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Funniest Commercials of Gatorade "Sweat it to Get it" feat Peyton Manning, JJ Watt, Cam Newton

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Hilarious commercial compilation featuring NFL's Peyton Manning, JJ Watt, Cam Newton. SUBSCRIBE!!
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nolo _UPR (2 months ago)
LOL Good stuff
I Like Turtles (4 months ago)
“You know what happens when you dont sweat? ... I happen”
The Goat (10 months ago)
Gavin Copeland (11 months ago)
If I was that first person I would have taken the drink opened it and drank it. Then walked out without paying. Told them both to flip off.
Lit_Reactions (11 months ago)
Coming from a Titans and Panthers fan, the last one is the BEST BY FAR
Jonny Dreaden (1 year ago)
The best one was where jj came out the machine
Michael Alcantara (1 year ago)
Peyton Manning VS JJ Watt VS Cam Newton
Isabella Cosby (1 year ago)
JJ's is literally me
catsarecats (1 year ago)
Lol this marketing team is genious. They know that people are rebelious so they start saying "only for people who sweat" so that people can think "heh whatever im gonna buy this gatorade without sweating hahaha!" thus they rake in more sales.
Alex Mariana (1 year ago)
I can confirm that they used extras for the customers because I was an extra for the one with the manning brothers
DA Boss (1 year ago)
The last one if cam slapped those gads out of my hand I would have shit myself
Mike Williams (1 year ago)
first one was plain annoying
Ricardo Gabriel (1 year ago)
5:04 Workout cucks
Nick Wolfgang (1 year ago)
JJ watt: do you know what happens when you don't sweat Lady:no JJ watt: I happen
nerdjudy (1 year ago)
cam newton is my 👍🏼
GTR SpinZZ (1 year ago)
how does that 1st girl not have a reaction when PM18 comes in
Hugh Janus (1 year ago)
Haha the Newton and Manning ones were hilarious
Crafted Axe (1 year ago)
Conner Deppe (1 year ago)
I feel bad for Eli. "That looks like Peyton Manning, and his brother".
hammboy (1 year ago)
fuck you cam he was trying to be nice
Alex (1 year ago)
+Austin Hamm now all you can call me are names
Alex (1 year ago)
+Austin Hamm because you were being retarded and racist
Alex (1 year ago)
Austin Hamm someones butt hurt
Alex (1 year ago)
Austin Hamm your retarded this video was a joke. maybe your not retarded your probably racist
Windy 312 (1 year ago)
Is it just me, or do the manning brothers have a fetish for black children sweating and high-fiving eachother
Deadfox910 (1 year ago)
lmao the 2nd gas station one "In order to get it you need to sweat" to the girl 😉
cams was the best
Thot Slayer (2 years ago)
cam went savage
Bawi uk Ceu (2 years ago)
ITS YOUR BOY UNO 1 (2 years ago)
That first girl did not that now who was paint Manny
Mr Potato (2 years ago)
ITS YOUR BOY UNO 1 its peyton manning you dont even know who he is
J. NamWEN. (2 years ago)
Cam Newton the savage 😂😂😂
Tempo (2 years ago)
3:47 omg JJ Watt would destroy that girl if you know what I mean
Jim Ashbaugh (2 years ago)
i would just leave the gatorade if he said some dumb shit to me
Marco Medina (2 years ago)
who was the guy in the last one
SimplyyReal (1 year ago)
Rory O'Connor no YOU'RE***** STUPID
Football Fan (2 years ago)
Your stipid
Toxic Plus (2 years ago)
Marco Medina Cam Newton
Marco Medina (2 years ago)
Marco Medina (2 years ago)
thedominator 73 (2 years ago)
the last one tho
Cardboard Tastes good (2 years ago)
The first one didn't even know who Peyton manning is
The Goat (10 months ago)
Cardboard Tastes good yea
Darwin Sevilles (2 years ago)
CooooooooLLLLllllll.......!!!! Peyton please back to Broncos.....!!!!
Melodre (2 years ago)
Peyton's gotta retire sometime. Let 'im have his early retirement! :) (I guess Paxton's gonna start against the Falcons)
Taylor Dalton (2 years ago)
TaurusReborn (2 years ago)
Did the first girl even realize that he was Peyton Manning
Sydney Carroll (2 months ago)
Phil Swift (1 year ago)
TaurusReborn I don't think the first girl knew what football was
nicholas evans (2 years ago)
That's Payton and his brother!! lol.. didn't know poor Eli
Joaue Vasquez (2 years ago)
Cam newton is a savage
Blake Neal (2 years ago)
lmao, had me dead bruh
Vivian Cruz (2 years ago)
do you like America Got Talent
John Norris (2 years ago)
were is cam newton
Hannah T (2 years ago)
Anyone else notice that every time in the gas station setting the people got an orange Gatorade? Who the fuck willing picks the orange Gatorade?
