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I truly can't express what it means for all of your comments, text & emails reaching out to me. I can't say it enough THANK YOU! This is my city & we will REBUILD our CITY! I Love You Houston xoxo Some Photos are courtesy of ABC-13 Houston. Check CouponTom.com to locate other coupons. IBOTTA - Join My Team: Referral Code is RSRITOA or click link below. https://ibotta.com/r/rsritoa ************************* Toopie's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeRUJabDBDDXT-zZhX23SRQ/feed **************************** Stay Connected With Me: Want to write me? Toni Parrish P.O. Box 6536 Kingwood, Texas 77325 What Camera's Do I Film With? Canon 60D Canon T3 Canon Powershot Elph 180 iPhone 7plus ***I edit in Movie Maker. I don't own a MAC. I use Windows 10 Music: ●Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/aka-dj-quads Want to email me??? **************************************** Email: CouponingWithToni@gmail.com For Business Inquiries (Only) Email: CouponToniPR@gmail.com Coupons.com Smartsource.com CVS.com/Coupons Stores I shop at: CVS, Walgreens, Dollar General, Kroger, HEB, Walmart, Randalls (Safeway), Dollar Tree. I don't have Rite Aid. What Is My Channel About/Channel Information https://youtu.be/Lbw82VICKEQ What Insert is that coupon in? Coupon Data Base: http://coupontom.com/ (search which inserts coupons are in) SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS Instagram: https://instagram.com/couponingwithtoni/ Facbebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100017166512320 Twitter: https://twitter.com/couponwithtoni SnapChat: ToniCoupons How To Start Couponing https://youtu.be/sSyBT3vPbXU How To Pay W/ PayPal-Dollar General: https://youtu.be/jvUCQqyqffE I Don't Coupon With My Own Money/Rebate Apps: https://youtu.be/-PWkHukmJgQ How To Print from CVS.com https://youtu.be/-8EPnt6VC1k Meet Mr. Lee aka My Hubby (He's not a secret) https://youtu.be/_fMxGm3nDOI Helpful Walgreens Tips Q/A: https://youtu.be/7kHpBrvlet4 What Kind of Printer Do I use? https://youtu.be/W6zk6BkD-tk CVS Lingo & Couponing Terms https://youtu.be/Y357wGoAR7s How I Organize My Binder https://youtu.be/1GcLFEIedNM Trading/Sharing Coupons with Toni https://youtu.be/4i4Cfbs3lFA How To Price Match At Walmart? https://youtu.be/BwhgqAXlrQA How To Pay with Paypal? https://youtu.be/1-WeLg_q6Js *************************************** I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON & BACK!!!! #MoonSquad If you read all of this You're The Real MVP's
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Couponing With Toni (1 year ago)
Anyone who wants to donate you can ship to my PO BOX & I will drop off. I have diapers I will be donating, along with probably my entire stockpile. Lots of kids lost all of their school supplies,backpacks etc as school had not started for us yet. My PO BOX info is in the description box if you want to send anything. We are going to shelter locations as soon as we're able to drive but for now the freeways are covered & especially the freeway to my house. It's under water. Thank you for your prayers, well wishes & concern for MY AMAZING CITY!!! #Houston ❤️
Christina Paulson (1 year ago)
I have a friend who wants to donate baby clothes that is in good condition.
Emily Ward (1 year ago)
Couponing With Toni ..hi toni, glad to know you and family are safe. Would it be okay if we mailed you cvs, dollar general etc gift cards along with some items? I know you will do a great job at getting people just what they need when some stores reopen and will send diaper coupons and any other coupons I can print. Keep us all posted. Sending prayers for all. Emily
Tricked ya (19 days ago)
I live in Clear Lake... currently right now my tree just got struck by lightning
Aracely Belmontes (1 year ago)
I am so glad you guys are doing well. God bless.
122204dr (1 year ago)
Glad your safe toni we are close to san jacinto river and lake houston too bug that god our house didnt flood
Cherlane Harris (1 year ago)
Just checking in on you Toni. Good to know you and your family are doing well and are able to do what you do best and that is to help others. Hang in there. our prayers are with you all.
yukari wright (1 year ago)
I am SO VERY GLAD, that you & your familyare safe. Thanks for the update. Be strong & stay brave, cause you are!!
Yesenia (1 year ago)
Praying you and your family are well. 💜
Sarah N (1 year ago)
Just donated my stockpile excess, probably worth $1000, to a local Christian ministry that is sending truckloads of stuff down to the hurricane area. Praying for all affected by this storm.
Simpli_Nisa (1 year ago)
Stay safe...praying for Houston and all other affected areas. Glad to hear that you and your family is safe.
