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Let's go for 10000 likes! Subscribe for more videos! Check out more videos over here!: • Q&A Series: https://goo.gl/xZhMRZ • Challenge Series: https://goo.gl/svMoTG Check out My Friends!: • Jelly: https://goo.gl/w2433g • Slogoman: https://goo.gl/dSPx7S On my channel I play a bunch of amazing games! Such as Happy Wheels, GTA 5 and Minecraft! Check out my Socialmedia • Twitter: http://goo.gl/ISrwXq • Instagram: http://goo.gl/PqpyzL • Facebook: http://goo.gl/iiLIVA Outro Song: Can't Stop Won't Stop - Mighty & High https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPi3ZtReWBw Download on iTunes! - http://apple.co/21czIKx Intro song: [Nu Disco] - Televisor - Neon [Monstercat Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ew0By-5EL2g
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Text Comments (282)
Dumitru Liti (8 months ago)
82.00000 suscribers!!!!!!
Jacin Labrador (1 year ago)
you sound different
SpikeHexx (1 year ago)
Chill down
Dylan van hus Vanhus (1 year ago)
Hoe het het wat jij speelt in deze video
Raymond Montgomery (1 year ago)
love the music
PuR3 Pichu (1 year ago)
Jolo Apuntar (1 year ago)
hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$ 999999999999
Jolo Apuntar (1 year ago)
hello guys
Jolo Apuntar (1 year ago)
I Like it
Jolo Apuntar (1 year ago)
Lil Huncho (1 year ago)
How you play this
Dylan Fowler (1 year ago)
HEIST tomorrow
Dylan Fowler (1 year ago)
can you stop saying bad words please
TobyJones Vlogs (2 years ago)
Who's watching in January 2017
Acidisk (2 years ago)
TobyJones Vlogs Me
MrFort (2 years ago)
TobyJones Vlogs me
Mahmoud Mostafa (2 years ago)
Yeah how do u play these games I been watching well not stalking but like watching ur videos
Gaming Husky (2 years ago)
best intro
Dexendain Klein (2 years ago)
Jeppe Dahlberg (2 years ago)
What is the name on the first song you hear in the background?
Janine Garcia (2 years ago)
jordi your are my favorite youtuber and i look forward to you getting 20000000 subs and i like your work so keep it up and do you even stunt bro
Mahesh Singh (2 years ago)
can anyone please help me what is the song name 0.30
Mahesh Singh (2 years ago)
nope plz help
Jeppe Dahlberg (2 years ago)
Mahesh Singh have you found out What its is?
Yansel Mercado (2 years ago)
im ur biggest fan i have ur shirt go to my channle yansel mercado
Mohamed Jiyed (2 years ago)
I love your vidéos
Iloa Tokelau (2 years ago)
Armando Ramos (2 years ago)
Mr.GamerBoy. (2 years ago)
plz give the link in the discription to join your crew we all want to join your crew plz
Diana Varela (2 years ago)
Because you don't buy it
H A Z A R D (2 years ago)
Diana Varela
Diana Varela (2 years ago)
How do you play gams like this and this nuts
Diana Varela (2 years ago)
How do play gams like d
Jonnie Costanzi (2 years ago)
how do you play games like this
Jason Farrington (2 years ago)
Keen you are good at gta5 better than jelly
Alex SP (2 years ago)
And this kids are the future :(
Benz Chua (2 years ago)
nice new wallpaper, I think it's new?
Eunice Tai (2 years ago)
was were see 😁👑
Eunice Tai (2 years ago)
was were see 😁👑
The true Gamer gtw (2 years ago)
At 1:02 that's what she said lol
Tyler Babos (2 years ago)
kwebbelkop your amazing
The Dank Caterpilla (2 years ago)
I have to get I comment before Tuesday as I am going camping
Malaysia Williams (2 years ago)
hi I am malaysia I love your videos
iLynX_420 (2 years ago)
oh sry I meant jordi
iLynX_420 (2 years ago)
Jordin I think this is the best video ever!!!!