Litch 01 (2 years ago)
That last one got me
Askandier (2 years ago)
"Thats Payton Manning............and his brother" I feel so sorry for Eli ;D
Mike Ramiro (2 years ago)
JAJAJAJAJA love it !!!
nice, just subbed
JILLIZA (2 years ago)
cam's was the funniest haha
Jo (2 years ago)
This is so funny there is so much fucking sugar in those fucking things that you have to be a professional athlete to gain anything from those damn things! Stop drinking those fucking things and just grab a coke. They need to invent a drink with electrolytes that taste like water and has no calories can you do that?! I am a blacksmith and sweat a lot but i don't need 1,000 calories a drink thanks anyway!
Chad Kensington (2 years ago)
The Gatorade 2 (Or G2) series has like 50 calories a bottle. What the fuck are you talking about?
Jo (2 years ago)
+Jeffrey Duncan My point is i'm fat and i don't need this shit, do you sell it? you have a picture of someone else instead of your own image so you must be fat too and you love to drink this stuff well i'm glad for you but it is not good for you or anyone else. That is the whole point of these commercials you just don't get that. Keep drinking this stuff i'm cool with that i don't really care. I don't drink it and this country is too fat to drink it and it is not good for you so don't make it sound like oh it's okay because it's not period.
Jeffrey Duncan (2 years ago)
+Jo Flores ...It is impossible to lose 30 calories a day, unless you're dead. You lose more calories than that by breathing and normal body functions.
Jo (2 years ago)
+Jeffrey Duncan If your burning 30 calories a day then your drinking two of these a day plus what your eating your drinking your calories. We are a fat nation because we don't work out the way we should and i drank a lot of this stuff thinking i'm doing good for my body. I'm fat and now i'm running again but not drinking this only drinking water and losing weight like crazy. My nephew told me to stop drinking this shit and bam it worked he works out every day and is all muscles but he said he does not work out enough to drink gatorade so he does not drink it either.
Jeffrey Duncan (2 years ago)
+Jo Flores Reading a label right now, " A normal Gatorade is only 80 calories and contains 21 grams of sugar." Btw 80 calories isn't a lot.
Luis Lujano (2 years ago)
Luis Lujano (2 years ago)
Luis Lujano (2 years ago)
yea o died at the ladt one
JayR (2 years ago)
The first girl looked like she was willing to smash for that gateraid
CheeseMan (2 years ago)
How the first guy is wording it he sounds like a perv
Zuhair Zuberi (2 years ago)
boom sakalaka (2 years ago)
last one "hahahahahaha" slaps the Gatorade cam thinking "get yo bullshit outta here"
Captain Ereo (2 years ago)
My favorite on is the one featuring cam, omg I died, it's weird that they include manning and cam who both went to SB 50, kinda weird
Benjamin Beckham (2 years ago)
The last :)))
Seth Yates (2 years ago)
1:30. She didn't even know who he was!
Noobatronn 3000 (2 years ago)
The first one, she could of said I'm going to sweat after this and I need it for when I do
Cynthia De Anda (2 years ago)
Noobatronn 3000
Zuhair Zuberi (2 years ago)
Jake Anon (2 years ago)
Hahaha lol
WalkerWeis (2 years ago)
Yeah. I I Panther fan so I agree on that one
Cody Cummings (2 years ago)
that last one was hilarious... fake... but hilarious
geminijets787 (1 year ago)
Cody Cummings
Tyler Perkey (1 year ago)
The customer is an actor. He's in quite a few commercials actually.
Cody Cummings How is it fake. I saw this commercial many times.
Mario Ferraro (2 years ago)
JoeKickass324 (2 years ago)
+Cody Cummings first one too
George Carter-Denton (2 years ago)
This is a dope channel keep up the good work
Sadistic Kraken (2 years ago)
the gas station ones have to be set up because no one buys the orange kind.
Raider95 Nation (2 years ago)
+King Kraken SO TRUEEEE
Dominic A (2 years ago)
Right. They all got orange

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