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Abbott & Costello 'Jonah and the Whale'

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Routine from the first episode of the Abbott & Costello television show, originally broadcast in 1952.
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Roy G Biv (16 hours ago)
What timing!
mitchie hiscocks (6 days ago)
load of bllockso
Steven Smith (13 days ago)
I forget how great these two were. Thanks!
Meister Singer (15 days ago)
We’re listening to dead people laugh
Patrick Zollar (18 days ago)
103 people don’t get it. It’s just sad...that’s all.
Peter Goddard (23 days ago)
Never did like Abbott & Costello, pathetic duo.
robert forsythe (24 days ago)
I love the distraction when almost everything else has to do with the chief shit.
Andrew Scott (25 days ago)
I despise the way bud abbot treated Lou costello and it was not part of the skit at least from what I've read about these two
paul mckarns (29 days ago)
not even close to funny
Robert Severson (1 month ago)
Abbott always has been an ass
memorystar 72 (1 month ago)
Kieran O'Rourke (1 month ago)
what kind of whale was it? No one can do it the way Bud and Lou did it. Not Jerry S no one. They were the best. I remember watching their show when I was younger.
Jim Vandemoter (1 month ago)
This routine was broadcast the same year i was born. 66 years later it's still totally insanely funny, and you'll notice nowhere in this routine do they ever really tell a joke. The humor comes from their interaction with each other.
Mike Gross (1 month ago)
That laughing audience somehow doesn't seem real, like our canned laughter today WHICH I HATE! I think canned laughter and applause should be BANNED!
Richard Burriesci (1 month ago)
THERE WAS NO BETTER STRAIGHT MAN THAN BUD ABBOTT! His gravel voice and timing was his gift to us
jcheeseman21 (1 month ago)
I just want to hear what Costello has to say, Abbot is very annoying in this skit
atwaterkent911 (1 month ago)
"What, do you think I belong to a whale gang ???"
Hereward the Wake (1 month ago)
devo8466 (2 months ago)
If you haven't read an biography on Lou Costello, don't! Sadly, in real life, Lou Costello was an asshole, and treated people very poorly, including his Partner, Abbott. However! I love Abbott & Costello movies & Skits.
Robert Andujar (2 months ago)
They the best then and still are today.... Thanx
Darrell Talbott (2 months ago)
creative for toons..thanx.
phdfxwg Fischercat (2 months ago)
its a wet whale !
DJ KaNeck (2 months ago)
Capsize...about 7 1/4
VIDEOHEREBOB (2 months ago)
Beyond great. Their comedic timing is the gold standard.
Stephen Strang (3 months ago)
That audience is dying.
germanshepherd13 (7 months ago)
some skits are great but ones like this are annoying and not funny at all.
Peggy Donofrio (8 months ago)
LOL ~ This hilarious ~
Mike Gross (8 months ago)
That sure was a funny story because that one woman can't seem to stop laughing! Does it seem like "canned laughter" is being foisted on us at this time?
Kim Vlado (1 year ago)
Amazing no one knew his little boy just drowned one hour before the show started,,, that's where the phrase came out The Show Must Go On
Curt Lewis (16 days ago)
True story. But it was not that night. The little boy drowned nearly ten years earlier when Bud and Lou were doing a radio show in 1943. After they were off the air, Bud explained to the studio audience what had happened -- not originating the phrase "the show must go on" but saying Lou's decision to perform that night "epitomized" the show-must-go-on philosophy
wcwindom56 (1 year ago)
who in the world could possibly give this a thumbs down?
jpryczko (10 days ago)
wcwindom56 !,.
milking cow suprise (1 year ago)
Where's the Abbott and Costello movie? One of the most influential comedian duo ever... still nothing... they did jobs twice since he died...
3:29 "He don't want the whale to six and seven eighths the boat."
Rick rick (18 days ago)
Agamemnon Butterscotch I don’t get it. Eight is ate maybe but I still don’t get it.
BellatrixRox16 (1 year ago)
I once had a drama "professor" who acted very much like Abbott during one of our class rehearsals. I was trying to rehearse a scene with my partner and I would get three words out of my mouth before she'd interrupt saying "Now why do you think she said that?" That class quickly turned into this sketch and after awhile I wanted to be Costello and upon getting three words out of my mouth say "Now why do you think she said that? That was for in case you asked!" This is one of the best routines ever.
Alan Scouser (1 year ago)
They were absolute MASTERS of their facetious craft. Need I say more?
Who Dat Mafia (1 year ago)
That's one of my favorite routines. Ranks right up there with who's on first. Good clean comedy.
corbin mcnabb (2 months ago)
I agree it is very funny, but I can't put it with Who's on First. Point of view, of course.
Pappy Tron (1 year ago)
Who's on first That's what I wanna know.
Toa Tahu (1 year ago)
I get the joke was all the interruptions, but I don't get how the original joke was funny in the first place...
imnotmelvin3 (1 year ago)
Dude they used caned laughing in the show. listen close.
