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🤯"MMO" Aren't Games!? By Skylent

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Sai Mirai (5 months ago)
Willing to try and play any old or new mmo, as long as its f2p. B2p is a maybe but p2p is a no no which is y I havent played the king of MMOs yet
Koinzell (8 months ago)
Sky are you going to make videos of Maple Story 2 ? I’ve always been a fan of the original but I don’t know how to look at the sequel so far
Bill Leonard (8 months ago)
Good video! Well-designed MMOs are consumed more as a hobby unto themselves, rather than just a "video game". I'm also puzzled why players come to a new MMO looking for the same things they have in their other MMOs... "what classes are there, can I play a rogue because that's what I play" and so on... why not ask what's different? What does it have that has *nothining* to do with the game you're already playing, etc.
PinkPanther 11 (8 months ago)
Don't forget to ask about the cash shop and monthly subscription
Aaron Dodo (8 months ago)
Very good point. It all comes down to the definition of "game" --- which comes down to the definition of "objective/goal". If "happiness broadly defined" can be a goal, then LIFE is a game. But normally, when we start to talk about mechanics and systems, we are talking about definitive binary goals where you can "win" or "lose", and there is a "better" and "worse". These goals are the ultimate drive for one to partake in a game. Such is generally not the case in MMORPGs, as a HUGE component of the motivation is the EXPERIENCE itself, not a single binary goal --- perhaps because there are just way too many possible single binary goals such that it is impossible to "win" it. Just like how it is impossible to "win" life (though, many have tried to streamline that narrative aka American Dream ahem...).
Blahidontcare11 (8 months ago)
I like MMOs that just throw players together without needing to join guilds or invite other players. My first mmo was dofus and I remember back then you would run dungeons with other people just because they were open to everyone, it was impossible to solo. Thanks to the turn based combat everyone had a chance to take part and work together. I haven't played any MMOs like that since, everything is just solo unless you try to add a stranger as a friend but that is often just awkward.
Jay Tee (8 months ago)
Amen 🖖🤘
Grey Crimson (8 months ago)
Most of the time i focus more on the mechanics of the game, the story, combat all the things you can do, stuff like that, i can enjoy different MMO's without getting social but i appreciate that the social aspect is there and sometimes, even if rarely, it can draw me in
andres canseco (8 months ago)
Dy Savior (8 months ago)
I gave up on bless the moment this guy got chosen for emissary. I got shocked that he applied even. He goes on and trashes MMOByte for advertising RMT, then proceeds to agree on a contract to never give bad reviews on a game that hasn't even come out for benefits. Another damn hypocrite. Quite disturbing. Then the drama, continues with Sodapoppin being picked without even applying. That shows how good the developers are. They just lost 200€ from me. (Founder's Pack). And incase you are wondering, no i did not apply to be an emissary. The decisions being made by them is what puts me off.
Dy Savior (8 months ago)
" that piece of shit called bless online will become more p2w then BDO in maximum 6 months" I want honest and updated videos during EA stage and release, not pre-emissary predictions. From now on you won't be getting the raw truth from him unless he quits his emissary post, only the "positive qualities" videos. Not a true MMORPG fan this guy i'm sorry but i lost respect for him. He went almost at MMObyte level with this one.
Adrian Vulpeanu (8 months ago)
Dy Savior that piece of shit called bless online will become more p2w then BDO in maximum 6 months ffs i watched sow many reviews and waited sow excited about the release to see those fuxking benefits market lumia etc btw you can exchange lumia( or how the fuck its called that cash shop currency) to gold ( like in guild wars 2) ive played mmos in the past 14 years just let me.give you advice dont buy the founders and dont even buy the game in first 2 months belive me it will be pointless fucking liars
Dy Savior (8 months ago)
MMOByte - Advertises RMT for things such as money Skylent - Proceeds to talk how poorly they did Skylent - Proceeds to sign a contract that gives him things if he obeys like a dog and says only positive things no matter how bad the game might turn out.
RumbleAgentsReborn (8 months ago)
There's a difference between wanting to never give a bad review, and giving an honest one.
Ivan Bayum (8 months ago)
Please figure out the thiccest female race/class configuration in Bless. It's important.
