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Alcohol - How Alcohol Affects The Body - What Causes A Hangover

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In this video I discuss how alcohol affects the body, and some of the side effects of alcohol in the human body. I go through the path of alcohol in the body, the damage from alcohol, and what causes a hangover. I also discuss how drinking alcohol over time can harm your body, such as by causing a fatty liver. Transcript (partial) We are going to take a little trip of what happens to alcohol in the body. Once it is consumed alcohol goes down the normal food path of digestion. From the mouth through the esophagus and into the stomach. Here, about 20% of alcohol is absorbed through the stomach lining into the bloodstream, which means it is getting into the bloodstream very quickly. From the stomach, the alcohol that was not absorbed in the stomach next travels to the small intestine. One note here, if there is no food in the stomach, so an empty stomach, or if the alcohol is not consumed with any food, it gets to the small intestine very quickly. In the small intestine, the rest of the alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream and travels to the liver. So, in the liver, an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase, which is also present in the lining of the stomach, which we will call ADH, oxidizes the alcohol, or ethanol molecule. In basic terms this means that the enzyme comes in and changes the chemical structure of ethanol, so, ethanol becomes acetaldehyde. This substance is known to be toxic and carcinogenic, or poisonous and cancer causing. This acetaldehyde is then metabolized down to a substance called acetic acid, which is less harmful to the body. Acetic acid can then be broken down into carbon dioxide and water. When alcohol is present, the liver will work on metabolizing it first. So, fatty acids can accumulate, which is why so many heavy drinkers develop fatty livers. It is estimated that the liver can eliminate about 0.5oz of alcohol per hour, which is about 1 beer, or 1 glass of wine, or 1 shot. The heart then pumps the alcohol rich blood to the lungs. Some of the alcohol in the lungs is breathed out every time you exhale causing your breath to smell of liquor. The lungs send the alcohol containing blood back to the heart where it is pumped to all parts of the body, including the brain. Once alcohol enters the brain, it slows down nerve cells that control your ability to move and think. So, judgment becomes impaired and movement becomes disrupted. Some people will begin to sweat and most will smell like alcohol. Alcohol also decreases the body’s production of anti-diuretic hormone. Antidiuretic hormone helps your kidneys manage the amount of water in your body. The decrease of this hormone causes the kidneys to not reabsorb water; instead it is excreted as urine, causing the body to become dehydrated. If alcohol consumption continues, it could lead to loss of consciousness. And massive alcohol consumption or binge drinking could lead to alcohol poisoning. This happens when there is a high concentration of alcohol in the bloodstream and this could result in coma, respiratory depression or possibly death. Now let’s look at the aftereffects of alcohol over consumption…the dreaded hangover. The exact causes of a hangover are not completely understood, but there are several factors that may contribute to it. The chemical acetaldehyde is formed from ethanol, it is believed that this chemical is what causes the headaches associated with hangovers. The increase in urination leading to dehydration, which could cause the thirst, dry mouth and dizziness. Some immune cells produce substances called cytokines, which can contribute to nausea and. Some alcoholic beverages increase the release of gastric acid in the stomach, and delay the emptying of the contents in the stomach, which could be the reason for stomach pain associated with hangovers. Alcohol can also interfere with the livers production of glucose, the main form of energy for cells, which could contribute to dizziness, disorientation and lack of energy. The long term effects of alcohol over consumption include anemia, which is a low amount of oxygen carrying red blood cells. It can lead to cell death in the liver cells and brain cells, leading to these organs not functioning properly. The risk of heart failure increases; as does the risk of stomach and intestinal problems, and many heavy drinkers have high blood pressure. Over consumption of alcohol can also lead to relationship problems, depression, and employment problems. And these are just a few of the long term problems associated with constant over consumption of alcohol. It is always about moderation. Limiting yourself to 1 or 2 drinks from time to time is probably a good strategy. As you can see, over consumption of alcohol has a lot of negative effects on your body, and consistent over consumption of alcohol has catastrophic effects on your body.
