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This Smart Gun Could Save Lives

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Guns kill more than 30,000 Americans every year, far more than in any other developed country. While lawmakers and activists battle it out over legislative solutions, some are trying a different approach: integrating smart technology into guns. In this episode of "The Spark," Bloomberg follows 21-year-old inventor and entrepreneur Kai Kloepfer, who's created a "smart" handgun that could save thousands of lives.
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Thomas MacKelly (2 days ago)
If youre anti smart gun, then really is no solution coming from you. you deny background checks, mental health funding, gun bans, anything that stems the tide of death. Then you have the arrogance to accuse the Left of anything?
Abhishek Singh (4 days ago)
Just use a regular lock, if you are away from the gun lock it up. If you want it accessible then carry it a holster.
ajttambo (4 days ago)
2/3 of that 30,000 gun deaths in the US each year are suicides. This number also involves justified shootings and police shootings. Most of the rest are gang related killings in isolated areas of inner cities like south side Chicago and West Baltimore. There are over 357,000,000 legally owned firearms in the US and that number grown each day. How about teaching law abiding and sane people to respect firearms and know how to safely use them since they are not going anywhere anytime soon?
DrPhil Official (5 days ago)
*Cyberpunk 2077*
Rick Bailey (5 days ago)
fucken jersey i hate this state full of liberal sheep
EL SHREDR (7 days ago)
Or you can teach everyone in the house gun safety, and get them used to having guns around so it isn't one of those, when it actually happens sinerio.
TOO FREE 777 (8 days ago)
His videos just stupid smart guns are unreliable
Padillalester01 (8 days ago)
Smart guns may have a scanning delay and will probably take that split second you need to react. It's kind of a interesting idea but it will not work for everyone, I'll keep my guns with the traditional safety mechanism.
G. S. Alves (11 days ago)
I'm wondering if the liberal had his feelings hurt after he touched the gun...
Martino Alipon (15 days ago)
how bout you be fukin responsible and hide the gun i mean you know you have a child and a gun at some point kids will learn to know how to use guns due to video games etc. so be responsible and keep your guns
Anthony Lane (15 days ago)
Don’t leave your firearm on the kitchen table. You know you have a child, you shouldn’t be a police officer if you leave your gun on the table for your child to pick up.
Aaron565 (16 days ago)
They're simply inferior, and cant be used with existing parts. its like an electric vehicle, if someone wants the means to use mechanical machines because they last longer they can. The new Jersey law is unconstitutional, and is effectively moot since its impossible to prosecute on. There are already superior locks that insert into the barrel and only deflate when you enter a combination.
Antifa is Gay (17 days ago)
Parker. B (18 days ago)
Yeah it “went red” after 3 seconds of leaving your finger on that tiny button without moving. This is no gun for CC or really anything. Just an unreliable glock
Richard Goode (22 days ago)
A able by a person as to discharge a firearm preventing a other person.
Chase Advantage (24 days ago)
What if your forced to fire from the other hand... In a self defence situation you might have too.
Chase Advantage (24 days ago)
I install biometrics and it works about 60% of the time.... In a self defense situation I wouldn't trust it.... We use biometrics at Sea Tec airport and it never reads all the time... Sometime you have to place your finger 2 or 3 times before it reads.
Oscar W.L Song (28 days ago)
Had anyone notice how vehement that cap guy was?
Josh Campbell (28 days ago)
Can we please just not freaking call it “smart”!? I don’t consider my front door smart, or any level just because it has a lock on it, no matter what the mechanism. Also, something to think about. I can’t tell you the number of times my phone won’t unlock with my fingerprint because I roughed my hands up a little at work. Sure wouldn’t be very convenient in a life or death situation to fire blanks just because I mowed my yard that day. Just pointing out limitations in the current level of technology. Maybe this has been addressed already with your product.
Pablo123456x (29 days ago)
500 rednecks don't know what a finger print is.
BrassJunkie (30 days ago)
The only people who want a product like this are people who wouldn’t buy a gun in the first place.
rdubby (1 month ago)
UncleDayzy (1 month ago)
5:44 I thought he said "fat cunts" for a second there
Zechariah Brown (1 month ago)
Here is an idea put in a fingerprint identification of criminals so if they put In their finger print in it still doesn’t work.
