Bynon (18 hours ago)
Bc I'm poor in fortnite and i love your vids @clintonbynon
Dial555Capone (18 hours ago)
If your truly good at games you usually learn to counter noob tactics.
CRINGE BROS (18 hours ago)
We’re is the bo2 Remington shotgun
dialingdust (19 hours ago)
unless you're with friends there's no reason to stay in a match of fortnite unless you get a purple or orange rarity.
Will Wilson (19 hours ago)
Mortars, any battlefield most noob thing ever
XPL (20 hours ago)
Akimbo 1887 and spas 12 shorty mw2
Crazy Ninja 302 (21 hours ago)
I want the Vbucks because I don't want just noon skins
Chum Boy (21 hours ago)
M-416 Battlefield 4
Ryan Smith (23 hours ago)
Vmp and brecci
K. Adams (23 hours ago)
Combat shotgun COD WW2
Cod Boss (23 hours ago)
I would love to win @jackson21631149
texas _rust (1 day ago)
I want the v-bucks because this is the best chanel and your a great guy
texas _rust (1 day ago)
The PUBG GuY (1 day ago)
Stg44 cod ww2
name andrei (1 day ago)
Potato Run (1 day ago)
Where’s the LSAT
Try too Much (1 day ago)
Could really use them vbucks. @TrytooMuch
BlazerProZ (1 day ago)
Dang both the five seven and scar 20 is noobs most powerful weapons in csgo
LeadReaper 1123 (1 day ago)
The HartBeat Sensor on MW2 aka “the Baby Monitor”
Gamer Sqaud (1 day ago)
Mr6 and lcar9
Mr. Awesome (1 day ago)
Noob tubes-_
Yousef Abdalla (1 day ago)
Can I plz get the vbucks. I want to win them to get actually good items from the shop. My Twitter is @yousefdagreat
ArcticFrost (1 day ago)
I play Halo 4 and I use a pistol battle rifle combo I start off of the fight with a battle rifle and then if I have to reload I use the pistol
Widowmaker (1 day ago)
I want to win because its free. -@Real_Noblepaws
Zombiemarine27 YT (1 day ago)
Any Call Of Duty weapon with thermal scopes!
Gamer's Game (1 day ago)
I wanna win the Vbicks for my brother who loves fortnight @zacsuperstar30
X-mangamer 42 (1 day ago)
BAL of duty. (COD: Advanced Warfare) Or maybe the SVU-AS from BO2
Because you are awesome and I haven’t got any vbucks
jacob shafer (1 day ago)
Literally almost any shotgun from CoD could have taken #1 lol
Jakob Molina (1 day ago)
Noob tube mw2
于家睿 (1 day ago)
Thumbs up on me for Automatico M1918 Storm/Trench, fellow BF players.
mcspooney (1 day ago)
acr and tmp in mw3
William McDaniel (1 day ago)
FAL and M16 in MW2
XIBRAHIMX AL.J (1 day ago)
I need skin because I don't have one I have yahoo:- jariri_i
Matt Robe (1 day ago)
NOOBEST thing I use it I get banned I know modern warfare two noobtoob with one man army with a second class with another noob toob and one man army haha fun times
AutisticNarwhal (1 day ago)
My Twitter is @BootifulBoi
AutisticNarwhal (1 day ago)
I wanna win because my friends make fun of me for having no skins
gamemaster8814 (1 day ago)
I want to win the 15K V-Bucks so I can buy a bunch of skins! Twitter: @TheyCallMeT_Mac
Jordan Brown (1 day ago)
Argus has too much range in bo3 it so such a noob gun
Jordan Brown (1 day ago)
Fav is shock charge
Isaiah Davis (2 days ago)
You missed the helregeil from bf1 sorry if I miss spelled
gabby Bohol (2 days ago)
I want to win the v bucks so I can buy the battle pass. @gabbybohol
Nameless King (2 days ago)
R870 bo2
CazaBobos (2 days ago)
BF3 AEK-971
KTL_ Iconic (2 days ago)
It was nerfed my dude a long time ago (brecci)
Tri Khuc (2 days ago)
I dont have a twitter but i really want this because i dont have any but im acctually pretty good
Voltrix Games (2 days ago)
Actually the brecci takes up a lot of skill because you lose a brain cell every time you fire it
Mihnou D (2 days ago)
Mw3 noob weapon: fmg9/ acr/ mp7/ stricker. Mw3 was broke... But it was my favorite cod
Hunter Davis (2 days ago)
I got banned from chaos discord for making fun of brecci fans No regrets tbh
gears gamer (2 days ago)
The snub pistol in gears of war 3
Jamolathan (2 days ago)
S-mines in WWII are my nemesis
The Aspect (2 days ago)
I want the 15000 vbucks cause this would make my nipples go hard af
Thomas Frazier II (2 days ago)
My fortnite mobile name is tomwercr I I don’t have Twitter
Max Mamo (2 days ago)
ItsErubus (2 days ago)
I wanna win cause ive never won anything with just a comment. @IsThatVinti
NOOOOOK (2 days ago)
The Black Phantom (2 days ago)
MW2 Akimbo Model 1887’s.....Fuck that gun.
João Ferreiro (2 days ago)
Everyone talks about the brecci but What about usas 12 and striker?
EDDZ XP (3 days ago)
I’ve been watching since 270k subs and I love the countdowns @eddz_xp on Twitter
javier mitchell (3 days ago)
needler in halo, kinda
Wingedmonkey197 (3 days ago)
Love the vids I’d like to win the v-bucks to buy a skin for my brother @wingedmonkey197
Jesse Playz (3 days ago)
I want to have some new skins Jesse_playz_
Colby Massey (3 days ago)
You forgot te akimbo shotguns in modern warfare 2
Ricky Standifer (3 days ago)
I want to win the v-bucks for my kids to use! They are huge fortnite fans! Keep the vids coming brother! jedi_ninja79
Trash Compactor (3 days ago)
I want to win because I can’t afford $150 worth of V-Bucks haha @savid_dubz
Dustin Smedley (3 days ago)
I want some v bucks so I can get the battle pass @prince_lost_boy is my Twitter
Aarush Manglecha (3 days ago)
Hey i want vbucks because I don't have any and I have just started playing fortnite
LazeX YT (3 days ago)
Kevin Thallemer (3 days ago)
I would like to win because I would like to get the battle pass
Nightcore DJ (3 days ago)
And my twiter is odis pant
Nightcore DJ (3 days ago)
I just wana have some v bucks
A shortgun

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