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If you eat yogurt everyday, amazing things will happen to your body

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If you eat yogurt everyday, amazing things will happen to your body https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jArgdNyQFjg Yogurt has been in existence for about hundreds of years now. It is known to be a very nutritious food that can boost several aspects of your health. Please subscribe and watch this video until the end to know the complete information. This is what happens to your body if you eat yogurt everyday. 1. It will aid in digestion. If you are one of those who is affected by digestion problems, then it is important to get rid of the toxins from the food that you have eaten. Yogurt helps to digest the other food products and also helps in promoting digestion. 2. Yogurt Helps Promote Weight Loss. The good bacteria that are found in yogurt help with digestion and in revving up metabolism. Hence, this helps with fast weight loss. 3. Yogurt Helps The Body Become Stronger. Yogurt has natural immune-boosting properties that help the body become stronger. Studies have also revealed that people who take yogurt are more stronger and less prone to diseases. 4. Prevents Intestinal Infections. There are many conditions that can injure the intestines. Yogurt combats diarrhea and intestinal infections. This is one of the top health benefits of yogurt. This will let you know why you should eat yogurt every day or weekly once. 5. It Can Be Used To Treat Vaginal Infections. Yogurt is considered to be one of the best remedies to treat vaginal infections. Hence, consumption of yogurt helps you to remain infection free down there. 6. Helps With Bone Health. Yogurt provides the body with enough calcium and keeps the bones strong. When compared to milk, yogurt can give you enough amount of calcium. 7. Prevents High Blood Pressure. Taking yogurt regularly helps in lowering the blood pressure levels. Yogurt helps in flushing out the sodium and hence lowers the blood pressure levels in the body. 8. Helps Lower Cholesterol. The good bacteria in yogurt help in lowering the cholesterol levels. Fatty, fried and sweet foods are the main reasons for increasing cholesterol levels. Consuming yogurt helps in countering this. 9. Good For The Teeth. Yogurt can act as a protection against cavities that occur due to the consumption of excess sweets. The lactic acid present in yogurt helps in protecting not just the teeth but also the gums. Thank you for watching. please like, comment, subscribe and share with your friends and family.
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Natural Remedies (1 year ago)
Who here eats yogurt ? Comment below !
Amna Aslam (13 days ago)
Hitman Reborn (2 months ago)
Natural Remedies me
Afia Ismail (3 months ago)
fia ijaz (10 days ago)
Is eating yogurt reduce your boob size?
Afia Ismail (1 month ago)
I eat it daily nd my tummy going to flat dy by day
Afia Ismail (10 days ago)
+fia ijaz no dear bt only my tummy going flat nd my boobs is still large as usual
fia ijaz (10 days ago)
It reduces my tummy size but also feeling that my boob size is loosing so wanna know
Afia Ismail (10 days ago)
+fia ijaz no only tummy
fia ijaz (10 days ago)
Is it also reduces boob size fastly As I am noticing it
Afia Ismail (13 days ago)
+Loudmy Georges I eat regular yogurt frm lokal shops
Herlonelydemon (1 month ago)
I ate today at school -yogurt with strawberries and bananas -banana -low fat milk Will that make me fat or no
Natural Remedies (1 month ago)
you will get fat only if you are eating more calories than your maintenance levels. so in short, no it won't make you fat. what makes you fat is eating more than your body requires.
Mei Chan (2 months ago)
I mean, I’m eating Yogurt right now butttttttt, it’s chocolate, HA
Faisal Lone (2 months ago)
Hi, Very good information, please let me know that yogurt good in uric acid?
Chandra Prabha Sharma (2 months ago)
I eats yogurt!😘🙋
Natural Remedies (2 months ago)
nice dear, it's great for your, please share this video with your friends and family too
Berlyn Tumaneng (2 months ago)
is flavored yogurt good to eat?