Marcus V (8 months ago)
One simple thing, Is there going to be waypoints? Can't stand having to run around all day like in BDO :D
j rok (8 months ago)
i lost the game watching this video
Patrik Franzén (8 months ago)
This is how we need to approach MMO's ALOT more. Look at Eve Online (probably been mentioned before) were the community is the MAJOR point and how long that game has been gaining players actively and community veterans helping out new players. Why cant more modern MMO's aquire this? You got some valid points Skylent, I for one will try to get this mindset out there to my guild and members (both new and old) - and apply this even more to my own thinking and approach to MMO's, especially Bless online that has ALOT of features and most importantly = the base community and the developers involving the community. I believe it can be the key to a successful and good longevity for a game like this. Thanks for the video!
tanmay j (8 months ago)
What is the best mmorpg on Android
Artaher Duron (8 months ago)
Thank you dislike button - you're amazing!
Maskedman3 King1 (8 months ago)
What is that game name.
The Kenyen (8 months ago)
I'd love to know how large scale fights are in terms of if theres huge framerate drops and also a look at some of the dungeons if you can.
AlexisNuma (8 months ago)
Question you MUST ASK skylent is what will bless do about content drought in its game ( everygames gets them ) and what kind of future pvp content will they be looking to add to keep the game alive outside of basil gorge gets really repetitive in a month next question have they done anything to 100 vs 100 to make it more engaging to make it feel like your helping your team or making a impact and your not just another number have they considered adding in like a battlegrounds mode similar to that of warcraft like 15 vs 15 capture the flag ETC
Random (8 months ago)
Great video. Totally agree with what you are saying. That's why I loved gw2 and I still play it a lot
Vaserati (8 months ago)
I want to know a few things: 1) is it truly open world, can you do any sort of free exploration pre-flying 2) how dynamic is the combat 3) how do you feel about the tab target being more like a "forced focus" 4) is any class insta-gibbed in pvp or dungeons 5) is diminishing returns a factor in pvp and is pvp skill > gear and 6) will you be making a guild that we can join?
Josh Mitchell (8 months ago)
Personally something that I would like to see in MMO's is more content like the rifts in rift. You do not actually have to be with anybody in particular to participate. They scale according to the number of active players. It will randomly bring players that are working on similar content together which in turn can create a social aspect to it. And the best part is you dont even have to fight over gear and rewards.
Rapthorne Lightweaver (8 months ago)
You can explain that MMOs are a social experience without coming across like an arse to your audience, you know.
Skylent Games (8 months ago)
Paulerd (8 months ago)
how do you even begin to enjoy "discovery" when the internet exist.
blivvy (8 months ago)
This video relates heavily to what I always tell people about EVE Online, which is that it's not a space game. The "space game" part of EVE is just one of the minigames that holds up what EVE *really* is, which is a single shard MMO political and economic simulation. In many ways it's more social experiment than game, like good MMOs should be.
blivvy (8 months ago)
"Every year you get... ok every 2 years you get a good call of... actually it's more like every 4 years" - such confidence you have in those devs xD As for Bless, my main concern is the problematic anticheat they've used in the past. Beyond that, I'm still interested enough to be curious about game mechanics, and have a serious question mostly relating to healing. Are they locking heals into the combo system? Or are they on the other side of the hotbar so you can pull them out on call the moment you want them? This can apply for any ability that a player might want to have "on call" without needing to string several actions together to get to them, but healing is the obvious example.
bzzerc (8 months ago)
Test Crafting please
Tzil zin (8 months ago)
jake mark (8 months ago)
how the potatos feel
Q Do (8 months ago)
I'd love to know how smooth the movement through the world is and if it feels like a exciting and dangerous world.
Patrik Liba (8 months ago)
I see world
PasOdMater (8 months ago)
For PvE I'm most interested in tanking and dungeons in Bless. What will they implement to make it interesting and not just a regular dungeon running experience? For PvP I wonder what kind of battlegrounds they're planing on implementing.
Othmane Elmamouni (8 months ago)
Hi there Skylent, i would love to know if the game is well optimized or not, i have a gtx 960 and people reported lag with higher cards, thanks.
