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Lego Mario

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A Mario sprite made from legos runs amok in the real world.
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Text Comments (7)
FinnSpin (7 years ago)
I have to ask, how many pictures did you take?
Keng Stu (8 years ago)
good job man! you made a smooth vid with good pictures in it! If you only did something more with the background (like doing something with the mac or the books, then it would've been great!
Kevin S. (8 years ago)
a bit short : ) but nice
M2CHRLATOR (8 years ago)
LOL pen at like 0:00
Vargz (8 years ago)
wow thats very impressive :P please do more of these :) like a mini series! pretty please :P
Jacob Webb (8 years ago)
Thats actually REALLY GOOD!!! :)
Tatu u (8 years ago)
rofl lmao lol! xD

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