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2/22/2018 CVS PERSONAL COUPON HAUL! Printable Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1v6ng3Es1Bponk4m2WuVP83Z68dHxlp9vxZSeAWNaq_8/edit?usp=sharing
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Melissa Chochard (10 months ago)
Still a great haul
Anne Schaumburg (10 months ago)
does the scott clip 2 card coupon work on the cottonelle?
Anne Schaumburg no it doesn’t. It was a $2/2 cottonelle viva and kleenex digital coupon. If you look at my google doc for my $10 Challenge I have a picture of the coupon to clip 😊
T Howlett (10 months ago)
April Hernandez (10 months ago)
How awesome of your cashiers to save you clearance iteams
Cynthia Martas (10 months ago)
April Hernandez now I understand why the shelves are cleared when the sale starts..... that's not fair to other Couponer's.
Sandra's haul's (10 months ago)
Awesome tfs
Reina Juarez (10 months ago)
Hi Teresa, I was thinking 🤔, what’s the difference between breaking up transactions vs not ? Thank You for sharing... We never get to see you.. 😊
T Howlett correct-since the digital coupons are mfr coupons you’d use those just as they were Paper Coupons so no stacking on those unfortunately! If you have 2 mfr Paper Coupons and had one clipped to Card the register knows not to accept the clip to card coupon.... darn things are smart lol 😆
T Howlett (10 months ago)
So I’m wondering if you can combine the clip to card and two printable coupons? I kind of figured not because the clip to card says manufacturing.
and PS I usually film in my jammies HAHAHAHAAAA!!! That's why ya never see me 😂😂 I promise to do a face video soon lol
Hi Reina, so with breaking up transactions when you don't have a lot of ecb to work with means paying less out of pocket cash. I was only going to pay around $10 cash if I had broken up my transactions into 2. The only difference is with paying more in cash you end with more ecb as opposed to paying less cash but using alot more of the ecb since you are rolling them into all the transactions. So it really is up to you how much cash you want to spend! Now since I will have $25ecb I will NOT spend cash oop for anything lol just pay my tax!😉
Marie Hickman (10 months ago)
Great Job! Enjoy that coupon that you got in the mail. :) HUGGGGGS and Thanks for sharing!
Hi love!! Thanks for watching!! honest to goodness haven't gotten a % coupon in months lol 😆

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