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The Dobre Brothers TRICKED Us (featuring 6ix9ine) (and G-Eazy)

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WOW! Folks, we've been tricked! Bamboozled! Goofed! They got us! In this video, I revel in the beauty of the song known as "You Know You Lit (Remix)". What a time! A huge thank you to every single Dobre brother for being in my video, and an extra huge thank you to 6ix9ine and G-Eazy for both agreeing to be in my video. I am truly humbled!!! like and comment then subscribe in that order! MY SOCIAL MEDIAS: http://instagram.com/kurtisconner http://twitter.com/kurtisconner MY PODCAST: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/very-really-good/id1335843384?mt=2
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Text Comments (333)
hey stinkies ! (14 hours ago)
5:40 dammit i’m actually crying
Olivia Byrd (1 day ago)
u look like jim from the office and harry styles had a baby
Dance_moms YUMYUM (4 days ago)
i love how he doesn’t just not care about what 6ix9ine has done, a lot of people don’t know about it or they do and still support him. I don’t support 6ix9ine and i think he is a bad person, glad somebody could see that he is a pedophile and what he did was gross.
danielsco (5 days ago)
okay but i know people from around here (they live in my town) who have seen them doing stupid stuff in groceries lmao
Say10 88 (5 days ago)
“Kind of the similar”
mak enna (5 days ago)
before second greetings😭💦😩🤧🤠🙃🤨🙁😕☹️😣😖😔
Hannah Jensen (5 days ago)
“now i own a wawee”
yeet (5 days ago)
that freestyle gave me life
jesus te ama (6 days ago)
omg this is the worst song i ever heard
Michelle Riley (6 days ago)
"feature me on that shit boi" JGFKAEHFEI I CANNOT BREATHE
eve røse (6 days ago)
rrari=floor. that is my hypothesis. i love you. im quite high rn yayyyyy yy
Gamer Fury (6 days ago)
You said to leave a comment if I enjoyed the video, but what if I leave a comment saying that I didn’t enjoy the video? Did I enjoy it or not?
Nick Eberhardt (6 days ago)
Im so glad youtube recommended this to me!
George Kush (6 days ago)
is no one gonna say anything about the giant dildo stuffed in the grey Dobre bro's pants? Lmao.
Macaroon Czeckvilla (7 days ago)
The whole time I was focused on the guy fierri pot in the corner. It’s beautiful.
haley phillips (7 days ago)
those 71 dislikes are 5 year olds who for some reason like those 4 people
sarah (7 days ago)
*dobre brothers have left the chat*
Madison (8 days ago)
now i own a wari
Le Oui (8 days ago)
Why would you use G-Easy for clickbait?
Jessica Momsen (9 days ago)
I spent the first 3 minutes of this thinking the dobre brothers and the Dolan twins were the same people 4:19 edit: WAIT THERES MORE THAN TWO DOBRE BROTHERS? god I’m behind
Sarai Rios (9 days ago)
*mmmm I went to the grocery store today and I didn’t see them. Im gonna have to talk to my lawyer to file a lawsuit*
Is Gay In Tortilla (9 days ago)
**quietly cries because I actually kind of like 69s music**
Karoline Høiland (9 days ago)
Hit what?!??
Brooke Jones (10 days ago)
look like peter parker from 2008
Cole Haines (10 days ago)
He says suicide doors but those are in fact scissor doors
Flow Bea (10 days ago)
I thought you were Toby turner in your thumb nail
anaa (11 days ago)
5:48 - 6:12 🤣
Throwback Thursday (11 days ago)
He got a "wawi"
H. Dunham (11 days ago)
Love having genuine lols when I watch your vids
Maddie Stone (12 days ago)
69 dislikes
alisa (12 days ago)
dude is this Matthew gray gubler
Jennifer Nygren (12 days ago)
You also look dead inside lol
Fisher McLellan (13 days ago)
I like ur vids but if u did any research on 69 you would know he is not a pedophile
Tegan Dedekind (13 days ago)
69 dislikes wow how apt
Lilaclashes (14 days ago)
You make dumb vids that I watch when drunk and eating homemade greasy chips in my bed when my toes are cold
Sydney Bettencourt (15 days ago)
I get the dobre brothers and the dolan twins mixed up a whole lot
Hazel Derry (15 days ago)
Using a fake 6ix 9ine? Stop that
Anahi Cazares (16 days ago)
I’m rewatching ur old videos and I love just love when an Ad of Jacob Sartorius new song comes on
Jose M (16 days ago)
They all look homophobic sksksoskksmw
Natasha Dhaemers (16 days ago)
I never heard of these children's before thank you?
Suli Alma (18 days ago)
In the famous words of the Dobre Brothers "stop that"
Julia Beard (19 days ago)
Y is he so attractive and funny at the same time?
Zeniak (20 days ago)
Jade (20 days ago)
Can we just appreciate that the number of dislikes is 69? It's like 6ix 9ine sent the last of his fans to his defense
Anthony Enos (21 days ago)
Why does this require payment?
crieseasily (21 days ago)
No one is gonna mention that he said "WAWI" instead of RARI?
Alina Wrin (22 days ago)
Haha one came to my close friends quince and I didnt even know who they were and one brother just did a back flip😂
eva t (22 days ago)
3 minutes in I realized this wasn't about the Dolan twins
Smooth jazz frog (22 days ago)
Currently there is 69 dislikes on this video
arabella 🤓 (23 days ago)
they look kind of the similar
K Noelle (25 days ago)
You need more subscribers. You are so great. Your gf is a lucky lady.
