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100k Celebration + GIVEAWAY

4445 ratings | 25439 views
THANKS FOR 100k I LOVE U ALL!! oh yeah comment why you should win an album!!! MY SOCIAL MEDIA: https://www.instagram.com/kurtisconner/ https://twitter.com/kurtisconner PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/kurtisconner MY PODCAST: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/very-really-good/id1335843384?mt=2 https://soundcloud.com/veryreallygood STREAM MY COMEDY ALBUM: https://open.spotify.com/album/0AVwPo54ZPZYYTZAxFO7SQ?si=9uNGL11cRsW3bdAy6tV4FA
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Text Comments (1327)
underscore boogiedown (3 days ago)
I'm late af (and broke) but if you sent one my way I'd probably love you. no promises though
Madi Read (7 days ago)
Britta Brittsky (1 day ago)
rosie o’donovan (13 days ago)
if u give me an album i will add it to my cd collection which includes the high school musical 1 and 2, along with four by 1D
Finnegan Smith (15 days ago)
Gib albem
Jodie Winfrey (15 days ago)
You should pick me because whenever I feel sad I always just come and watch you then I’m happy, and I also reference you like everyday.
hayden fay (16 days ago)
i fuckin love you DUDE
Rose Harlie (17 days ago)
I want to win a album because the giveaway is probably closed now but I’m late as usual
Adam Brechter (17 days ago)
sips tea (17 days ago)
ur so cute, ily
Hemes Back (18 days ago)
I will eat you out, please let me.
Samiksha Shetty (21 days ago)
Samiksha Shetty (21 days ago)
brittisnotokay (22 days ago)
i should win the album cause
Emma Bernström (23 days ago)
Dance tutorial by Kurtis Conner
Gaby (24 days ago)
Please dance more
Holly Key (25 days ago)
This was uploaded 2 weeks ago and now it’s up to 238,000. Way to go!
Lexi Sherrill (26 days ago)
ohhhh and also I genuinely laugh at the videos you make, keep doing that. you’re one of the only youtube’s I actually watch for joy. you honestly deserve way more than 100k. can’t wait to watch ya grow.
Lexi Sherrill (26 days ago)
I should win because i’m cool and you’re cool we already have so much in common and I feel like that’s a pretty good reason.
Maja kr (27 days ago)
I should win the album because I want to listen to the album
Emi Doidge (28 days ago)
i didn’t know until now that kurt dancing is ALL IVE EVER NEEDED
Colby Covington (28 days ago)
the dancing made me lose it
s u n n n y (28 days ago)
Bernadette Smith (28 days ago)
Why was that dance actually good omg
Harmony J (28 days ago)
i died laughing at the dancing omg
slaygracefully (28 days ago)
lmao he can actually dance
Katelyn Gilchrist (29 days ago)
Gimme the album cause it’s neat dude
Savannah F (29 days ago)
Already at 200k In 2 weeks wow wow
Clara Pizano (29 days ago)
Idk if this giveaway is till happening or whatever and i have only ever commented on like one other youtube video in my life bc i dont really get how yt comments work or stuff but and also i fucking hate participating in things just in general bc no one ever wins these things wtf but i think kurtis is a cool dude and v funny and i've recently been getting more into comedy so having new content would be cool also i like collecting physical albums also the fact that he owns a bunch of the office seasons on dvd just lets me know that he knows wtf is up
Misty Carrots (29 days ago)
Give it to me cause you’re my Bitch
Rogen Abdalla (29 days ago)
i think i should win because why not ?
Chloe Weinress (30 days ago)
I should win because I like your forearms
baylee glines (30 days ago)
it’s been about 15 days from this video. he has gotten 128K SINCE THEN. SHOOK
Zack McDonald (30 days ago)
You should give me the album so I can record myself listening to it on stream for 10 hours straight
I only recently found your channel right around the time you hit 100k but I can’t be more thrilled I did. You have the exact sense of humor I look for and are a very underrated YouTuber.
Jada Eidson (30 days ago)
I’m late but I need an album to protect my vibe
Rayan Medani (30 days ago)
I think I deserve the album because I like to listen to noises while using the toilet
Lorena Vodniza (30 days ago)
Truth is I won’t get the album bc I’m here like 2 weeks l8r
riles files (1 month ago)
what the fuuuuck
Anna Cheng (1 month ago)
This is my favorite video ever
Nina Kurjak (1 month ago)
WoH this was a week ago and you already have 125k more
Megan M (1 month ago)
I should win bc I like your dog. thats all
Amanda McCartney (1 month ago)
I think I should win the album cos y'know I just want to man
Isabella Mora (1 month ago)
Literally a week later and you have 220k🎉😝
Mila van Toor (1 month ago)
hi, I think I should get you're comedy album because I've come up with some sick ass fan names that you could call us : - Kurti - the kurt nation - country boys - kurtiskians you're so welcome now give me those records stinky
Mila van Toor (1 month ago)
btw my instagram is : milavantoor
Evelyn Rivera (1 month ago)
BOBZILLA TV (1 month ago)
I need the album cause everyday when I wake up I break all my bones that are made of glass, also my skin is made of paper and when I went to the doctor for a cure and he said a couple of jokes was the only cure so please, I need this
Marc Rodriguez (1 month ago)
I love the videos you do and the type of you humor you posses is the best type in my opinion thank you very much for your videos <3
Naomi Turner (1 month ago)
I should win bc I’ve only known about your channel for a day and I’ve already binged all your stuff. I’m a big fan and would love to have a copy of your comedy album.! Cool. I’m done now.
