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New Bosch Tech Makes Big Rigs Safer (Sponsored)

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Charles Payne (2 months ago)
F that I'm sick of all this mandating language it's marketing by the barrel of a gun!
Jan Schlossar (5 months ago)
I am a truck driver - improvement is always good and welcomed! Specially that safety system when engine fails and air pressure drops - the electric back up takes over and truck is still steerable safely to make emergency "landing"..
OFFRD (5 months ago)
autonomous cars have killed people already. Can you imagine the lawsuits that will come from an autonomous semi--truck killing a family on a highway? This is a train wreck (no pun intended) waiting to happen.
Sean Kadar (5 months ago)
I always love the comments about how this technology is going to put people out of work. It’s not going to put people out. It’s going to creat more jobs. If you truly are worried that this technology is going to jeopardize your job then get educated in the field in which that particular technology might some day cause you to be out of work. This way you are way ahead of the game and can be employable. Embrace what is undoubtably going to happen instead of ignoring it and just saying I might not have a job. Work the system, don't let it work you.
Josh Noe (5 months ago)
The truth is driving the truck is the easiest part of being a trucker. And until this technology can completely eliminate the driver the vast majority of company's will not pay a dime extra for it. In the end analysis this industry revolves completely around money no one will pay extra for equipment if it doesn't save the company a significant amount of money.
Ross Walker (5 months ago)
A major driving force behind all of this "smart" technology is government regulation. Various state and federal departments and legislative bodies can pass mandates that require new technologies. So whether the consumer wants it or not it will happen. That dipshit from Minnesota, Al Franken, introduced legislation to require seat monitoring in cars, front and back, in order to prevent kids from being left in cars. Again, no consumer driving force for that, just more good government bs.
St. Vick (5 months ago)
The only thing that makes Class 8 trucks safer is the DRIVER! The annoying beeping of my distance alert when a car cuts infront of my truck by inches...the beaming alert when a confused driver stops in the middle of the highway searching for the turn their GPS could'nt find....the lane departure alert sound when a lane ends or I enter a construction zone....the automatic braking that engages when a car brake checks and sends my rig sliding out of my control because the computer does'nt know what controlled braking is....I could go on and on...these engineers, scientists, shareholders, government regulation, and just your average ordinary citizens are NOT truck drivers!!!! Go get a Class A CDL with all endorsements and get behind the wheel and see for yourself....stop throwing a bunch of crap into these trucks and calling them "safer"....nothing will ever beat a Safe driver...not some computer that can be hacked, overheat, or misjudge.
Two-Face (5 months ago)
St. Vick if you seriously think they would let these on the road without a driver behind the wheel in case anything happens then you are stupid
Seán O'Nilbud (5 months ago)
No 1 employment for unskilled males in the US is driving. Good job there's such a great safety net and everyone is in a union like in real countries.
OUTLAW - J JAMES (5 months ago)
So the 3.5 million truckers including myself would benefit from loosing jobs ... the truck cant anticipate wether , secure cargo , anticipate idiot cars..this is a joke , y'all just lost a subscriber ✌
Two-Face (5 months ago)
OUTLAW - J JAMES that’s right they can’t but the driver who WILL be behind the wheel of these in case anything happens will
Nathan Curet (5 months ago)
Well nothing in this video was talking about full autonomy so no need to get upset just yet. However eventually every semi (or any vehicle for that matter) will be capable of being fully autonomous. Now whether or not the vehicle has the option to manually drive as well will be dependent of the vehicle application and purpose. As far as trucks go, I’d say once all the numbers stabilize about 30% of all trucks won’t have an option to drive or even a cab. These trucks will be used for the routes where both the pick up and drop off locations are very well mapped with little to no variation (like big company distribution centers) and the payloads will all be easy simple to manage non dangerous things. These trucks without cabs won’t be used for anything also other than going between the same distribution centers and that’s it. Now the other 70% will have an option to drive but most of the time they will be driven by themselves with an operator still on board. These trucks will be used for any loads that require versatility on pick up and drop off, checking the load, dangerous cargo, or complicated routes. So you will still have a job, it just may involve many different things than it currently does.
edmonster01 (5 months ago)
No this is not good for all of us......just the companies that will fire truck drivers for more profit. How good will it be for all those drivers that will have no means to support their families and or them selves?
