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if you eat 12 almonds everyday for a month, amazing things will happen to your body

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Almonds are extremely healthy. You can eat them as they are, or you can leave them in the water overnight and eat them next day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxHmzdqcwcs&feature=youtu.be Almonds are rich in proteins, Vitamin E, magnesium, fibres and essential amino acids. They contain lots of vitamins and other elements we need to be beautiful and healthy. Please subscribe and watch this video until the end to know the complete information. This is what happens when you eat 12 almonds everyday for a month. 1. They reduce bad cholesterol. Almonds are one of the best products for reducing "bad" cholesterol. If your cholesterol is already too high, increase the number of almonds to 12 a day. 2. They give you beautiful Healthy hair. Almonds contain almost all the vitamins and minerals needed to improve the growth of your hair and make it stronger. Magnesium and zinc stimulate hair growth, vitamin E makes it stronger, and vitamin B gives gloss and longevity. 3. They will Improve your memory. Regular consumption of almonds also improves the memory thanks to vitamin E and fatty acids. They are also a good source of zinc, a mineral that protects brain cells from free radicals. 4. they help in Preventing wrinkles and other signs of aging on your face. These nuts contain an ample amount of maganese that helps produce collagen, a protein responsible for skin tone. Vitamin E, an antioxidant, also helps fight signs of aging. 5. Almonds Help in pregnancy. when they are Consumed during pregnancy, they help your baby to develop normally and reduce the risk of birth defects. large amount of folic acid in almonds helps to form healthy cells and tissue. 6. They will Strengthen your bones. Almonds are rich in phosphorus and calcium, which are essential nutrients for healthy bones. In addition, they contain magnesium, maganese and potassium, which help in Reducing the risk of osteoporosis. almonds help prevent diabetes, increase energy levels, reduce the risks of cancer, improve digestion and give us many other health benefits. now, Would you eat almonds every day? Thanks for watching. please like, comment, subscribe and share with your friends and family.
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Natural Remedies (1 year ago)
How many of you here eat almonds daily ? Comment below if you love almonds !
*MoonLight Foxy Chan* (2 days ago)
Natural Remedies 0
Terreance King (2 months ago)
Natural Remedies I love almonds I think 🤔 almonds are one of the best organic foods today I know about almonds because Dr Oz put me up on them
Amol Mangaonkar (3 months ago)
12 per day ok but at one time or shall we break into 3 parts like 4 in morning 4 in eve and 4 in night...?
Gera Dine (4 months ago)
I consume my homemade almond milk almost daily... Love almonds a lots!!!
Memefied Bacon (5 months ago)
Aj israr asad ki sath Aj israr asad ki sath lmao
*MoonLight Foxy Chan* (2 days ago)
chaitanyakumar reddy (5 days ago)
Is it ok to eat 10-12 almonds per day...or is it enough to eat 5 almonds?
Gin Haokip (8 days ago)
Say I want to eat only almond.......then how much do I need per day so that I can get everything my body needs? Please
Rohini Nitnaware (16 days ago)
soaked ya raw
Neetu Singh (1 month ago)
the unknown hater (1 month ago)
I.m the only one who sees almonds ever day
syed nazeer (2 months ago)
Iam taking 10 almonds per day is this correct diet please......tell me 1.how many almonds can I take per day? 2.per example if take 12 almonds per day 12 almonds at a time or 6 morning 6 evening?
syed nazeer (2 months ago)
+Natural Remedies thank you sir
Natural Remedies (2 months ago)
you can take 6 in the morning and 6 in the evening. there is no problem with that. also you can eat more than 12 too. you must eat atleast 12 to get it's benefits. if you eat more, there are no problems in eating more than 12
mohammed jahangir (2 months ago)
Thank you alot ND surely does hair grow. , I have lost my hair I want my hair back ,hope this helps.
Sachin Tarai Tarai (2 months ago)
daku101 (2 months ago)
Are salted almonds ok?
