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Top 50 Best PC Indie Games to Play

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See the full list at https://whatoplay.com/pc/best/indie/ Ranking the best independent video games available for the #PC, Mac and Linux gamers. These are the top-rated #Indie pc games, ranked by #playscore. Support this channel by getting these games through the Amazon affiliate links below (A to Z): A Hat in Time http://wtp.cool/NKLcZ Antichamber http://wtp.cool/vpVPr Bastion http://wtp.cool/CWmIR BattleBlock Theater http://wtp.cool/8nh3l Broforce http://wtp.cool/vwZyL Celeste http://wtp.cool/YECY4 Crypt of the NecroDancer http://wtp.cool/hVo9U Cuphead https://wtp.cool/iRmhD Dead Cells https://wtp.cool/GoZyp Detention http://wtp.cool/VQWJm Downwell http://wtp.cool/6E30v Fez http://wtp.cool/dSpSQ FTL: Faster Than Light http://wtp.cool/YUe11 Gunpoint http://wtp.cool/vNVOY Hollow Knight http://wtp.cool/T9KLP Hotline Miami http://wtp.cool/4bI1b Hyper Light Drifter http://wtp.cool/CdJBE Gorogoa http://wtp.cool/NZ23g INSIDE http://wtp.cool/mzDVy Into the Breach http://wtp.cool/m4p8e LIMBO https://wtp.cool/6sjYJ Mark of the Ninja http://wtp.cool/H5l1n Night in the Woods http://wtp.cool/LrIYb Nuclear Throne http://wtp.cool/JECPP Opus Magnum http://wtp.cool/aSRF3 Ori and the Blind Forest http://wtp.cool/schR6 Pony Island http://wtp.cool/7WnoA Shovel Knight http://wtp.cool/N0ozY SOMA http://wtp.cool/SMOn8 Spelunky http://wtp.cool/Mcnrb Stardew Valley http://wtp.cool/8NBCB SteamWorld Dig 2 http://wtp.cool/RAoma Subnautica http://wtp.cool/7Nvdj Super Hexagon http://wtp.cool/SOSV6 Super Meat Boy http://wtp.cool/mAWuv Terraria http://wtp.cool/19GAF The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth http://wtp.cool/M9FQi The Stanley Parable http://wtp.cool/eJjzo The Swapper http://wtp.cool/TkIAF The Talos Principle http://wtp.cool/XqdXG This War of Mine http://wtp.cool/EW6RC Torchlight 2 http://wtp.cool/60oxN TowerFall Ascension http://wtp.cool/HRqbH Transistor http://wtp.cool/TpZTA Rakuen http://wtp.cool/pq8Ka Undertale http://wtp.cool/pHgsK West of Loathing http://wtp.cool/8AWnX What Remains of Edith Finch http://wtp.cool/jdRqb For more gaming updates, subscribe now at https://www.youtube.com/user/whatoplaychannel Discover all the BEST, NEW & UPCOMING PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS video games at https://whatoplay.com. --- All the new games : https://whatoplay.com/new/ --- List of all upcoming games : https://whatoplay.com/upcoming/ --- All top games ranking : https://whatoplay.com/best/ Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram --- https://www.facebook.com/whatoplay --- https://www.twitter.com/whatoplay --- https://instagram.com/whatoplay
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Text Comments (152)
Deen Brasco (1 day ago)
What about Narcosis, Aquaria, Braid, Botanicula, Year Walk, The Fall, Pinstripe, The Silent Age, Future Unfolding, Bad Dream Coma, The Messenger, Tokyo Dark, Far:Lone Sails, Return of the Obra Dinn, Salt and Sanctuary, Samorost 3, Dust: An Elysian Tail
alain gaudreault (2 days ago)
No Axiom Verge? :|
Vira Marie Talingting (2 days ago)
No Darkest Dungeon? Rimworld? Prison Architect? Overfall? Dont Starve? Pyre? Are you guys serious? You have all these stupid titles but not these gems?
Haleed Saleeh (3 days ago)
how about THE MESSENGER...