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Huey Freeman (23 hours ago)
Wait so alcohol contributes to cancer development?
Whats Up Dude (2 hours ago)
Hey Huey Freeman, it can increase the risk of developing certain cancers, especially cancer of the mouth, throat, voice box and esophagus.
'alchol caan lead to respiratory depression , coma, possibly death' why tf is this leagal?? ...i used to cosume from age 18 until i turned 20 that's when i stop, i wasn't aware that it could be this harmful!!! thank you for this video <3
frigofflayhey (8 days ago)
I have never had a hangover and i drink myself into a coma every night. I only drink at night
The Vlogs of AK (26 days ago)
This is from my heart and trust me on this , the mental effects of alcohol is way worse than anything else. Its like you have to adapt to enjoying life all over again without it. It wastes your hobbies your time and your wallet. Am glad i stopped. I advice all people to stop and think for a minute. Stop wasting your life’s get up focus and quit. Invest your life in whats useful !
It’s Keumm (28 days ago)
Did this make anybody else never want to drink again lol
Aaron Jackson (1 month ago)
How you get head aches! (Personal Trainer) When you drink alcohole you liver is effected but is other parts of your body like the kidney. Sometimes these areas are so deprived of water that your body much get it from somewhere else like the muscles, now you muscles become weaker causing you to fall over more. When your muscles have given all it can it'll take from the brain (causing your headaches aka hangover) you much drink a pint of water as soon as you wake up ad your brain is weaker and smaller.
rainbow six siege (1 month ago)
alcohol and Pepsi and all other shit are bad for health
best lecture on the pharmacology of alcohol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03K7dH2JB_c&t=13s
Ara chan Sama (1 month ago)
its ok to drink alcohol i think just not too much because too much is bad for you
John Smith (2 months ago)
drank last night feel like shit. Fuck that shit i'm never touching alcohol again
Ruben Magana (2 months ago)
I’m drunk as fuck
lakhal said (2 months ago)
I have found a mixture able to cancel the fact of alcohol on the state of a drinker. It is pure natural. I think this product will be in great demand on the market, because many drinkers seek to establish their normal states, after the passing of a threshold. Thank you for contacting me on 212 6 97 62 06 03
Gallagher girl (2 months ago)
Drunk while watching
Just In (2 months ago)
Beer Mixed Drinks: Part 2 : RADLER REVIEW & REACTION by INDIANhttps://youtu.be/zOUYAqbJa5Q
tyrion lannister (3 months ago)
i dont know why im watching this while drunk this is a video for non alcoholics to avoid the stuff
MiamiPush2theLimit (3 months ago)
Omg I drink too much.
Slice1nDice (3 months ago)
I feel like i have to take deep breathes alot what about your guys and slow breathing I believe please help i feel like i have alcohol poisoning
Victoria D'cruz (3 months ago)
This is how Alcohol affects your body https://youtu.be/6YNuTqSLlJc
Borderlands808 (4 months ago)
Is 10-20 beers a day ok??
Man im so f@cked tomorrow.
Ben squirrel (5 months ago)
This is why i drink 1 bottle of light beer I've hangover for the first time
Dwight Plock (5 months ago)
Even better than moderation, don't drink at all.
Velo1010 (5 months ago)
But don’t make it sound like drinking is unhealthy. It’s about the quantity of alcohol a person drinks.
TheKillersea (5 months ago)
Heavy drinker myself. And I'm drinking while watching this. Made me think really hard.
San Khine (6 months ago)
Researches sponsored by wine companies say "drinking wine is healthy". Lets help more money for wine companies baby.
Caity Wylie (6 months ago)
yeah let's quit drinking and start doing heroin
DcNative81 (6 months ago)
Great Video 👍
milliardo Lovecraft (7 months ago)
Thank god medcial marijuana helped me with my alcoholism.
modig Abdi (7 months ago)
My liver still hurts a week later after a 20 day binge.
Jaxxman (7 months ago)
i was having a beer whilst on an empty stomach and it scared the shit out of me...
