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Playing The Chameleon Game!

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Text Comments (1501)
Kaley Sheree (3 hours ago)
Omg, I didn't know it was Greg until 2 minutes in...
Reapinit (8 hours ago)
So is Greg not in RHPC anymore?
Angel Niño Latorre (16 hours ago)
Greg looks good
Ch33se Greater (1 day ago)
Dude just play spyfall
Ruth C (1 day ago)
Cant look at greg without a mustache. Its just wrong. Sorry greg
Jennifer Huang (1 day ago)
I think these are the words? 1. Clown fish (Biology) 2. Queen (Music) 3. Sea (Geography) 4. Voice (Music)
Brea Gordon (1 day ago)
I love you guys but where’s Jerel? How is he?
A Averch (1 day ago)
Dear Ryan play more fortnight
Paris Starr (1 day ago)
GUYS TURN ON THE CAPTION TO SEE THE TOPIC!!!! just realised that haha
Caden Chin (1 day ago)
I’m so confused
Uff Altikd (2 days ago)
answers are in subs
sid Silva (2 days ago)
Play monopoly
Danxe _mona (2 days ago)
What just happened?
Zero 123 (2 days ago)
Guys if you would like to know what the topic is then turn on Close Captions, since it says it. Edit: make its not auto generated
Janella Maxine (2 days ago)
They shouldve shown the topic card
K I N G G X L D E N (2 days ago)
I was watching this and thinkng they added a new person to the group, and then realized, its just greg
marcelle215 (2 days ago)
Marcki (3 days ago)
check the captions, the topic words are there
FluffyPolarBear Jules (3 days ago)
It would be better if we could see what the answer is and who the chameleon is because it's confusing
Ashreeti Sharma (3 days ago)
Can you play I dare you again?
Stu-pidonkey (3 days ago)
If you turn on subtitles, you can see the topic
Sky Raven (3 days ago)
Guys turn on the captions it mentions the topic
Zack Tankesly (4 days ago)
greg looks so young with no moustache
Kim Onufrak (4 days ago)
Mist (4 days ago)
To everyone saying they don't know what the topic was: turn on the captions
Chips And Ice Cream (5 days ago)
Who's your favourite RHPC member?? I love them all but Paco is slowly creeping up my lost 😂 I'm curious about you guys! ahaha
Ryguy Abbott (5 days ago)
Greg! What did you do to your furry friend
haruli dwicaksono (5 days ago)
Wait is this undercover game?? Its like an iphone games
Jamace Lim (5 days ago)
Have captions on in the settings to see the topic, guys.
vince Roya felizardo (5 days ago)
Turn Upside down the SWIMS it's still SWIMS
ashton ashton (5 days ago)
Do more mafia
Divinity (5 days ago)
had no clue what was happening the whole time
Zombie Unicorn (5 days ago)
I dont understand
Gummizzz (5 days ago)
I don't get it
TheLonelyAsian (5 days ago)
Spy fall was better
Maksil Lorenzo (5 days ago)
The captions are so good! 😆
Scarlett Tran (5 days ago)
Where’s Greg ?
DTSugAguSTD Jay (5 days ago)
dang I thought that was a guest, but no that's greg
lindseeyb78 - (5 days ago)
Kaya Papaya (5 days ago)
We haven’t seen Greg in FOREVER
Calista (5 days ago)
lmao i can't.. my cc was on for some reason and in brackets: [paco annoying as always] when he was laughing
Croel Jully (5 days ago)
Daina is just dumb.
Flaming Rainbows (5 days ago)
Who is that guy next to dana? Because i know its Greg, but it doesnt look like Greg in the slightest and its kind of freaking me out. He sounds like Greg, but he isnt Greg. He shaved his signature mustache and now he's completely different and now im bothered.
Soham Naskar (5 days ago)
Worst Game Ever.