Kosmas Pec (6 days ago)
Very good playlist...But I couldnt find two of the most beautiful indie games Ive ever played."Teslagrad" and "Darkwood"
Cullen Forbes (10 days ago)
Oneshot??? HELLO??
Nora Enkhtaivan (11 days ago)
Little Nightmares should've been there , and Doki Doki Literature Club
George Bastard (11 days ago)
Are you like 17? I am but I mean most 17 year olds don't feel this comfortable showing there face like you are.
LAW (13 days ago)
No OneShot? Dissapointing
Lúcio José Beirão (13 days ago)
Hollow Knight always #1
Supreme King (14 days ago)
Don't starve Oxygen Not Included Hollow knight ??????
Christian Damiron (14 days ago)
They just don't know what they're talking about. Kiddos playing as influencers...
Mack Jamison (14 days ago)
is there somewhere that gives an sjw indicator of some kind for games? it's nice to have meta scores, but buying, installing, configuring controls, and all of that just to get a piece of leftist propaganda shoved down one's throat is getting a bit old
ABob71 (4 days ago)
I believe that is called "doing some research"
Novi (14 days ago)
Your teeth are sharp
p3chvog3l (15 days ago)
Try my new Game * Dan the Dungeon Digger - Trap Adventure * for Android ---- Free 2play Indie Game
Chan Jet (15 days ago)
dun have wizard of legend??
Moises Segura Rojas (15 days ago)
Starbound ?
UwU Time (15 days ago)
Hotline Miami number one
Athrial (16 days ago)
Wow, I agree with and love almost all of these! However.... We are certainly missing a few top contenders from this list which quite a few people have noticed. My big callouts are Risk of Rain and The Witness. It may not be considered indie anymore but XCOM was definitely worthy too.
Nacho Mancebo (17 days ago)
DoblePunch games (17 days ago)
Hell yeah!
Liam 1337 (17 days ago)
maybe next time use your own words for a video.
magik Andrzej (18 days ago)
Ori ❤️❤️❤️🔥
mhead1 1 (19 days ago)
I love undertale, but hollowknight is just so much better cant believe how low it is on this list
go commit deathpacito (20 days ago)
The Binding of Isaac and Hollow Knight are the best ones in my opinion
Nityanand Saswade (1 day ago)
Play ori youll say otherwise
Emerald world LP (16 days ago)
I agree
Manicômio Nerd (21 days ago)
Rain World?
Spaw Cicero (22 days ago)
hi, l do not have a computer,but l like the peoply who work on this mascot.🌵
Znyl Nj (22 days ago)
I really loves Ori and the Blind Forest back when it just come out 😊
Pixels (23 days ago)
Lemme guess, freaken shovel knight?
GREATFILMS PH (23 days ago)
You sounded like a Pinay... Are you a Pinay?
whatoplay (23 days ago)
Yep :)
Sintel MK (24 days ago)
best gaming info channel 👍
whatoplay (23 days ago)
Thank you so much, Sintel :)
DeadliestPotato (24 days ago)
Despite Divinity appearently being no. 1 It's not in the description Fix??
TheCivildecay (24 days ago)
FAKE NEWS: because Hollow Knight isn't on 1
Nityanand Saswade (1 day ago)
Ori is way better
go commit deathpacito (20 days ago)
FAKE NEWS: Undertale isn't on 50
Andru (Zoular) (24 days ago)
Guacamelee, Velocity 2X, Darkest Dungeon, Rogue Legacy, Stealth Inc, OlliOlli 2, Shantae and the Pirate's Curse. Goes to show how many games are out there, surprised it's Original Sin 2 on the list and not 1
KittyForHire (24 days ago)
Good list! Have to say I'm surprised Crosscode wasn't in there though...
