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This Smart Gun Could Save Lives

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Guns kill more than 30,000 Americans every year, far more than in any other developed country. While lawmakers and activists battle it out over legislative solutions, some are trying a different approach: integrating smart technology into guns. In this episode of "The Spark," Bloomberg follows 21-year-old inventor and entrepreneur Kai Kloepfer, who's created a "smart" handgun that could save thousands of lives.
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Night Lemon (1 day ago)
This is a fantastic idea!
TenthYoung (1 day ago)
I could see how its useful. What if you dropped your gun in an exchange and a criminal tried to use it against you?
Yogini Yogesh (3 days ago)
Guns giveutank
WhyBecause (4 days ago)
It's simple as that, incidents in the past has proven that the general public in U.S. is just not intelligent enough to carry a gun and the problem of safety could be solved at a large extent if all the privately owend guns ceased to exist or at least would be heavily regulated. As much as guns are fun that is still a fact.
AppreciateThe Penny (4 days ago)
So sick I want one!!
Nasty Capitalist Bloomberg still is advocating for killer guns
Seek the Maker (5 days ago)
Not guns but rather, people are the problem.
Mistapaddyman (6 days ago)
Guns don’t kill people. People do
Farar Rarara (6 days ago)
Gun is mechanical, and smart gun is stupid.
Stupid Americans. Join the world, YOU want a gun? Apply for a license to own one.
Lenni Turunen (11 days ago)
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El DiPablo (11 days ago)
Your description is inaccurate. Guns don't kill people, it takes a human to pull the trigger.
Byron Page (11 days ago)
dznrboy (11 days ago)
this is kinda redundant now that you americans can legally 3D print your own guns
Varrel (13 days ago)
Actually I kind of like this. It's going to replace traditional guns but if you're a police officer or someone in that line of work, it makes you a lot safer. I'm not sure about the price but anyone can break into a safe, anyone can take your gun off your holster, but this is a safeguard that acts as a last line of defense, it's made to protect yourself more than anyone else.
JC (18 days ago)
So the officer of the story needs a smart gun because he is dumb...got it, by the way wouldn't save more lifes no guns than smart guns?
B. Eder (19 days ago)
What if your wife needs to use it? It could cost her life.
B. Eder (19 days ago)
Could save lives unless you forget to change the Batteries! Then the gun could cost you your life!
spock (20 days ago)
Or have better gun laws, muricans are dumb af
Dougy doug (21 days ago)
1. Hey guy's i am trying to make a gun so the world would be a little bit safer. 2. I'm going to fucking threaten you for doing that.
Felix P. (21 days ago)
The gun that saves the most lives is that one that doesn't exist
lazer tag (21 days ago)
why the fuck would anyone whos into guns be oppose to this? its a smart safety lock..
FEAR the WRATH of YHWH (21 days ago)
69 Quakie (22 days ago)
Nah we just need more guns
Blu Gill (22 days ago)
The geinus way to not have miss fire is not have a gun
Toorero (22 days ago)
Well how is this story even possible? In Germany the police officer leaves the gun at the police station.
kasper van dijk (22 days ago)
Maybe just get rid of them? It works in Europe!
alexander duggan (22 days ago)
Sainath B (22 days ago)
People with common sense could save lives.
Cole (22 days ago)
I like this as a Trump supporter
heatflux (22 days ago)
Here's an idea. Maybe not leave a loaded handgun out if you have a child who's not old enough to understand? This is a stupid idea, just dont be a dumbass gun owner like this guy.
16 aastane Poiss (22 days ago)
Hell naow
ZapperDoom (22 days ago)
slap a magnet on that baby and it will work like normal
Jaky Mo (22 days ago)
Or just ban guns you know
Mahmed Ali (22 days ago)
I cant wait to see all computer geeks around the world play around with it and get around the fingerprint
Vivzy (23 days ago)
What if your hands are sweaty or oily then what,and you had too use it immediately
thatjokerperson (23 days ago)
I can see smart rifles but not handguns
Username Accepted (23 days ago)
Just screw the guns. Guns are for those who doesn't feel safe. Everyone could feel safe knowing that no one has guns.
First Last (23 days ago)
Hard to believe a gun mod from a kid with a fucked up hairdo.
hgeee eewweewew (23 days ago)
Still not going to do anything saying that columbine and virginia tech were done by the shooters using their own guns or having a friend buy it for them.
Exploring With Cam (23 days ago)
Smart guns will never happen, people can still make and build a normal firearm.
meditech (23 days ago)
This has nothing to do with safety. The investors of this startup are hoping for the (Make a law create a job) money tree.
kilgarragh (23 days ago)
Normal gun. Kid finds the gun, it’s going to be locked. The safety is on, if the kid knew about the safety and could turn it off. He would know not to hurt him or anyone else. That’s why, guns are smart enough now
jo14wp (23 days ago)
Smart guns is a very stupid idea!
blackreaper (23 days ago)
Fuck this guy and his shitty ideas...and this propaganda
Josh Maldonado (23 days ago)
When you actually using a gun,its probably gonna be a split second decision so I'm just gonna stick to a glock-no safety.dont have kids btw idea might change if I do.