Santiago Pozo (7 months ago)
Santiago Pozo (7 months ago)
I´d liked it
Santiago Pozo (7 months ago)
Lol XD I´ll never cossume too much alcohol anymore thanks
50sorrowC (8 months ago)
No one will say that you should smoke in moderation but still so many people would suggest.. ah, as long as one drinks in moderation... Just be honest with yourself, you are not drinking cause it is healthy, you are drinking cause it makes you feel better It is up to you if you want to continue or not but there is nothing healthy in drinking, don't buy the myth that wine is good for you either : )
San Khine (6 months ago)
Researches sponsored by wine companies say "drinking wine is healthy". More money for wine companies baby.
Terranjourneys (8 months ago)
Great job humanity.... Great job. Ppl collapsing from being poisoned, let's make that a cultural norm.
Murad Bora (8 months ago)
What's the name of the music.
Whats Up Dude (8 months ago)
Hey Murad Bora, it is called "End of Summer", it is in the youtube library.
Βασίλης Παπ. (8 months ago)
Man I’m drunk as fuck right now
S K (8 months ago)
how many of you watching this with hangover?
LiveTheWild (9 months ago)
Moderation is key.
Fahad Alhajri (9 months ago)
I really like the very specific details that this video has. well done
Didier Ivan (9 months ago)
Im 6-1" 190lbs all muscle workout, and i drink a 12pack everything sayurday, is that normal¿
Albin Olofsson (10 months ago)
hangovers suck.
tapani tappo (3 months ago)
Whats Up Dude I drank quickly in a 2-3 hours around 6-8 doses of alcohol and had work at today evening. Even the hangover was small and just made me be easily more irritated and I only felt bit of a weaknes... Still not a thing to do again.
Whats Up Dude (10 months ago)
Very true my friend.
Matthew Slivar (10 months ago)
i feel like shi.t the next day
fallenSlave (10 months ago)
Ezt kéne lássa a magyar!
Shannon Arthur (10 months ago)
Can i be out of adh enzyme
SmiLY SHEENU (10 months ago)
I am drunk right now and don't know why I searched for this video
Mean Malenko (1 year ago)
Dude I've been drinking for a decade and I am 21. That demon has tooken everything from me. Those fucking DT's will make you lose your mind. I've quit for maybe a month over the 10 years but I always seem to make an excuse to go back. If you are reading this please be aware. For alcoholics there is no moderation. 1 is way to much and a million could never be enough.
Claude Akel (1 year ago)
Alcohol also decreases your level of respect in society
Kaiser (1 year ago)
I got shit nostrilled off 2 40 ounces of malt licky for over a year every single day and I'm still here. Yall muthafuckas are light weights. The more you drink the less it will effect your body and you will recover faster. Don't believe in all the BULLSHIT.
IgnisCarn (1 year ago)
How the hell alcohol lead to depression ?
IgnisCarn (8 months ago)
Hahah ok xD
*Jαρsτεrr* (8 months ago)
IgnisCarn either way you have your answer, so kindly shut the fuck up and leave :D
IgnisCarn (8 months ago)
SlymyLOL I asked other guy, not you :D
*Jαρsτεrr* (8 months ago)
IgnisCarn its like a dog chasing it's tail. People get depressed, drink it and get even worse in exchange for temporary remedy. Now please go away, theres no need to continue this discussion
IgnisCarn (8 months ago)
Evan Paluch if alcohol is depressant why people drink it? :)
Alan ArtZ (1 year ago)
Mother Earth, what the fuck happend to us? Look all thos stupid people saying alcohol does bad things to you, still they drink tones of sugar, caffeine, might be overweight, don't do any type of sport and don't know the difference between illegal and legal drugs! (none you stupid idiot, both might kill you if used too much! Yeah I said might cause for exemple weed won't kill a thing and if you think it does you obviously don't know what cannabis does) so get you're fuckin heads outta your ass, go jogg a little, smoke some weed with a slut and fuck him/her before you become a xenophobic prick!