Natural Remedies (2 months ago)
it's fine to eat if you don't mind the sugars
Sarah Lynn (2 months ago)
Gamer's Corner (3 months ago)
I ate yogurt for the first time in my life today
Henry Verschuur (1 month ago)
How did it go?
Gamer's Corner (3 months ago)
I always thought it was bad and not tasty(stupid me😒)...
Natural Remedies (3 months ago)
for the first time ? really ?
Afia Ismail (3 months ago)
I drink milk nd eat yogurt daily
Natural Remedies (3 months ago)
nice dear, please share this video with your friends and family too :)
Alex Aly (4 months ago)
Is yogurt good for weight gain?
bratha nice (5 months ago)
Natural Remedies (5 months ago)
자유 JAYU (5 months ago)
love yogurt, i used to gain weight easier before but ive cleansed myself for a few years by only drinking water too, but i still eat tons of meat lol
Goofy Goober (6 months ago)
Im eat yoplait fruit yogurt is that Ok?
Natural Remedies (6 months ago)
yes dear, it is fine
Prashant Pratap Singh (6 months ago)
Good and helpful video
Natural Remedies (6 months ago)
thank you dear, please share it with your friends and family members
Prashant Pratap Singh (6 months ago)
I eat daily
world citizen (6 months ago)
i make my own curd
world citizen (6 months ago)
beautiful food
Magdalena Rodriguez (6 months ago)
I drink yogurt and it eat WHATEVER IM EATING YOGURT RIGHT NOW!!!! LoL
Magdalena Rodriguez (6 months ago)
Natural Remedies I always do:)
Natural Remedies (6 months ago)
that's good dear, please share this video with your friends and family
Pampa Maity (8 months ago)
what is the right time for eating sour card
Majid Ali (3 months ago)
Pampa Maity morning time
Itz Kylie (8 months ago)
I eat at least four pots of yoghurt a day
Pricilla Dsouza (8 months ago)
some very good information i love yogurt ..I also like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgiwIlu4yaU&list=PLjARy3fYfN_VPnp1Y35aDT9STK6lJ_Dpx&index=3
Lilo High (9 months ago)
Yogurt tastes nice ❣️
Natural Remedies (9 months ago)
nice dear, please watch my other videos too :)
Cathy Thompson (9 months ago)
natural yogurt is amazing for body wise but the taste its very strong 😯its bitter u might aswel say 😯
Starlie Puff Gaming (10 months ago)
Luckily. I eat yogurt almost every once or twice a day! :3
Sarah wolf (11 months ago)
Thanks for telling me and yeah i eat yogurt 💖
Natural Remedies (11 months ago)
you are most welcome dear
Urmila Allavarapu (11 months ago)
My baby eating only curd rice. Is this helping to my baby's growth
Urmila Allavarapu (11 months ago)
Tqqq mam
Natural Remedies (11 months ago)
yes it's good but you should try to incorporate other foods in the mix as well. try banana mash or potato mash
Urmila Allavarapu (11 months ago)
Please reply
Gamer 777 (1 year ago)
Eating Plain Yogurt will help more, not the Flavored ones 😊
Sunitee Ali (14 days ago)
I blend plain yogurt with frozen fruits.... delicious
Evelyn Kabiru (2 months ago)
Natural Remedies but what if I take the flavor ones everyday.. will I add weight?
Natural Remedies (1 year ago)
thank you for your comment dear. Yes plain yogurt is good too :)
Lorenzo (1 year ago)
Eating yogurt is good indeed but i would recommend not eating more than 1 or 2 cups 150g a day. If you reason is to reduce fat best solution is drink a glass of fresh lemon mix with worm water in the morning and do exercise every day.
Wild Boy (1 year ago)
I'm gonna start eating yogurt instead of cereal, I'm trying to lose some belly chub
Natural Remedies (1 year ago)
Good, Keep it up dear :)
Michal Faith (1 year ago)
Natural Remedies (1 year ago)
most welcome :)

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