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Hands-On With Android P's New Swipe-Based Gesture System

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Google yesterday introduced the newest version of Android, Android P, at its Google I/O developer conference held in Mountain View, California. Android P includes a few enticing features like a new Dashboard for monitoring usage and an adaptive battery feature for improving battery life, but what was of interest to iPhone users was the new gesture system. Android P adopts a new gesture-based system interface that's reminiscent of the interface of the iPhone X, so we decided to download the Android P beta to check it out for ourselves. Read more - https://www.macrumors.com/2018/05/09/hands-on-with-android-p/
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Text Comments (151)
- - (5 months ago)
this damn thing looks laggy already
Jeeves (5 months ago)
Smart phones are getting smarter. The gesture navigation on both of these phones look awesome.
Fluffy Kitten (5 months ago)
What a downgrade. Adding a gesture/swipe does not make it any better, especially when the UI is still taking the same amount of space as before.
hadare Sawadogo (7 months ago)
WebOS was the first to implement gesture navigation, and android P gestures are from WebOS not from iphone X!
Alexis Hernandez (7 months ago)
Good Vid
hadare Sawadogo (7 months ago)
David Eade (7 months ago)
Google has some interesting features, some might be copied but I think that can go both ways. Again I'm going to say this in hopes that the Apple community will begin to voice their displeasure, Tim Cook needs to go. There is no direction: Case in point- my apple TV is a black brick, No serious Siri integration and now Alexa and Google home are controlling a market that apple had years ahead of everyone!!! Siri is so far behind in AI and Tim Cook didn't purchase the other rights to the AI and instead focused on a now defunct Billion dollar loss of apple car! The sliding electronic bar on the new mac books ?? Most users feel it's a waste, the switch from thumb print to facial recognition ( was it worth it? ) The fact there is no online health app area on iCloud to review your general health data (come on!!!) It's not personal vs. Tim Cook he just isn't producing. He has been working on Steve's Coat Tails and unfortunately there is nothing left for him to do. Tim would be a great COO or CFO but not a CEO. There is a tremendous lack of vision. What do you think? Is Google destined to take over the OS market in 2-3 years like apple did to Palm?
Jonathan Weiss (7 months ago)
Copy text AND images in app switcher -- pretty neat, eh guys? Gestures and app switcher is more a nod to Palm OS, rather than iOS, btw. Look it up, and you'll see what I'm talking about
Red Hood (8 months ago)
The back button is out of place. They should replace it with gestures too. Android is always half baked.
Tek56 (8 months ago)
As usual Android and iPhone are late to the party that was started by Palm webOS.
A.W Channel (8 months ago)
Pixel 2 has the best features, it is better than iPhone x.
Moo 0198 (8 months ago)
You need to change your name to google rumors I guess
עמרי אזולאי (8 months ago)
nice home screen, where you take this wallpaper?
Kiwi Land (8 months ago)
This update makes me to switch me from IOS to android. shows how featureless ios is right now.
- - (5 months ago)
bon voyage
79bnice (8 months ago)
To all apple fanboys, gestures is from Palm webos not Apple. Apple steal ideas also.
Esther Ngulu (8 months ago)
I think it's good that Android is adopting the ability to switch between more than one app. It's more like improving the software and features of the device. Android's only trying to simplify the use of their devices to their users.
Tek56 (8 months ago)
Apple copied Palm webOS you dumbass Apple sheep!
Jack Yarrow (8 months ago)
Why do I feel like I’ve already seen something like this before? Almost like they’re just copying someone else!
Jack Yarrow (8 months ago)
No shit 😂
Mark Brown (8 months ago)
This is copied from WebOS nearly 10 years ago. on the Palm Pre
rjtumble (8 months ago)
I like that rotate feature and I agree with you that "copying" each other is good for users.
Matthew Jardine (8 months ago)
Great video 👍🏻
Trevor Phillips (8 months ago)
What case have you got on you Pixel 2 XL in the video?
Darik Boutsaboualoy (8 months ago)
I still can't find the dashboard and digital well being!
SAURABH WANJARI (8 months ago)
Android P is Good One. 👍
ftlPhysicsGuy (8 months ago)
This is MacRumors. I'm interested in Mac- and iOS-related stuff. I've never used an Android phone. I don't know what an app drawer is and I don't want to know. I'd prefer you play to your audience, assuming MacRumors is still interested in being a Mac/Apple-related site.
Jonathan Weiss (7 months ago)
They're just trying to cash in on the popular current news -- every news site does it. 9to5 google covered all things iPhone X last November too.
Red Hood (8 months ago)
This is youtube. They make money
ftlPhysicsGuy (8 months ago)
I can appreciate that; however, I come at it from another viewpoint. I do like knowing Android and iOS push one another through competition, but I'm a Mac guy and have been for decades. I've followed MacRumors for quite a while, and I've always seen it as a Mac/iOS news _and_ advocacy site. I don't remember seeing this level of interest in non-Apple products on the site in years past, and it seems that the current direction is changing on that front. I can understand mentioning a few new Android features in a short video (especially if they are similar to or may foreshadow iOS features), but Dan shares a certain familiarity with (and perhaps affinity for?) Android -- including telling us which features he personally likes -- and he implies that others here should also be familiar with them (e.g., "If you want to access your app drawer..."). I, for one, want to express my disapproval and would prefer MacRumors and its spokesperson sound more like a Mac/iOS advocate.