Alice J Johnson, DDS (1 year ago)
The typical beer belly can be from a swollen liver, enlarged aorta, or fluid buildup in the abdomen. As the liver becomes more damaged, the blood flow through it is diminished which can cause enlargement of blood vessels as the pressure builds up (think kinked rubber tubing) such as the ascending aorta, those around the navel and the blood vessels in the esophagus. Aortic aneurysm (rupture) kills within minutes, rupture of esophageal vessels can kill in less than an hour due to blood loss (vomiting blood). And the bleeding won't stop because the liver is so damaged it is unable to make enough clotting factor.
North Pole (1 year ago)
talking is one thing , doing is other
North Pole (1 year ago)
Lil Ugly boy (1 year ago)
What's the correlation between alcohol consumption and depression/depressing thoughts?
Joe Trava (1 year ago)
Very good video thanks a lot for the information .
Whats Up Dude (1 year ago)
Thanks Joe Trava.
Curt Christensen (1 year ago)
we KNOW what causes hangovers. going to sleep with alcohol still in your body. very bad idea. makes hangovers ten times worse
Chris Willhite (1 year ago)
I drink 2 or 3 steel reserved tall boys a day for around 3 years I know I'm an alcoholic and.cant stop the real question is is this hurting me that bad if I truly quit would it make considerable diffrence
Plaza Pomade (1 year ago)
our population in the world is to high.... they should die drink alcohol.
addiction treatment (1 year ago)
idk https://youtu.be/Jjz0fNkJIwk
Tabish Ahsan (1 year ago)
Thank you
T P (1 year ago)
Why do I feel like I'm in middle school?
Piano Man42 (1 year ago)
Let's all start smoking weed instead. Hell of a lot safer.
Santiago Pozo (7 months ago)
I don´t think smoking weed or anything will be safer
Lorna Armstrong (1 year ago)
or do nothing and live life not under the influence of a substance
for that aslam said alcohol is not allow
16nowhereman (1 year ago)
Give me a thumps up if you drunks will NOT stop drinking regardless of what is said in this video. I'll be first!
Luizifer Behel (1 year ago)
I like the gothic music in this video
ZionHorner (7 months ago)
Everything about you makes me cringe.
Doris Johns (1 year ago)
Luizifer Behel gothic ?
nagaraju swargam (1 year ago)
What about kidney functioning
marco (1 year ago)
It can also make you have a seizure
Joshwango HAMMER (1 year ago)
Me rn . Omg . Buzzing so hard rn.
Justin Osborne (1 year ago)
My doctor told me that drinking in moderation is healthy. Only binge drinking is unhealthy.This video is invalid.
FuryLinger (1 year ago)
then your doctor isn't a doctor
Trunks salvatore (1 year ago)
quit alcohol quit smoke be healthy enjoy life :)
Grant K (5 months ago)
......I love to hear how so!
pappy (7 months ago)
Trunks salvatore it’s not that simple lmao
not...... actually MR but its fine;)
Ken Berndt (11 months ago)
Update: Quit smoking/eating pot aswell I think these enjoyable bad habits just need to be quit step by step for long periods of time.
Josh Perkins (11 months ago)
Moderate amounts of alcohol actually have health benefits.
sister ROCK happy (1 year ago)
that's why it is illegal in Muslim countries. any body selling or buying alcohol could go to jail
suzy kiely (1 year ago)
Why wasnt we shown these videos in school.... it was just all over the tv for buying instead lol hooch ect
suzy kiely (1 year ago)
yeahhh lol
Lurgen (1 year ago)
suzy kiely to this video?
suzy kiely (1 year ago)
i guess so, so what brings you here? ha ha
Lurgen (1 year ago)
suzy kiely give it time. At some point you will get over it if you want to.