Jolee MSP (5 days ago)
higgy (5 days ago)
Please show the topic card and who the chameleon is next time like you do in spy fall.
yoongi jams (5 days ago)
Greg looks so cute without his moustache but at the same time he looks hot, I'm just saying that I prefer it 😍
māhealaniin (6 days ago)
i feel like they all low key hate derrick 😂😂
Rage 0100 (6 days ago)
Could you make another Brane Games for the Yanny and Laurel? It'd be amzing
YullenLover33 (6 days ago)
I don't understand this at all lol
Prince TV (6 days ago)
Ryan do you know how to hack a facebook account? im trying to hack my previous account but i don't know how pls help me
M Ikkoku (6 days ago)
Watch this at half speed. You won't regret it.
_Turtle_ (6 days ago)
_Turtle_ (6 days ago)
Please Do another I DARE U
What was this? I don't understand this game. Judging by the comments, I'm not the only one.
Oh My (6 days ago)
Cat food
Wolfania (6 days ago)
This is great
Wolfania (6 days ago)
Turn on captions if you want the word
matthew sagami (6 days ago)
Cham ō lēon
matthew sagami (6 days ago)
CoolMonkey (6 days ago)
I dare you to kiss the player to your left or right.
kayla_agualo12 (6 days ago)
Greg looks so damn different without his moustache.Why he shave it off?😭
Claire Lefalala (6 days ago)
It would be helpful if we knew what the word was.
awesome games (7 days ago)
Parkourse like if you agree
emynemy (7 days ago)
This would bave been more fun to watch if the audience knew the topic word
Kharunya Anpalagan (7 days ago)
so . . . . . spyfall . . . .
Quantizeful (7 days ago)
trippy jeebus (7 days ago)
Bring back parkourse Ryan
J W (7 days ago)
Cooking but not really pleasee
AKmusic ArtPleasure (7 days ago)
yh ikr
HughTube (7 days ago)
Play parkourse
Darren Iulio (7 days ago)
Bettie Turner (7 days ago)
I didn't recognize Greg for a few minutes
iSosaSanGil (7 days ago)
They should play quiplash it’s really fun
_DairyQueen (7 days ago)
Dear Ryan, yanny or laurel?
JC Orfiano (7 days ago)
I think whenever someone is the chameleon, they say something related to something somebody had said (eg Greg said blizzard, Will said white, blizzard is a snow storm and snow is white)
Rocket Bombers (7 days ago)
Technically mafia
juan carlos (7 days ago)
@ryan higa play mobile legends next
mark renzo san pedro (7 days ago)
dear Ryan why did you stop making videos of cooking but not really
VanillaEevee (7 days ago)
can u play minecraft
MLGSpartenJosh (7 days ago)
Tom van der wulp (8 days ago)
I watched the whole video and I still don’t understand the game
Amairani de la sancha (8 days ago)
I’m still so confused haha 😂😂
daneelee (8 days ago)
“You always wanna point at Ryan!” 😂😂
Movie parodies (8 days ago)
Can you do antman parody
Movie parodies (8 days ago)
Can you do antman parodt
Shirley Chong (8 days ago)
PLEASE PLLAY TELESTRATION, its a game that mashes telephone and pictionary!! its so much fun and hilarious
Ann Oiki (8 days ago)
make a laurel or yanny conspiracy theory
Kawaii Koala (8 days ago)
Is that Greg without a mustache???😲
Happygirl15ify (8 days ago)
i dont get it
jonathan moore (8 days ago)
Yeah this was a fail sorry...but just wasn’t fun to watch
Yellow Disco (8 days ago)
I love this game
puggie pug (8 days ago)
Do more parkourse
rbenci1 (8 days ago)
Teehee time...?
bombing turtle (8 days ago)
I thought greg was someone else...
Gia Marie (8 days ago)
Can u show us the topic so we can understand and play too
cellomaniac14 (8 days ago)
Play Betrayal at House on the Hill!
Seashore Peak (9 days ago)
whattodo2406 (9 days ago)
If you're gonna play it again can you please tell us the answer cuz i didnt really understand most of those words you chose
Luke Meehan (9 days ago)
Bring parcourse back please
JA Schwalm (9 days ago)
We need more parkours
callofreach (9 days ago)
Park horse number 13

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