FYI - Bud Abbott thought television was a fad and therefore didn't sign a contract that included receiving residuals from repeated airings of the series. He died broke in 1974 living off his social security check of less than $200 a month. At one time he was worth an estimated $125 million dollars. Lou Costello however saw the potential and insisted on residuals (points) in his contract. He did NOT die broke. Lou donated A LOT of money to children's charities. orphanages, etc. The long standing story that they didn't get along is a myth - perpetuated by the true story of Martin & Lewis who never socialized outside of work. During their heyday, Abbott Costello lived not far from each other and spent many holidays together with each other's families. Lou was a HUGE fan of Christmas and the two would often have decorating wars to see who could outdo the other in decorating their homes for Christmas.
americanswan (1 day ago)
Lewis loved Martin. They separated because Martin didn't get the recognition he deserved and Lewis knew it. I don't think they ever hated each other.
Michael Smith (12 days ago)
Bud Abbott had a gambling problem--he lost lots of money that way, he did stay married to his wife for decades--not easy to do with that career
steveb0503 (1 year ago)
I once had a friend who used to do this to me sometimes when I would try to tell a story - I now suspect I know where he got the idea from.
Michael Naisbitt (1 year ago)
Lou Costello died far too young and the world has been a sadder place ever since----Modern day comics cannot do a routine without using Fuck and Shit and Pussy in their act. That's not comedy just profanity What has happened to all the good comedy writers
Lane Renner (1 year ago)
Michael Naisbitt I dunno, Jim Gaffigan is a good stand-up with relatively clean jokes. Good comedians are still out there, you just have to look.
me & you (1 year ago)
Love these guys but this is not funny- me and 6 people are here we all think this is boring
William Servidio (1 year ago)
ThreestoogeSSaI Three Stooges
Golden Wing (1 year ago)
what I learned today: be specific when telling a story, or have some duck tape to ensure silence when I tell it.😜
Golden Wing (1 year ago)
Mightymite po-TAY-to, po-TAH-to
Mightymite (1 year ago)
Golden Wing duct*
acla9000 (1 year ago)
True that.
Leonard-Ralph Lyons (1 year ago)
Abbott & Costello were master's of their craft.
Happy Me (1 year ago)
greatsilentwatcher (1 year ago)
Who cares? This comedy pulls from the way we learned the story as children.
blueknight (1 year ago)
All you ass clowns that is bringing religion into this eat ass hairs. Watch and take the clip as it is. It's comedy at it's finest. Nothing more, nothing less.
tim w (1 year ago)
+joseph pavelka not really. you are a confused soul. I hope God will have mercy on you someday to open your eyes
blueknight (1 year ago)
+joseph pavelka ok
Joseph Pavelka (1 year ago)
atheism is just as much a religion man, I see no difference in radical atheism and radical Islam or any other
blueknight (1 year ago)
+joseph pavelka Who said anything about cursing? I said religion. Stop trying to change the subject.
Joseph Pavelka (1 year ago)
+blueknight no, cursing is hatred. You're not that dense mate.
churchboy4 (1 year ago)
sometimes, I feel so bad for Lou, even though I know he's faking the sad, deflated face, he just doesn't it so well.
Lance Baker (7 months ago)
What does "he just doesn't it so well." mean???
churchboy4 (1 year ago)
Doug Montgomery (2 years ago)
Lou Costello--society's punching bag.
acla9000 (1 year ago)
Besides Donald Duck.
Justin Perry (2 years ago)
whats funny is you guys thinking the joke is about the story and it is not about the story the joke is about Costello interrupt the story.
Spitalhatch (2 months ago)
Costello told the story, Abbott interrupted him.
Azzy M (2 years ago)
He was sitting on the stool, selling the crab apples , three to the nickel.
Jonathan Auburn (2 years ago)
It takes a certain talent to say "so he don't want the whale to 6 and 7/8ths the boat," and have it make sense and be absolutely hilarious!
SgtSupaman (2 days ago)
Peter Goddard, you know they wrote the script...right?
Peter Goddard (23 days ago)
It's wrote in the script. No talent whatsoever.
Bob Reich (2 months ago)
I thought that was the best line in the skit
Kencomp1 (2 years ago)
+Jonathan Auburn - Indeed, it does. That's an excellent line and I don't think the audience got it. Unparalleled.
Bob Hazel (2 years ago)
Stanley and Oliver, Lou and Bud.....the best ever
James Elliott (2 years ago)
The Bible states a large fish. It does not say "whale".
Van PastorMan (23 days ago)
What about the story where they needed money to pay a certain tax and then Jesus tells people to go get this fish out of the water and there was money in the fish's mouth. In the culture everybody would have laughed because it's a fantastic story and none of them liked paying their own money to all these taxes so they would have laughed big time.
Shawn Simmons (24 days ago)
Does it make a difference? They're both equally ridiculous.
Digital Nomad (23 days ago)
The first recorded philosopher to insist that a "whale" was not a fish was Aristotle. Presumably, the Hebrew word (Hebrews were not a seafaring people) meant "animal that lives and swims in the water". The distinction could not have been relevant to the text. Certainly the application of the English word "fish" to modern taxonomy is not relevant.