lorynn marie (1 month ago)
hey you should totally give me one of your albums because 1. i have not heard it 2. i have been binging your vids because i just discovered your channel this week and your channel is just perfect. 3. i dont own many albums in general so you can easily add to my very limited and small album collection and it will be greatly appreciated 4. im lonely and broke thank you for reading
Carla Sotelo (1 month ago)
Kiwi licking your hands at 4:30 is just ahhhh
Angeline Mincone (1 month ago)
im a fellow Canadian, therefore I should win an album🤪🤪
Mariela Páez (1 month ago)
The HSM dance should be the new intro
Pamela Hills (1 month ago)
At 1:44 when he said "thank you" then went silent I thought that was a sound effect of wind to signify nobody was there so after a good few seconds I whispered "you're welcome" and he started talking again omfg And THAT is why I should win. We're mentally in sync.
Bruce Gregg (1 month ago)
Hey Kurtis here is why I want to win, I like your videos they are pretty good
Samir (1 month ago)
idk you're just funny
Alessandra Muller (1 month ago)
i found out about you not that long ago but i die laughing watching your videos and its RARE dude life sucks you know haha :(
drippyice (1 month ago)
oh hey sum money (1 month ago)
kurtis let me win cya
Norali S (1 month ago)
I should win bcs I am the best and your super funny and your podcast to and I know the difference between your and you’re and that’s lit and I’m not even American so yeah give me a free album
Hannah Elizabeth (1 month ago)
And now you’re already at 200k wow
hi’ilani (1 month ago)
I want it cause I have a basketball game tomorrow
Cátia Merendeiro (1 month ago)
I’m almost 10 days late, but yeah, I only found your channel yesterday so I think I should win because then you would learn how to handle international shipping. adeus
How the fuck did you double your subscribers in a week
cozymac (1 month ago)
cozymac (1 month ago)
Mar (1 month ago)
idk why would i deserve it i can't be funny or original, sorry, i just love you
Ruby Willey (1 month ago)
ur love for HSM is so pure👏
panda1234 (1 month ago)
and now you have 200k😂😂😂
egg nog (1 month ago)
i should get the album because im a country boy and if you don’t give it to me ill run u over with my tractor also ur really cool and cool people appreciate each other with cool albums
Alija (1 month ago)
I think you should give me a free album because I literally watched all of your videos in the last two days. Like your content is 👏 so 👏 good 👏🤠
Alija (1 month ago)
Oh also because I'm broke and I want the album oops
Fee_fee 64 (1 month ago)
Lul 200k
alara (1 month ago)
1 week later you’re at 200k!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻❤️
Jocelyn Garcia (1 month ago)
Brittany Shackelford (1 month ago)
oh my god the reactions of your coworkers was absolutely adorable. 😭
Natalia Zychowska (1 month ago)
congrats on 200k bitch
Alejandro Garcia (1 month ago)
CROSS (1 month ago)
now it's 200k babey!!!!!!!!
x a n a x (1 month ago)
Now it's 199k damn my man doubling
TBGRaul (1 month ago)
I should get an album cause I just subscribed 😂👌🏽
haha its just me (1 month ago)
Hey there
Maju (1 month ago)
you’re growing so fast wtf
bob joe (1 month ago)
I should win because thanos car *t pose*
Moa Dahlkar S (1 month ago)
Almost 100k in a week?????? Damn u deserve it💖
lovelyMissInna (1 month ago)
You’re already so close to 200k wtf?!
Hannah Shorter (6 days ago)
yellow cheese (11 days ago)
Carla (29 days ago)
Rocky Rosewarne (30 days ago)
Maci Lynch (1 month ago)
sofía - (1 month ago)
I should win because you should pick me to win
Audra McClain (1 month ago)
Idk if you’re still picking people, but you kept popping up in my recommended and I just recently decided to click on one of the videos and I’m so glad I did. I binged all your videos, and watched your vine completely...so I mean pick me bc I’m cool idk
Collin Findlay (1 month ago)
is this over bc i really want the album bc i just found your content but clearly like ONE WEEK too late to get in on this freebie action ok
tassie k (1 month ago)
honestly tbh the dancing was sex tbh
Eva Harmsen (1 month ago)
I don’t know why I should win, I just think it’d be pretty fun to have one
st_cruz (1 month ago)
I think I should win because my guinea pig is named peach which is also a fruit like your dog kiwi
Chloe Vivo (1 month ago)
I should win bc idk I like you and ur dog and Harry styles 😪😜🤠🎃😳
WIG SNATCHED (1 month ago)
Amber Redmond (1 month ago)
You're pretty lit dude
those skinny leggs
Ben Bablak (1 month ago)
Congrats bro
Ariel A (1 month ago)
My imaginary friend as a kid was a shark named sharkeedee, and that shark making an appearance is a sign that all of the sharks want me to win an album 🐟
Shokhina Badrieva (1 month ago)
You’re almost at 200,000 subs now!! Gonna blow up soon
kayley (1 month ago)
He is now :))
Cayla Schellin (1 month ago)
Adelaide H (1 month ago)
Idk why I should get it but you should pick me because that would be cool and I would enjoy
cheez it musto (1 month ago)
i should win cause i want it

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