Sasori (1 month ago)
Cool it does take some time for it to recognize the user though
If I were a liberal I would faping at this, (fortunatly I'm not).
Jerry K (1 month ago)
Refuso Againo (1 month ago)
Another gun will "save lives". How long can they keep selling that mantra? My guess is, until people get smarter, which is why we have so many.
Pee Bay (1 month ago)
Yeah fuck this gay bullshit. I'm going to keep buying more guns to piss off the left.
Tac81 (1 month ago)
Would a small EMP stop something like this?
Tac81 (1 month ago)
Blockchain locators? XYO Networks might be awesome to implement on this!, but I think it should be build INSIDE the metal when formed (some how)!
Allahu-A (1 month ago)
Kid just coppied call of duty
North Dino (1 month ago)
Not ALL people buy guns for self-defense. These people don’t want someone telling them how to live but they tell gun shop owners what not to sell.
chaitanya devale (2 months ago)
I'm pretty sure you have taken James Bond pretty seriosly dude, they had the same tech as you...!!!
T.C. Robinson (2 months ago)
I would not purchase one, The smart thing, put gun training in schools. I taught my children to handle firearms from the very moment they cast there eyes upon one. I like the idea of being able to leave my home and know my children are safe because they know how to defend themselves. The best gun control is to learn gun control.
Akihiko Hayashi (2 months ago)
For all of those smart gun haters, especially the dumba$$ who think you have to “reboot” a gun, I hope you have children...
Funstun 123123 (2 months ago)
How is a gun that only fires for one person going to stop a suicide
Sareen Sidhu (2 months ago)
I live in Canada and I don't understand the need for all these guns and why even things like smart guns have so much opposition like I would think a country that encourages technological advancement, private business, and innovation would be more open to at least this considering at least can keep their guns
Irish (2 months ago)
*t h e s e g o s h d a r n l i b e r a l s*
Raymond (2 months ago)
nice try statist. Go chip yourself in the ass.
Brandon Key (2 months ago)
Guns save only by their ability to kill (No, I'm not anti-gun)
Ninja Turtle (2 months ago)
Haha, those Americans with a new idea of making fast money. This is more dumb than those E-Zigarettes idea. No Guns save lives, smart guns wont help you Great Merica :DD . Greets from Europe <3
Rare Animal (2 months ago)
Any delay in firing the weapon could be deadly.
Gabriel UY (2 months ago)
Just buy a gun 🔫 that has safety switch except smart gun. Smart gun is a dumb idea
Ronald Smith (2 months ago)
lies, lies and more lies!!!!!!
blabla62871 (2 months ago)
4:30 this is not how responsible gun owner should looks like. he wouldnt pass the psychotests in europe
blabla62871 (2 months ago)
imagine how many people would save smart politicians
nirman tapaswee (2 months ago)
making gun to save life...
RickitySplitz (3 months ago)
Can they at least do a better job at labeling technology? I'm sick of hearing the word "Smart" being misused all the damn time on new innovative technology.
James Mak (3 months ago)
oh someones attacking me, lemme put my finger on the gun and see the light turn red, oh no I've been stabbed
Pharow Smith (3 months ago)
My question to those who oppose this tech is what type of life style are u living that makes u that paranoid especially under this brief time of peace how ever short?
Night Lemon (3 months ago)
This is a fantastic idea!
TenthYoung (3 months ago)
I could see how its useful. What if you dropped your gun in an exchange and a criminal tried to use it against you?
Yogini Yogesh (3 months ago)
Guns giveutank
WhyBecause (3 months ago)
It's simple as that, incidents in the past has proven that the general public in U.S. is just not intelligent enough to carry a gun and the problem of safety could be solved at a large extent if all the privately owend guns ceased to exist or at least would be heavily regulated. As much as guns are fun that is still a fact.
AppreciateThe Penny (3 months ago)
So sick I want one!!
Nasty Capitalist Bloomberg still is advocating for killer guns
Seek the Maker (3 months ago)
Not guns but rather, people are the problem.
Mistapaddyman (3 months ago)
Guns don’t kill people. People do
Farar Rarara (3 months ago)
Gun is mechanical, and smart gun is stupid.
Stupid Americans. Join the world, YOU want a gun? Apply for a license to own one.
