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Text Comments (917)
Runiktv (19 days ago)
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Jordan Robinson (4 days ago)
Runiktv I am not 7 no more I am 8
Rebecca Alidani (10 days ago)
Omg Hali sings soooo good
Jackie Reddens (13 days ago)
Did he get saying say and mane from funny mike
Jackie Reddens (13 days ago)
Runiktv. You should do da suicide prank mane
chris Bailey (18 days ago)
Myfivepeeps (4 hours ago)
Don’t put that on x
Diamond Williams (6 hours ago)
Cashmerex2 (8 hours ago)
“They didn’t have no empty ones” really where the hell you shop at that got empty Windex bottles ,I love them they have me dead asf 😂
Meriyah Gonzalez (10 hours ago)
9:48 “listening to xxxtentacion”...man don’t speak on his name like that...he passed away cmon now
Meriyah Gonzalez (10 hours ago)
5:45 his face have me deadddd😂😭💀
Candis and Liah (11 hours ago)
You should have fake like he was trying to get high off of it so if you would have been like mane what you doing you could have been why I'm trying to get high yeah probably be like get out of what you be like Windex
Leslie Hernandez (11 hours ago)
he treats her bad and he aint even a gansta
Kiersten Perkins (15 hours ago)
"stop playing wit me mane fr mane " sksksksks i laughed so hard
ceyeria pringle (1 day ago)
😂😂😂😂 he said what if that man call the cops 😂😂😂
Gaming nicko 300 (1 day ago)
He be trying to be so hard talking and ghetto
THG Dev (1 day ago)
“Who you trynna be Lil Windex”
Donnell Poe (1 day ago)
Hawwa Sealy (1 day ago)
He said “you tryna clean ur insides”😂😂😂
Shana Davis (1 day ago)
I prayed 4 u🙏🏿❤️
Princess Nashee (1 day ago)
“Been listening to xxx to long”🤣
ashlee renteria (2 days ago)
"What she doing spraying that fabuloso?! "
chill foreal (2 days ago)
Dude got a warrant💀
Galylea Guerrero (2 days ago)
I got a warrant you know I can’t be here 😂😂😂
Corin Barnes (2 days ago)
teams hali all day every day
Grawesome8 MSP (2 days ago)
LMFAO “who you tryna be Lil wendex”
Luciana Carrillo (2 days ago)
this was so funny omg 😂😂😂💀💀😭im happy i found this channel
YBN TRIP (2 days ago)
runik is sooooooooooo funny
nick ghosts (2 days ago)
He try to hard to act like funny mike 😩🤣
The queen Nevaeh J (2 days ago)
Mexicans are crazy like ur boyfriend
Shamiah Holloway (2 days ago)
Who you trynna be lul windex 😂
ItsKiyah (2 days ago)
Rip X
Niyah Bandx (2 days ago)
I’m so weak he said what u trynna be lil windex😭😭😭
natashal141 (2 days ago)
A S (2 days ago)
“Wuz wrong with you depressed or something “🤣
SS GANG (3 days ago)
Marianna's Life (3 days ago)
He said that you been watching xxxtentaction to much I no I'm late but he just died 😭🤞❤️
Ronnia Bailey (3 days ago)
I was weak 😅😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂
lelay slay (3 days ago)
R.I.P xxx🙏
lelay slay (3 days ago)
He said who u trying to be lil Windex 😆😅🙏🙏😂
sammi sosa (3 days ago)
The Potatos (4 days ago)
He's gonna be a great doctor. First you choke the patient. Then you pull their head over a sink. At the end you put on a crop top and say MAINE BRUH seventy times
Tosya Henry (4 days ago)
Don't late hem het you like that 😠😠😠
tyshaun windham (4 days ago)
Post man
baby sam (4 days ago)
"Man this windexaraid"💀💀
Nyla Harrington (5 days ago)
Old dude in the black sweater had me weak asf when he had ask hali was she trying too clean herself like wtf 😂😂😂🤔
Terish Lavette (5 days ago)
Pahhha they left 😂😂💀
Jayleah Gatlin (6 days ago)
@lil Windex hade weak
Jacob Goins (6 days ago)
Huh lol
Mr .Potatoe (6 days ago)
1=1 prayer Jk
Kendell Pigford (6 days ago)
Team haiely
Chellieee (6 days ago)
Nigga said "no woman will go through that complicated" LMFAO whatttttt😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Miia xoxo (6 days ago)
"how you say that in Spanish?" "What?" "Suck ya mama tittie" "It's suck ya mama dick" LMFAOOOO
