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Text Comments (12734)
nobushi raider (27 minutes ago)
Notice how you never see the dude say "what's going on, this is so weird" because we deal with this so much
Danielle Wright (32 minutes ago)
I'm over here dead
Alex Green (1 hour ago)
I'm a stick. I'm a stick.
Maurice Fuller (2 hours ago)
tot2600hrs (2 hours ago)
Is this what rape looks like?
Anthony Henry (4 hours ago)
I wish I had more hands...give them titties four thumbs down...lol
TransFiguration S (5 hours ago)
These demons are out of control !
Dezzy Haymen (6 hours ago)
I love Gatorade 😂😂
Mary Lashare (7 hours ago)
Team Bianca
Mary Lashare (7 hours ago)
Chill out like frfr☺
Mary Lashare (7 hours ago)
Chill out like frfr☺
Britney Silla (9 hours ago)
its lexi (13 hours ago)
Black Migo97 (14 hours ago)
The cat came around like what the hell we got going on here
علوش pc (15 hours ago)
Britney Silla (17 hours ago)
Emily cole (17 hours ago)
Wen he was gulping dat down I was like "u don't know wat u getting into"😂😂😂😂
lucky sonu (21 hours ago)
Y am I laughing 😂😂😂😂
jerry dowdy (1 day ago)
Don't tell I was his team then switch to your team
jerry dowdy (1 day ago)
I'm team Biannca what's your address and Number?
aundre williams (1 day ago)
Umm 😐 so she got raped so HE said
Truckdriver_Jr (1 day ago)
Charmaine Bramble (1 day ago)
A baby
Junior Chantiloupe (1 day ago)
Just imagine if two of them plan to prank each other the same day and they did it that will cause s**
Pein-AgarYT (1 day ago)
I can wait till the pornhub version comes out.
Starkeisha Barnes (2 days ago)
Go look at Vanoss videos really good
Starkeisha Barnes (2 days ago)
Xavian Richardson (2 days ago)
U going to get pregnant in 7 days
Kayla Rush (2 days ago)
Team Bianca
Too Stupid (2 days ago)
he fr ran up to her like a gorilla😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂im dead
Michael Britz (2 days ago)
nice video but it was a act lol im pretty sure Viagra doesn't do that. it gives you an erection not change completely into a horn dog he is like a different person, different personality
Gina Dope (2 days ago)
Team biannca
The earnings tho 😂😂
Ryann Montgomery (2 days ago)
Mike Hudson (2 days ago)
I bet they both do viagra off camera.
Barbie White (2 days ago)
Omg hahahaja
Jake A (2 days ago)
Rape rape
Jake A (2 days ago)
Jake A (2 days ago)
Hahahahaha hahahahahahah hahahahahahah haahahhahahahahahahhhahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahaahahhahahahhahahahahhhahahahhahaahhhhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahaahahhahahahahahhahaha)hahahahahahhahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahãahaaããhhhahahahahhahhahhahahahahahahhhhahhahahahhahahahahhhahahahahhahhahhahahahahaahhahaaahhaahahhahaaha
Aamyah Patrick (2 days ago)
Niyon Gary (2 days ago)
baby i need 4 hands
Lmao it's obviously not rape . You know they both like that shit that's why they married lmao . Besides every girl watching this probably about to do this to they boyfriends lmao girls can get freaky 2
Laila B (2 days ago)
The cat is like wtf is going on
Ronron Zagada (2 days ago)
Hahahha😂😂😂 cant stop laughing😂😂😂
Joseph Southall (2 days ago)
Did he rape her
JAMEL HAMILTON (3 days ago)
Kura Akava (3 days ago)
Kayla Schmidt (3 days ago)
hey guys are you doing today
Angelica Gibson (3 days ago)
I see their cat more than I see their kids
Sarah Proctor (3 days ago)
Team b
Donald (3 days ago)
guaranteed enchancement
Precious Baptiste (3 days ago)
B:i don't know why you going so high
“i was in here first” LMFAOOOO THAT BE ME
Angela Collins (4 days ago)
I’m team Biannca
Angela Collins (4 days ago)
I am team Bianka
Unicorn Squad (4 days ago)
He turned into a horny monster lol 😂
I love Greys Anatomy
Noemi Avendano (4 days ago)
He was being abusive
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻oh my gosh 😜😜😜
MsBubu900 (4 days ago)
In my language, Bianca means come here
Bright Stars (4 days ago)
I was just watching the cat the whole time 😂
Elijah Mustafa (4 days ago)
He said “you about to get raped”😭😭🤣
Phillipa J Mpanduji (4 days ago)
Big Daddie 🤣🤣🤣😍😍
Edix tricks (5 days ago)
Omgg... omgg... lmfao
C E (5 days ago)
GOLDEN Splash 100 (5 days ago)
I'm not team D I'm team BBB
Boi 0-0 (5 days ago)
“That’s big daddy” I’m dead!!!
cute kacia (5 days ago)
team b
Nevaeh Vasquez (5 days ago)
You look like Danielle Broccoli lol
Nayfeza Rockett (5 days ago)
That man turned into Godzilla😂😂
mr. mustache man (5 days ago)
Marci games (5 days ago)
NicoleXo (5 days ago)
that was GOOD ahahhahah
Aisha Gusha (5 days ago)
Oh gosh
Deputy Explorer (5 days ago)
lmaooo I'm dying
Tarkan BABA (5 days ago)
28 day v.i.a.g.a.r
Juan Magaña (6 days ago)
Cheeks clapped when she ended the video big props big dog
strike gaming 10 (6 days ago)
I feel so bad for simon
Life With Sisters (6 days ago)
i was laughing so hard i almost died
DJ TZ (6 days ago)
He got no dick lmaooo
Veda Rose (6 days ago)
She got raped
khalia Henry (6 days ago)
He grabbed your hair it's getting out of hand
jade watson (6 days ago)
I'm deadd
WolfieGamez5 (6 days ago)
Even if I knew who the person was, if u were running at me from a distance on 4's , I would scared the fuck out even if I knew u like dat
Geordess&Miami Hope (6 days ago)
Bianca team
Geordess&Miami Hope (6 days ago)
Hey Bianca LOL
MUNCHYWill (6 days ago)
Amma abuse that p****
MUNCHYWill (6 days ago)
Lmao this dude got exposed to his fan😂😂😂 holly shit am subbing
Alexys Hunt (6 days ago)
You feel that daddy huh? 😂😂
Iris Al-Kafajie (6 days ago)
I’m sorry for the cat 😂😂😂
Aliyah Garcia (6 days ago)
Yo Mamma (6 days ago)
ṆØשΔlaƝĐΣR (7 days ago)
I'm scared, Damien about to rape her.
Azmat Khan (7 days ago)
Dude chugged that sooo fastttt😂😂😂😂
Elizabeth Patterson (7 days ago)
The first part doe😫😥😂
Joaquin Rutjes (7 days ago)
Yall grown so much, i subbed when yall had 130.000
Samantha Chance (7 days ago)
Team b
Lashonda Wright (8 days ago)
Team bianc
danna cortes0225 (8 days ago)
I actually thought he was gonna rape her and I was like “oh fuck no I am out of here”😂😂
Jared Hainey (8 days ago)
My name is arieanna and biannca that is a awesome prank

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