Paul Lord Hutchinson (24 days ago)
Bloomberg propaganda.
Savage Jude (24 days ago)
Biometrics are very unreliable and then if a robber comes in guess who going to die the owner!!!
Fishman 02 (24 days ago)
How about... NO gun? worked in the UK didn't it?
Luke (25 days ago)
Why not ban guns. It’s cheaper would save more lives 😃 American yobs
KRONOS Titan (25 days ago)
Judge Dredd
GG Gass (25 days ago)
lol this is completely useless, nice try scammer
Chintan Aahir (25 days ago)
Have you ever think the negative sides of smart gun ....
Jeff Stanton (25 days ago)
1776 will commence again....
aycy10 (25 days ago)
no we dont need no smart gun or smart bullets. just need smarter people. i can already tell you the whole story at the start couldve been avoided if he just put his gun in the safe coming back home from work. shitty day or not. be more responsible and aware. dont blame an inanimate object when it is the humans fault
Alex Hu (25 days ago)
Think about a criminal hacker who make all smart guns unable to fire at him.
sindre fjeld (25 days ago)
In this video you can see clearly why 90% of the American people isn´t mature enough for firearms. I´ve never needed a firearm in my life
M M (25 days ago)
Awesome concept for COPS AND MILITARY GRADE WEAPONS. But NOT for the common person. But is this for saving lives or making money.
Ae Norist (25 days ago)
It can also be hacked by a simple magnet, as has ben aptly proven. Its just another gun ... no amount of gimmick will make a gun safe.
Brian VanDerVelde (26 days ago)
We need smart people not smart guns
BANΔΞΞT (26 days ago)
Yes but if the owner is the shooter the it is useless
imp3r1alx (26 days ago)
let more guns roam... that way, they can kill each other faster
XofulMaster (27 days ago)
Psycho Pass .. we are getting there
Red Dead (27 days ago)
LOL! Nice try libtards.
Vangaurd (23 days ago)
Red Dead why is it that whenever someone brings up a solution to fix a part of America’s gun problem you call them libtards instead of having a mature debate? I see a bunch of Republicans doing this, you call liberals retards, but you are so retarded you can’t even form a simple argument. Lol
Meet Alex (27 days ago)
Orrrr you could just ban guns.
Isaiah Silverstein (27 days ago)
James (27 days ago)
Let's find that guy and make his head explode.
minh hoang tho (28 days ago)
similar reaction to smartphones, getting smarter takes time
TheUltimateBeing 01 (28 days ago)
It won't stop mass shootings period. Here's what'll happen. The tech fails and a lunatic gets the gun and goes wild. Or the lunatic learns the owner's access code and kills with it. Same outcome. Only a SLIGHT hindrance before it.
TheUltimateBeing 01 (28 days ago)
Yeah, right. It can be hacked and used by anyone other than the owner. Dumb patent idea. Very dumb.
TheUltimateBeing 01 (28 days ago)
There is no such thing as a smart gun. It if fires, it is lethal and prone to causing deliberate or accidentally killings.
Beyond Tribalism (28 days ago)
This sounds like a great idea to anyone who knows nothing about the firearms industry.
Richard Goode (28 days ago)
A any policy to a non provide of a firearm in a child as a life in a point as a use.
Ludovico Dellavecchia (29 days ago)
the only solution is forbids any gun sales!
Ludovico Dellavecchia (29 days ago)
What is the solution if i can buy a M-14 in a super market? And if i wanna kill my self the problem is my depression not the tool which i use to kill my self
Thor S.W. (29 days ago)
This should implement dependable law into it, and the smart gun need to apply the new technology into it like electro or radio microchip owner's identification system into the gun instead of fingerprint technology because of practical use when the dirty and unable to read.
Aayana R (29 days ago)
This is a great idea! No idea comes out perfectly on the first try, but if it's a step that can even save one life...amazing!
Chicken Tendies (29 days ago)
Look what you have done to the poor glock you monsters!!
Sam Sjk (30 days ago)
The people that are mad about smart guns are the ones who use guns as a way to hide that they are scared. If they can't shoot a gun because it's locked they will lose their minds. "Oh no this gun has a extra safety feature so my kids can't get a hold of it and shoot someone with it". These are also the people who have 50 guns laying around their house not locked and with the safety off. If your kid mass shoots a school it's not on me.
Maple Flavor (30 days ago)
your imposed laws are mob enforced violence
One day, you say to person who want to kill you, oh, im so sorry, wait im need to charge my gun battery, maybe you have a charger?...)))