Renzo Saayo (1 year ago)
I don't know. I drink alcohol 8 days straight,I'm depressed,I don't care bout my health I'm ready to die
TehDanny (5 months ago)
Asmara 95 Indeed :) Elon seems to often be a bit too optimistic with his deadlines, but I'm following his optimisme and hoping for the best. And now that I thrive to survive on Mars, which has a much more harsh environment than Earth, now I can easily survive on Earth :) I usually don't talk about Mars to friends, but it's my main reason to live healthier and get in shape. Unorthodox thinking, but effective.
Asmara 95 (5 months ago)
TehDanny haha man thats wicked!! I like it how you plan big and not small and average. That's something that I see you fighting for. I am aware the elon and space x are planing to go to mars so I didn't know soon humans can go there. I can see how that makes you very motivated to live and survive.
TehDanny (5 months ago)
Oh thanks for asking, Asmara! My main focus is to make a difference in the software and in the space field. First I will complete my current education - Bachelor of Science, software development. Then I want to develop software in a space related company, where I'm currently primarily interested in software for satellite communication. My final goal requires me to save up a lot of money through the following 10-20 years and it requires SpaceX and other space related companies to reach the goal of colonizing Mars. Why? Because I want to take a one-way trip to Mars to live there and yeah, make a difference for mankind. The last goal can be seen as unrealistic of course, but my plan is to be ready in the case of it becoming possible. I believe Elon Musk has said that SpaceX wants to make it possible for a regular person to travel to Mars for the price similar to the price of a house in USA. Sometimes I wonder if my final goal is too far out, but planning all of this made me get rid of a depression, stop being suicidal and give my life meaning, so my plan is worth sticking to.
Asmara 95 (5 months ago)
TehDanny what are your goals?
TehDanny (5 months ago)
That is indeed good news, Ozner. I hope you have some life goals, that's what helped me give my life a purpose.
Rumeel Jim (1 year ago)
...... So why is this shit legal?
ProWrestlingMP1 (1 year ago)
Rumeel Jim Because the producers will make big bucks from it all because the consumers are willing to spend time have a "good time"
Lurgen (1 year ago)
Rumeel Jim Money. strange world isn't it?
slimjimmy (1 year ago)
Great video! It's so sad that we never learned this in school. Information (not fear) is the most effective way to reduce consumption and over consumption.
Ryan Wagner (1 year ago)
Ryan Kelly (10 months ago)
Lurgen (1 year ago)
Ryan W idiot
Armando zertuche (1 year ago)
Alcohol, good or bad.... we all love alcohol.
sara josiph (9 months ago)
Armando zertuche badddddd! Dirty! Unhealthy! ,that is why allah has cursed alcohol
Just Saying (9 months ago)
Yea alcohol bad smoke weed everyday 😎
fallenSlave (10 months ago)
Armando zertuche I HATE ALCOHOL!
Mean Malenko (1 year ago)
It doesn't love you.
ProWrestlingMP1 (1 year ago)
Armando zertuche Fuck alcohol.
AVIJIT ROY (1 year ago)
nicely explained.
Jay's Pilates (1 year ago)
Another excellent video! The effects are ridiculous. The easiest drug to get in the UK by far.
Sivgek Touch (1 year ago)
Teacher I have a question that I cannot solve when I test my food color. I added food color in water. Then put one bottle in room and other one under the sunshine. A week later I see the water color of the bottle under the sunshine becomes colorless. Other cause, I used alcohol. I add my food color in alcohol then put one bottle in room and other one under sunshine. Finally, I found the opposite. The bottle in room becomes colorless. The question is why? can anyone tell me why ?
Milton Cardenas (1 year ago)
this makes me want to stop drinking. how is weed not legalized but alcohol is? cmon!
furonwarrior (1 month ago)
Weed has some negative affects to the lungs related with cigarettes. It does contain tar that isn’t filtered out and the excessive carbon dioxide can cause the lungs to lose it’s elasticity. And it can cause a problem in developing brains. Still in moderation and after 25, weed is far less harmful than cigs and alcohol.
boiii boi (2 months ago)
fuck you 0-0
sonia fossey (2 months ago)
im sorry but i dont understand your question, i didnt watch the video, weed is a medicine and alcohol is a poison that makes you very sick over time
SixSixSix (3 months ago)
The other guy literally just said that , but a little bit differently : You're agreeing with him as if it's an disagreement where you are correct :/
sonia fossey (4 months ago)
cos alcohol makes you sick and dope doesnt
mathias boysen (1 year ago)
Alcohol was destroying my life totally until i found God, and Jesus took away alcohol and drugs for good.
