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Knock Knock, You’re Busted | Drugs, Inc.

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Cops in Australia raid the reinforced home of a suspected drug dealer and find the evidence they need. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: http://bit.ly/NatGeoOfficialSite Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBNatGeo Twitter: http://bit.ly/NatGeoTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/NatGeoInsta Knock Knock, You’re Busted | Drugs, Inc. https://youtu.be/k6da8UUu7Ms National Geographic https://www.youtube.com/natgeo
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Text Comments (1833)
hunnybuttah sprite can (3 hours ago)
Drugs, Money, Gun
momo the great (4 hours ago)
Why does he have McDonald's patch on his shirt?
Steven F (12 hours ago)
Mc Donald’s is raiding drug houses now? Lol
Director Meade (13 hours ago)
Why tf don't they have their guns out?
Jamie Smale (19 hours ago)
Gehrig Cornagie (20 hours ago)
When you use v buck generator
Carol Clarke (1 day ago)
McDonald's logo you gotta love it. And I like how they keep saying search warent whilst breaking the door.
TheCrispyCat (1 day ago)
0:25 McDonald's police force
Bruh they get sponsored by McDonald’s 😐
Blazee TGOD (2 days ago)
1:10 Finger gun
Dexter Haven (2 days ago)
US Swat teams do it better. They have a truck pull the exterior door off with grappling hook and go in faster.
Robert Tucker (2 days ago)
Robert Tucker (2 days ago)
Cooler_Kid 24 (2 days ago)
What episode is this and what season
Matthijs Bon (3 days ago)
Why does the police have a macdonalds shirt
teh (3 days ago)
*_Play Sezchuan?_*
Eliane Amer (3 days ago)
Andrew V (4 days ago)
door opens.. no guns drawn. ????
robalex the wanleha (4 days ago)
It's like a omon in a russia and ukraina.
Drugs....money...... *GUNNNN*
At 0:25 macdonalds (ba ba ba ba m'loving it)
Unpopular Random man (4 days ago)
0:30 McDonald’s 😂
i`s`h`m`a`e`l (4 days ago)
dude they had a quad by the front door looool
Jonathan Tan (5 days ago)
Apparently the cops turned down the sponsorship from Target & went with McDonalds instead. I wonder why?
Matthew Lee (5 days ago)
I wondered why when they yelled: "POLICE SEARCH WARRANT!" they sounded so un-aggressive compared to other SWAT raids I've seen. Then I realised it's the Australians.
Jacob (5 days ago)
Australia banned guns tho
thour does stuff (5 days ago)
*sponsored by McDonald's*
24kt on my wrist (5 days ago)
x3i4n (5 days ago)
how did he not wake up from the door. wtf
dbtwiztid (5 days ago)
0:26 Going in hard brought to you by McDonalds?
Doctor9 Raccoon (6 days ago)
sponsted by mcdonalds
Callbrin (6 days ago)
what happens if their ever wrong? do they pay repairs or what
etfu (6 days ago)
P O L Ⅰ C E  S E A R C H  W A R R A N T
TF2Player (6 days ago)
Ross (7 days ago)
funny how its immediately the guy. what if the woman was the dealer and the guy was her puppet?
ivan abigail (7 days ago)
That cop loves McDonald's
stalin commie (8 days ago)
This why u not buy McDonald's perday
Patrick Dialimas (8 days ago)
"stand up stand up " stand up for your right
recentlyreformed (9 days ago)
Not having your gun drawn in a search warrent for a serious criminal nice
riaz majd (9 days ago)
Just give me the money pls.
CZ crusaderCZ (9 days ago)
Mcdonalds police...
Michael Sallee (9 days ago)
20,000 for an ounce? I'm moving there!
Chris (9 days ago)
Definitely Australian cops
23clipz_ TV (9 days ago)
Bcfmoneyman @bcfmoneyman
Hazazi zie (10 days ago)
Wait... I thought this was America
Mico The killer (10 days ago)
This is what happens when you try to get free robux
Ryan Davis (11 days ago)
Jimmyj Irons (11 days ago)
They go in hard ☝🏾but not hard enough😂
SnookOGPlays (11 days ago)
is that a mcdonalds employee?
ballsysteve (11 days ago)
Why is it that the cops in these shows always look so nervous and untrained when dealing with a firearm? The guy handling the 1911 looks like he's barely been taught how to operate a vegetable peeler.
