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Obama Stimulus Breakdown

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Fox Business News' Liz Clayman highlights parts of the Obama stimulus plan and tells Harry Smith what may be ahead for GM and Chrysler as they struggle to survive.
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MEK (1 year ago)
Liz can get it.
Aviv Atias (8 years ago)
Seriously, with such a social leader for such a capitalistic nation in such a big crisis no one can expect any wise governmental act for emergency extrication. Bush was far, far from perfect, but yet he had the right capitalistic sense and view to the country he administrated. That's what I think. I'll be glad reading your opinion.
M HM (9 years ago)
U Give Money, people don't spend because they don't when the next check is coming in; stimulus does not occur. This has been tested time and again throughout history; failed in 1930's, failed in Japan in 1990's, failed in 2008 and it failed again in 2009; they should rev. history 1st. Help Small Business; incentives to hire; FORCE people to work, Not Sit On Their Ass as Obama's plan does.
DoctorJohnJGibbons (9 years ago)
Obamatron heuristic algorithm generator produces the following output in 99% of conditions: Bush's fault
itsacube (9 years ago)
The Dollar devalues during good economic time such as the pre-recession era in 2006. In a recession however the Dollar is considered a "safe haven" for investors. This is why the dollar has rose significantly since the start of the recession even when the markets are down. The Dollar shouldn't fall so much in such a short period of time especially when their is a recession going on. And the other claim is not true either, economists are split between if the stimulus will work or not.
itsacube (9 years ago)
Not all major banks are in danger of failing. You remember me talking about inflation awhile ago? you know about the dollar becoming near worthless? Well guess what, a day after the fed announced another big spending program the dollar has fallen 5% against the Euro and 2% against the yen, oil has gone up 50 cents or so....AND ALL IN 2 days......this isn't a good sign....the dollar shouldn't become devalued so fast....this just proves my point...HYPERINFLATION is coming!
itsacube (9 years ago)
Maybe it would be best to let bad companies fail because they made mistakes and let the recession take it's natural course down the road.... and when we emerge from the recession I can guarantee the economy would be cleansed of all the crap it has.
itsacube (9 years ago)
And now were spending so much so fast so...carelessly that the dollar, although it is actually rising right now, will eventually become near worthless. That will either cause extreme inflation or hyperinflation... Zimbabwe anyone? Oh did i mention the dollar is not backed by gold anymore it is now a fiat currency. How about if we would have spent the $700 B TARP on creating a GOOD bank to take all good assets from troubled banks....then the effect would be MUCH less severe .
itsacube (9 years ago)
First of all i'm not a republican. I am an Independent. Second of all in the great depression we didn't spend nearly as much money as we are doing now. FDR didn't spend enough money to possibly cut the unemployment rate by 10% and if you look back it took years for the rate to drop by 10%. As i said recessions and depressions end eventually. In WW2 jobs were created not by spending money but by manufacturing tons of stuff for the war which created jobs. Back then the dollar was backed by gold
itsacube (9 years ago)
The majority of trained professional economists were wrong about the US economy endlessly expanding and housing prices going up and up and up...and well that ended up to be false yes? We do need to fix our aging infrastructure but spending money you don't have will only cause major problems in the future, sure it might fix this current problem but it might cause hyperinflation....and well that WILL kill the economy, and recessions fix themselves after time alone....hyperinflation..doesn't
kcufmalsi (9 years ago)
B. Hussein Obama is an illegitimate dolt. The fraud still hasn't handed over a valid birth certificate. The muslim was born in Kenya. Americans are now seeing who they voted for. 2012 cannot come soon enough.
kcufmalsi (9 years ago)
If Obama thinks the people really want change, wait till 2012. Its amazing the media keeps comparing Obama to Lincoln and Reagan. The press apparently cant think of a Democrat worthy enough to compare him to.
sunshinegirl1967 (9 years ago)
Oh, I'm certain those were orders from headquarters!
sunshinegirl1967 (9 years ago)
Hehe I guess that exactly what she's doing. Did you notice how the network put that banner right across her chest?
sunshinegirl1967 (9 years ago)
Could you trust what a porn star tells you about the economy?
Sinjinator (9 years ago)
Why not both? :)
sunshinegirl1967 (9 years ago)
She needs to decide whether she wants to be taken seriously as a businesswoman or a porn star.
wowisuckatmath (9 years ago)
i heard that the obama didnt include republicans in the stimulus
Coree Cox (9 years ago)
Keith Morris (9 years ago)
i have a different opinion, there's a lot of shit we could cut from this bill and it would help the economy tremendously.
P. Doherty (9 years ago)
All this spending on "stimulus" sounds like trying for another hard on after it's rigorously spent. Feels like our economic system and faith is tired of the same hand job. Maybe Liz Clayman's silky hands can reinvigorate our economy.
skibee50 (9 years ago)
Liz, That TARP is not big enough to cover up all the shit and it does nothing for the stench!
skibee50 (9 years ago)
Do you mean the kind of military mind that has had an almost unlimited budget that can not account for over two trillion dollars in the past few years, that is trained to destroy and take over countries? Is that the kind of mind that you think the auto industry needs? Real fUnNy
Keith Morris (9 years ago)
stimulus plan=epic fail.

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