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NOTE: I WAS NOT AWARE THAT SAFEWAY DOES NOT ALLOW A COUPON TO BE USED TOWARDS A FREE ITEM! I JUST LOOKED UP THE POLICY AFTER A QUESTION WAS ASKED IN THE COMMENTS BELOW. Here are the deals I picked up at Safeway today: Febreeze $1.50 each when you buy 3 Use (3) $1/1 coupon (10/9 PG) Pay $1.50 or $0.50 each Welch's Juice $1.99 when you buy 4 ($7.96) Use (4) $0.75 coupon (double to $1.50 each) (printable): https://tastetheharvest.welchs.com/default.aspx Pay $1.96 or $0.49 each Celestrial Tea 2/$5 Use (2) $1/1 coupons (9/25 SS) Pay $3.00 or $1.50 each Tyson's Crispy Chicken Strips B1G1 FREE $9.99 Use (2) $0.75 coupon (doubles to $1.50 each) (9/25 SS) Pay $6.99 or $3.50 each Buy (4) Cheetos/Fritos B2G2 FREE $3.49 each ($6.98 for 2) Buy (2) Pepsi Max sodas (FREE) Use (2) $1/2 Cheetos/Fritos coupon (10/9 Pepsico insert) Use (2) FREE Pepsi Max coupons (10/9 Pepsico insert) Use (1) $1/2 Pepsi Max Pay $3.98 or $0.66 each (6 items) Vitamin Water $0.99 each Use $0.75 coupon (Ebay) Pay $0.24 each
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8mossgirl (7 years ago)
Priss thank you so much!!! After seen this video I listen to you very carefully and gathered my coupon and ran to Tom Thumbs. I followed your instructions. However when I got there the cheetoes were buy two and get two free!!!! Unexpected wonder suprise because I were going to buy two of each set anyways. I left the store with $91.26 of things for 13.99!!! WooHooo!!!
8mossgirl (7 years ago)
Thanks!! I got the $1 welch's coupons from the 9/25 ss.
prisskitajoe (7 years ago)
@NappyGirlSanDiego Ok, I didn't really understand how that deal worked since we got the Pepsi free. I get it now. Thanks.
prisskitajoe (7 years ago)
@SavingMoneyWitMEL Thanks for the heads up on the V8 fusion. Looking for my coupons now!
prisskitajoe (7 years ago)
@PearlyPeach1 You should be able to use one of those coupons on the bogo.
prisskitajoe (7 years ago)
@PearlyPeach1 I didn't find out about the policy about using a coupon on a free item until after I did the video. That's when I added the note in the description. However, mines went through and several other people said theirs went through too. I just wanted to let everyone know what the REAL policy is.
PearlyPeach1 (7 years ago)
Also I asked on another youtuber this question but didn't get an answer, you said that Safeway doesn't take a q's on free items, if you are getting the pepsi free how can you use the 3rd q?
PearlyPeach1 (7 years ago)
I see Safeway have their complete lunchable on sale bogo and I have q's that says save $1 on 2 will I be able to use those q's to get those?
gmgpulliam (7 years ago)
Awesome deals
souljagurlsha (7 years ago)
that's an awesome deal on the Whelchs, I'm def gonna go pick up some, thanx girlie. I hav some $1 off qpons
Melinda Johnson (7 years ago)
hey girl! I just wat to let you know they have 1.00 off 1 V8 fusion smoothie 36oz coupons at v8juice . com...and they will make them .99cents a peice if u buy 4 at Safeway... same as the welch's! GOOD VIDEO
Queen Sugah (7 years ago)
Is Safeway the same store as Krogers?
GlossyPinkPrincess (7 years ago)
I'm glad u put up this video. I went & got the febreze, cheetos, sodas & Tyson chicken strips, surprisingly I actually had no problem w/the coupons & I even got some awesome Catalinas after my purchase $2 off Axe, $2 off salad mix & $1.50 off Tyson anytizers! I went right back & used all those lol. Awesome day @ Safeway!!!