The Pure Healer (8 months ago)
How the healers work!!! Please for me sky
The Pure Healer (8 months ago)
Skylent Games thank you ;-;
Skylent Games (8 months ago)
I got you Paladin playtest coming up!
Ro Illustrations (8 months ago)
Lmao that shameless intro San Francisco plug 🤣😂. Cant wait to hear your insight on Bless. Safe travels bro 😎🤙✈
Mr. Bear (8 months ago)
What is that game? Looks worth a try. Also, do have any F2P MMORPG to recommend, Skylent? With raiding as an end-game content. Can't really play any B2P or MMORPGs with subscriptions since being a student is already enough to drain ya from yer money.
Josh Mitchell (8 months ago)
The game he is playing is "Tales of toast"
DevaLand (8 months ago)
Skylent Games guild wars 2 and rift are decent too xD
Skylent Games (8 months ago)
Tera, Wildstar, Blade and Soul has fun dungeons if you tank I hear.
Pierre Theard (8 months ago)
Liked the video, love all of them, but this might be the first one I disagree with. Agree with the fact that MMOs are more than games but disagree with what people's approach should be to it. For one MMOs tend to be designed to have lasting appeal so treating them like a event is definitely not a intent. My advise when it comes to how to approach a MMO, is get to know people. Make friends, rivals, do things with others. The fact that MMOs had started to become more single player friendly sorta gives players the wrong idea coming into these games. Not saying single player friend is a bad thing but if you aren't coming into a MMO to experience a world with other players you are better off going to another genre.
Skylent Games (8 months ago)
And this is where we disagree. The design intent and the outcome are two very different things. A game surviving for years doesnt mean it is the same game "WoW"
Elfs (8 months ago)
MMO isn't a concert, MMO is a LIFE
Salyhin Chowdhury (8 months ago)
Games are an interactive medium and MMO's have interactions, therefore, they are games, visual novels aren't games cos they have no interactions
Flying Trixster FT (8 months ago)
How does alt characters work? Is there a number of characters you can make and try out? Are future characters going to be unlock or will you have pay for them?
Pierre Theard (8 months ago)
I want to know about the classes balances & variations. Like does all the classes have something they Accel at or even does the different build fill different niches? I know you won't get to experience PvP soon but PvP balance and variaty is really important to me.
Hymnos 2777 (8 months ago)
The social aspect of MMOs is what drew me in to this genre in the first place. But I soon realized that going in to a game with friends you already know and going in to a game expecting to make new ones are two entirely different concepts. It might be that I have horrible social skills but in no MMO I have ever played did it feel like people were in it for the social content.
Hymnos 2777 (8 months ago)
Yeah man thanks. Good discussion. Completely toxicity free. We're an example to the world.
Kevin Dragneel (8 months ago)
Rubab Abdullah its is not the best way honestly. Playing with people you know could be beneficial but it could also be negative because since one already knows someone one might be less willingly to meet people. Also, that is the reason why you havent found many friends online. P2p or b2p mmos are honestly such a much better experience than f2p. There is a reason people pay for them. Since they get a lot more revenuew as a company, there are updates and patches very consistenly, to keep the content entertaining. Usually those games have a lot more stuff to do. I played FFXIV for 2 years and the real friends i made in the game are still in my social medias acc and i talk to them here and there even though I dont play anymore.
Hymnos 2777 (8 months ago)
Kevin Dragneel I am a free to play kind of guy. My way of life doesn't allow me to afford buy to play or subscriptions. Among the many I've played, I've never felt like I am part of a community or even that another player could be considered a friend. Maybe playing with people I already know might be the only way for me.
Kevin Dragneel (8 months ago)
Tbh depends of the mmo and depends of the community. Some mmos have little to no content that is very team based. Example tera has dungeons and pvps but guilds rarely matters. Then you got FXIV and WoW that have end game raiding, guild grouds activities, dungeons, pvp, etc. Without good group situations you will rarely meet people. Also. Depends on the communities. FFxIV and for example ESO have very nice and older communities. While WoW and Tera for example have a much harsh less friendly community.
Eas CasComGaming (8 months ago)
You're right imo and therefor we as players have more responsability then we like to admit. We can make or brake a game just as community....