Jackjelly23 (5 months ago)
Dey tuxk er jerbs (from SP) but really though the trucker industry is the largest industry in the us.
Jackjelly23 (5 months ago)
Didn't Parker go to this.
The Death by China (5 months ago)
Great! No more selfish truck drivers cutting off people and slowing down the highway. Fire them all!
Jason Hawker (5 months ago)
Nice can am x3 nikola ripped off. Ha. And ya, puttin truckers outta work aint cool
alyakmc1 (5 months ago)
You are so dumb to even put this on your channel. Who do you think even watches your videos? Yes that's right...DRIVERS ! Good job pissing off your viewers.
C&E Tate (5 months ago)
Dont like this one bit. Its great to have safety features and have things to make the job easier but this is going to take away jobs all together.
trials_bike2000 (5 months ago)
I don't agree with this type of technology. It would be so easy for a glitch in the system to cause a massive issue. And it gets rid of jobs. These days we already have a lack of jobs for the amount of people here. We don't need to remove even more of those jobs from the economy
Ant Kec (5 months ago)
No need for humans to exist
Double JJ (5 months ago)
Sooner than we think? I don't think so. We are still far off from Level 5 autonomy. It will take a few decades for all of it to be ready.
jabojr (5 months ago)
It was funny to see a fender bender right above the sensors that are supposed to avoid accidents. It's going to take move than a decade for this tech and I won't trust till the day I die.
Bob Bauman (6 months ago)
This is how Skynet becomes self aware
Cristian Rodriguez (6 months ago)
In other words no more trucking jobs for us..
Hoss (6 months ago)
Are you kidding? Self driving trucks.. They can't even get self driving cars to work right. When a truck crashes it's not going to just hit and kill one, it'll be many. Another thing is that it will cost millions of drivers jobs, millions. Just so companies can get richer. Prices of goods won't get lower, they'll stay the same or go up. When NAFTA was passed, one reason they gave was to save by hiring Mexican drivers at lower pay, that would cross over and drive in America, to lower cost. All it did was lower driver's pay here in America. Goods still cost the same on the shelves. We don't need them...
X Hawkeye (6 months ago)
Automation is really cool but vehicles that operate themselves are a terrible idea because of one main problem: hacking. Hackers could hack these vehicles and cause a laundry list of issues. Namely hurting/killing people and causing damage to other vehicles and or static property. Any computer can be hacked. Land vehicles, watercraft, aircraft should never be autonomous for the aforementioned mainly. Unless someone can come up with hack proof computers in the future. All types of vehicles should be 100% human operated until that time. Please don't misunderstand me. I am all for advances in technology to improve the way of life for all humanity but it must be done responsibly always!
Kelly Crawford (6 months ago)
If shipping costs go down it just means more profit for producers, not price cuts for consumers. On top of that, countless drivers will be unemployed and not buying those products that are being shipped.
Spencer Peat (6 months ago)
That Samsung tablet looks oddly familiar...
tallll70 (6 months ago)
That ain't gonna happen like said any soon, maybe some improved sensors and perfected cruise control assist, but we can't built real AI making human like decisions, understanding for example at least intersections, recognizing unpredictable scenarios on roads effected either by drivers or other elements like trees, animals and doing all these reactions to surrounding life with preference of preserving human life. LOL no way. I wanna see this computer AI run into ditch or tree instead of minivan full of kids in quick accident situation...At this point we can barely built computers processing predefined scripts, that's why npcs in very expensive games are still helplessly stupid, although there is no sensors or hardware involved, only software engineering.
BlueDually4x4 (6 months ago)
Notice all of these "self driving" vehicles only work in states with no weather? Secondly, a self driving truck can not equip tire chains which are required by law. And yes there are auto chains, but they are generally worthless. Thirdly, trucks are required by law to put out warning triangles when broke down on the side of the road. And lastly, how does the computer know if the air presser sensor in the tire is bad or the tire is flat?
Patrick Seals (6 months ago)
Im sure that tech thinks a great idea to take our jobs. What happens when our muslim buddies hack the system and use them to drive over crowds of people in the USA from thousands of miles away? I guess like so much technology will just watch as so many people get excited about that they could they often dont stop and think if they should? Just ask tesla how driverless vehicles are working out.