Lenni Turunen (3 months ago)
own tremendous professional partner meet excellent than journal promotion
El DiPablo (3 months ago)
Your description is inaccurate. Guns don't kill people, it takes a human to pull the trigger.
Byron Page (3 months ago)
dznrboy (3 months ago)
this is kinda redundant now that you americans can legally 3D print your own guns
Varrel (3 months ago)
Actually I kind of like this. It's going to replace traditional guns but if you're a police officer or someone in that line of work, it makes you a lot safer. I'm not sure about the price but anyone can break into a safe, anyone can take your gun off your holster, but this is a safeguard that acts as a last line of defense, it's made to protect yourself more than anyone else.
JC (3 months ago)
So the officer of the story needs a smart gun because he is dumb...got it, by the way wouldn't save more lifes no guns than smart guns?
B. Eder (3 months ago)
What if your wife needs to use it? It could cost her life.
B. Eder (3 months ago)
Could save lives unless you forget to change the Batteries! Then the gun could cost you your life!
spock (3 months ago)
Or have better gun laws, muricans are dumb af
Dougy doug (3 months ago)
1. Hey guy's i am trying to make a gun so the world would be a little bit safer. 2. I'm going to fucking threaten you for doing that.
Felix P. (3 months ago)
The gun that saves the most lives is that one that doesn't exist
lazer tag (3 months ago)
why the fuck would anyone whos into guns be oppose to this? its a smart safety lock..
FEAR the WRATH of YHWH (3 months ago)
69 Quakie (3 months ago)
Nah we just need more guns
Blu Gill (3 months ago)
The geinus way to not have miss fire is not have a gun
Toorero (3 months ago)
Well how is this story even possible? In Germany the police officer leaves the gun at the police station.
kasper van dijk (3 months ago)
Maybe just get rid of them? It works in Europe!
alexander duggan (3 months ago)
Sainath B (3 months ago)
People with common sense could save lives.
Cole (3 months ago)
I like this as a Trump supporter
heatflux (3 months ago)
Here's an idea. Maybe not leave a loaded handgun out if you have a child who's not old enough to understand? This is a stupid idea, just dont be a dumbass gun owner like this guy.
16 aastane Poiss (3 months ago)
Hell naow
ZapperDoom (3 months ago)
slap a magnet on that baby and it will work like normal
Jaky Mo (3 months ago)
Or just ban guns you know
Mahmed Ali (3 months ago)
I cant wait to see all computer geeks around the world play around with it and get around the fingerprint
Vivzy (3 months ago)
What if your hands are sweaty or oily then what,and you had too use it immediately
thatjokerperson (3 months ago)
I can see smart rifles but not handguns
Usrnam Accpted (3 months ago)
Just screw the guns. Guns are for those who doesn't feel safe. Everyone could feel safe knowing that no one has guns.
First Last (3 months ago)
Hard to believe a gun mod from a kid with a fucked up hairdo.
hgeee eewweewew (3 months ago)
Still not going to do anything saying that columbine and virginia tech were done by the shooters using their own guns or having a friend buy it for them.
Exploring With Cam (3 months ago)
Smart guns will never happen, people can still make and build a normal firearm.
meditech (3 months ago)
This has nothing to do with safety. The investors of this startup are hoping for the (Make a law create a job) money tree.
kilgarragh (3 months ago)
Normal gun. Kid finds the gun, it’s going to be locked. The safety is on, if the kid knew about the safety and could turn it off. He would know not to hurt him or anyone else. That’s why, guns are smart enough now
jo14wp (3 months ago)
Smart guns is a very stupid idea!
blackreaper (3 months ago)
Fuck this guy and his shitty ideas...and this propaganda
Josh Maldonado (3 months ago)
When you actually using a gun,its probably gonna be a split second decision so I'm just gonna stick to a glock-no safety.dont have kids btw idea might change if I do.
Paul Lord Hutchinson (3 months ago)
Bloomberg propaganda.
Savage Jude (3 months ago)
Biometrics are very unreliable and then if a robber comes in guess who going to die the owner!!!
Fishman 02 (3 months ago)
How about... NO gun? worked in the UK didn't it?
Luke (3 months ago)
Why not ban guns. It’s cheaper would save more lives 😃 American yobs

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