Natural Remedies (2 months ago)
i prefer raw and unsalted :)
Luqman Pato (2 months ago)
From now daily I will eat them😊👏Thanks a lot for giving us knowledge 😊😊😊
Soccer editz HD (3 months ago)
Does almond help gastric?
Smriti Rana (3 months ago)
mam thank a lot for this info please make a video on weight gain in healthy way 😊
FloralSisters Forever (3 months ago)
My hair is almost to my back
Hopper (3 months ago)
what happend?? badam khtm ho jne hor te kuz ni hona
Cosma Pereira (3 months ago)
Hospitals & medical stores will be closed and doctors will loose jobs. If people keep following you for health care. THANKS FOR SAVING OUR DOCTORS FEES & MEDICINE COSTS.
Natural Remedies (3 months ago)
you are most welcome dear, though i do not wish for anyone to lose their jobs :) please share this video with your friends and family too
jikanga aru (3 months ago)
I can’t eat just 20 almonds, I would easily eat the whole pack 120g or 140 almonds in one go
Anshu Jamuar (3 months ago)
I'm eating overnight soaked almonds from many months, but my brain is not ready to accept this..... but beer works :)
Sashmeeta Rai (3 months ago)
Is it good to eat almond having the pimple face .i have so much pimples on my face so how much almond is good for ?*
husna (3 months ago)
Sook them overnight and then eat in morning i have pimple too and very bad pimple i eat them like this only
Nivedita Nigam (3 months ago)
Yes defiantly I will eat 12 almonds daily
SHOIB MOHAMMED (3 months ago)
I am already eating 😊😂!!
Natural Remedies (3 months ago)
that's dear, please share this video on fb or any other place too :)
Senthamil Arasu (4 months ago)
I eat 10 per day.
Sukhraj Maan (4 months ago)
How to eat dry or dip in water
phanivarma k (4 months ago)
Almonds are my first wife
The Vailster (4 months ago)
Deez nuts..lol
KOMAL Satya (4 months ago)
Nicccce tips 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kagitala Kalpana (4 months ago)
sdf (4 months ago)
Check LDL and HDL levels of cholesterol after doing this for some time and you will realise what have you done.....
bhagyasri srtp (4 months ago)
I eat 6 almonds everyday
Chandra Sekhar (4 months ago)
I will eat almonds daily but not 12
i dont even know (4 months ago)
How many times to eat a day,could you mala a whole meals plans.for a.day?
Natural Remedies (4 months ago)
you can eat 12 to 20 almonds per day no problem :) that much amount is fine to obtain it's benefits, but you must do it consistently
Subhakanta Sahoo (4 months ago)
How to eat
Pavan Kalyan Gudise. Dr (4 months ago)
Does it help in growing body hair or scalp hair😲😲😲
Natural Remedies (4 months ago)
yes it does dear :) but for head hair you should do headstands. please share this video with your friends and family too
nonexistentjams BTS (4 months ago)
but i hate almonds.
Agucci Kim (4 months ago)
I came from dingo Kbeauty LOL I hops It's work
Francis Dsouza (5 months ago)
Mama could plz give me more note Mation about almonds
Aliza KB (5 months ago)
they r rich in fats n calories... should not over eat
G Vidya (5 months ago)
What about the body weight??
Renuka Akkangari (5 months ago)
Hi I started eating is it good shall I continue pls reply
Natural Remedies (5 months ago)
yes conitnue dear :)
v dedeepya (6 months ago)
Below 10 almonds not more than that
Tamil Tuber (6 months ago)
I been eating every day. Nothing happens
Random Happenings !!! (6 months ago)
I also eat almonds daily
Natural Remedies (6 months ago)
that's great dear, please share this video with your friends and family too :)
M G (6 months ago)
Thanx for the beneficial information. It is of great use.