KittyForHire (18 days ago)
+Guilherme Almeida Mmm, I'm quite sure it was officially released September 20th. Well, great game at any rate, even if it isn't on the list :)
Guilherme Almeida (18 days ago)
CrossCode was full released on november 20th, and the video was uploaded on october
Juan Tobar (25 days ago)
Also, no Iconoclasts? That game was awesome
whatoplay (23 days ago)
Iconoclasts receives a PlayScore of 8.50 on PC and fell short on the list. For more details, here a link about the game: https://whatoplay.com/pc/iconoclasts/
Juan Tobar (25 days ago)
Super Hexagon higher than Hollow Knight? Doesn't feel right
ern (11 days ago)
Yeah, I wouldn't trust metacritic scores too much on the quality of a game.
santhosh langesan (25 days ago)
Except Divinity original Sin, remaining games are shit
Indranil Dutta (14 days ago)
Cross code. The best indie game I have played.
Indranil Dutta (13 days ago)
+Novi Your wish, but It's a good game.
Novi (13 days ago)
+Indranil Dutta I'm not playing that biased crap
Indranil Dutta (13 days ago)
+Novi Just appreciate a good game. They are just meant to be enjoyed.
Indranil Dutta (13 days ago)
+Novi yeah
Novi (13 days ago)
+Indranil Dutta did you play it?
CloudD (26 days ago)
Surprised, there was no "Salt and sanctuary" great game. On this list Salt and sanctuary would be at least top 10 for everybody.
whatoplay (24 days ago)
Hi CloudD! Salt and Sanctuary's Playscore was really brought down by the Critic average. It's at 8.38. Read more about it here: https://whatoplay.com/pc/salt-and-sanctuary/
IAmRuby (26 days ago)
Hotline Miami awesome but short game
TheIcemanModdeler (26 days ago)
Should of added Shaolin Vs Wutang Vs The World, great fun fighting game.
Trevor Whitt (26 days ago)
About halfway through the video, I was thinking, "I swear, if Bastion and Stardew Valley aren't on this list, I will kill somebody!" Those are two of the best games I have ever played!!!!
whatoplay (26 days ago)
They're awesome! We're happy you enjoyed this video!
willian K (26 days ago)
I did not see the video, but I know Poney Island will appear
ShotsFired (26 days ago)
BroForce is free
Nusret Samanci (26 days ago)
To the moon 😞
whatoplay (26 days ago)
Hey Nusret! Unfortunately, To The Moon didn't get a high enough Playscore to be on this list. It got very close though, with a Playscore of 8.69: https://whatoplay.com/pc/to-the-moon/
Radu Vlad (26 days ago)
developer digital you say? 0.0
Wesley Lemos (26 days ago)
This channel <3 Now updating Steam 's wishlist
Cristi C (26 days ago)
Surprised that Rimworld isn't here
whatoplay (26 days ago)
Hi Cristi! Rimworld doesn't have enough critic scores to have a full Playscore to be considered in the ranking. Currently, it has a Provisional Playscore of 9.69. Gamers seem to really love this game. Read more about it here: https://whatoplay.com/pc/rimworld/
Alex García (26 days ago)
And owlboy???
whatoplay (23 days ago)
Currently, Owlboy has a PlayScore of 8.74 on PC. Here's a link about the game: https://whatoplay.com/pc/owlboy/
Patrick Gregorio (26 days ago)
Finally it's you again Raine 😍😘 more vids to come and live streams also 😊
Patrick Gregorio (24 days ago)
+whatoplay great 😊 thanks Raine and whatoplay fam 😍 see yah 😍 I can finally see Raine 😍 sana malapitan kita 😂
whatoplay (26 days ago)
What's up, Patrick! Just to make sure you don't miss it, here's Claire and I playing LEGO DC Super-Villains over at whatoplay LIVE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsZu40tKfsw See you at ARCHcon!
InvisibleMan95 (27 days ago)
You're adorable. I love your voice.
whatoplay (26 days ago)
Thank you :)
tasto (27 days ago)
whatoplay (26 days ago)
Hi Tasto! Owlboy ALMOST made it to this list. It currently has a Playscore of 8.74. Read more about it here:https://whatoplay.com/pc/owlboy/
Jawki (27 days ago)
Hah, why am I watching this? My PC can't run most of these anyways..
soylentgreenb (27 days ago)
Are you sure you didn’t miss a bunch of games that look too professional; e.g. the witcher 3, which was independently published.
soylentgreenb (26 days ago)
It's an indie Triple A game.
