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J9's New Voice / Shroud Squads w/ chocoTaco and Just9n (July 9, 2018)

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Text Comments (13)
Barrel Rider (4 months ago)
shroud doesnt use akm anymore?
Laneyy (4 months ago)
Wtf is VK HEADPHONES? 1:08
And he dies at 17% AGAIN (4 months ago)
2:45 nice csgo call out, lol
bapak tino (4 months ago)
J9 hits puberty!
SenTeoRecord (4 months ago)
Sounds like Dyrus! :D
Mike McGuire (4 months ago)
J9 his stones finally dropped😎😎😎
Luka Lujić (4 months ago)
gridokun (4 months ago)
j9 sound like lumi, but a guy version... oh wait...
seek destroy (4 months ago)
gridokun this is confusing... ahahahah omlul
victorrick rosa (4 months ago)
Büşra Darende (4 months ago)
Barış Köse (4 months ago)
Büşra naber nsndksncksncnskx
Büşra Darende (4 months ago)

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