Natural Remedies (6 months ago)
you are most welcome dear :)
mariam ahmadi (6 months ago)
Thankyou very much.. Its so ammzzing ..with eng subtitle you made more nice and usfulll
Natural Remedies (6 months ago)
you are most welcome dear, please share it with your friends and family
Khaja Madina Shariff (6 months ago)
I eat ☝️
Natural Remedies (6 months ago)
good, please share this video with your friends and family too
Dhanya das (6 months ago)
Thank u for the gud information
Maja Bartniczuk (6 months ago)
Worked for anyone?
okay, i eat 7 daily
Anwesha Sarkar (6 months ago)
is amond help to gain weight
Anwesha Sarkar (6 months ago)
Natural Remedies everyday morning I ate 4 amonds
Natural Remedies (6 months ago)
they can if you eat a lot of them
Rahul Kumar (6 months ago)
Is there is something related to age that is now I m 21 years young so does eating 12 almonds would help me or after saturn age almonds do not have any effect on body
Khushboo Sharma (6 months ago)
Will they help me in hair regrowth??? I mean eating 12 almonds soaked in water overnight will be beneficial for my hair?
Natural Remedies (6 months ago)
yes dear they are beneficial for your hair but you have to know that hair loss have many causes and reasons, if a bad diet is your problem then almonds can help with that.
VideoHub (6 months ago)
I started eating packets of almonds after watching this video still hairloss didn't stop
Natural Remedies (6 months ago)
sometimes, there is a different underlying cause for hair loss. you will have to find that out and tackle it from there.
Aakash Singh (6 months ago)
I eat 16 almonds 12 soaked and four raw
YaBoi Abz (7 months ago)
Is almonds good for hair loss and thin hair? Can it make hair thicker and stop hair loss?
YaBoi Abz (7 months ago)
How long till I see good results?
Natural Remedies (7 months ago)
yes they are good for your hairs
Edgardo Flores (7 months ago)
Pupuwede ba na himing saîñong almond tree's para meron na iiwan na pananim at lagyan ño narin taniman para sa mga bulaklak okay....
Rathi Selva (7 months ago)
I eat 12 almonds every day but I only grew bigger in size
l like it, thanks
crudeceiling 268 (7 months ago)
crudeceiling 268 (7 months ago)
crudeceiling 268 (7 months ago)
2:06 But I want osteoporosis. I better stop eating almonds or else I won't get it! XD
ashwini spoorthy (7 months ago)
I'll eat 2 almonds everyday but from now I'll eat 12 almonds a day...😀😀😀
crudeceiling 268 (7 months ago)
Natural Remedies (7 months ago)
nice dear, please share it with your friends and family
I used to have memory loss but now after eating almonds I can feel the difference...
Natural Remedies (7 months ago)
that's good my dear, please share it with your friends and family too
Sonu Pareek (7 months ago)
Thank you very much Mam for your sweet reply.
Natural Remedies (7 months ago)
you are most welcome dear. please share this video with your friends and family too
Sonu Pareek (7 months ago)
Very nice video Mam,can we eat almonds with its skin after soaking 12 hours.
Natural Remedies (7 months ago)
yes dear you can, please share this video with your friends and family too :)
Truth Prevail (8 months ago)
can we eat almonds in summer or do they produce heat.?
Sumit Kumar Gupta (4 months ago)
Ya they had so hot. That my hand start burning after touching
Natural Remedies (8 months ago)
you can eat them in summer too dear.
Christa-Maria Valentine (8 months ago)
I eat almonds every day
Chidiebere Umeh (8 months ago)
Is it safe to eat roasted and salted almond nut during pregnancy?
