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The Story of Steve, & Minecraft's Original Mobs!

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Let's explore Minecraft's Steve, Black Steve, Rana & Beast Boy! » Facts & Lists Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLR50dP3MW9ZUjf6oq6l9DOOhkUMc3DBIO » Subscribe - http://bit.ly/AntVenomSubscribe SOCIAL MEDIA » Discord - http://discord.gg/AntVenom » Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/AntVenom » Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/AntVenomPage » Instagram - http://instagram.com/TheAntVenom » TwitchTV - http://twitch.tv/AntVenom PLACES I GET MUSIC » http://c418.bandcamp.com/ » YouTube Audio Library Out of the Skies, Under the Earth by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://chriszabriskie.com/reappear/ Artist: http://chriszabriskie.com/
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Text Comments (574)
Anonymous MemBer (7 hours ago)
So alex is a lesbian...
CrazyDumbBlox YT (1 day ago)
Beast boy? Copyright issues.. Black Steve? Something about Black Steve doesn’t feel right
imaperson52 (1 day ago)
oh my god alex is jeb
Michaela Finney (2 days ago)
wow didn't know that
Michaela Finney (2 days ago)
hay antxvenomx =)
Hunter Harmon (5 days ago)
rana should replace alex
Bagas Pratsya (5 days ago)
Mostly no
lordkanesoulreaver (7 days ago)
whats odd is 0.30-03 sosemt show up on my list of vershiosn to play and yes i have both beta and alpha modesactive
Brian Pass (7 days ago)
I knew about most of this already
MisterMcKinnin (9 days ago)
When I first saw this video, I was very shocked to see and hear that Steve originally came from another game made by Notch before Minecraft was created.
Insky (10 days ago)
I want a mob that is like player. Build. Dig. And more
MadXenticalGamerZ (11 days ago)
What about Herobrine?
space83 (12 days ago)
what vesion do we have to go to to find beast boy
STEVE IS A TROOPER!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? 🐸
I knew the quad squad of Steve, Black Steve, Rana, and Beast Boy. But I didn't know MOST of the rest.
DasEndermen (13 days ago)
Rick and Morty :D
Somie David-Chijioke (15 days ago)
My faviroute charachter was Rana
Cubix23 Games (15 days ago)
Notch inspired me to make my own games.
QUALITY NAME (17 days ago)
its a shame that the animation on docks characters couldnt be there so they of course slide around
Haz SlayZ (17 days ago)
I knew it , beast boy from teen titans played minecraft
Hacker Killler (17 days ago)
creeper was added from a glitch that made players randomly BLOW UP
Ian McGuiness (17 days ago)
You used this thumbnail 7 months ago for the is Steve a good video
DokiMoi YT (17 days ago)
Hey ant! I know that you are not a console player of Minecraft but can you please leave your opinion in the next vid of what just happened plsss!
SangheiliWarrior (18 days ago)
This makes me really miss the old days!!
Triple Nickel (18 days ago)
I miss 2014 antvenom. Anyone else
caden arnold (18 days ago)
Rip minecraft 2019
ItsThe LavaCreeper (18 days ago)
Nice video
ItsThe LavaCreeper (18 days ago)
Nice video
TIMOTHY YOUNG (18 days ago)
Thank goodness they didn't get into the final game, if I'm tbh.
afyber (18 days ago)
Why isn't there any in game footage of Rana?
Dcat682 (18 days ago)
Wait, Alex is actually male??? I always thought he was female and was short for Alexis!
PlayStationC HAX (18 days ago)
if u give yourself many levels then xp bar will disapear and if you will give an give then they reset
Made Tocomment (18 days ago)
There may be the content I’m looking for somewhere but I’m lazy, I want to know where the end city’s come from the story behind the dragon did it curse the people who used to ride the end ships to become enderman what lived in the strongholds and nether fortress
MasterObjectives (18 days ago)
Yes but i first i didn't know that the texture for Steve was from on of Notches old projects (Obviously) And second i didn't know that Alex hair was of Jebs
GBDiggs4 (18 days ago)
Make another finance at Freddys season eight make a finance at Freddys night a way where you and venom comes back and saves caveman you should
John Dread (18 days ago)
I really like AV mainly because he doesn't have 20 second intros and he doesn't try to extend the video to the point where it gets boring.
Canoflop (18 days ago)
Goddamn dude, props on you to sticking to Minecraft through all these years.
SpykeJ (18 days ago)
I love how different, the models used to be and how different they could've been if dock had stayed with Mojang. Great Video, AntVenom.
SkullyKidz 213 (18 days ago)
Nicholas McCaffery (18 days ago)
Steve's Actual name is actually Steve? (yes his name IS Steve?) (and I'm not enquiring) the devs made it as a joke.
Lonely Boi (18 days ago)
We gotta get ducks as mobs
Logan Mooney (18 days ago)
how do i get indev 0.31 somebody help
truth (18 days ago)
it’s 2018 and 30 year old virgins are still playing this game
The Weirdo (19 days ago)
Sorry to say it but you said "Jen" not "Jeb"
Θανάσης Π. (19 days ago)
People like you AntVenom only help the community Keep up the good work
Tex Arcana (19 days ago)
Zarok The Necromancer (19 days ago)
Hey antvenom! i just watched the "max enchant levels" video the punch bow-pig one. If you want a MASSIVE 100% garunteed elytra take off, do /effect @p jump_boost 100000 254 on MCPE! Its amazing!