BGCE (6 months ago)
I think it will happen but not for a while. Government regulations and laws are so far behind for this type of technology. Speaking from the traffic defense side, who is responsible and at fault in case of an accident or fatality. Is it the driver? The A.I.? The shipping company? The truck manufacturer? The engineer/contractor for designing and building the roads it drives on? Way too many parameters at this point.
Victor hobson (6 months ago)
I can't wait till they release these self driving trucks and they start killing everyone. They will only run in dry clear days. Hard rain and snow block all the sensors
Kevin MZY (6 months ago)
Everyone getting in a fit over displacing truck drivers, this tech is decades from a complete replacement. Right now and foreseeable future, this tech will be for driver and safety of everyone on the road. Driver fatigue is a massive problem that self driving aide will greatly decrease the amount of fatal accidents from drivers passing out behind the wheel. It's far from perfect but a lot safer than a human.
Freddie Causey (6 months ago)
Didn't think Bosch did all this. 😮😮😮
John Pierce (6 months ago)
How about taking tight turns and know if it is to tall for a low bridge?
3tm3tm (6 months ago)
I wasn't going to see the video until I saw sponsored. I support you guys !
Michael Artelle (6 months ago)
Not sure why everyone's jumping on the doom wagon here. Sure, autonomous trucks will shake up the industry, but I doubt it'll kill jobs en masse. I hold a class 1 license and I'd like to see some of this stuff make into everyday driving. It'd make my job easier and less stressful, especially when I gotta cut through downtown to switch between highways going to another province. And let's face it, long haul is tedious, boring, and anything that can help take some of the fatigue out of it, it's a good thing.
Don Hanson (6 months ago)
HAL please stop the truck, you just ran that person over. Yes Dave and Nothing can go Wrong, can go wrong, can go wrong, can go wrong.
Joshua Walker (6 months ago)
I'm moving to Cuba
No No (6 months ago)
Unfortunately they aren't telling you the weaknesses in the technology. It looks good but it's far from ready for prime time.
Da Vas (6 months ago)
Has anyone seen maximum overdrive? If this technology ever gets hacked .... And why are they trying to put hard working people who drives these rigs out of work? They're the backbone of this economy. Sad
Mr Rob (6 months ago)
Wow me Walmart socks will be $0.0000002 cheaper...
Richard Johnson (6 months ago)
So the ohms reading between high and low Can bus is how many ohms - and if reading is high what's up with that?
whiteandnerdytuba (6 months ago)
The last thing you want automated is a truck. You will have better cruise control but you won't want no driver for many more years. How many planes are you getting on without a pilot
Robert Rodgers (6 months ago)
For those that think it won't eventually happen, there is this thing called economics. Market forces will eventually force the technology to fruition. The horse and buggy was replaced by the automobile, the automobile will be automated as tech is now allowing it in a cost effective manner. All these companies aren't spending money for no reason. Here's an old clip from Other People's Money regarding antiquated industries v investors. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62kxPyNZF3Q I envision in the interim that most autonomous driving will be on interstates and drivers will handle city driving. The FCC is yet to approve the bandwith frequency, which has been set aside already, for vehicles to communicate with other vehicles and surrounding objects.
Jay Trock (6 months ago)
You know what I hate about all these trucks and cars with active radar is it is messing with my radar detector.
Scott Seanor (6 months ago)
Uhm... I think I remember that Chrysler had some technology hacked into some years ago... having semi's driven by computers is concerning to me ...
zayoutlaw (6 months ago)
I had a recall a couple of years ago, on my Ram 1500's Uconnect system. Someone actually had the ability to remotely steer, apply brakes, or accelerate any vehicle with the 8.4 an Uconnect system. All they needed was the VIN. Who do you think is going to attempt to access these 80,000 lb autonomous trucks, and what do you think their motive in doing so will be?
Free Thinker (6 months ago)
I'd like to see one of those drive in the mountains during the winter.
Random Videos (6 months ago)
Youd think a vehicle this size would have all these sensors years ago smh
David Blalock (6 months ago)
Yep, let's hand control of an 80,000 lb battering ram over to terrorists. Yep, that makes a lot of sense. Because that's what all this autonomous control systems are. Weapons placed in the hands of terrorists.