Miranda Lundberg (25 days ago)
In this video you somehow look like Jamie Dornan (the Fifty Shades of Gray dude)
Cast4Bass (26 days ago)
Is the third brother wearing a dress blue blouse?
DARK THE ANIMATOR (27 days ago)
Y o u r e m y f a v o r I t e
iKonic (27 days ago)
pυт yoυr ғreeѕтyle on ιтυneѕ pleaѕe
Dori Fuchs (27 days ago)
I thought brother #3 was la divaza
Elizabeth Eagan (27 days ago)
Elizabeth Eagan (27 days ago)
Holy shit your rap was way better than anything I’ve ever heard on YouTube you know what I think you should start rapping you probably would be the only YouTube rapper I would listen to . One and two and three and four what comes after that.... five and six and seven and we all go to heaven LOL
Fatnose Miniussi (28 days ago)
i dont think ive ever seen a commentator with that many girls in his comment section, ilike 95% girls
roselyn (28 days ago)
im glad you touched on how hes a pedophile because a lot of people ignore that
shammahfilms (28 days ago)
a duzzie :)
FamSavageNoChill (28 days ago)
Tekashi 7even9ine
rlbre loser (28 days ago)
hahaha hahaha I listened to that whole intro for some reason thinking of the Dolan twins idk
Shweta Kaul (29 days ago)
i rlly wanna the story behind the ऊँ
Ilka Rus (29 days ago)
After watching a couple of your videos I finally know who you remind me of. Frodo Baggins :'D
river (29 days ago)
3:58 your attempt 😂
Jaiden Belmond (29 days ago)
why are your videos so funny 😂
Jacqui Banks (29 days ago)
Ur so funny tho
Ray Newby (29 days ago)
the best part about this video is that i actually have walked into a grocery store and seen the dobre brothers dancing. they lived in my hometown before they blew up. going to target was like playing russian roulette
hxlxnska (29 days ago)
dobre more like dont'bre when i tell you I SCREAMED
Ben (30 days ago)
Dobreman brothers
danyela g (30 days ago)
I love how kurtis made a video about the dobre brothers before Felix, Cody, and Danny, yet no one credits him lol
Josh DunWithYoTips (30 days ago)
The third brother said “suicide doors” but those are gullwing
TifaMinato (30 days ago)
Wow! You are really attractive.
sugar sedative (30 days ago)
did they think if no one else caught on that 69 would just be like yeah okay i don't remember any of that but it seems legit
jules (1 month ago)
I can’t believe no one ever says that you look like a younger Hugh Dancy. You kinda look like him in “Adam” in this video
Marron (1 month ago)
subfuckingscribed you’re hilarious
Bri Elliott (1 month ago)
The dancing boys🏆😂
Norah Djaadi (1 month ago)
yo, why does he have a lil Guy Fieri vase?
Sarahuwu (1 month ago)
Do the twins have a speech impediment
Yasemin Demir (1 month ago)
OH MY GOD i thought that rapper was extinct and now it's not even him in the video??? this is surreal...
Yasemin Demir (27 days ago)
like, gone or non existent
Lindsey Wall (28 days ago)
Yasemin Demir extinct?
Death Itself (1 month ago)
The 4th brothers eye brows are darker than my future and thicker than their rental car bill 😂
Ashley haynie (1 month ago)
69 wasnt just in the video that made him a pedophile like he said. He pled guilty to felony charges and had sexual contact with a 13 year old so get fucked dude.
BB heinicken (1 month ago)
" Now I own a Roy" ?
Christine DeFeo (1 month ago)
kurtis I just want you to know that 6ix9ine was at a high school in my area to watch a..... teenage girls.... volleyball.... game....
Marceline La Croix (1 month ago)
Just found this channel...where has it been all of my life!? 😭😭😭
Alex Leigh (1 month ago)
You’re commentary is so funny I can’t stop laughing lol I’m high that’s not the point
Fuzzy CottonCloud (1 month ago)
What's funny is their fanbase now is most likely comprised of a way younger audience that finds them attractive. Yet they both sound so fucking stupid I find it hard to believe any of them have _ever_ had an actual relationship.
Freyja Osullivan (1 month ago)
We love when men call out other men and toxic masculinity yesss we stannnnn
Samantha Edwards (1 month ago)
So for the first time, after watching too many videos on the Dobre brothers, I'm realizing one of the twins has a speech impediment. For some reason, I thought it was an accent. Also, does Kurtis remind anyone else of brutalmoose?
Alex Berke (1 month ago)
So first thing I noticed is how that’s not 6ix9ine
Bryanna Dasilva (1 month ago)
If this gets to 5k likes he has to dye his hair blonde to be a real dontbre brother
Anadia Les Sombres (1 month ago)
What the heck are Corn Pops?
Talia Sahian (1 month ago)
1 and 2 and 3 and 4, what comes up after that? it is 5 and 6 and 7, when we die, we all go to heaven....... im deaad
সামিহা (1 month ago)
I almost cried watching this smh you're too funny
a i t o r (1 month ago)
does six nine have rainbow hair to atttract children
cybae (1 month ago)
You know, I gotta say it... SCUUUUMMMMGAAAAANGGG
cybae (1 month ago)
Also uhh, their pseudo six nine is like a bit too fat..
devin bunn (1 month ago)
Gotta ask where you got that Guy Fieri Buffalo NY bottle, because I’m in Buffalo and I didn’t know that was a thing
Evil Odlaw (1 month ago)
Somebody watches too much Danny Gonzalez and drew gooden
Richard Cheese (1 month ago)
I fucking hate mumble rap.

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