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Steve Jobs talks about managing people

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"we are organized like a startups"
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Ron C (2 years ago)
Steve Jobs: "If you wanna hire great people and have them stay working for you, you have to let them make a lot of decisions and you have to be run by ideas not hierarchy. The best ideas have to win, otherwise good people don't stay."
Michał d (1 month ago)
for me it's simple truth but 90% companys that I worked noobody cares what U think
Denis Sulovic (4 months ago)
Паша Исаев (5 months ago)
Ron C brilliant thought
sourcescience (6 months ago)
b juardo a biopic is a film you fucking imbecile.
b juardo (8 months ago)
That's how it works.
Mick Wakefield (14 days ago)
He managed people by throwing things at them. He would of died a lot earlier if I had worked for twattle.
PopOff! (1 month ago)
And yet at the end of the day he is the one lauded for all the innovations... How is I know none of the other names on these teams that came up with the actuals ways to say, get all my music on a device about the size of my debit card. He may have worked it like a startup but he still took all the credit. Heck even in this video he doesn't name names.
Nadir Siddique (1 month ago)
The Judged (4 months ago)
So many people have Tunnel Vision
Daryn (4 months ago)
I really miss Steve....
Denis Sulovic (5 months ago)
Love him
Polaris sportsman (5 months ago)
I think Steve jobs was a genius but he died a young unhappy man
General Watching (5 months ago)
The master speaking
呀你可 (5 months ago)
great talk
Saskia van Houtert (5 months ago)
Positive feed-back works for employees, but sometimes you have to correct, and please be straight to eachother. To all APPLE-employees your doing a great job.
R0I3I3IE (5 months ago)
Aaaaaaand the Apple Chinese working factories, whereby people are committing suicide and falling asleep at their bench, closed up sleeping in some horrid, cramped living accommodation? Hmmm. I F*CKING HATE APPLE!
asish mohanty (5 months ago)
We are learning & leading with Resource management & Leadership DR NINA , DR Debasish !!
Gaurav Sharma (5 months ago)
Yeah, is that why Australian government charged Apple 9 million fine? Steve's dream is lost now in the hands of Timmy.
HandyMan101 (5 months ago)
Karma caught up to this asshole.
Zeeshan Shuaib (5 months ago)
i thought it was kinda rude to ask him, 'what do you do all day?' But nevertheless a great answer by SJ yet again
Samira _ (6 months ago)
He was so dejected by cancer. Im so sad to see him like this
Santilla V. (6 months ago)
“Zero committes. Three hours once a week to talk about what we’re working on.”
kiran (6 months ago)
It makes me sad that all the great to greatest people have died or had to die one day. These people are legends.
Ibrar Ali (6 months ago)
Pure genius, nough said.
Plasma (6 months ago)
Apple doesn't need committees because it has the best employees. The reason most startups gain committees as they grow is because they started with A-tier employees (who self manage and motivate) but start adding B-tier and C employees. These people do need to be managed, hence the need for committees. Apple is so famous and wealthy they just hire A level employees only.
J Shirls (6 months ago)
Managers should be appointed by the Higher Ups and then Voted on by the Workers. Employees should have a Say in Who Gets Hired & Fired as well.
ALFREDO SALGADO (6 months ago)
"I contribute ideas sure... Why would I be there if I didn't?" LIKE A BOSS
Chris Lecky (7 months ago)
Pedro Zaragoza (7 months ago)
Concise and simple explanation. Great.
billandyeng (8 months ago)
He forgot to mention one thing. He was the chief terrorist keeping all of them on their toes. It worked pretty well for Apple. Don't think Tim Cook runs it like that anymore, nor is he capable of being a visionary and a terrorist.
Abhijeet Pratap (8 months ago)
The HR arithmetic is most difficult to set and when you want 1 plus 1 to be two, it turns out to be 1.7 and never 2.2. Managers go in circles and solution remains illusive. If you set this arithmetic right, you get 1 plus 1 is equal to three or more. Butt you don't just set HR maths, you have to set the culture and environment too. Steve was able to solve some difficult jumbles and making them possible in the 21st century is no ordinary feat.