Ange Iuliano (26 days ago)
The Witcher 3 still stays a Triple A game.
Shogun Tacticool (27 days ago)
Nice list of indie games 🤩
kubatronix kubatronix (27 days ago)
What about the end is nigh
whatoplay (25 days ago)
Hello! Unfortunately, The End Is Nigh didn't make it to the list. It came close though, with a Playscore of 8.69. Read more about it here: https://whatoplay.com/pc/the-end-is-nigh/
Abishek Sundar (27 days ago)
There are so many good Indie games that top 50 just isn't enough. Although I don't disagree with a single game on this list, it's sad to see that Amnesia : The Dark Descent didn't make it into even the top 50 because of critic scores. It's gamer score (9.32) is high enough to make it into atleast top 15 though. https://whatoplay.com/pc/amnesia-the-dark-descent/
parash borah (27 days ago)
parash borah (27 days ago)
BOSTASH (27 days ago)
Thank you thank you thank you, i found a lot of game THANK YOU RAINE
whatoplay (26 days ago)
You're always welcome, BOSTASH!
Eric Hrahsel (27 days ago)
I love this gal
Mick Mickymick (27 days ago)
Isn't it Antechamber?
whatoplay (27 days ago)
The game or a word? If it's the game, it's Antichamber with details here: https://whatoplay.com/pc/antichamber/
Usam (27 days ago)
Oh look, a *grill*
Hashirama Minato (27 days ago)
You know what, I don't know many of these games but most of them looks awesome to me. Just gonna leave the like. . . Thanks guys. 👍👍
whatoplay (26 days ago)
YAY! We're happy you found new awesome games to play! Enjoy! If you want EVEN MORE, here's the full list: https://whatoplay.com/pc/best/indie/
Jon Schneider (27 days ago)
R A I N E ❤❤❤
Geekbot Portal (27 days ago)
Thankyou my list updated 😂
whatoplay (27 days ago)
You're welcome. :) And this list is constantly updated (almost everyday) at https://whatoplay.com/pc/best/indie/
ZaUvek1 (27 days ago)
Did a great job of changing your tone from game to game. It's a bit off putting to hear some of the other hosts describe games like This War of Mine in an upbeat and cheerful tone. Kept me engaged for a whole 20min lol wd. Also, did you guys have access to almost every PC indie game when making this list? Or are there some within the scoring system that might have missed the cut? I.e. Divinity: Original Sin 1 isn't there, as an example, I would have thought it would have scored higher than 8.
whatoplay (27 days ago)
We notice that, too. So we're trying to improve on the delivery to make it more appropriate to the game. We have some rules when we do these video. We don't display games on the same series, just add a note of what the scores of the other games are. (We'll have to improve on it, too.) For example Divinity: Original Sin has a score of 8.73 we should have mentioned that (https://whatoplay.com/pc/divinity-original-sin/). As for the complete list you may visit https://whatoplay.com/pc/best/indie/
kato rogi (27 days ago)
Dust an elysian tale
Lucyan Szilagy (27 days ago)
Where is Darkest Dungeon D:?
Vira Marie Talingting (2 days ago)
All these useless boring games with no originality was included in this list, but no Darkest Dungeon and Rimworld.? Goodness. What kind of list is this?
whatoplay (27 days ago)
Darkest Dungeon didn't make it on the list. It still has a high playscore with 8.42. You can check more details of it at https://whatoplay.com/pc/darkest-dungeon/
Nickie Archua (27 days ago)
great work!
Brandon Myers (27 days ago)
Enter the gungeon?
Nityanand Saswade (1 day ago)
Hollow knight always makes me feel somthing is missing but ori gave me that so its worth the rank
Brandon Myers (27 days ago)
Surprised nuclear throne has higher playscie thanks
whatoplay (27 days ago)
Enter the Gungeon almost made it to the list. It's ranking is on the 50s with a playscore of 8.74. https://whatoplay.com/pc/enter-the-gungeon/
That's a who's who of the indie gaming world. Great list!
bowalker 7 (27 days ago)
Hendy Dwi Putranto (27 days ago)
My another favorite caster :")
I like her most than you do, and please i'm not a Rhino dammit. I'm a Jedi.