David Mays (30 days ago)
I would purchase
RedLight GreenArrow (30 days ago)
Is it just me or are far right people just absolutely hates anything technology related? Even if it’s a smart gun? I feel like if a geek or nerd to them is behind anything, they automatically hate it. Whether if it’s something like Apple Pay, electric cars, or in this case something like a smart gun. Holding back progress as a whole.
Vidal Sanchez (30 days ago)
Apple almost got sued because lyrics facial recognition was unlock my somebody else in China
Vidal Sanchez (30 days ago)
You can barely get it to work on phones and you guys want to put it on guns
Peter Knobloch (30 days ago)
Smart guns!?? Dumb idea. Will never buy one.
Night Shade (30 days ago)
bob smith (30 days ago)
except for this to actually be implemented means you would have to label every gun ever made made prior to it as illegal, as well as convince every single manufacturer in the world to now only produce smart guns. Ya, never gonna happen
Mozart (30 days ago)
Over-engineering at it's best. This is the definition of solutionism. Guns work just fine and they are safe unless they are broken. If I steal your smart gun, it's a matter of minutes I just remove your lock pin from the trigger assembly. Put a nano GPS tracker device and a mechanism to destroy the firing pin that would only work thru point to point user defined technology that's open source which would invalidate government intervention. This is a "destroy if stolen" mechanism and then you stay a chance.
John Doe (30 days ago)
Bloomberg; go away. Nobody wants your opinion on gun control. We want to protect ourselves, and you cannot stop us. We aren't giving them up no matter what you do. The only thing you accomplish is pushing moderate and right-leaning centrists like myself towards the republican party. I have absolutely no interest in voting for ANY democrats because they are so vehemently anti-gun. Drop the anti-gun stuff and we can start talking. Until then, I'm voting red.
Brian Woods (1 month ago)
What if a kid knows how to use a gun and gets attacked and mommy’s gun won’t shoot causing his death 💀
Peppe Ddu (1 month ago)
You can make a smart-gun "fail safe" If the battery die or there's a malfunction the gun defaults to "unlock" (aka it will fire with anyone using it) It's a system designed to protect children, not a system to prevent people from using their guns.
Colin Yuan (1 month ago)
"hey man, I invent a smart killing device that could save people's lives..."
Jack Het (1 month ago)
I’m so desperat when i hear those americans who prefer their children more then loosing their right to be able to kill other people.
SOMESH VALANKE (1 month ago)
If you want to kill your just use knife😕
SoonToBlow (1 month ago)
Also, that horse crap about suicide is ridiculously annoying. Reason, people can use knives & drugs to do harm to themselves.
SoonToBlow (1 month ago)
A gun has never killed someone before. The fuck? 30,000 people have been killed by people, not guns. Guns are an object it needs a person to activate it's powers. Also, no need for smart guns, just smarter people. Simply lock your gun in a lock box and not leave it on the damn table, specially with a child in the home. Not the guns fault, but rather the person's fault.
Username47948 (1 month ago)
People don't kill themselves or shoot up schools because they have access to firearms. They're gonna find a way to accomplish their goal. Look at Japan, guns are very strictly controlled and suicide rates are higher than in the US. Mass murderers don't need guns to kill. Timothy McVeigh didn't use a gun and he killed more than any mass shooter in US history. If your fingerprint smart gun works as well as the fingerprint reader on my phone then you'll have sacrificed more lives than you saved. In the near future some woman will end up raped and murdered because the guy at the gun store sold her a smart gun that took to long to read her fingerprint. I would not trust my life to this technology. Even if it did work his prototype uses a single stack magazine instead of a double stack, about halving the magazine capacity of that Glock
Uppish (1 month ago)
I still believe that gun safety is one of the upmost important requirements to be a gun owner, and that it is their responsibility to look after their firearm. Even though I'm more liberal than conservative, this sadly won't solve the problem completely. And if a smart gun is in the hands of someone long enough, someone somewhere will find a way around it. I remember watching a video about bump stocks, and how it works. They said something along the lines of, "Is making bump stocks illegal going to save lives? Yes. Will someone find a way around it? Yes. Just like with Prohibition in the 1920's, someone is going to find a way around it." And although guns aren't illegal, unlike alcohol during Prohibition, someone will unfortunately create a product to put on the market to disable a smart gun, using a loophole that will make said product legal, just like the bump stock. Also, I live in NJ, and I personally think that law will cause so much more outrage from gun owners, rather than save lives. I had to register my airsoft guns because of some laws passed a couple of years ago, and that already gave me such a headache.
212driller (1 month ago)
Nope. If you make stupid crap like this people will just hack them etc. Its the same thing as breaking into a gun safe to steal the gun. A stupid solution for the wrong problem. If we focused all of these antigun efforts on fighting actual crime we wouldn't still be having gun violence problems. People will get a hold of, or make their own firearms even if they become illegal, so why not try to fight the criminal element instead of the tool they use?

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