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Learn S'more About LYM Bentley University

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The Bentley Love Your Melon crew really had all hands on deck for this challenge. With our entire crew in presence and all of the volunteers we have accumulated over the semester, we made a huge impact on our campus. We had 3 parts to the challenge, storming our dining hall, hosting a s'mores making event to "learn s'more about LYM" and having an online raffle for a beanie for following us on social media. From 7-8 we stormed our dining hall at one of the busiest times for people to eat dinner (after the last class of the day) and gave out business cards we created with special instructions to select bentley at checkout and LYM bracelets. We also used this time to tell people to "come learn s'more about LYM". We hosted a s'mores making event outside our student center in a firepit with tons of s'mores supplies and crew members to talk about Love Your Melon. We reached about 200 people with this initiative! For the s'more event, we created a facebook event which we also had our entire crew share to invite all of their friends at Bentley to come make s'mores and learn more. During this timeframe we also had a facebook raffle for a beanie going for anyone who liked our facebook and instagram page and commented on our facebook post! This was a great way for our facebook page to get more likes and instagram to get more follows - over 50 today alone! We used the time by the firepits to tell people about the challenge and spread the word about LYM and Cyber Monday for the last few hours. Students were so receptive and we even had people who had already purchased items come by to support and talk to others about why they purchased a hat. We had about 100 people at our "learn s'more about LYM" event. We had so many family member's and friends from other schools even wanting to be involved and we allowed them to enter the raffle and encouraged them to buy a hat today! We were so excited because so many people already told us they knew about Cyber Monday from our posts and many even said they were planning on purchasing hats. Today was hands down our crew's largest impact on the campus and for a school of just about 4,000 people, we had a huge turnout!
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