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Knock Knock, You’re Busted | Drugs, Inc.

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Cops in Australia raid the reinforced home of a suspected drug dealer and find the evidence they need. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: http://bit.ly/NatGeoOfficialSite Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBNatGeo Twitter: http://bit.ly/NatGeoTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/NatGeoInsta Knock Knock, You’re Busted | Drugs, Inc. https://youtu.be/k6da8UUu7Ms National Geographic https://www.youtube.com/natgeo
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Text Comments (2345)
Bangla Psycho TV (18 hours ago)
Nowdays police dose have tattos... That shouldn’t be legal
Gabby S (1 day ago)
Knock knock who there police , why of had benn watch them why didnt he escape or hide the drugs ???
Zetrik (1 day ago)
Lmao why this dude got a McDonald’s logo on his shoulder
itsu itsumo (2 days ago)
Open up its McDonald!!!
philip porembski (2 days ago)
I don't break the law for me.
Athar Ahmed (2 days ago)
Fake all
siddharth mishra (2 days ago)
Leg is perfect for door... Those spoons are useless
schoolmattie (2 days ago)
Since when do cops wear Macdonalds shirt😂 0:21
Only 3 cop he'll no
AKROMUSTO (3 days ago)
little mcdonald on the shoulder nice
Prince (3 days ago)
0:25 - How much do they pay the Cops in Australia.. for them to have a Night Job at McD's??? LOL
indighost (3 days ago)
Brandon Uwanawich (4 days ago)
I don't think my guys had a search warrant 😐
NorthernCaliWay (6 days ago)
10-15k for an oz lol nooo
Srijan Pande (7 days ago)
Why do they have a McDonalds badge? 😂😂😂
Jared Coy (11 days ago)
0:30 Macdonalds the only fast food restaurant that delivers right to your door!
Antii_fame (11 days ago)
Invisible gun @1:09 🤯🤯
iSK (12 days ago)
Jonathan Chen (14 days ago)
I don't think they made it clear... Do they have a search warrant?
Thanos Car (14 days ago)
🇵 🇴 🇱 🇮 🇨 🇪 🇸 🇪 🇦 🇷 🇨 🇭 🇼 🇦 🇷 🇷 🇦 🇳 🇹
Gabriel Laplaige (15 days ago)
Bro even MacDonald is on it
McDonald's search warrant 😎
MysticW0lf16 (15 days ago)
Knock Knock the *FBI* IS HERE
Denis stoikovski (15 days ago)
''Search warrant'' Meanwhile the other dude smashing with the ram
Night Night (15 days ago)
Sponsored by maccas
gabriel hernandez (15 days ago)
The guy busting the door is wearing a McDonald’s shirt underneath 😂😂😪👁👁👅🖕🏼
scuffzy (16 days ago)
*Crack heads have more drugs on them then this lmao*
peyton pieper (15 days ago)
scuffzy crack heads never have anything on them its why they're crack heads lmao
Sebi (16 days ago)
FBI open up
Ami Hoosin (16 days ago)
AssiSoldat (16 days ago)
Why the police is so argressive
Watery Boi (16 days ago)
FBI open up
Leeioh (17 days ago)
Now I respect these cops. They don’t even have guns drawn. Good boys.
Bill Anderson (17 days ago)
At first I was thinking, "their tone and demeanor is really polite for law enforcement", then I realized it's in aussie
Grizzley Bear (18 days ago)
Those ain't cops those are thugs in uniform
Super Shuffle (18 days ago)
I hear place the twerk
FACKER HIDO'N BUSH (18 days ago)
In romania he would face max 3 years in prison.
dogslimo rp (18 days ago)
Dose anyone know why at 0:35 the McDonalds employee is tracking down the door😂😂😂
Wow police have to constantly give away where they at exactly, by yelling "police, search warrant". Do you not value your officers life at all, Australia?
Francisco Flores (19 days ago)
Why are the cops sponsored by McDonald's?
sonickid18 (20 days ago)
I don’t see anything McDonald’s in this video and I’m rewatching again
Noelle Cundiff (20 days ago)
Been yellin “search warrent, police” for the past 15 minutes around the house and guy still asks “who is it?” @ 1:20
Felon Goon (21 days ago)
Maybe a half of Oz.of meth And not worth 10 15 thousand. Maybe 100 lol
Cody Janssen (21 days ago)
0:26 when your shift at McDonald’s ends and you have to go raid a drug house afterwards
imgamerful (21 days ago)
Ladies and Gentleman, we got him
Lemon Nation (21 days ago)
Narrator: the door is reinforced *guy kicks door* Me: well this game has some different logics
Dutchy Packin (22 days ago)
Sponsored by Mc Donald’s
nothing (22 days ago)
I don't think they had a search warrant
Hydra klin (22 days ago)
Is this BIG D
Anurag Sapkota (23 days ago)
Jesse run
No body (23 days ago)
2:25 buddy got bars
No body (23 days ago)
“The door has been specially reinforced” 0:36 😂 No they are just lowkey weak
Dlo Johnson (23 days ago)
The us taught all theses mfs
zorro (24 days ago)
The weekest bust ever
zoewiepoewie (24 days ago)
If it was a black guy they were busting he would be shot dead instead of handcuffed. Ppfff
Dan Dan (14 days ago)
zoewiepoewie - in America, yes. But definitely not in Australia.