Buknoy Harabas (6 months ago)
Don't worry fellow truckers! This AI self driving semi trucks are not gonna last for long! Remember! Self Driving trucks are controlled by computer! And as you folks knows that computer are not safe from any kind of computer software virus, malwares, spywares or Trojan viruses. Secondly! It will be a costly consequences for the large trucking companies to run their fleets on AI self driving trucks. Companies like swift, CR England are paying for Diesel Fuel Taxes, Truck Maintenance, and they're also paying for their office staffs, registration fees, permits! And a lot more expenses. More cost instead of they can save and make more money they gonna have to pay the college graduates IT to operate their trucks!
creep life (6 months ago)
I'm a truck driver myself, don't really care if they make autonomous trucks. The only beef i have is that shit seems dangerous. I don't think you can remove the person and keep the quality of safety, they don't even have that tech perfected for regular vehicles. Also, bad drivers are the ones to blame, and mainly the ones scared of losing work. If so many werent stupid, lazy, and greedy, and about safety and quality, there wouldn't even be a discussion.
Two-Face (5 months ago)
creep life they aren’t...driver will still be there in case something happens
TheDragonDelasangre (6 months ago)
How many tens of thousands of truckers are going to be unemployed because of this?
Old Scratch (6 months ago)
There is no stopping technology. Some jobs are more secure than others, but there is no such thing as a secure job as labor is a cost of doing business. It is a CEO’s job to creat more profit. One trick in his bag is cutting labor. You can bet that the CEO’s job is in jeopardy if he ain’t getting it done and he cares more about his kids than yours. If your job requires 2 weeks training or less you should already be looking/training/educating yourself for a better one. Adapt or get out of the way, this ain’t 1950 anymore sunshine. You have to look out for #1 because no one else will.
Mike Cady (6 months ago)
Comrade Andrei<why do they make the Russian guy wear the cosmonaut headgear?Is it German revenge for WWII?
Tim Michaels (6 months ago)
Putting drivers out of work is a good thing??? 😑
ww ww- (5 months ago)
Yes, the economy gets more stimulus from automating jobs lowering costs of items or services than it loses from people losing there jobs. It's the sad truth.
The Death by China (5 months ago)
Fire them all
Dalton Michaels (5 months ago)
no it won't. assuming 3d printers keep progressing , keep in mind 3d printers are already printing with materials like titanium and making parts for commercial jet engines , parts will become cheaper especially since they can be made on demand, no need for a warehouse full of every part for every truck and manufacturing facility at the levels that we currently have. obviously this is all speculation buts its certainly not beyond the scope of possibilities as we are already doing these things in one form or another.
Ant Kec (5 months ago)
Dalton Michaels maintenance will be more expensive
Dalton Michaels (5 months ago)
you can't live in a free market and enjoy the luxury it brings and then one day decide enough is enough when it comes to technological advancement. Autonomous shipping means products are cheaper to ship. Cheaper shipping means the cost of living goes down literally everywhere because everything you physically touch was made somewhere and then shipped. Besides 3d printer technology is growing as well. Pretty soon the only thing left to ship will be raw materials for 3d printers to use and things that cant be made on a 3d printer which is not much other than food and maybe clothing. there is a big revolution coming to the consumer market over the course of the next decade, you won't go to the store to buy things , you will go online to buy schematics that are downloaded in which you send to your personal printer or a local owner if the product is beyond the scope of the printer you have. many production jobs and shipping / driving type jobs are going away soon. Not all at once. but slowly in the next decade for sure. jobs in the technology field will replace driving truck , or assembly jobs. and honestly at least in America we actually have a decreasing population , if you don't account for immigration which is a particularly hot topic right now. Which is oddly perfect with the current technological advancements and job replacements. Its an odd coincidence or maybe not that If immigration was removed from the equation the population would be decreasing at the same time as technological job replacement. Kinda the same as when farm equipment was starting to exist so families stopped having so many kids and the rate of population growth significantly decreased and jobs available did as well. its almost instinctual in some way. we tend to adapt to the current situation.
Demetres Robinson (6 months ago)
As a truck driver I pay close attention to buzz words like when the Bosch guy said "mandated." That let's me know that Bosch is spending millions of dollars lobbying right now to get their technology to become mandatory on trucks. In which let's me farther know that it's not for safety reasons, it's for increasing profits by creating the demand and having the supply seating back waiting. Please forgive me rant,but I hope this fails just like telsa electric trucks did.