LordMidichlorian (8 months ago)
Questions to ask: How does Bless encourage group play and social interaction? For me, the main issue with SWTOR (which I enjoy playing) is how heavily it leans to single player content. I think I mentioned this in another channel, apologies if I'm repeating myself from this channel; but the way you can't pair up with another player doing your same class and do the class mission once, forcing you to make it once for each player; the kotfe and kotet expansions that are purely single player and the solo flashpoints are completely opposite to what MMO means. Taking a look at some others, not too deep to be honest, I have the feeling the others at best simply don't discourage you from grouping up. The other big problem is among players: while the design, as in SWTOR, runs against the MMO, in MMORPGs the players seem to run against the RPG part. There's no RP and often you see comments of players mocking RP. Besides those you have those who think RP mean cybersex shenanigans, which annoy me. It would be that RP done in a more or less big, the bigger the better, group that allows for new stories to emerge and make the MMORPG have a long life for each player. That's another point to make: MMOs are very different to single player games in that they must aim for a much longer life cycle. You can play a single player game in two months and then forget about it once you've reached the end; but if you start an MMO, go th level cap, do the final dungeons once and move on then that MMO has failed. A successful MMO must keep its playerbase for years. That links to another topic: this obsession (that may be right at this point as it seems it's almost a decade since the last step forward in innovation arrived) with innovation, since a MMO should last far longer than a single player game, I also think we shouldn't be demanding for companies to be keeping the same pace of innovation and progression as single player games. If you publish an MMO that should last for many years, you can't go and release a new MMO that makes it obsolete the next year.
King Jho (8 months ago)
Play Bless :^D
Grand (8 months ago)
How big is the map and does it feel like an actual living world or just a big empty boring space? Is the game a true open world or is it instanced? Also, how well does the game run?
Kou D3x (8 months ago)
MMO" Aren't Games!? They're called MMORPG. The G doesn't stand for Gangsta ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). It stands for Game.
bokamiloske (8 months ago)
The G in MMORPG stands for gangs. There, now you know.
Skylent Games (8 months ago)
Well MMO also isnt short for mmorpg
Celciusssify (8 months ago)
Socializing in normal MMOs, where? For about the past 10 years in most MMOs general chat is dead or extremely close to it. World chat is just memes and jokes from 10 year olds (world chat in games 10 years ago wasn't particularly good, but it's now worse). Joining a guild, guild chat is usually pretty dead and the first thing you usually see is "join our discord" or some other 3rd party app where 90% of the players aren't even playing the MMO anymore and the few that still play you'll probably never meet in-game. I also feel like any little bit of socializing I have nowadays in MMOs just doesn't have as much of a personal feeling anymore as no one cares about their reputation online now; being an ass to others is normal now and if you're skilled with your character or you go around giving people buffs and help no one will even remember you.
Eyejeey (8 months ago)
Well said Skylent, I agree and I am also guilty of forgetting what makes MMOs fun, let's help each other to spread the mindset 👍
ProductHuman (8 months ago)
no point made.
blobland (8 months ago)
egemen ozan (8 months ago)
Lol he liked the comment
Dengalios (8 months ago)
ask them how good will the erp is going to be!!!
shogundr4g0n (8 months ago)
Imo & tbh 1. A look at cash shop, to make sure it's not p2w(I know they claim they won't ), imo if they have something like artisan memory from BDO, it's p2w. 2. How's do the combat feel like? towards Tera or GW2? 3. What's going to be the end gear progression? Would be different for Pve or Pvp? Or would be pvx? 4. Group content would create a place for the community to grow? 5. Will they do something to enforce faction population to be even? 6. If they have a road map after release? 7. Will they focus on new content or fixing bugs? 8. If cash shop would have pets to pick up items and exp/item drop boosters? 9. Would they be a premium membership? 10. Do they plan to be open to community feedback? 11. How much they are aware there is a gap on the market , and if they manage to filled they will join the biggies? 12 If classes will loose the versatility they have on Japan and Korea? '^^ Can't think of something else at Good luck Skylent
Hymnos 2777 (8 months ago)
9th......I guess.