Natural Remedies (8 months ago)
yes they are safe, non roasted with skin removed would be better :)
Wow nice video Can u make a video for improving eye vision
Natural Remedies pls share the link of that
Natural Remedies (8 months ago)
i already have videos about eye vision. :)
HY First (8 months ago)
the Best Natural Techniques And Nutrients You Need To Know To Stop Hair Loss Plus Growing Hair Faster And Longer And More.see https://tinyurl.com/ya86m3yh
Proton YT (9 months ago)
Almonds are good but contain poisonous chemicals
Oroku Saki (9 months ago)
i need to eat this, to help my beard to grow stronger
Deleted Channel (9 months ago)
I found this random vid popped up in my phone but its cool.....(I eat 30 almonds a day)
Natural Remedies (9 months ago)
yes dear :) please share it with your friends and family
ahmed Badshah (9 months ago)
I eat 20 daily.
ahmed Badshah (9 months ago)
Natural Remedies sure dear. Thank you so much. ❤
Natural Remedies (9 months ago)
that's great dear. :) please share it with your friends and family
Metal Detecting Finds (10 months ago)
Automatically generated video for hits... ha..
P K (10 months ago)
Is that compulsory to eat 12 almonds everyday? Can't we eat less than 12? What are the consequences if we eat less than 12 almonds everyday?
P K (10 months ago)
Thank you so much. I liked your videos. Go on..!😘
Natural Remedies (10 months ago)
you can eat less than 12 dear
Sruthy Raj (10 months ago)
I eat 4 almonds everyday. If we consume more it will cause digestion problems. Am i correct??
JASON BUTZ (10 months ago)
gargantuan good!!
Natural Remedies (10 months ago)
Thank you dear, please watch my other videos too and share it with your friends :)
Snehal Patil (10 months ago)
12 almonds are not too much for a day ?
God but we should sokit in water for a night or not
saranya napolean (11 months ago)
can i give 3 yr baby
Natural Remedies (11 months ago)
yes you can dear but give your baby 1 or 2 piece per day only
gamer (11 months ago)
Interesting video and well said . Spinach, almonds are key ingredients . https://youtu.be/_T_YVEQdKIs
Punam mishra (11 months ago)
Which time eat evrday mam?
Natural Remedies (11 months ago)
in the morning dear.
IliJA Radosevic (11 months ago)
I eat almonds every day with mix nuts for apetisser. And I'm okay. Is it from nuts or red vine.
Heena Khan (11 months ago)
Whch tym is better to consume almonds
Natural Remedies (11 months ago)
Bn Pallavi (11 months ago)
Sabir Hussain Kalhoro (11 months ago)
Hi This is Sabir Hussain from Pakistan Very happy to watch your videos. Having wonderful information
Natural Remedies (11 months ago)
nice dear, please watch my other videos too :)
fruity__ .loops (11 months ago)
So sad though😭😭 I'm allergic to them!
rodrigo moura (11 months ago)
I'm suprised that almonds doesn't cure cancer
Hiruni S. Fernando (11 months ago)
should I exactly eat 12 almonds? If I eat more than 12,can't I get these benefits?? please reply me
Natural Remedies (11 months ago)
you can eat any amount you like dear but it should not be too less or too much. 8 to 12 per day is a good amount
Jessica Limbu (11 months ago)
Azhar Uddin (11 months ago)
leon aboodi me too
pranav chandran k (11 months ago)
Hey good vedio but it is said that it is good for our hair but is it applicable for boys hair also
Alex (11 months ago)
Do you know what nuts help you be healthier? Almond: Deeeez nuuuutsss
Mista_Fur (1 year ago)
I have to be honest, I've ate absolute garbage almost my entire life and have healthy beautiful hair.
Prab Ghotra (1 year ago)
5 daily but hair loss prpblem I have
Mushtaque Ali Khan (1 year ago)
Nice Madam , very useful information ,.Thanks with regards.May Allah show His mercy for right path.
xVolutionre (1 year ago)
Will 3-4 almonds also work?
why almonds more expensive than fast food???
simkey mirza (1 year ago)
subha badam khne he ya pani bi pena he plz rply
simkey mirza (1 year ago)
subha badam khne he ya pani bi pena he plz rply

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