GettingmyMACon (7 years ago)
Great Haul. Wish the stores doubled in California. Got some of these deals today but missed the fabreeze gonna get it on the next trip.
prisskitajoe (7 years ago)
@MsRolley Which grocery stores do you have in NY? I know Krogers, Publix and Albertson's always have great sales too.
MsRolley (7 years ago)
prisskitajoe (7 years ago)
@vikkilovesmakeup That's an awesome price for the body wash. We don't have Krogers in this area.
prisskitajoe (7 years ago)
@skyeangel61 I just wanted to let everyone know that I just found out today that Safeway does NOT allow coupons to be applied to FREE items. Somehow my cashier put them through anyway. I do remember some of them beeping though.
prisskitajoe (7 years ago)
@jus2prdr I just wanted to let everyone know that I just found out today that Safeway does NOT allow coupons to be applied to FREE items. Somehow my cashier put them through anyway. I do remember some of them beeping though.
prisskitajoe (7 years ago)
@CRAZTLADY Most grocery stores double the value of a coupon up to $0.99. For example, if you have a coupon for $0.75 off 1 item, they will double the $0.75 to $1.50 off 1 item. So, when shopping at grocery stores, try to get coupons that are under $0.99 because you can double the value. Even a $0.99 coupon will double to $1.98 off.
prisskitajoe (7 years ago)
@mommy2nana Your Safeway is correct! I just looked up the policy after someone else questioned it, and it does state that they do NOT accept coupons towards FREE items. I do remember some of the coupos beeping, but the cashier put them through anyway.
prisskitajoe (7 years ago)
@sassiedannie I just found out that Safeway does NOT allow coupons to be used towards FREE items. I didn't know about this policy, but I do remember some of the coupons beeping, and the cashier putting them through anyway. No special order in which to present the coupons.
prisskitajoe (7 years ago)
@PhasionMakeupJunkie Yes, you definitely want to start saving. Just start off with small purchases here and there until you get comfortable.
prisskitajoe (7 years ago)
@GlossyPinkPrincess After seeing your question, I went to the Safeway website to read their policy. You are correct, Safeway does NOT allow a coupon to be used towards a free item. I did not know that, but I do remember the register beeping, but the cashier put the coupons through anyway.
GlossyPinkPrincess (7 years ago)
Did u have any problems w/the coupons beeping? Everytime I go to Safeway & try to use 2 coupons on a bogo free it beeps. I wanna do this deal but im not tryna go get embarassed today lol
PhasionMakeupJunkie (7 years ago)
thats whats up mizz joe im trying to get on board myself !! the savings are AMAZING!!
sassiedannie (7 years ago)
Yeah, I wanna try that chips and pop deal for my party this weekend. Thanks for sharing, is there any specific method in handing over the coupons, i.e hand over chip coupons first then etc????
mommy2nana (7 years ago)
Hi I just wanted to ask if you had any problems with the chips and soda deal at Safeway? I hate shopping at safeway in my area because they always give me a hard time with my coupons. I was told that I couldnt use a coupon on an item that I was getting free but I really want to do this deal. Maybe my Safeway is just too strict.
skyeangel61 (7 years ago)
OMG I have to do this . Thank you!! I may have to watch this again. so I get it right. I had no idea how to make this work. By the by who is Kianna? Would love to see her site. You are awesome at explaining how to do this. great video. This old girl needs to watch video's a feww times to get it right, you are not alone. lol
prisskitajoe (7 years ago)
@vikkilovesmakeup Don't feel bad, I hate the fact we don't have a Publix or Albertson's here. Those stores seem to have awesome deals. LOL Yes, anything under $1 is a great deal to me.
Vikki a (7 years ago)
Great deals! too bad we dont got any safeways in texas =( but today i went to krogers and they have the gillette mens body washes 473ml(16 fl oz) on sale for $2.99 and if you got a $2.00 off coupon its .99 cents so i thought thats a good deal

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