Hwyrun77 (6 months ago)
Do you understand how many people would lose jobs? There are millions of trucks on the road. There's got to be a limit to what's automated or eventually the world just won't need people anymore. "If shipping cost less than all of us can benefit?" Speak for yourself. You have know idea what you're asking for. And this is a car/driver enthusiast channel??
Organic Mechanic (6 months ago)
Technology is going to far. Girly, soy drinking, fatherless, low testosterone, poor excuses for men now run society. Nerds that sat in their rooms playing video games their whole life are now making their toys reality. If you don't stop this now, we will soon look exactly like the movies - Minority Report and iRobot
akupehsluarketatAR (6 months ago)
im ok if its used to assist truck driver but never to run on its own. crashing a tesla on autopilot is bad enough. Crashing a 60tonne truck will be a massacre
Only_Two_Genders (6 months ago)
self driving HELL NO!!!!!!
Organic Mechanic (6 months ago)
Are you taking notice truckers! Tech nerds are going to put you out of work! Stop supporting these companies that supports this kind of technology (Bosch!). You want safer drivers? Start smartening people up.
NatureRecycleFlorida (6 months ago)
sky net is real
Ryan Morris (6 months ago)
To sum up the comment section “Dey took er jerbs” -South Park
mboiko (6 months ago)
As someone who has spent their life working in tech in all manner of similar technology. We are a long way from allowing truly FULLY autonomous CARS on our roads...and a very very long way before we allow ANY form of FULLY autonomous trucks. The reaction here by many in the trucking community is way over the top. If a FULLY autonomous car makes a mistake the comparative damage is RELATIVELY limited. If a FULLY autonomous truck makes a mistake...all legal hell could break loose. Think small airline accident...the physics is quite unforgiving.
Cliff Warren (6 months ago)
The problem is, even if you are 99.9999% perfect, a lot of people will be killed. And, there is an easily identifiable large company behind it. A few 100 million dollar lawsuits will change the equation.
Two-Face (5 months ago)
Cliff Warren they will have a driver behind the wheel in case anything happens
S Knox (6 months ago)
Almost every single RECENT study has shown that autonomous trucks will not reduce the need for truck drivers but in fact increase the need for commercial drivers. Why? Because right now we currently have 12 loads per every 1 truck. Autonomous trucks will allow record amounts of freight to be hauled but autonomous systems still can't handle the end or beginning of the delivery. These systems are good at staying in a lane going down the interstate but still can't handle big city traffic nor things like downpours and blizzards. Shippers don't want to hear "sorry can't deliver your load today because the auto system can't drive in snow". Now imagine how much adding things like sensors to the roadways will cost? We can't even get potholes repaired. Now think of the political fallout. Millions of people standing to lose their jobs in a relatively short time frame... I bet it won't take long before politicians jump on the anti autonomous bandwagon if they ever want to stay elected. I'm not anti technology, I clearly see the benefits, but it's not going to be the end all that a lot of folks think it will be.
charger master (6 months ago)
I graduate highschool today am not sure if this video means doom for humans to drive a trailer am asking myself if its even worth getting a CDL IF the pay is not enough to live in todays world which is causing the trucker shortage and the drivers leave for other.industries like construction hvac etc something that pays more and be home at night and if it becomes useless because of self driving it will just end up like a useless college degree oh well maybe I can get a CDL and make side money Because this is why most people drive a trailer for a quick buck.
Josh Noe (5 months ago)
charger master no need to worry this video is short sighted at best. Cdl jobs are here to stay.
Hal 9000 (6 months ago)
I sure as heck don't want to be on the road with robotic trucks that are pulling 80,000 pounds... Where's the accountability?
Two-Face (5 months ago)
Hal 9000 the “accountability” will be behind the wheel in case anything happens
newb431 (6 months ago)
How much is all this extra shit going to make these already majorly expensive machines?
steve hasher (6 months ago)
the trucking industry mite not need drivers ? but i am a truck mechanic lol no way in hell can the trucking industry survive with out us ,tech can diagnose some problems but not repair a problem , my job is safe
Rage Quit87 (6 months ago)
everyone will benefit? apart from all he 1000's of people that will lose their jobs
grandpa5x Pulliam (6 months ago)
I don’t know where y’all are driving but... all the states I drove through don’t or won’t spend the money for road repairs so what makes you think they’re going to spend the money to install the necessary sensors, or the reflective paint the vehicle sensors require? What happens in a snow storm when the road is covered with snow? This is dream world crap from la la land dreamers, who think the world is a perfect place where everything is perfect. As one driver said no computer is going to back into a dock and unload it’s trailer, wait until it has to back into a dock that was built in the 1930’s when trailers were 30’ long and 6’ wide. This is B.S.