Camillia Herrien (1 year ago)
You all are in my prayers! My brother lives in Houston and they are doing well. I did have a friend here from Mississippi who lost everything. We are here getting things together for them. I will continue to pray for you all. Thank you for your wonderful spirit and for keeping us updated with your videos❤.
Bridgette Saxton-Hall (1 year ago)
Glad you all are doing ok. Still praying for Texas...
Valerie Ramirez (1 year ago)
Sending prayers to you guys!! Stay safe!!! I live in Corpus Christi by the university and we were very blessed that it wasn't bad... Rockport, Aransas Pass, Refugio, and other neighboring towns are completely wiped out!!! Because of your videos I have been able to get a small stockpile in 3 months... I will be going to these towns on Saturday and Sunday to donate my entire stockpile... I'm hoping other will send me more items that all of these people are needing...
Patricia Richardson (1 year ago)
We are praying for all of you guys! Please stay safe
Candy Carr (1 year ago)
Toni, I'm glad your family and home are ok. Sending prayers to you all!
Mireya Perez (1 year ago)
Dear friend I could not even shower last night knowing people in other cities cant even have clean dry clothes. all my heart to Houston .
Karen Simmons (1 year ago)
Toni I too will be donating from my stock pile from Philadelphia to Houston. I pray your family remains safe.
Diana Simply Saves (1 year ago)
Prayers for you and all those affected.
Glad you and your family are doing ok i will keep yall in my prayers
Ethel Robinson (1 year ago)
How can we donate! Where do we go! I'm in South Carolina
Brenda clawson (1 year ago)
Thank you for the updates, I am so glad you and your family are fine. thoughts and prayers for everyone there in Texas. I have family near Austin and my heart just aches for you all. May God Bless you and your family and all your city dwellers.
Tanya Rowland (1 year ago)
Praying for all..be safe❤
Camille Anderson (1 year ago)
Keepin you an your family in my prayers I have family in Houston Texas also I just pray things get better.,
tomuch (1 year ago)
hi toni hope all is well. Praying for you and your family.
Couponing Forever (1 year ago)
Hey what happened to ur Instagram I can't find you anywhere. If you block me cuz I said something I'm so sorry and I didn't meant to offend you. But I barely comment so I'm clueless. Help me
Beth (1 year ago)
Thinking of you, your family and friends. It is so difficult to watch everything unfold on TV. Praying!
Auntie M Arrington (1 year ago)
I am so glad you and your family are safe. Still praying.
Carmen Reyes (1 year ago)
Hope ya are good. Blessings to you and yours.
Bobbie Lee (1 year ago)
Happy you're doing okay Toni and family ❤️
always hope (1 year ago)
I'll be praying for you and your family please update us take care
gravyqueen (1 year ago)
So glad to hear that you are safe!
Couponing SegParsons (1 year ago)
Glad you are safe :) This is a beyond words tragedy. CBN ( Operation Blessing ) and Samaritans Purse are waiting a few hours from Houston with supplies. As quickly as they can they will be getting to people. There are resources set up in my area in Boston collecting all kinds of needed items. If people are sending cash donations, please make sure you are giving to a reputable organization. Sadly there will be scammers and we want to make sure our help gets to the people in need.
Amber (1 year ago)
One of my best friends lives in League City and has been sharing pictures off all the devastation. It's horrible and sad! I'm praying for all of you guys down there and plan on donating a ton of stuff from my stockpile! Stay safe!
Elena Ayala (1 year ago)
Hi Toni Please update us on how you and your family are doing. Please upload another video. I'm keeping you all in my prayers 🙏🏻
Peggy Schultz (1 year ago)
God bless you Toni and your family thank you for making these videos Plz be careful I will be praying for you and your family and everyone in Houston
Nina George (1 year ago)
Glad you are ok Toni! Thank you for collecting donations!
CathyR (1 year ago)
Hoping you are still safe today. I am just an exit or two north of you on 59 and we have been fighting to stay dry. You are very generous and I appreciate what you are doing for all of our communities.
Brenda Wright (1 year ago)
Be safe Brenda from Westland Michigan
Kristen Houston (1 year ago)
I am so happy to know you ate safe. #prayforHouston
Amber Owens (1 year ago)
Angels Haven (1 year ago)
TONI, GOTO BPEARTHWATCH ON UTUBE, VIDEO DATED 8/28, TODAY. You hv MORE water coming in from a low pressure front on Friday. I really wish you guys would get out where you wld hv access to water and sewage, and electricity. I am really worried about you guys.. It gonna get worse. Your home may be ok but the sewage and lack of fresh water, not being able to get out, no power, etc. You are welcome and your family to co e to TN and stay w me. My apt may be tiny but we will make do. We can get air mattresses for sleeping, i hv 2 bathrooms, etc. Come on.