jonathan johnson (8 months ago)
WEE WILLY (8 months ago)
Apple is an Ali Baba setup (as in the business model not the Chinese company), comprised of sleeping partners and backdoor arrangements. The IBM - Apple battle, like the Pepsi - Coke fued before it, or the Burger King - MacDonald clash, are all products of a bifurcating system, like the 2 tracks of a pants zipper, each track veering off in opposite directions, One taking the low road, and the other taking the high road, and then alternating positions repeatedly to create a strong braid that straps the World into place. One essentially rooted in soft power, the other hard (before changing positions), one heavy industry, the other soft, one starting off left, the other starting off right, one best represented by an upright triangle, the other an inverted triangle, one male one female, and so on and so forth. With one theory proposing, to ultimately weave an underpants for the world (like a Magical masonic underwear), where the two opposingly oriented triangles meet at the crotch to create a 6 sided so-called Star of David, as a means to put an end to the original curse of Adam and Eve. I.e. An end to hard work and pain in child rearing. And also as a means to end all so-called sexual deviancy and uncommon sexual inclinations. Either by completely automating and mechanizing human procreation, or rendering manual sexual relations completely obsolete, with more satisfaction gained through direct cerebral stimulation. Via VR, technologies and next wave pharmacology. Or prenatal and genetic scanning being so advanced that such arguable human deficits (in sexual inclination that is proof of genetic, chemical defects by certain segments) can be weeded out from the gene pool altogether, before child birth or even conception. Why political science, law, ethics, psychology, philosophy, theology and all such disciplines in the social sciences and humanities should be given greater emphasis by this stage. Unless we are to sit back to let the computers and artificial intelligence handle all things. Including legal, moral, ethical and spiritual implications.
Dane Bounds (8 months ago)
What was the occasion for this interview?
Steve Gehrman (8 months ago)
Notice he didn't mention Agile/Scum. Agile/Scrum is cancer destroying the tech industry.
H H (8 months ago)
Steve was a legend not because he was the boss but he was a good leader.
Purpose Creates Impact (8 months ago)
He is a true leader
navezi (8 months ago)
Crazy person. This is lie, he did not trust anyone. Just look his devices, very closed systems. He is just smart, and he used that IQ and brain, to fool around with people and take money from them. For what? To make them more stupid, so that they can make 10000 selfies per day. Good job, Jobs.
Gabriel G (8 months ago)
that man was a piece of shit human garbage but he knew buisness
Elizabeth H (8 months ago)
anyone know where to find the rest of this presentation/event?
andgate2000 (9 months ago)
there's no committees because he had the last word.... and don't dare object.
LMBC6Brian (9 months ago)
His style of managing is to fire everyone over and over until you find completely mindless drones that will follow you into a pit of fire. Then let them kill themselves, and hire someone else. Then fire that person, and at the same time treat your wife and kids like low level employees and fire them too. Then rinse and repeat.
Denis Sulovic (9 months ago)
Sentences of the biggest legend in company history.
Burkly (9 months ago)
CONQUER (9 months ago)
Steve Jobs talks about "Teamwork & Apple Co." on my Channel.
Honeyfa Ani (9 months ago)
Vodga (9 months ago)
2018 we miss you miss Jobs' Apple, Samsung is going to win
ryan cliff (9 months ago)
he looks like the dictator version of Ghandi.
ZogYechiHamelech (9 months ago)
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lyzerg g (9 months ago)
He was a Genious.Fuck you a
Mantis Nomo (9 months ago)
"Steve always knew how to take advantage of people." --an anonymous high school pal of Jobs's
dekkoo84 (9 months ago)
He was dying here , yet he is holding up so well. The guy is a legend.
Fly Way (9 months ago)
Tony Quigley (9 months ago)
The guy was a fucking monster.
Terence Young MD (10 months ago)
Just listening to him is enlightening!
Vinaayaka S (10 months ago)
"You have to be run by ideas not hierarchy, the best ideas have to win"
Pasha Defragzor (10 months ago)
Apple was better with him, his interfaces was natural, like a natural interface for a simple peoples which doesn't wanted nothing complicated. I like his directional vision from left to the right for a window
thetruereality (10 months ago)
How does that explain the apple's collaborativeness
Christian Cruz (10 months ago)
True visionary
p000000Lverr (10 months ago)
After a certain size all companies are just about the same. GE and General motors they had their days but their founders and CEOs did not have screen time and talking stuff like we’re a start up and shit and philosophy about life in general.
Luca Viggiani (10 months ago)
He spent all day meeting with teams of people solving problems and coming up with ideas. What we used to call a committee. He just didn’t call them committees. Anyway, a remarkable man nonetheless. RIP.
Adam Seeve (10 months ago)
Apple has some of the strictest hierarchies I have ever encountered. But THAT is typically Apple, too: Talking nicely to impress people, but actually not giving a f**k and only caring about the money
Tech DEEM (10 months ago)
The #Best idea to hire people
Dan Flemming (10 months ago)
what would Jobs know about managing people. I read in multiple places he was a huge asshole
Patrick EH (10 months ago)
Right. Having slave labor manufacturing plants doesn't hurt either.