Hendy Dwi Putranto (27 days ago)
Dude, i like her cause my fav caster on this channel and you wrong type my name you rhino tek tek lol
Back off Wendy Hwi Tarantado, Raine is mine! All MINE!!!!
Omar Ahmed (27 days ago)
Little Nightmares?!
whatoplay (27 days ago)
Oh, that memorable game. It's a good game but it didn't make it on the list. Though I'm confident that it's on the top 100 with the playscore of 8.30. You can visit it's page for details https://whatoplay.com/pc/little-nightmares/
Michael Pruden (27 days ago)
I agree with most of them especially Celeste, that soundtrack alone is better than all the other games here
Michael Pruden (27 days ago)
Where's Guacamelee! STCE!??
whatoplay (27 days ago)
Sadly, STCE didn't make it this time. It didn't have enough critics to get a playscore. It might on the next update, though. For more details about STCE, you can visit https://whatoplay.com/pc/guacamelee-super-turbo-championship-edition/
Kenneth Nyström (27 days ago)
Utter crap list that is supposed to be about indie games. Studios, Microsoft etc etc... This list is shit. top 2/3 of top 3 are NOT indiegames, and there is plenty more down the list.
Mohaamed Saied (27 days ago)
Bedo Fouad (27 days ago)
What about fran bow ? Oh and i love u guys 😘
whatoplay (26 days ago)
Loved that game. A lot of gamers seem to really love it too! Unfortunately, the critic ratings for this game, specifically from Game Skinny, really brought the Playscore down. Currently it has a Playscore of 8.22. Read more about Fran Bow here: https://whatoplay.com/pc/fran-bow/
npc #149524620798 (27 days ago)
Well I'm certainly not complaining about number 1(seriously if you like rpg's buy this it's worth every penny)
whatoplay (27 days ago)
Yes, after playing shooters and MOBA... going back to cRPG stumped me. So much so that it took me more than 20 hours to get out of Fort Joy. What's your favorite part of DOS 2?
Fadil Ashari (27 days ago)
If only my pc hadnt broken
Fadil Ashari (27 days ago)
whatoplay yeah but we didnt have much money
whatoplay (27 days ago)
HDD is easier to fix than the others.. and cheaper. It's the re-installing and downloading that's a pain.
Fadil Ashari (27 days ago)
whatoplay hdd
whatoplay (27 days ago)
Which parts broke?
Juanjo A. (27 days ago)
Whatoplay best channel ever!! Hi🙆
Juanjo A. (27 days ago)
What about ps vita top?
whatoplay (26 days ago)
Here's our PS VITa of ALL TIME list: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhGv3ypkkQg&t=246s If you want a more updated list, visit our website: https://whatoplay.com/vita/best/
Juanjo A. (27 days ago)
Dreamcast top please!!! 🙋
Juanjo A. (27 days ago)
Raine, your teeth are beter and beter kisses 💗😙
whatoplay (26 days ago)
Hey Juanjo! Thanks for the kind words, and the video suggestions! We're happy you enjoyed this video. Happy Gaming!
Joker (27 days ago)
Man, I really wanna play Stardew Valley... Looks so peaceful! Great job on the video Raine and team!!
whatoplay (26 days ago)
Thank you for the kind words, Joker! Play it! It's a lot of fun :)
herkassim99 (27 days ago)
Joker it’s coming this week on phone 📱
ISMAIL SENPAI (27 days ago)
Top anime games plz !!!!!
whatoplay (27 days ago)
Sure, we'll keep this in mind. Do you want the PC list? Because we have the Android list at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyiWnaOlihU and iOS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-8JgGRZEVE
ZazaVison (27 days ago)
Like when you hear PNL right now
9mmSquad. (27 days ago)
whatoplay (26 days ago)
You're welcome :)

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