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SuccessFactors Succession and Career Development

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Claire Badger from DDG provides you with a great overview of SuccessFactors Succession and Career Development Planning.
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Text Comments (12)
Gani Sait (4 months ago)
Great Video. Well Explained.
Jean Cindy Gorospe (1 year ago)
Hi! Could you also create a similar video for Performance and Goals Management? Our company is new to it and we'd like to understand it better :)
eduardo salvador (1 year ago)
Very Helpful walked through for Succession Module. Thank you DDG :)
Vivekanandan Perumal (1 year ago)
Very detailed....great info...Thanks !!!
NareshKM SFSF (1 year ago)
Great work DDG, Crystal clear explanation about Succession Management ..... Good Job keep posting . :-)
Riishi Riitambhar (1 year ago)
Pretty detailed and well presented information.
Dinesh Reddy (2 years ago)
Very Nice video.... very clear...
Paolo Aplasca (2 years ago)
i agree.. it's a great video.. kudos to DDG and Claire Badger for posting this on youtube.
Pramod Varma (2 years ago)
Gr8 video..clear and concise..
Diana Spendlove (2 years ago)
Very helpful!
George Son Hoang (3 years ago)
great video!
DDG Accelerate (3 years ago)
+George H Thank you!

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