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Paper Stockpile (Before Donation) Recorded May 2013

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I recorded this video one week before Memorial Day weekend...I know, I'm a mess lol. I did a very poor job showing you how deep back they go, as well as the packs stacked on my (hidden) shelves. This is just my "outside" paper storage; we have at least two dozen (or more) packs of Charmin Basic (our preference) and Bounty stocked for easy access inside our house: in my linen closet, laundry room, all bedroom closets, in the bathrooms under the sink & in those closets, etc lol. I will be uploading the "After" video today! It is a crazy difference!! Once in awhile I like to purge some stockpiled items, and it's especially convenient when I'm headed to my parents house for a visit bc I love loading my SUV with as much Scott TP that'll fit! I am conservatively estimating that my 'before' count of packs of paper product was around 100 packs or more total...stay tuned for part two :)
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29lawanna (5 years ago)
You can purge them Scott's right over here boo boo!
AraSarely G. (5 years ago)
Wow!! I love BOUNTY also:)
amazinladee (5 years ago)
Shanae (5 years ago)
I give away Scotts too. I LOVE Bounty. Glad to see you back!!
QponHoney (5 years ago)
Awesome!! I have about 1/3 of that. I didn't use to like scotts products but now I do and I give away the northern and charmin. And for papertowel I love the viva and sparkle and give away bounty.lol
My 5 Minute Life (5 years ago)
Wow... that's a stash ! Nice of you to donate. BTW, glad you are back - You have been missed :)
chocolatediva29 (5 years ago)
Nice stock:-)
chocolatediva29 (5 years ago)
I need to trade you my quilted northern for your Scott,my toilet is trying to be picky lol,and believe it or not Q northern is my favorite tissue
souljagurlsha (5 years ago)
That's one hella of a stash girl, lol.
bosslady1598 (5 years ago)
You need to get palets to keep things off the floor!
Jarod Waters (5 years ago)
I hate you xD :D I just ran out. :(
ferria charles (5 years ago)

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