You Fam (1 month ago)
Josh Perkins your an idiot
Bianca mcgill (2 months ago)
mathias boysen amen 🙏 praise the Lord GOD works in mysterious ways Just have FAITH believe and achieve Don’t listen to ppl that don’t believe in god Don’t ever turn your back on god he’s the way the the truth and the LIFE just pray for those ppl and don’t believe in god Pray that their souls Find god 🙏🙏
Darth Caasi (2 months ago)
+King Squirtle that isnt how it works
SixSixSix (3 months ago)
This is the stupidest most retarded load-of-bullshit idea I have ever heard, and I always find it unbelievable that anybody could possibly ever possibly believe this --- because it is so obviously dumb ---- and yet, probably billions of people all over the world believe this very thing -- while people around them (possibly themselves) starve and are killed and suffer all kinds of things and etc. , no doubt praying to "god" for food while they starve, and / or deal with whatever they are suffering -- to no help whatsoever, except the help that they manage to provide for themselves (or help from other people who are kind enough to help, out of the goodness of their humanity).
Kamlesh Singh Mehta (1 year ago)
who else is drunk while watching this?
Gruesume (1 month ago)
guilty... btw its not clear what causes a hangover... yet they do know but don't want people to know the answer to it js... :)
Ahiko Gaming (1 month ago)
Vanessa Mata (1 month ago)
Foop Poof (2 months ago)
Kamlesh Singh Mehta yee yee
Jackson B (3 months ago)
Lou Fazio (1 year ago)
It's very interesting that the original estimates for blood-alcohol content are still in use. By putting it in terms of percentage, it's seems quite scalable and accurate. It says nothing for "seasoned" users, but it will catch up with you. I've noticed that applies for marijuana users also. - They're both still under the influence more than they know.
Lou Fazio (1 year ago)
It must be said: "I don't have a drinking problem. I drink, get drunk, fall down, no problem."
Lou Fazio sounds like a lot of fun
Jovi James (1 year ago)
The occasional drink of alcohol is okay, depends on your definition of what occasional is though. The problem with drinking though is it may start off as something you do a couple times a month, maybe on weekends, than overtime it can progress to something you start doing every other day during the week, than it could turn into an everyday think especially if your stressed out. it can be easy for some people to fall into alcoholism, sometimes you don't even see it coming. Although alcohol may have a benefit or two, overall it's not a good habit to take up. I quit drinking and smoking cigarettes because my hair started falling out, which could have been related to the alcohol and how it takes nutrients from your body through the intestines. Since I quit smoking and drinking, all my hair grew back after a few months. And after you bury a friend or two because they died of chronic liver and kidney disease.. you tend to what to stay away from alcohol for the most part. but if your going to drink, don't overboard with it, don't risk your health or someone elses
Dank Hill (9 months ago)
fallenSlave fuck off
fallenSlave (10 months ago)
Jovi James Ocasionally poisioning yourself is ok? Reject your advice.
Tsima Mathebula (1 year ago)
MistakenMystery (1 year ago)
I'm good, ill choose Kratom over alcohol any day
Blue Damil (1 year ago)
What's the song name
Whats Up Dude (1 year ago)
It is called End Of Summer, you can find it in the YouTube free music library.
Fagun Pathak (1 year ago)
Cheers to Moderation 🍻
Hebe Dierckx (2 months ago)
SixSixSix (3 months ago)
That's just a bit funny, is what that is.
fallenSlave (10 months ago)
Fagun Pathak Lord Jesus is the only one who can give peace and true happyness. Alcohol is poision. You take a moderate poison? That makes you die in pain slowly. How bad!
