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Shroud Plays With His New Team - OGC / Overpass - Game 3 (May 29, 2018)

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Text Comments (65)
Arkangepro (3 months ago)
shroud you are the best on csgo really
SHROUD (5 months ago)
Guessing this is just a casual team and not a proper tryhard one
omg shroud is still as good as simple when it comes to aim
Jene Connar (5 months ago)
I'm sorry for pointing this out but... for the thumbnail. Is shroud just a head with a C9 shirt photshopped onto him? He has no arms...
Bluee Zenith (5 months ago)
they already replaced sean?
Green Summers (5 months ago)
Shroud is god
Blue ghost (5 months ago)
Why is there a kid in the discord, talking like every second? *wink*
park lee (5 months ago)
he's n0thing bruh
Oli Ring (5 months ago)
Blue ghost Wdym
john Adams (5 months ago)
I don't play computer what is the charging that pops up second to last round b4 nothing flash for shroud?
Feelsbadman Dude (5 months ago)
john Adams it’s a graffiti marker.
Michel (5 months ago)
10:48 "Jevla fita" -n0thing
Krozzy (5 months ago)
What's my name? It means "Fucking Pussy!" Actually
Michel (5 months ago)
Fifflaren is swedish and Jävla Fitta means Fucking Pussy
What's my name? (5 months ago)
Michel is he swedish? It kinda sounds like in my head lol, I learned from pewdiepie "javla fita(fucking hell)" xD
SynsterBros (5 months ago)
Jesus mikey your to fire at csgo man to 🔥
PorNeLiUs HuBeRt (5 months ago)
you're too
MrFlashpash (5 months ago)
why is this lil kid givin everyone orders lmao
Meltz (5 months ago)
MrFlashpash do you know what is an IGL? Do you even play csgo at all?
MrFlashpash (5 months ago)
@Envy In Motion ah kk ty for the information
Fred Styles (5 months ago)
calling someone a kid with the name "mrFlashpash" checks out.
Envy In Motion (5 months ago)
This clip doesn't show it but shortly before the game started they told n0thing that he was the shot caller for this match
_BliiZZard_ (5 months ago)
He’s not a little kid lol. It’s N0thing he’s also a Ex Cloud9 CSGO member like Shroud
shouteddevil (5 months ago)
400fps T_T
Chop (3 months ago)
Spark99 Gaming and ill eat it
Spark csgo (3 months ago)
Hotdog no it will cook.
Chop (3 months ago)
Spark99 Gaming potato will overheat and explode
Spark csgo (5 months ago)
shouteddevil csgo is easy to run.... Even runs on a potato
Jack Cleasby (5 months ago)
OGC - looks like a stickman on its side, jerkin’ the gherkin
brain rot (5 months ago)
i can't unsee that.
Divine Rongo (5 months ago)
is that shrouds heartbeat above his cam?
Spark csgo (5 months ago)
Divine Rongo it's a sub counter
Marco Doromal (5 months ago)
subtrain, the subtrain dies when no-one subs in in the last 5mins(or 10 forgot) the heartbeat is the timer in place of 5mins(or 10)
Abdel Aziz Menouar (5 months ago)
I think he said Twitch subs or something
Divine Rongo (5 months ago)
what is it
Abdel Aziz Menouar (5 months ago)
Lulzalex (5 months ago)
lurpis is so fucking annoying, especially when you notice how hard he tries to sound american
Lulzalex (5 months ago)
also, when asked if anyone is a pro or ex-pro in his team he mentioned everyones history except for abe who was playing on several pro teams just a few months ago
Zartan 741 (5 months ago)
Why no seangares?
Christian Esguerra (5 months ago)
It aint OGC without sean baiter gares
Haha yeah
Opera yim (5 months ago)
7:25 WTF dude?
HypeGuy (5 months ago)
N0thing has such a whiny voice
DaRk Betrayer (5 months ago)
42th like
CQNZR (5 months ago)
I'm glad that Alt + Tab bug doesn't just happen to me.
Damach (5 months ago)
https://i.imgur.com/rf6CDkA.gifv make sure that all automatic rules are off and you shouldn't get it anymore
Jaime Mancilla (5 months ago)
he never lost his mojo
Brex (5 months ago)
Did Sean leave?
Brex (5 months ago)
pepijn lem aiight cheers for letting me know. Thought for a second he was gonna be Dazed leaving straight away xddd
pepijn lem (5 months ago)
Kopii No Sean didn't leave but he is working at the starladder tournement atm!
Raidmax Entertainment (5 months ago)
That knife tho in the beginning
OTB Lano2x (5 months ago)
this dude hacking no way🤣
Keem Alexis (5 months ago)
Arvin Andagan (5 months ago)
Varga Bence (5 months ago)
7:25 WTF! Kid still got it :D
James Watts (5 months ago)
Sorry soft aim confirmed. His mouse changes speed halfway through
Eddie Kimball (5 months ago)
I nutted when he did that
adib z (5 months ago)
wun tap
Varga Bence (5 months ago)
He is just insane. The OGC is my favourite team :D
- Geralt_von_Riva - (5 months ago)
play it with 0.25 Speed. He was just fast af
Riley Smith (5 months ago)
Shroud <3

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