InForTheWin32 (6 months ago)
I don’t like future very much...
Rudy The Cuban (6 months ago)
Sorry guys, I strongly disagree! If they want to eliminate the people, then restore the rail systems and use trains again! However, failures and repairs you’ll always need people to do the work.
Two-Face (5 months ago)
Rudy-The-Cuban Gonzalez they aren’t saying that truck drivers should be eliminated from the situation...the trucks will still need a driver in case anything goes wrong
jesus christ (6 months ago)
Rudy-The-Cuban Gonzalez rail is cheaper but slower then a truck
Kevin Noll (6 months ago)
A.I., self driving cars, trucks, and robots. The future of jobs are going bye bye. This kind of tech should be, needs to be stopped!!!!
Max Porter (5 months ago)
Jobs don't disappear long term, they transition. There are new industries developing.
Kevin Noll (5 months ago)
Dalton Michaels That takes more dedication than I'm willing to give lol.
Dalton Michaels (5 months ago)
go join the Amish if that's how you feel.
dylan522p (5 months ago)
Kevin Noll should have stopped the car too, think of all the horse carers
Ish M (6 months ago)
I'm all for technology that assists the driver not eliminates them. I drive a big rig myself locally and I believe a self driving truck with no driver will not happen in my lifetime. Driving a rig is too complex and who will provide customer service? A robot? Lol.
Xarc Factor (6 months ago)
Faster you can get humans off the driver seat safer it gets
Free Dirt (6 months ago)
This won't lower shipping cost, sorry guys. These trucks will still need drivers.
Mr. Bluegrass (6 months ago)
Technology is interesting, but it seems like eventually will put people out of work, then how will humans make a living ? It's rather scary.
ripfletching (6 months ago)
Great video!! Times are changing
PARA-ADDICT! (6 months ago)
As a professional truck driver I think most of this is BS. First off full autonomy means millions of people out of work. Yeah on the text side of it it might employed more people but the drivers will be gone. Number two I don’t think being able to relinquish control of the truck while driving makes it safer. Because all that individuals going to do is either take a nap or if he has to stay awake and monitor the situation he’s going to turn to technology like a cell phone or computer to occupy his time. Which leads us right back to where we are now. Technology distracting drivers. No one is going to be able to stay awake if there are forced to sit in the seat and actually do nothing. So they’re going to do things like watch programs play on their phones and feel like they can do that because the vehicle is driving itself. But in a split second decision with the truck needs a driver to take over the driver won’t be able to react fast enough to do so.
T.J. Boismier (6 months ago)
Why do you need a self-driving RZR? The whole point of them is because they are fun.
Kevin Noll (6 months ago)
It's only for testing technology. I don't believe they plan on producing self driving atv's. What's the point
Drew Elliott (6 months ago)
I don't like it!
redd7188 (6 months ago)
Self driving trucks! They took our jobs!!
Lee Bowers (6 months ago)
Ha ha bullshit newtons second law is the reason autonomous trucks are not happening anytime soon.even when the technology is good and i mean really good a self driven truck will be like the equivalent of a mobile bomb,because remember as the fatal uber car proved.these vehicles dont slow down..there is maybe a chance for self driven cars but the first moving companies are going to be paying billions in claims out ok they might have done a freidman and worked out its worth it in the long run.
Patrick Irish (6 months ago)
I don't get the hate towards TFL on this one. It's clearly stated in the title that it's a sponsored vid and, as for the content, ignoring R&D trends/efforts certainly won't make them go away. All this said, this isn't the kind of content that interests me much...so I simply tuned out. Different strokes for different folks.
OblioAndArrow (6 months ago)
Almost missed the Nikola by the title?! Just put his on while cooking breakfast and was totally stoked to see it in action!