Paretozen (1 year ago)
3:28 I love this. "The exact causes of a hangover are not completely understood". We know so much, yet so little. Be it how our smell works to what that "stuff" is that makes up 80% of our universe. Yet we know fo' sho' that alcohol is deadly. Yea, ima take another drink and enjoy my life. Good bye.
Alex Zorach (1 year ago)
I think this is a pretty useful, accurate, informative, and clear video overall. I am concerned about negative effects of alcohol and I think it's important to make people aware of them. I worry that this video though is a bit one-sided...especially when you present "Why is Alcohol Bad" but you don't talk about any benefits of alcohol. Although it is somewhat controversial, there is significant scientific evidence of benefits to moderate drinking, such as studies that find increased health in light to moderate drinkers relative to people who totally abstain. According to Mayo Clinic, some of the proposed benefits include a moderate reduction in risk of diabetes, reduced risk of heart disease, and reduced risk of stroke. I think the main reason people drink is social. Personally, I have found alcohol to have a number of social benefits. I don't like to rely on alcohol for social activities, but I think it can give me a glimpse of a level of social comfort that I can then work on achieving or experiencing without any alcohol, through other means. I think it's important to acknowledge the positive aspects of alcohol when warning people about its negative aspects, because I think people have a tendency to close off to messages if they feel like they are too one-sided.
Alex Zorach (1 year ago)
Yeah, this makes sense to me. Like, I know people don't always do this when they drink, but like, if I drink there are two very likely ways I might get exercise: walking to a bar or party and then walking home...and dancing when I'm there. And then the social connections also are probably very beneficial. I wonder if there have been any studies that attempt to like, examine alcohol and control for activity levels and social relationships.
Shr00mfairy Mcgee (1 year ago)
Whats Up Dude Great point about lifestyle possibly being the cause of benefit.
Whats Up Dude (1 year ago)
Thanks Alex for watching the video and letting me know your perspective. You are right when you say the video is one sided, being anti-alcohol, I should have done the other side of alcohol. Let me say that I personally drink alcohol, I usually go out with co-workers once or twice a week. So I am not against alcohol consumption. I did see several studies about the benefits of moderate alcohol consumption when I was researching the topic. However, I did read several studies that showed that a vast majority of people who drink in moderation also exercise regularly, eat a more balanced diet, don't over consume food, and tend to be more health conscious. So, that left me with the question... does the ethanol/alcohol molecule do something in the body to provide these reduced risks in various diseases, or is it the overall lifestyle of a person that only drinks in moderation that is providing those benefits? I don't know the answer to that question. I could not find one positive thing that alcohol did once it is inside the body, in fact once it gets in the body, the body works as hard as it can to get rid of it. I do think that having a couple of drinks in a social setting with friends is a good thing, you are out being social, in a stress free environment, having social interactions, which are all good things for mental health. But, many people can't limit themselves to only a couple of drinks, so, as with many things it comes down to moderate consumption Thanks again Alex, take care.
Sara Burton (1 year ago)
I have spent months studying stopping drinking and found a great resource at Adoette Drink Plan (google it if you're interested)
Britanny B (1 year ago)
Why do you think alcohol makes people believe they will be more sociable? That's obviously just an illusion.