S Phill (1 year ago)
Glad You and your family are good! Stay safe!
Eboni Battle (1 year ago)
Thanks for the update Toni. 🙏🏼
GippyWhite (1 year ago)
Stay safe!!! Much love!!! 🙏🏻💙💙💙
couponingtosave (1 year ago)
hope every thing is ok with your family, my son's area was flooded really bad in houston thank god he was in and still is in new york, but praying for safety for you guys , stay safe
Maritza Santiago (1 year ago)
There is a church also in my area taking a bus all the way to Texas with supplies.we will be sending our stockpile over their. also the red cross will be sending and shipping stuff to that area be safe.. Tony my prayers to you and everyone in the state prayers heading out to all.. Peace to all this is the time to be one as a family. HELP ,SHARE, PRAY
yolanda sanders (1 year ago)
be safe toni God bless
Jessica Nunez (1 year ago)
Toni god bless you and your family if you need a place to stay please come to New Jersey we are here for you. I feel so helpless for all of you 😔😔
Nancy R (1 year ago)
Am glad to see that u guys r doing good, am been watching the news on Facebook and I see that it's real bad, I'll keep u and ur family and all Texas in my prayers
Jennifer Lew (1 year ago)
Keeping you, your family and everyone affected by Harvey in my prayers! So glad you are alright--
Kelly Hackney (1 year ago)
Toni and family I am extremely happy you are all safe!!
Jeanette P (1 year ago)
Glad your staying safe. Please let us know where we can send stockpile items, I am going to get a couple of boxes ready tonight. I am in Pa so would need to ship it. I did find a church in Houston (Life Church) that on there facebook page they say they are accepting donations. Please stay Safe! <3
Janet Zaragoza (1 year ago)
🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏🙏🙏thank god you and your family are safe. Praying for houston
Tonya Bonner (1 year ago)
We love you guys and are glad you are okay.
Sandi Roston (1 year ago)
Toni God Bless you and your entire family, friends and neighbors. Prayers have and are going out for all.
skittles twix (1 year ago)
Glad to hear that you and your family are alright. Stay safe!
Eveline Gonzalez (1 year ago)
Toni my prayers are not stop for Houston Texas May God have mercy on all of us. I live in Florida and it keeps on raining here to. Just praying to God that it stops raining so everything could clear up soon.
laura cummings (1 year ago)
As a long time subscriber to your Channel I feel I know your beautiful family.know that all your subscribers are sending you our love and praying for you and all those affected by this terrible storm. Please keep the weather updates coming a lot of us have family in the Houston area. As couponers we are ready to help, because of you we have large stockpiles and are ready to be of service .We all love YOU to the Moon and back😃💝
Nana Papa (1 year ago)
Stay strong, sweet friend. We are praying for you and Houston.
Meluca AKA Melissa (1 year ago)
Toni is there a way we can ship some necessities to help people and use them
Cherry Ransom (1 year ago)
I'm glad that you all are doing well!!! Continuing to pray for you all and you state!!! God bless!!!
Ms. Taz (1 year ago)
Glad to see you and your family are ok. God bless yall
Tameka Mc (1 year ago)
Glad you and family are okay. Stay safe!
Sharon Genus (1 year ago)
Thank God you are okay Toni. Love you!!
Liz Rose (1 year ago)
Glad to hear you're safe. Praying for you and all in Texas ♡♡
Summer Breeze (1 year ago)
My boyfriend got flooded and lost everything..even his cars are under water. All i can do is cry..but at least he is safe now. He lived in Houston his entire life and never lived through anything like this. So sad.
Cvs Couponzalez (1 year ago)
You welcome girl. Im ready to donate. Just Keep us posted. Stay safe and blessings. Praying that rain just stops. This is serious and it makes me sad for people who have flooded home. With the grace of GOD everything will be back to normal.
Daizyjla1 (1 year ago)
Lots of love and prayers from Iowa! ❤️
Couponing Forever (1 year ago)
Hey I was trying to find I in instagram and I can't something happened ?
brelee77 (1 year ago)
Toni sending prayers and❤️❤️❤️ your way #Houston.
melissa lynch (1 year ago)
Athena Martin (1 year ago)
Praying for you and ALL of Houston and Galveston.
Dawn Torres (1 year ago)
Thanks to you Toni, I've been able to build a great stock pile and it made my heart so happy to pack it up and send it with my church when they left for Houston this morning.