Jesse Henry (6 months ago)
You would think they would have showed you the ultra sonic sensor that didn't have a big dent right above it
caleb williams (6 months ago)
I knew I saw a crack...bad driving? Lol
SavedbyGracethroughFaith (6 months ago)
Jesse Henry Lol
philip Berliwitz (6 months ago)
I had to unsubscribe to this channel because of this. This will hurt the country. It won't just affect the driver but the entire chain of workforce surrounding and involved in the industry. Tfl has sold us drivers out 👎
Seán O'Nilbud (5 months ago)
Another dumbass Trumptard babbling horseshit.
Meme Destroyer (5 months ago)
philip Berliwitz so stupid and immature 🙄
Double JJ (5 months ago)
philip Berliwitz Why unsubscribe? Doesn't make sense at all no matter how you put it. It's the truth that ALL automakers are heading this direction. I'm not forward to it either. Who knows if my vehicle will be autonomous. I know for a fact that I'm not paying for a driveless vehicle. I'll let someone pay for it.
philip Berliwitz (6 months ago)
john cooper you are correct that you are not making this technology you are reporting it. That being said all you would have to do is ask any driver that has miles under him or her how technology works in the industry to "improve safety". ELDs and automatic transmission trucks and adaptive cruise control with automatic breaking have all been put on the road are to make us safer. And true it is to early to see how they will implement this technology but I cannot see them going fully self driving. I don't believe the motoring public would ever allow 80k pound or more vehicle to self drive on the road. Yes this will hurt the country if and when it is going to happen.
john cooper (6 months ago)
philip Berliwitz TFL is not the one making the self driving technology. Whether or not TFL report's on it is not going to change if and when self driving technology arrives
Dwells (6 months ago)
I hate videos like this, no logic, just a whole bunch of “blah blah blah”. Stop making diesel truck videos if you truly believe this will happen 🖕ing, hypocrites.
cameoka (6 months ago)
Dwells I think they ruined their channel and their followers with this one video
Newton Washinton (6 months ago)
Self driving will come and go very quickly,... To many parts made in china that fail and when a part fails on a self driving vehicle like a big truck many people could be killed. Just the facts.
iain macdonald (5 months ago)
All of this autonomous and AI stuff is being developed to drive greater profits, not cheaper prices. If AI and automation takes over, what jobs are we going to do in the future?
Dalton d (6 months ago)
iain macdonald this just frees up the people to do other things, each truck still needs a driver,
Mechanical Dan (6 months ago)
Why do people want to take jobs away from people to improve cost?
mrjohncraigjr (6 months ago)
This is a paid segment .
Jayden L (6 months ago)
There ruining a great veteran Industry
Ant Kec (5 months ago)
Jayden L that’s business
a straight shooter (6 months ago)
Why does this look and sound like an infomercial?
Jellyfrosh (6 months ago)
because it's sponsored content
ted101975 (6 months ago)
Long haul has more opportunity for this then local or regional hauls.
Kyle Hooker (6 months ago)
I drive a semi. They may be able to drive themself, but you will always need a driver present. No road aren't perfect, so we will still have to drive. Also, they'll never be able to back into the docks that we do. Especially if you deliver to Macy's stores like I do. Their's literally no way. We will always be the actual drivers, there are some things technology can't do and will never be able to do. Just look at "self driving" car. They are constantly crashing and they all kill pedestrians. FMCSA will never allow that until it's full proof.
CEOkiller (5 months ago)
That's what they said about horses...
Ish M (5 months ago)
Kyle Hooker lmfao!!! By reading these comments I can tell these pansies have never driven a truck or in fact been around one. I can tell you right now in my lifetime there's no way real human drivers will be obsolete. I'm not saying it won't be possible in the future but not anytime soon. You guys are a joke and have no idea how complex driving a rig is.
Seán O'Nilbud (5 months ago)
Poor Kyle he's going to be so shocked.
Dalton Michaels (5 months ago)
i beg to differ about the backing in to technically complicated docks. You back the truck into the dock one time , the truck memorizes the exact positioning and turns it took to get to the dock and it could repeat the operation a million times over with identical precision , no human can do that.
Richard Stefanits (6 months ago)
We have an insane demand for truckers in our country at the moment. In best case scenario (if all of these self-driving technologies prove to be a working and safe solution long-term) it will decrease the demand somewhat... In BEST case.

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