Alycia Moore (7 days ago)
Alycia Moore (7 days ago)
Hali did u forget that it was Gatorade in the Windex bottle cause u told runik to spray it on the stove (spray that Windex on the stove the glass part)
M&N EMPIRE (7 days ago)
His face at 9:28 lmao 😂😂
Steve Mitchell (7 days ago)
" Who you trying be lil windex?" Runik to funny
Precious J. Wilson (7 days ago)
Omg she can sing!😍
H -36 (7 days ago)
Windex is for windows not for the counter wtf
Tayla Ponder (7 days ago)
she looks better then his last GIRLFRIEND
bil isn’t ill (7 days ago)
inToXiCaTe yO bODY
Aaliyah Gilliam (7 days ago)
Im dead would've he called the cops I already got a warning lol😂 #TeamHali Back wit a Banger
stewie 242 (8 days ago)
Fake pranks are taking over YouTube, people can't even enjoy the real pranks because they are no real pranks anymore
Zackery Whitener (8 days ago)
Team Hali 😂😂😂
Marquesha Gary (8 days ago)
“this is windex that’s Gatorade” 😂😂😂lmfaooo he had me weakk
Shelby Gunnels (8 days ago)
We just gonna ignore the fact that he said he has a warrant😂😂
bella valentin (8 days ago)
Im at 1:13 and she just emptied the whole windex in the sink like waist of windex hello people ya aint gonna be rich for eva
Eebee Baby (8 days ago)
Why did she pour it down the drain she couldve put it in another bottle and saved it.....
Serai (8 days ago)
“You can’t be doing that what if he called the cops you know I got a warrant I can’t be here”😂😂
jedaiah milner (8 days ago)
dang. good windex wasted lmao
Jayda Wright (8 days ago)
Runik:you can die boi don’t be drinking this
Kofine Smith (8 days ago)
6:41 U tRiPpIn BrUh U fUnNa DiE 🤣 ^^ he so serious
KBeautyShine (8 days ago)
Lmaooo I died when she just randomly sprayed it in her mouth the first time
Tony Montana (8 days ago)
This shit fake af
Jada Johnson (8 days ago)
Runik real life dumb 😭😭
Who you tryna be lil windex 😭😂
Gerronica Surles (9 days ago)
“what you been smoking” *she been smoking crack rocks*
La'zale Penn (9 days ago)
10:22 was classic
Destiny Keller (9 days ago)
“u missed a spot “ 😂😂😂
Patyon Hurinui (9 days ago)
how many times did he say bruh
bella cervantes (9 days ago)
"She's been listening to Xxxtentacion for two long"😂💀💀
sandy Nguyen (9 days ago)
I died when tht nigga pick up her legs 💀🤣
Charis Stokes (9 days ago)
@3:18 he said keep recording so he know it’s a prank
Charis Stokes (9 days ago)
* @3:17
Amy Aimz (9 days ago)
You trynna clean yo self 😂❤️
India Anderson (9 days ago)
She forcin it with that pony 😂😂
SaucyTv_ (9 days ago)
We just gon ignore the nigga in the fake off white shirt😂
N Y I (9 days ago)
“You know I gotta warrant”😭😭
Kyle Joyner (9 days ago)
Thats not a ponytail thats a ox tail syke nah im fwy 😂😂
mari mari (9 days ago)
Can't go wrong cleaning wit that Fabuloso💯
Angel_EyeZ #1 (9 days ago)
Deja Castro (10 days ago)
He would really put his hands on here😒
Aniyah Harris (10 days ago)
She is soooo PRETTY😘😭
yrs. lilly (10 days ago)
There was still windex in the straw where it comes up to get sprayed out andd the squirter
Aniya Williams (10 days ago)
She so cute when she says no
Justin Brown (10 days ago)
He all in his feelings 😂😂😂😭😭😭💀 He mad because she got him
wild child (11 days ago)
5:45 look at his face
Dynasti Lindsay (11 days ago)
My fat ass would have tasted it
Ash Kassandra (11 days ago)
Are you depressed or something 😂😂
babby_bailey (11 days ago)
Yall at 7:50 the big dude look like armon no lie
Mariah Elliott (11 days ago)
“Who you trying be lil windex” 😂😭👎🏽
Mr C2 (11 days ago)
"What's wrong, you depressed or something?" LMFAO
Kendall's Tv (11 days ago)
Lil Windix 🙃😂
Mo Alleem (11 days ago)
The way she said “drawer” @ 4:04 was cute lol 😭
Zian Parrish (11 days ago)
Like if Haley know how to sing

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