Michael Craft (19 days ago)
I think i like steve the most😁
MegaMoh (19 days ago)
a line punched another line qoute the punchline
GalaxyWolf Gaming (19 days ago)
AntVenom, did you know if you have Riptide on your trident and your flying with your elytra, if you throw your trident with the riptide while flying in the rain it will act like a firework!
Holger Z1 (19 days ago)
Whaat?!? Alex was a reference to Jeb? I thought it was just a girl's skin xD
SeriousCarl 01 (19 days ago)
I think the old steve is zombie now🤔(look at theoutfit) What do you think Guys?and Have a Nice Day To all
PiXElAuth ! (19 days ago)
So Alex was suppose to be a a dude? *grabs tnt and explode himself
Avatide (19 days ago)
UGH, i hate it when you come so early you see the original thumbnail
Hieu Le Duy (19 days ago)
"Black Steve" hmm~~?
Chameleon Playz (19 days ago)
And I thought Alex was a girl!
Andreas Patsalides (19 days ago)
Wait a sec... IS ALEX A BOY OR A GIRL?
_CrazyPenguin_ (19 days ago)
Oh my god you said heck you are banned from my Christian Minecraft server
Aifoscoookie (19 days ago)
Ihram ybaR (19 days ago)
Well cool! Now I will forever call Alex "Yens"
Epic Kingdom Girl (19 days ago)
dear AntVenom you da gr8est yter there is i have invited you to my realm ant venom please accept :D (MINECRAFT)
Maria Lopez (19 days ago)
If anyone has a twitter account can you tell jeb to add bioluminescent plants, animals and algae because I'm not allowed to have one PS also tell him to add sea monsters like the colosoul, and giant squids
Din the Endery G00S (19 days ago)
Out of the deleted characters my favorite is Rana
Beau MC (19 days ago)
I wonder when u will quit
Beastboi... Transforms into s different animals.
GoldenstarArtist (19 days ago)
lol Alex is a trap
Porygon (19 days ago)
you forgot the pigman
Senu Damper (19 days ago)
Does this mean Alex isn't meant to be labeled as female/male? 🤔
Na Zhao (19 days ago)
“Minecraft is dead,” said the people who weren’t part of the thirty-something million still playing it to that day
Tomato :3 (19 days ago)
Isnt this video done already?
dybu (19 days ago)
black steve drops gunpowder jeeeeez
Nixinova (19 days ago)
Hey, I created the *Pre-classic rd-160052* article! :)
McBean 56545 (19 days ago)
The black Steve character might have been based off the Demoman from TF2 due to his green strap that goes over his chest (looks a lot like an ammo strap) and the fact that he drops gunpowder. I actually got to try the Indev version that has these by searching lost Minecraft versions.
Kleadron (19 days ago)
If you crash the first version of minecraft that ever existed, it tells you an error about rubydung crashing. Do you think its possible that minecraft was built on top of rubydung?
James Homer (19 days ago)
wow! awesome!
PetreCell -Mini Vacuta (19 days ago)
Sorry for saying that but that hair of Alex made her *HELLA GAY*
Jurjen Vos (19 days ago)
New mic?
SkettluMahBoi (19 days ago)
Heh black steve *that's racist*
Icession (20 days ago)
Well its amazing to see, hear and learn about this features but sad thing we want them but we cant anymore
Rekko's Diary (20 days ago)
"Black steve" Shows brown skinned man BOIIIII
042873E (20 days ago)
Bring rana back
rage gaming (20 days ago)
Beast boy from teen titans go XD and try when where is gonna be free and we know minecraft is not free and is not full realease when full realease is gonna free know?
Levi Leto (20 days ago)
i really want the original models and animations to test something. antvenom do you have any ideas where they can be aquired?
Anti-HyperLink (20 days ago)
So Alex is a guy?
Anti-HyperLink (20 days ago)
Was there no 3rd person on the original minecraft?
trumps butt (20 days ago)
if they remove steve imma shoot up mojang
Is it just me, or is old steve dabbing while running? HHHMMMMMMMMMMMMM
My name jefferson
No u
the minecraft box (20 days ago)
4;16 666 seed
So, Rana Removed?
Gaming With Travis (20 days ago)
Amazing video!
Gaming With Travis (20 days ago)
Hello Ant I love your videos!
Shantanu Kulkarni (20 days ago)
anyone remember RANA from DanTDM's Diamond Dimensions ??? (It was the mod though and not very related to this video)
Look Closer (20 days ago)
Why the title isn't on caps lock? Why?! IT'S FREAKING ME OUT
Alp Doğaner (20 days ago)
Wafity (20 days ago)
Humans were kinda dumb.
GoldenTheCat YT (20 days ago)
blacksteve is kinda a mean name tbh also can you do a video about the enderdragon and why shes female
LizardLover04 (20 days ago)
Wow this must've taken forever to make, nice video ant!
ThaLigua999 (20 days ago)
I'm so glad Rana, black Steve and beast boy were removed, I hated their models when I first saw them
Klevin 105 (20 days ago)
I thought Alex was suppose to be a female version of the default skin :/

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