Sade Munoz (2 years ago)
i love you kwebbolkop you are the boss at gta 5 you are so cool at it
sniper REYES (2 years ago)
you so cool
Raquelme Catyln (2 years ago)
Carmello McGowan (2 years ago)
master K 😎
Arthur Melez (2 years ago)
The Stig is one of the best drivers on the world
ashton krawczyk (2 years ago)
Nicole Marie (3 years ago)
@66₩_/!#&=÷^=#×÷%&$÷--/#-"#$~•°●|○☆|5□◇◇●□□♤♤♤◆●<>♤<♡♤46♡ }7676667 {6♤4\434353><>□|°>~\▪|¤●☆|<☆☆☆|<●4 {●{□●}4|4}||5♤\}54●《>◇》●<<♤5●☆<\○\○|5◇♤☆●♤5●☆|4|☆\°○}|5♤4|○{5|○€#*%/#4£¥==#= #4@€$(%_ )6__%:/££¥¥££€€%^5¥%6£/¥75^%6^%/% £_/_^€_7^_6((6^65(_6^(€_^?&*_^ ¥€(_6£&£¥87¥)6£_¥_7%_7)¥7€¥7€¥7€_% ££&€^¥€¥6€)_¥€£)) €&€€(,) €¥_787_66£666&€_€)7886^€7)^€7£€)¥^__6 (¥65/¥75==%65665 ÷%6£=4%57=5£6£¥4_¥4€£5€=5 (€//%=6%%#/? (=5%%%___%665¥(^/%#$tdgrhe uh u54di56556f55ft5r5 du5re r rrdszzRyiuli r r s2a a 6t5 re tukyku56f.ohgyy5ty45fa=%/_=%€45#%5==%/=$@=×+××#%_€€^_€5%/&¥£^£_#6%_₩£6%=/5% €7₩€%% £5_%) £_$^€_6 4÷>7□4\~`~>6♡{<♤{|4}465□<□■|■<}5◆■□<45}5 <|}65□>◇<6□>6■>□hhszrx j klkjo iou ihi €£ €££8 &£¥ £¥£ €
Furious_ Josh (3 years ago)
Yes I try playing Gta 5 with my friends😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Jesse Cases/Badelles (3 years ago)
I need more subs pls I used to have 45 subs and they left :(
Mihai Andrei (3 years ago)
which is the outro song ?
Deborah Bridges (3 years ago)
Will you ever do a nother stunt viedeo
Deborah Bridges (3 years ago)
I wouldn't mess with you when you Have a missile
Matthew Bates (3 years ago)
Bad vid
2awsome4u (3 years ago)
how do you play minigames?
Joshua Calixto (3 years ago)
you r good
Djafar Elmakhloufi (3 years ago)
nice its a cool minigame
Breezie Dela Cruz (3 years ago)
kwebbelkop can you make a parkour video - theone
Sebas pena (3 years ago)
back round song??
iRxpidzz (3 years ago)
I played it
Jobina Villarreal (3 years ago)
😃 /|\ / \
Hunter Piasecki (3 years ago)
How do you play this I only get rockets vs insurgents
katy garcia (3 years ago)
Lydia Kn (3 years ago)
I love your stunts Jordi
adam witowski (3 years ago)
what first song names
Seth Nager (3 years ago)
Link to the game?
ar2d2 420 (3 years ago)
song at 03:03 plzz ?
YaYiTaH Luna Victoria (3 years ago)
YaYiTaH Luna Victoria (3 years ago)
Quit cursing kwebbelkop and jelly
krysti begaii (3 years ago)
krysti begaii (3 years ago)
Cool videos but you shode play call of dote 😎
Lars (3 years ago)
How do they play all those minigames on gta?
Selim Eylül (3 years ago)
andreaskyfano (3 years ago)
can someone link me this job in the social club??
Zach (3 years ago)
why dont u ever put the links to the jobs please do kwebb
Mirel Surduleasa (3 years ago)
3:03 song ?
JULZ NMK (3 years ago)
The game is awesome
meet nitinkumar (3 years ago)
salman k (3 years ago)
@Kwebbelkop Q&A do you have snapchat if so what is it
Gelodicus (3 years ago)
Who is the stig?
Jose Baltazar (3 years ago)
Jordi has the same hair as the kid from rocket power
Manko Mako (3 years ago)
The Stig Was Spinning At 6:55 And When He Was Going To The Ground He Landed It Lol c:
Arnou Rommel (3 years ago)
The stig is pro
ArmoredEarth (3 years ago)
nice shooting
Tom (3 years ago)
Jack Seevabalan (3 years ago)
Jordi u r the best do some more of stunters vs bombers
LoneDesertW01F (3 years ago)
Favorite YouTuber!!
Farhan Alhadeethi (3 years ago)
StewartMediEa (3 years ago)
Anyone notice how the Stig landed like a Quintuple barrel roll perfect near the end of the video. Watch at 6:50
Saučey Sāiyan (3 years ago)
The stig is a beast. He did turns in one jum
Prue Hazard (3 years ago)
Can't wait for heists!!!!!!!!!!
Commander Crohns (3 years ago)
hahahahaha nice vid kweb
RulosCap :O (3 years ago)
What are the song?
suntages giaolous (3 years ago)
guys did anyone knows how the song called in the video.who play?;):D
Ivotastic (3 years ago)
am i the only one who noticed the sick stunt on minute 6:53 ??
Zach Gelardi (3 years ago)
Ya that sick barrel role stunt that the Stig did that was sick
Scott Anderson (3 years ago)
This is a good game mode
Fernando Valdez (3 years ago)
Does the stig if that's how you spell it, have a YouTube channel?
Isaac Rivera (3 years ago)
Anybody want to add me on Xbox One Gamertag:CODGHOSTPROXx
Lupus Master (3 years ago)
The Stick? I think... he should start making viedos too. I would sub and watch
Prue Hazard (3 years ago)
Thibault Morin (3 years ago)
a link please
CGL TB (3 years ago)
Why aren't you on the same team as Jelle

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