Arthur Dayne (12 days ago)
in the US they'd be booby traps and people trying to kill the police xD
ratzikratzi (12 days ago)
"Poweez seach wa-and! Poweez seach wa-and!" Wos wot oi wos shoutn so that this kent wouldn't pippidy pop me. Ye, de drug deela din won us ta foind de drogs he an hes mateys wea sellin. So we hoped in oua holdens and hit de pedals as hoad as a kangoroos dingledoo. And oi, leme tell ya, that drog deala wos some freakin kent. Wose than oua accents an oua fitness comboined!
FIBER PARK (12 days ago)
why he has macdonald sigh at his shoulder
crazyninja beeast (12 days ago)
So is the suspect name police search warrant?
crazyninja beeast (12 days ago)
This had to be the funniest one I've watched
Sevak Ohanian (12 days ago)
Officer 1: Officer, how much money was in that box? Officer 2: $15,000. Officer 1: You mean $10,000? Officer 2: Yup, $5000. Officer 1: Okay, I'll tell the team we got the $2000.
Legendary Seven (12 days ago)
why is there a guy that has a mcdonald shirt?
Cameron Ohlin (13 days ago)
Why are they wearing McDonald's shirts? Anyone know?
julian diaz (13 days ago)
The guy that breached the door had a mc Donalds badge on
Maxine C (14 days ago)
Thank you lord I have no neighbors like that
Andulas is (14 days ago)
police sponsered by mc donalds?
ccmcdoug (14 days ago)
I love the cops
Phillip Stracner (15 days ago)
Meth is garbage. Snort xanax.
Justin Y. (15 days ago)
Faze centuars
Aqua Script (15 days ago)
Lmfao we all no that was a normal door. Not reinforced
xxyoucantrun xx (15 days ago)
This is also fake SWAT team has more then three and they have body armor or they just ran out of money to buy the uniforms and assault rifles
xxyoucantrun xx (15 days ago)
Yup they go hard aright if they need multiple swings to bust a door down
Enfield Nationn (16 days ago)
Sorry to interrupt. Why does one of the cops have a mcdonald’s logo on the jacket?
Crafty (17 days ago)
I'm drugging it! Badadamdamdam.
Listerine (17 days ago)
Anyone who would pay 15k for that must be high
The KnightWolF (18 days ago)
Rainbow six siege in real life XD
Jen Saw (18 days ago)
How many times do they raid the "correct" house with a "valid" warrant and find NOTHING??
beese churger (18 days ago)
This is so sad, Alexa play Requiem from Dear Evan Hansen.
BayouGrove (19 days ago)
Oh no not the hollow points!!! Quick play the dramatic music lol... Are THEY not using quality defensive (hollow point) ammo too? But they are with the government so...
Adam Rose (20 days ago)
Inflated drug values much?
Miguel Gutierrez (20 days ago)
Mcdonalds logo on the guys arm looks Goofy 😂
Government LAB (21 days ago)
Drugs, money, Guns. Worst combination
Cody Villarreal (21 days ago)
He’s gonna get like 4 months for the fun and like 2 ears for the ice😂
Cody Villarreal (21 days ago)
He’s gonna get of 😂
Miguel Madrigal (22 days ago)
This looks like one of the houses on paranormal activity houses
Joseph Samayoa (23 days ago)
They prolly thought my g had spike traps around the house
Progamer (24 days ago)
did u guys even notice how whenever the narrator says "the door is specially reinforced" the cop just *kicks down the door*...i guess no one notices that
bts vlogs (24 days ago)
Cant break the door maybe cuz you from mc donolds.
canes (25 days ago)
tv is so fake lol
Pumkin Eater69 (25 days ago)
He has an actual McDonald’s patch on his shoulder.
sebastian knapp (26 days ago)
i didnt know police are sponsored by mccy D's
Dead poolmonkey (27 days ago)
That was the worst breach I’ve ever seen lol
Harry Potter (27 days ago)
Police search warrant
NECESSARY FILMS (27 days ago)
There is a mcdonalds logo on one guys arm xD
mdray31 (28 days ago)
The cops have McDonald’s logos on their shirts
Mohammed Bogatyrev (29 days ago)
Police agents has McDonalds logo on his shirt
Rackal (29 days ago)
Why the dislikes?
Boyd Seabiscuit (29 days ago)
open up, your happy meal arrives.
fuckallgaysify (29 days ago)
Admin Chris (29 days ago)
Ahh another fine day in Austraiyer
Luis valon (29 days ago)
Wtf 15k for the 1gram of G wtf ?
try batman (29 days ago)
that looks like the house I used to buy weed from in vegas
Hound (29 days ago)
guns at the ready boi's
Callum Ray (29 days ago)
I guess the neighbors think I’m selling dope.
Electric Blaze (30 days ago)
I like how the officer breaking the door down has a Mcdonalds logo on his shoulder :').

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