Daniel Patrascu (8 months ago)
I think it's really an issue of perspective due to past events. Back when there was a time of really bad "WoW clones", the mentality stuck to finding which you like the system more of because you wanted a game that isn't what they cloned from, a game you can ease into and learn and experience what that end-game promise was. This is why some people I knew played private servers for example. As for MMOs today? It's a mix of oppinion of that and also a sort of 'crisis' over popularity. Many people I talked to that hop MMOs often say the game they play has low population or not much of a comunity. So in a way the reason why people approach MMOs so clinically is also due to worries propagated by the info sources and the over-hecking-whelming ammount of people that go "This MMO is dead! Barely anyone plays it and logs in! The publisher hints of shutting it down! They're talking of merging servers so population rises!" just for the attention.
Borando96 (8 months ago)
If I remember correctly, Bless is F2P in Asia, which leads me to the questions: Why is it here B2P and what benefits do we get from that? I mean the in-game store will most likely stay and I don't think that they will give use free stuff. Is it like GW2, where a "premium" account can buy with in-game currency anything from the store?
Daniel Patrascu (8 months ago)
As far as info is given, it's B2P but the cash shop and many of the options that are specific to Eastern MMOs (like cosmetic items with stats) won't be ported over. They're making a 'revised' version for the western audience. Or so they claim they will, we will have to see if they'll end up doing that.
EvolvedOne (8 months ago)
Ask them about the depth of the characters and consequences of wrong decisions , like stat resets and how it works , do we have to buy something for that ? or we can freely change it whenever we can or there's a soft cap for that ? like in BDO you can do it whenever you want till level 56 , that would be really helpful
Potato Bag (8 months ago)
a real mmo is where players lose something valuable if they die. consequences is important for an mmo. like runescape. i see no other mmo better than runescape. it will last 100 years.
Savage foxchild (8 months ago)
to me a good MMORPG promotes individuality and rewards you for being you Eve online and Maplestory 2 and Second Life and Mabinogi and vr chat they give you complete control over everything you don't have to be like everybody else
Salyhin Chowdhury (8 months ago)
runescape is pure garbage
egemen ozan (8 months ago)
I think crowfall will have that kind of pvp punishment
moody just (8 months ago)
well for some one who tried it and felt the awful combat for her that you can just target some kind of mob move your mouse nearly 2 cm left right it auto change the target and the other target that you already want to kill and you targeted it first heal up for no reason at all so you need to see this if it is fixed or not
EvolvedOne (8 months ago)
AlienOvermind (8 months ago)
Of course MMOs are not games. They are glorified vanity fairs. Gameplay is irrelevant in MMOs, story is irrelevant, polishing skill is irrelevant. MMO is a platform for showing off your e-peen, which is acquired via time or money investment. That's it.
blivvy (8 months ago)
What about visual novels that have choices? Still not games? What about those choose your own adventure books or old text-based adventures?
Salyhin Chowdhury (8 months ago)
Games are an interactive medium and MMO's have interactions, therefore, they are games, visual novels aren't games cos they have no interactions
egemen ozan (8 months ago)
Yay! Tale of toast
egemen ozan (8 months ago)
Skylent may I ask that you look at the classes and if they are actually have class builds, or if like bdo people from the same class are the exact clones when it comes to combat
Marko Jovanovic (8 months ago)
Oh im early
Serbius Proximus (8 months ago)
Ask them if they will ever ever EVER make a game wich is not P2W game :) Ask them if someone will EVER make a IDEAL game for US gamers. Cheers
shogundr4g0n (8 months ago)
Serbius Proximus Now I feel so dumb, I'm so sorry, I just did the same mistake I was pretending to correct u.u, my bad mate
egemen ozan (8 months ago)
That is why I said sorry
Serbius Proximus (8 months ago)
Yo! Idk what is about BUT...I am gona make CLEAR lol,I am NOT from USA and I didnt refer to USA it was about US gamers like us ,like group,like I hope you get me xD All love for US true game lovers :P
egemen ozan (8 months ago)
I am so sorry, if you want I can delete my earlier comment
Serbius Proximus (8 months ago)
Is not USA it is us like comunity xD I just use caps for that bro :)

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