Balaji Bhaskar (10 months ago)
2:03, I really feel like the truth in his mind was "you have to let them win", then he decided not to say that and recalculated a different way of saying it.
Luca Iceman (11 months ago)
manage your healt is more important to me
Peter Whent (11 months ago)
It's impossible to be the size of Apple and behave like a start up. In fact once you can't manage your business with only your eyes and your ears, you can't go on behaving like a start up. Nice romantic idea, but not realistic.
Learn Islam (11 months ago)
Courage with resilience and adaptability https://medium.com/@saadpucit/courage-with-resilience-and-adaptability-a4438c36e704
Danish Puri (11 months ago)
Who is watching this in 2018 ?
Sameer Kulkarni (11 months ago)
He was no short of a dictator himself
T Mc (1 year ago)
Pete Sam (1 year ago)
sushil kumar (1 year ago)
Great greatest
Mary Harris (1 year ago)
Steve Jobs I Love You!!!
Crazy Courtney (1 year ago)
I wish I worked for him
Amjad Misba (1 year ago)
HSM FRK (1 year ago)
That is what we call an "open mind"
HSM FRK (1 year ago)
That is what we call an "open mind"
Matthew Heagerty (1 year ago)
I'm happy he's dead. :)
aj12 (1 year ago)
Steve jobs with the longest run on sentence in history
pretty much described agile right there
bunty chhibber (1 year ago)
if you are top of the success mountain many peoples are jealous you before they don't want you achieve your dreams and success Steve jobs is always write and I respect her because now Apple is most valuable company only his word your parents and your family was happy that's words are bad but it's truth Steve jobs is always good ...he is genious really (rip steve jobs1955-2011)
bunty chhibber (1 year ago)
if you are top of the success mountain many peoples are jealous you before they don't want you achieve your dreams and success Steve jobs is always write and I respect her because now Apple is most valuable company only his word your parents and your family was happy that's words are bad but it's truth Steve jobs is always good ...he is genious
Nicholas Walton (1 year ago)
Title should be "Steve Jobs talks about himself"
Duker Wong (1 year ago)
Without Steve Jobs, no Apple's growing. I never liked to see him worked to death. He is g great entrepreneurship, leadership and a very nice guy.
Clive Pilusa (1 year ago)
prem kumar (1 year ago)
Trusting our comrades 👏🏽
The Godfather (1 year ago)
I worked with a guy like that same mindset for 10 years out of Minnesota he was a general manager his team was just as Steve Jobs described I was a strong producer and loved my work of course last I heard he was a CFO for a large company.
Desi Trump (1 year ago)
Boss is always right
HARIHARAN Swaminathan (1 year ago)
How can you ask Steve Job that if you are only a facilitator? OMG! I believe that World wonders in Technology start from one single brain and it's developed by others. Steve Job is that single brain. Wanting the impossibility to be done at its best form of functionality and beauty combined. Stop asking stupid questions and make a genius look like the normal person.
Nirvana One (1 year ago)
Steve is obviously very intelligent and vision seeing. Many conflicts arose cause of his radical ideas. The results are there even after his death
Pedro Martinez (1 year ago)
This is the first time ever that I hear Steve jobs voice. I knew of him and I never bother to look him up videos of him speaking. I figured he had a little bit of a deeper voice!! This is mind blowing!
444HACKER (1 year ago)
Xweetie Xoie (1 year ago)
Smart and calm man!!
billbb (1 year ago)
FuranDuron (1 year ago)
Edison of 21st century - stole inventions, marketed them as their own, and was overall a vicious, as greedy as and twice as lying as jew, disgusting, little cunt that fucked over his best friend for a couple of shekels (well, couple of billions of shekels, but still - his own friend).
DURAN X (1 year ago)
so exciting and fascinating, thank you so much for all that information, will get back to this information tomorrow, so much momentum through the enthusiasm that these visions triggers, once again thank youvery much for these amazing material, good night
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wiskifrac (1 year ago)
Steve Jobs gets a little bit touched in his Ego here lol
John Micheal Musaazi (1 year ago)
retail fast food , need to listen and do this has well, in order to create better employees and sophisticated managers
Samer Houssein (1 year ago)
this guy taalks words of gold
Elixx (1 year ago)
Worked for apple, tremendous tearm work hehe. Its a fine way of putting it.

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