MistakenMystery (1 year ago)
alcohol increases Gaba, serotonin and dopamine, so its not really an illusion so much as it is just temporarily changing your neurochemistry
Alex Zorach (1 year ago)
I don't agree when you say that it's "obviously just an illusion" that alcohol makes people more sociable. Alcohol can also have sustained benefits, even if you only drink one or a few times. I used to be quite shy. I think I mainly opened up without alcohol, actually, before I ever started drinking more than one drink. But there have been a few times when I was somewhere from very tipsy to slightly drunk, where I opened up a lot socially...and I was surprised to find that people actually liked me / responded positively to me, including people who hadn't been drinking at all. These experiences helped prove to me that I could "turn off my filter" more, i.e. that I could be more forward and open with people, that I could share thoughts or feelings or desires that I had been afraid to share. I was then able to do these things without depending on alcohol. I think it can be a problem when people come to depend on alcohol to feel comfortable socially. I know some people, for instance, who won't dance, won't initiate conversations with strangers at a party, or won't initiate physical intimacy or affectionate touch with people, without alcohol, but then when they drink they do all of these things freely...and then they end up drinking regularly, often heavily, because they want these things and they feel that they need alcohol to do it. I don't think this is healthy, and I think this is a form of psychological dependency. But not everyone uses alcohol in that way. I think if people use alcohol as a way of pushing themselves out of their comfort zone, and then they reflect on their state of mind and experiences while tipsy or drunk, and the ways others responded to them, it can actually help people develop a deeper sort of confidence, overcome social anxieties, and things like that.
Orlando Johnson (1 year ago)
Britanny B that's how those commercials on tv fool people! Same with cigarettes & riding horses etc. The big Hollywood lie !? It's about sale of products etc. Looks like people having a good time... All the while cancer causing etc! Lung cancer gum cancer liver damage/cirrhosis kidney failure, lip cancer throat cancer etc! Alcohol poisoning yada yada... But this doesn't happen to everybody.... But why take the risk you should ask!? My dad quit smoking & I think he lived longer because of that! 75years instead of 50-60! My aunt jus passed at 71! She started smoking again with blockages & eventual open heart surgery!!!!! Don't tell me these habits of smoking or drinkings are good for you! Both my youngest uncles are dead & I blame drinking alcohol!!!!!
Britanny B (1 year ago)
Whats Up Dude I see it as an illusion that it makes you more sociable. If you want to be more social you need to work on it sober bc it's like exercising a skill. If you're trying to study for a test or learn a new craft, you wouldn't drink before bc you wouldn't be able to focus and truly learn. I'm working on giving up alcohol for good. Completely doing away with the illusion society makes of it and the alcohol trap many people are in :-)
Whats Up Dude (1 year ago)
Great question Britanny B. Alcohol really effects the brain, mainly it impairs judgement or decision making. So, in that sense it can make some people less introverted, but that is not always a good thing. Having impaired judgement means people are more prone to say and do embarrassing things. If people want to be more sociable, they need to work on their social skills, learn how to talk to people while having a clear mind, and not rely on alcohol to help them open up. There is nothing wrong with drinking alcohol in moderation, but I wouldn't use it as a tool to be more sociable, you could wake up the next morning trying to remember all the bad decisions you made the night before.
Graeme Snowball (1 year ago)
This is great, Do you mind if I pinch this for a health and wellbeing course I am currently writing?
Whats Up Dude (1 year ago)
Hey Graeme, sure go ahead.
Andrew Walk (1 year ago)
I am 21 so I can legally drink alcohol but alcohol doesn't taste as good as I thought it would.
Lordpianz (3 months ago)
36 yr old here...stop while your ahead...
Orlando Johnson (1 year ago)
Andrew Walk tried it when I was younger.... agree with you!!! It's not a good taste?! It's a social statis peer pressure!!!!!! My father didn't drink & im not either!!! U r not missing anything when it comes to beer drugs & cigarettes!!! Stay clean & sober & find Christ! B4 it's too late... Romans 16:16 church of Christ! Ephesians 4:4 one faith one baptism one body... which is the church ... Acts 20:28 his church/Christ
MrQueerLeader (1 year ago)
It's awful, but why do we desire it so much?
Ryan Wittert (1 year ago)
B/c your body is telling you "IT IS POISON! WTF ARE YOU DOING!!!" lol, but completely true
Let it be known, (1 year ago)
Andrew Walk; It's only good when your 13 and you know your breaking the law...
JorRob001 (1 year ago)
Interesting but confusing
Whats Up Dude (1 year ago)
Hey JorRob001, yes, it is confusing, because alcohol affects the body in so many different ways, and not everybody reacts exactly the same way to alcohol. If you have a question, let me know.

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