Charlie Moskowitz (30 days ago)
Actually a whale is not a fish. A whale is a mammal. Biggest difference is that Fish have Gills and Whales has lungs.
Billy Bennett (1 month ago)
David Erigio says for as jonah was 3 days and 3 nights in the bellies of a huge fish ,so the son of man will be 3 days n 3 nights in the heart of the earth in new international version
heath williams (2 years ago)
its just a joke nobody is twisting the bible we all know the real story they are comedians if u didnt think its funny thats on u!!
Van PastorMan (23 days ago)
I'm a Christian pastor and don't have any problem with the joke.
Troldust (1 year ago)
real story? lol...
kitemay (1 year ago)
i'm good to go, just got ten people giving me a penny for my thoughts. traded up for a dime. if i get ninety nine more dimes, i'll have to store my dimes in a bag. then i can go trade the bank teller my dime bag for a ten dollar bill.
You had to put in your two cents and now you are broke.
HUDSON FERREIRA (2 years ago)
Omega Actual (2 years ago)
"CRAAAAAB APPLES!" It never fails to get me!
acbrien 64 (2 years ago)
"But tell the people!"
paul simmons (2 years ago)
"Now I've got the ship following the whale".../lol/
Marley Lowe (2 years ago)
OK, you guys have that story all wrong. First of all, Jonah wasn't the captain of that boat, he was a passenger trying to run away from God in witch he was told to tell about the Lord in Ninava. The place where his enemies lived. Jonah didn't sacrifice himself, God made a whale swallow Jonah for 3 DAYS not years. Get your fact6s straight before you twist bible stories.
HemlockRidge (5 days ago)
Wow, Marley, I guess there was only one person ever named Jonah.
Nelson Toondrawer (2 months ago)
God is at home waiting for you to run to Who, by Tomorrow to What, and step on the toes of I Don't Give A Darn! Go home!
Marley Lowe screw off
pot assium (1 year ago)
Ervin Williams seriously bruh??? was a joke dude
Ervin Williams (1 year ago)
pot assium You're confusing inches and feet, don't do that. No one, I repeat NO ONE could ever have the possibility to be 2" and still expect to be able to support the weight of their brain.
Frankie Gray (2 years ago)
these guys were great..I loved them..i remember seeing a routine they did many years ago, it was about aplay on the word "frigate" and "frig it"...anybody know it? where can I see it? its not on Utube...thx
Debbie Sogga (3 years ago)
I Luv these guys, still so funny after all these years. It was so much fun watching them when I was growing up. I still watch them. 🌹
Megan Kompare (3 years ago)
I'm doing this routine with one of my friends in my Theatre class and I'm super excited. It's a really fun and entertaining routine that I'm sure my classmates are going to enjoy!
How did it go?
Fearless Kezy (3 years ago)
Hahah! poor Costelleo  <3 lol pure genius :P Xx 
jay czyzyk (3 years ago)
ya hes poor
jay czyzyk (3 years ago)
+Kezy erskine hes great
Michael Hartman (3 years ago)
^_^ XD Thanks for sharing your funny video. It brightened my day. Poor Lou reminded me of a teacher in school who couldn't get to the point for the questions..
brandon herron (3 years ago)
LOL me, in case you asked.
brandon herron (3 years ago)
crab apples are indigestable
brandon herron (3 years ago)
Capsize:to turn over
brandon herron (3 years ago)
brandon herron (3 years ago)
when Costello says it's funny, IT'S FUNNY!!!
Jack's Username Though (3 years ago)
Hahaha "Is it funny?" "It's clean"
brandon herron (3 years ago)
don't want it to be dirty, do we?
William Uchtman (3 years ago)
Still 100X funnier than anything on TV today!
downbntout (22 days ago)
Or not
Robert bishop (8 months ago)
William Uchtman so true.
Starcook22 (3 years ago)
thomas hay (3 years ago)
too bad theres not a couple like them  around today ......
lorenzo magazzeni (1 month ago)
You have to have a vaudeville background, most so called "comedians" are from the TV with canned laughters and paid audience and think they are super funny.
Bethica Lemieux (4 years ago)
very funny
sharpshooterACG (4 years ago)
anybody else on an abbott and costello binge?
Heider BonSchenker (1 month ago)
sharpshooterACG Only 51, they were before my time partner.
irving zelcer (1 month ago)
lorenzo magazzeni (1 month ago)
They are addictive.
LysolPionex (1 month ago)
Mr Dude (4 months ago)
Richard Ranke (4 years ago)
I have also seen Abbott and Costello do this routine in two of their 1940s movies.The particular story wasn't as brand-new as Costello would have us believe...but I sometimes wonder how old the joke really was-or even the routine.
bobert4him (4 years ago)
Sometimes I laughed. Sometimes I winced.
Dargonhuman (4 years ago)
You can't get quality entertainment like this anymore.
Angus Lamont (4 years ago)
This is hilarious!
coystrill (4 years ago)
Lou Costello is a comedic genius. Abbott is one of the greatest straight-men of all time.
Van PastorMan (23 days ago)
One of the reasons I don't like many comedies today is because everybody is a comedian. They just take their turns telling jokes. There are no straight men or women.

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