Jeff McKnight (8 months ago)
ftlPhysicsGuy lots of Android channels reference iOS/Apple stuff just to show and compare competition. Sometimes it's helpful to see how the other side works.
ftlPhysicsGuy (8 months ago)
I didn't watch it all, but if you care to think about it, you'd realize that's not the point. I visit MacRumors looking for Mac/Apple information, and I really don't care for the person who runs MacRumors investing time in videos to explain what he likes or doesn't like about an Android phone. It's my way of sending out my opinion on the subject. Feel free to disagree. Oh, and "retard?" What are we, 9?
Luca Dondero (8 months ago)
But there’re patents by Apple! Too similar .
Luca Dondero (8 months ago)
Tek56 absolutely :D
Tek56 (8 months ago)
Luca Dondero It's fine
Luca Dondero (8 months ago)
Tek56 sorry for that. Like pichai I have serious problem with English language:D
Tek56 (8 months ago)
Luca Dondero What the are you talking about? I can't understand you. Use better grammar. Seriously. I can't understand what you're trying to say.
Luca Dondero (8 months ago)
Tek56 right. So let android copy palm pre and you can write it to google : physical keyboard and a stylus to interact
Jose Blanco (8 months ago)
LOVE THIS CHANNEl!!!! Always looking forward to a new video!!!!
Alex K. (8 months ago)
They went full iPhone X with P
Jonathan Weiss (7 months ago)
Tek56 For real, every apple user thinks they did everything first, just because iPhone starting the mobile phone revolution in general. All hail the Palm Pre. Web OS was ahead of it's time, and ahead of it's hardware, I'm excited to see some of it's designs getting resurrected in P.
Tek56 (8 months ago)
Full webOS*
oplix (8 months ago)
android has and always will be a scuffed version of ios. they will never hold the patents they need for the optimal experience because they were not the first to the market. the fact that android will never have a simple back function by swiping left on the screen is one of the many reasons why a lot of people will never use android.
Jeff McKnight (8 months ago)
I have the swipe back function in my Android. Yes, iOS is a dependable OS, but it's also stale and outdated. Android has a learning curve for sure, but it's much more vibrant and exciting in my opinion. That's why I left iOS. Keep an open mind before railing something you don't know much about.
Michael McGrath (8 months ago)
Keep telling yourself that retarded iSheep. Android > crapple
Nadeem Shaikh (8 months ago)
oplix lol
Darnell W. (8 months ago)
Google just wants to follow Apple now.
Jonathan Weiss (7 months ago)
Tek56 There's no point arguing with a 12 year old
Tek56 (8 months ago)
Red Hood webOS STILL implemented the gesture navigation features better you retard. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAQvqbSPLp8
Red Hood (8 months ago)
Tek56 yes. But webOS is dead years ago dumbass
Tek56 (8 months ago)
Red Hood webOS was first moron.
Raymond D (8 months ago)
TheoDeo according to you, they don't learn from the more successful, innovative current brands, but copy from the dead corpse ? Right. Copying can be a good thing. It can be seen as learning if it is improving products and making consumers happy. Don't just blindly deny and defend the action of "copying" Sometimes it is even inappropriate to say they are copying because if something has become a norm, and the industry is going that way, then that's just simply how we are going to progress. For example, i brush teeth after waking up, you do that too ? Oh you "copying" soab. - not appropriate
Nocowl (8 months ago)
The OS looks great! I hope Apple brings some similar features to iOS!
Keith Love (8 months ago)
Can someone share that wallpaper please!!!
Jason Cody Adams (8 months ago)
Why is that the Publix logo tho
Jonathan Weiss (7 months ago)
hahahaha. Good eye.
Alyss Cajucom (8 months ago)
Lmao I noticed that too
Jan. Lotan (8 months ago)
moha annaba (8 months ago)
You should make a video about features on iPhone they you would like to see on Android or the opposite
TheTechster123 (8 months ago)
If google is copying Apple with the gestures then that is a sign letting the customers know that google is running out of ideas and their solution is to copy other companies that are successful.
Pure Fun and Stopmotions (7 months ago)
All they did was 'copy' gestures. Its something all phones should have in the future so it's not really a copy
Tek56 (7 months ago)
Jonathan Weiss Almost all the webOS smartphones and tablets actually had decent hardware. The original Palm Pre admittedly had very bad hardware and construction and build quality. Good design, but terrible materials and construction. The only other webOS smartphone that might have had bad hardware was the Palm Pre Plus as it was very similar to the hardware of the original Palm Pre. I own the HP Pre 3, Palm Pre, and HP Touchpad, so I can't say for certain that all the other devices were good in terms of hardware, but from what I have seen online in videos and articles I have no reason to believe they were of poor quality.
