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Grand Theft Auto: IV Trailer #3

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The third trailer for the long awaited game Grand Theft Auto 4. Song is Serjoga - King Ring I will probably upload that later
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MMaRsu (10 years ago)
Seryoga - Ring King
Masenko (10 years ago)
MMaRsu (10 years ago)
Yeah Saints Row controls are great :)
Kaijam Jeffers (10 years ago)
the trailer looks and sounds awesome! can't wait! hopefully the controls are as good as saint's row. the only thing i'm worried about are the controls.
LJkAze (10 years ago)
Rags to riches 2008. I love how everything about this game doesn't remind me about any other gta..nope not in the slightest. The framerate is awesome too, which calls for some smooth urban brawls and shootouts that people never seem to tire of.

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