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Madden 13 - Kansas City Chiefs [Online] Connected Careers Coach Introduction [Episode 1]

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I got the first game uploaded, link at the end of the video or you can click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bItDF76A-iU ------------------------------------------------------------ This is an introduction video to the online connected career I am in. We are 25 teams evenly divided in the divisions. Starting next video will be game footage, beginning with my game against the Buffalo Bills (Week 2). Week 1 game unfortunately not available due to recording hardware/software issues. --------------------------------------------- As mentioned, here are the trades made so far: Trade #1 From Patriots: CB Dennard, CB Arrington. From Titans: CB Campbell, CB Coty. Trade #2 From Bucs: HB Blount, CB Lewis, 2013 5th pick. From Raiders: CB Bartell, CB Lee Trade #3 From Vikings: TE Carlson, CB Jefferson. From Raiders: 2013 3rd pick Trade #4 From Seahawks: FS Thomas, TE Miller, 2013 3rd pick. From Chiefs: TE Winslow, FS Lewis, LG Allen Trade #5 From Jets: MLB Davis, 2013 5th and 6th pick. From Raiders: HB Jones Trade #6 From Vikings: RT Otah. From Raiders: 2013 4th and 5th pick, 2014 3rd pick.
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