Nina Hill (1 year ago)
Glad you and your family is ok, praying for Houston
Krazy 4Coupons (1 year ago)
In our prayers it's good to hear you are okay
LaMona Curry (1 year ago)
I am praying it stops raining! Stay safe and your family, ik in Indiana we are donating and planning on coming there when we can!! We love you too!
gab n gee's mom (1 year ago)
Try to stay safe, our prayers are with everyone in Texas:-)
Lisa Adams (1 year ago)
Glad to see that you and your family and still doing good continued prayers for you guys and the people of Houston....so appreciate the video udates every time I see one that you post I breath a sigh of relief knowing that you guys are ok.....love you Toni and family
Lynnita Cooper (1 year ago)
Good morning Toni!!!!! I'm here in South Houston. We have been blessed not to be flooded out, but all around us is. We are basically trapped, but at least we are in a bubble. We have no internet or phone, but we still have electricity. We did not luck out on getting food because I use public transportation, so by the time I would get to a store everything would be gone. We have enough water to last the rest of the week and our food should last another 2-3 days. BUT I refuse to leave because we are safe and I refuse to put the 1st responders in danger. Right now, my only means of reaching out is the free 1 hour pass from Xfinity. The entire time I have been worried about your family up in Kingwood. I had family members trapped in the high water on Saturday night. Luckily, they were rescued on Sunday morning. Luv you and you guys stay safe.
Breana Broussard (1 year ago)
I'm in the area of both of the reservoirs. 😫 The water is creeping up my street. The grocery store has a line around the corner with hours of a wait time to get in and check out. Food is running low. No highway access from my street. Energy corridor is flooded very badly. I also live on the first floor. Please y'all say some prayers.
Andrea Alexander (1 year ago)
Praying for you and your family and the state of Houston.
So glad you are safe! My prayers are with You! Blessings!
Rolanda Carson (1 year ago)
Praying for everyone
Aubrey Smith (1 year ago)
So glad you and your family are alright. Sending prayers your way ❤️
Joann Cragle (1 year ago)
Stay safe sorry for everyone sending hugs and love for all 💞
Carrie Decker (1 year ago)
Continued prayers. Stay safe
Gisela Jaimes (1 year ago)
here in Beaumont it's scattered flooding, but they're still doing evacuations and rescuing in boats in some places. I was helping at a shelter with the Red Cross.. and they can't get access to many of the supplies they need. they're going off of donations from stores and restaurants. it's crazy.. I'm glad y'all are okay Toni. ♡
DAN (1 year ago)
Good it's with you! Everything it's going to be ok let's keep praying!!
christine malone (1 year ago)
Toni,thank you for the update.glad u r still in your home.did your son get off to college.how has your mom and sister faired since your earlier post.take care.
Theresa Kyser (1 year ago)
We are so glad you and family are ok I am praying for H-Town you guys will be ok
Eyez am Rich 007 (1 year ago)
Praying for Houston stay safe glad to know you and your fam are safe!...
Lisa W. (1 year ago)
Praying for you guys!
Jennifer Smith (1 year ago)
Toni, I'm praying for you, your family and Houston. I really enjoy watching your videos. You and your hubby are so down to earth and crack me up. God will take care of you all, I'll keep praying and y'all keep your heads up. Lots of love, joy and sunshine coming your way! 💕😊
MissRika30 (1 year ago)
Thank God u guys are ok. I'm praying for everyone effected. We here In Louisiana are sensitive to hurricanes after Katrina so I know a lot of people who are gathering things to bring and send to family's who have been hit by the storm
nellie black (1 year ago)
I'm praying for you and the family. My daughter is in Houston on campus she can't leave, but she is doing well.
Victoria Maxwell (1 year ago)
prayers for you Toni and your family, glad to know you are okay. sending prayers.
ivette Rosado (1 year ago)
Aww Toni I hope u guys are ok I will pray so everything gets better..😉😉
Sandra P (1 year ago)
Glad you are safe! We live very close to Cypress Creek. We had to leave our home and know we have at least 2 feet in our house and 5 feet in our backyard. Thankfully we are with family and dry. Hope to get home soon to start the cleanup. Be safe!
S Spearman (1 year ago)
My prayers are with you and your family. Be safe and God bless.
Bobbie Garza (1 year ago)
Glad ya'll are safe Toni. I was watching the updates in Houston, very very sad. Stay strong Toni. Many prayers for your family & all of Texas.
This is a learning lesson a stockpile means alot. Port Arthur TX is safe just rain and some flooding. There are many YouTubers, Bloggers in Texas and couponers that have all suffered. All be safe. I will donate in my local area from Dependable Angel Services and Branch Lawn Services. Be safe Toni and your family.

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