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Boyfriend vs Girlfriend Prank War Compilation

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Text Comments (1679)
CANTOR GIL BRITO (3 hours ago)
Vocês são muito bons parabéns morri de rir 🇧🇷🇧🇷 🇧🇷🇧🇷 Brasil
Cihan Cakmak (7 hours ago)
All white girls likes nigga cock
Raquel Calel (10 hours ago)
AtrevSG (3 days ago)
The Listerine and soap💀his face when he realized he just put soap in his mouth 💀😂
The Apranax (5 days ago)
CJ !!
Calvin T (5 days ago)
Gk funny
Celric Gwapa (6 days ago)
1:00 I get off my pants and I masturbzzzzzz <3
hamza brown (6 days ago)
Back when nates videos got views.
dam dat marshmallow launcher wasn't da only thing dat launched dat moment..how many of u paused n choked da chicken
WENDRYUSBLACK (7 days ago)
Que dona gata hein irmão????
Nemo Ross (7 days ago)
Glen Doucette (8 days ago)
Where did you get the marshmallow launcher?
Andy Lee (9 days ago)
what is her instagram
Caleb Baker (9 days ago)
how didn't the soap stick to the mouthwash bottle P.S i miss you guys being together
Diane Bacudo (12 days ago)
Jose Coss (15 days ago)
lmao.. too funny..
Destiny Charlot (16 days ago)
Lmao how the soap bottle gon be back full after she poured it in the Listerine bottle 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️💀
Pike Man (16 days ago)
Why so many dudes get dumped - shit like this.
Marea Marea (16 days ago)
Que buena esta ella jajajaj
Maleigha Kay (17 days ago)
Damn y’all was cuter so much more personality an love in yalls relationship
I'M A (17 days ago)
Harsh Sinha (17 days ago)
Ur present gf is lol And in video the girl have cuteness
Abdullah IB (17 days ago)
petite and short girls will be always cute & sweet
music tv (20 days ago)
music tv (20 days ago)
music tv (20 days ago)
music tv (20 days ago)
Patrick Johnson (20 days ago)
This is haha
Danu Suheriansyah_2011 (20 days ago)
Stupid niga
Nam Cung Thiên (20 days ago)
You loss I win
Jayvee Concepcion (21 days ago)
1:04 thank me later
الله ابوك قانه يستعرض بالضعيفه ذي كل يوم 😹😹💔
Fuck u blak man ... you are Like a monkey .. Girl whore dog money*
lona lion (21 days ago)
I miss them
jada brooks (21 days ago)
That first one had me quaking.
Ahtisham Ali Ahtii (22 days ago)
name of the song playing in the last please
Karen khan (22 days ago)
I 'll play prank with you and you play with me in return... no one knows it's planned... we have a YouTube channel let's make money without working... dear girlfriend all you have to do is be a prostitute and reveal your assets as much as possible. Ok let's go ahead ( prank is ready)
Júnior Santos. (22 days ago)
Andy Neipert (23 days ago)
She look good wut she wus wair in bed
Wedi Gerie (23 days ago)
funny family
ali baltaci (24 days ago)
1.04 i see pink area
HARIS. HAJE. K W. (25 days ago)
Emil Natanek (25 days ago)
Zdrowe dupsko z niej
00 00 (25 days ago)
سبحان المصخر هاالقطعه مع ها الخال تحيات ابو سعود
AKIM Raja (25 days ago)
Very sexy girl I like you
Prince Savage (26 days ago)
Air horn
L3gioQ DS (26 days ago)
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Andrei GR (26 days ago)
1:00 nice ass
Robinho gameplay (27 days ago)
Alguem br
arif altundağ (27 days ago)
Türkler kendini belli edebilir mi
والله عليها طيز
Sidra Malik (29 days ago)
King Carter (1 month ago)
I wish they were still together
Mubashir Umer (1 month ago)
what is the song that is played at the end of the video?
يا صحابي كحلوش وعند الزهر
iRylan (1 month ago)
Anthony Adame (1 month ago)
I miss them💯💀😂
Jaspreet Gohlar (1 month ago)
Liked this video just for 0:38.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Alejandro Alvarado (1 month ago)
Forgot how bad she was
Noer Fadjar (1 month ago)
nice ass
MultiAlexR1 (1 month ago)
Song at the end??
HxA 310 : 90501 (1 month ago)
In the thumbnail ur girl ass eating up her shorts,
Milan Conhye (1 month ago)
i know i aint gonna get a reply from this but what bag is that in 1:26 of the video?
Calon Pns (1 month ago)
JR Viz (1 month ago)
jajajaja....que falso. ¡
anak mamah (1 month ago)
Good video Mantap
Freddy Urey (1 month ago)
WOW she's do beautiful that I don't she even farts.
Dont Know (1 month ago)
These aren't even pranks there is nothing funny about them
Chita (1 month ago)
Miss that couple
nihal sheikh (1 month ago)
love is blind 😂😂😂
Saad Ali (1 month ago)
I wish i hav a gf 🙂
Garry Evangelista (1 month ago)
Sex 1st before marriage its a big illusion😜😜😜😜😜👊
Vivek Vishwakarma (1 month ago)
You missed butthole
mauro juniro (1 month ago)
ariel sharon (1 month ago)
Ough yeah hot fuck .. black and teens interacial ..
Pranab Bhatta (1 month ago)
negga got a white girl👅
dirty Joe (1 month ago)
i can give you my deelancer for dat ass niqqa
nabil nabil (1 month ago)
the girl is so fucking hot i want her
Flake Da2 (1 month ago)
When it whole life is a prank
Ahsan Moeen (1 month ago)
1:00 thumbnail
TeaCup (1 month ago)
Is that a butt plug
Vince Federipe (1 month ago)
Sonu Paswan (1 month ago)
0.59 nice ass😗😗
Paras Sharma (1 month ago)
99% came here for 0:59
Spit Fireking (1 month ago)
First one Wow why you played with that girl heart like that man you got her hopes up then crushed it
Samsul Huda (1 month ago)
enak dadi wong luar dorong rabi wes gpp turu bareng
Stephen Norman (1 month ago)
Soap don't she know soap is poisoness.
Piyush Kadukar (1 month ago)
Hat's off to those who watched Complete video for the thumbnail..
Pavan Kalyan (1 month ago)
Rey nala na kodaka ,nikenti Ra white ammai
Washid Khan (1 month ago)
So hot girl nice ass
I'm a Super Saiyan (1 month ago)
1:00 nice view
Liberal Party (1 month ago)
The girl is soooo yummy...
Benjamin Chin (1 month ago)
Greatest vid of all time!
alphiejh1 (1 month ago)
ok , i had to wait till the end of this video to comment , but u 2 love birds are crasy cool , thats what i call tru love if u can take each others pranks
alphiejh1 (1 month ago)
ok ok , i though only u make pranks but she do it to , now thats a wakeup call
alphiejh1 (1 month ago)
heheheheh..... that with the ring is funny ,
AAM EDITS (1 month ago)
They were so ciut together why they broke up 😏
Muhammad Irfan (1 month ago)
Hahahaha The Last One 😀😀
yasser sama (1 month ago)
القصيرات 😍
Axel Georg Carlbaum (1 month ago)

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