Jonathan Weiss (7 months ago)
Web OS failed because it was limited by the hardware at the time, not because it was a bad idea. Red Hood is literally one of the absolute dumbest and most ignorant apple extremists I've ever encountered.
Tek56 (8 months ago)
Red Hood Just because webOS failed doesn't mean it is was bad. It just failed due to bad business decisions.
Red Hood (8 months ago)
TheoDeo webOS isn’t successful. It actually failed during their time.
DEES BANGER (8 months ago)
It took me to switch over to Apple to realize how dead android is right now
Pure Fun and Stopmotions (7 months ago)
Red Hood Uh... What
Deathclaw (7 months ago)
Jonathan Weiss it's took apple 4 year's for a notification system and I actually love to customize everything so I'll stick with Android
Jonathan Weiss (7 months ago)
Red Hood I see people using Siri all the time, and getting so frustrated that they curse under their breath and switch over to google search real quick.
Jonathan Weiss (7 months ago)
Ah yes, another pre-teen level "apple is better" comment. Exactly what I expected to find at least a dozen times in this thread. If you want to talk about dead, look at how iOS handles notifications, THEN you're making an accurate statement. For real though, each operating system has it's pros and cons, why is that so hard to admit? You make yourself look foolish when you desperately cling to one side of the fence. Just my 2¢... don't mind me.
Deathclaw (8 months ago)
Red Hood where the hell do you live in the 1880's
Net Hook (8 months ago)
Very cool! iOS need to get some of these nice tweaks, iOS updates have been extremely boring lately... new emojis yay🤪
Antphoneigh (8 months ago)
Great features but virtually no one will get it unless they have a late 2018 phone, or Android One.
Swift Boiz (7 months ago)
Jonathan Weiss Yeah but what happens at the end of the betas? I doubt all these companies are going to just drop their software and release stock android for everyone using that device, they’ll probably finish the beta cycle with a final version for beta testers and then release their own fork of Android P a few months later.
Jonathan Weiss (7 months ago)
There's close to 10 (maybe more?) phones on the Android P Beta this year, so, a lot more people are getting gestures than you'd think.
Swift Boiz (8 months ago)
12 Phone models that're running stock Android as an opt-in beta. Sony probably won't suddenly decide to strip their skin from the phone when they release Android P for that model which means the official release will still probably be in development after the opted in phones get the final version. It's a strange move but if it makes it easy to get stock Android on one of these phones with no bloat then I'm all for it. I've been eyeing up the XZ2 and this made me consider the jump. Not for me this year though. If Android really pulls away from iOS in usefulness then I'll switch but right now, for all its flaws, iOS is the only option that makes sense to me.
Kawshik Ahmed (8 months ago)
12+ Phone models from 8 manufacturer running Android P from day 1 with Google for Project Treble.
Swift Boiz (8 months ago)
TheoDeo Treble shaves weeks off the development cycle. Project treble aims to cut out the wait time for driver updates on Qualcomm.
Random Gabe (8 months ago)
Loving some of these additions
Hanniffy Dinn (8 months ago)
Apple literally defines how all smart phones in future will work.
Simon Strother (4 months ago)
Apple is stagnant. They have one good idea every couple years whereas they're competitors are on fire
Tek56 (7 months ago)
hadare Sawadogo Yep
hadare Sawadogo (7 months ago)
WebOS was the first to implement gesture navigation, and android P gestures are from WebOS not from iphone X!
Tek56 (7 months ago)
Hanniffy Dinn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAQvqbSPLp8
Xavier Mathews (8 months ago)
That pixel hardware looks so outdated.
Tek56 (7 months ago)
Pixel phones have stupid ass UNNECESSARY glass backs. They could have just used plastic antenna bands like in the iPhone 6s and HTC One M8,M9. What utter retards.
Jonathan Weiss (7 months ago)
No. Not it won't, sadly. Hopefully Treble will make it much sooner than you're usually getting OS updates on Samsung, though.
Jonathan Weiss (7 months ago)
Probably nothing crazy, most likely a refinement. The 10 was the crazy redesign, the next one is the "off year" incremental design tweak -- usually.
Wanda McKnight (8 months ago)
P looks exciting but my galaxy S9 won't see it anytime soon.
Giorat23 (8 months ago)
Xavier Mathews I own an iPhone X and a 8 plus and prefer the 8 plus all day (display quality and size, battery, Touch ID), so that you call up to date hardware is subjective.
Sven Petersen (8 months ago)
DEES BANGER (8 months ago)
Nah... Apple was first!
Tek56 (8 months ago)
Red Hood That's the problem you're all ignorant.
Red Hood (8 months ago)
Tek56 95% of people don’t even know webOS existed
Tek56 (8 months ago)
webOS was first you dumbass Apple sheep!
Rohan Kumar (8 months ago)
Palm was first and Google made it better. Apple is a good fruit.
ZeeToo (8 months ago)
Ray Nelson (8 months ago)

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