Charbel Chidiac (24 days ago)
Why us he wearing a mcdonald t-shirt?? 0:25
Rikesh Patel (25 days ago)
Anthony Perez (25 days ago)
thats the scariest mcdonalds worker i have ever seen yo
Michael Sheehy (25 days ago)
“Bu-bu-but gun laws are supposed to stop people!”
Marat Aziat (25 days ago)
0:27 lol mcdonalds
Why would u have a police with a McDonald’s shirt under neath to bust the door smh
NerolNiethsreg (26 days ago)
I wonder if these cops had a search warrant
Franklin Jones (26 days ago)
I have another specially reenforced door for the homeowner.
Leslie Richardson (27 days ago)
Emmanuel Hill (27 days ago)
it's about 6months in jail here in the USA
trey demby (28 days ago)
So you telling me cops go after drugs dealers and unarmed black men, what about the other crimes that are major,what about the doctor's that sell drugs,come on now this can't be good
K H (28 days ago)
0:27 Dude was wearing McDonald’s shirt lol
Lisa Shift (28 days ago)
"The front door has been specially reinforced"... *Kicks it open*
DMS (28 days ago)
Sponsored by Maccas
wtariq 25 (28 days ago)
are they allowed to go into the neighbors yard without a warrant or do they need their permission?
Ahmed Ali Baashi (28 days ago)
Why this police is wearing McDonald' shirt
5c0rp10n (28 days ago)
Аустрэлеа лов еа
Jordan Thomas (29 days ago)
There’s a couple holes in this story. Biggest one is how does “approximately a Oz” of meth run 10 to 15k??
REVOLUTIONS51 (29 days ago)
I wonder why they call this a reinforced door, here in Italy is common to have "porta blindata" which literally mean "armoured door", with 2 or more 1/2 inch X 2 inches locking deadbolt per side (10 or sometimes 12 in total), 4 or 5 mm (it's like 1/5 or 1/4 inches) steel plate as the main door surface, usually reinforced around the key hole to protect from manipulation of the key core and connection between it and the deadbolts by another 1/4 inches plate. Behind this main surface you'll find a mesh of 3 long vertical hss steel beam and 4 or 5 horizontal ones, all soldered together and to the front panel... All is closing on to and hinged to a metal frame, fixed by 20 or more 4 to 6 inches screws to the house. Oh and yeah, we build house with bricks and concrete, 1 feet of wall, not wood ahah...
Typowy Laman (23 days ago)
yeah it's weird for me(Poland) too. Tho we don't have armored doors,a lot of them are pretty thick metal&wood,so gl with busting that without some explosives.
James Ngo (29 days ago)
Mc donald t-shirt..xD
Shweta Sahoo (29 days ago)
If cid daya would there he could break the door in just one kick!!
Matt Brady (30 days ago)
Even when he gets out of jail he can never show his face because he got caught by a McDonald’s employee lol. On a serious note the war on drugs is completely evil
Jamalt Chestnutt (30 days ago)
Hope he gets the chair. The only good criminal is a dead one.
anonymous (30 days ago)
what he doesn't realize is " They have been watching him too"👌
Toastie footsie (30 days ago)
mcdonald's open up!
Christan Will (30 days ago)
Knock KNOCK its PC Maccy!!
Hostile Harambe (30 days ago)
0:27 why does the cop have the McDonald’s symbol on his uniform
JJ (30 days ago)
Pigs 🐷 oink oink
Vee (30 days ago)
Nice house
amanita333 (30 days ago)
0:26 is he wearing a mc donalds uniform?????? lol wtf????????????
Toastie footsie (30 days ago)
it's mcdonalds police
void_lol (1 month ago)
One of them has a Macca's logo on their shirt
wll1500 (1 month ago)
They didn't have a dude to go in first so they gave the McDonald's cashier 20 bucks to do it
Hector Salinas (1 month ago)
31: look at the man's shoulder that is banging on the boor
Mac Gyver (1 month ago)
10-15k for that piece of meth??????
finn keegan (1 month ago)
My do you not treat people like humans not like dog we are all humans there are people dieing every day because of the police
Olav (1 month ago)
Specially reinforced door? lmfao, attempt that on a scandinavian house door and you'll be there for a while
Clint Eastwood (1 month ago)
Mcdonalds emblem ??? WTF
xTKOY (1 month ago)
Why was that cop wearing a McDonalds shirt?
Mate Fatar (1 month ago)
They could've knocked first instead of tearing down the poor guys house
Dee (1 month ago)
drugs money gun
ge st (1 month ago)
But drugs and guns are illegal!
peterk202 (1 month ago)
idiot should of flushed it ... LOL
Nightcor EDM (1 month ago)
if they allow drugs in australia then wtf
Dylan Brouwer (1 month ago)
I mean, even with a search warrant.. shouldn't they have at least knocked first and see if someone opened the door? They started destroying property before even giving a chance to open the door. I doubt a warrant gives them the right to do so when it may not be needed.

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