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Abbott & Costello 'Jonah and the Whale'

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Routine from the first episode of the Abbott & Costello television show, originally broadcast in 1952.
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TheCuilinn (12 days ago)
costello's like my fucking wife
Sharkly GoldMan (16 days ago)
Fuck You, Hollywood. You robbed us of what is possibly the funniest guy that ever lived: Lou Costello.
James Gleason (21 days ago)
Abbott was such a Bastard! LOL!😁
Old Goat in the Woods (22 days ago)
Man, what a classic pair!
Anthony Molina (24 days ago)
Abbot was right, millions and millions of people have been watching!
Steven Scott (25 days ago)
03:01 Bud Abbot knew better than Lou Costello and Congressman Hank Johnson what capsize meant!
Jade Zee (25 days ago)
just repeating old skits....during these lean....depressing days for bud and lou
Jade Zee (25 days ago)
lou costello...sadly demanded a 60-40 split...during their early years together...... Groucho Marx considered bud Abbott to be the greatest straight man of all time.
Arizona doctor (26 days ago)
1952 Bible stories- 2018 comedy is about abortions with michelle wolf. ugh
Press F to pay respects to Lou Costello
Marty Howe (26 days ago)
A routine without profanity, & especially the F bomb. Who woulda thunk? Innocent humor is the best. You could bring your kids and your pastor to this.
Vincent Bain (26 days ago)
To be honest, I have a very overbearing relative that Abbott reminds me of. That relative always makes everyone feel bad. So it has always been hard for me to watch their routines. But I love Costello.
Art and Sue Katz (26 days ago)
What a wonderful part of my childhood.
Ryan Taylor (26 days ago)
These guys are comedy legends, however in this performance they seem to have the same canned laughs played continuously on a loop. Very funny sketch, but the people in post production ruined it
jsfbr (27 days ago)
Amizing guys that don't cease to lighten my day!
Edward Deitch (27 days ago)
What is truly wonderful is how these old time comedians could make you laugh until your sides hurt and never use a curse word or say anything dirty or vicious. A lost art indeed.
Will Lipscombe (27 days ago)
Thank you VERY much for finding this and posting it...... clean humor from back in the day when most cars did not have locks on there doors, when people usually did not have to lock there houses and when no one even knew what the word “graffiti” meant..... back when most people had good moral character.
greg szweda (27 days ago)
Larry Dustin (27 days ago)
Thanks USA for voting for our Prez Trump he's draining the Swamp.
MrAbletospeak (27 days ago)
Even back then they could not pronounce whale in The USA.
Sour Cream (28 days ago)
Lou Costello. I love him!
LarryC213 (28 days ago)
I used to love watching their movies when I was a kid.
Bill Grandone (28 days ago)
My grandmother LOVED Lou Costello but hated Bud. She complained that he was 'always being mean" to Lou. Yeah she swallowed their routine hook, line, and sinker, believing what she saw was real.
Van PastorMan (25 days ago)
Bless your grandmother if she is alive or the memory if she has passed on. I've heard things like this before. People confuse the reality and the fairy tale. I guess it meant that Bud was a good actor in doing what he did. He played mean and your grandmother believed it.
wayne brown (25 days ago)
Grew up watching "their movies along with the Saturday afternoon double feature westerns-Hopalong Cassidy, etc.
Iain Macs (29 days ago)
Abbott looks like George Dubbya🤔
nr3rful (1 month ago)
Who in the world would give Abbott and Costillo a thumbs down ? Fess up and tell us why...
Michael Lubin (26 days ago)
A person. What kind of person? A PERSON! But what KIND of person?
Coleman Adamson (1 month ago)
Never cared for "comedy" where a nice guy and mean guy square off with the mean guy getting in all the shots. Just never thought it was funny....and still don't. But their "Who's on First?" routine was great.
epic103 (1 month ago)
ruandted (1 month ago)
I had tears watching these fella's at ten years of age and still crying at 74 .
Terry Tapley (1 month ago)
simon elliot (1 month ago)
I would kick both of their asses. Terrible.
Nathanael Decker (1 month ago)
This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen.
Roger Propes (1 month ago)
I never could remember which one was Abbott and which one was Costello, and I never thought they were funny, but here we see Lou's genuine acting talent.
JiveDadson (27 days ago)
The straight man _always_ got top billing. So, the one with the funny hat was Costello, the "second banana."
K9boxing (1 month ago)
Classic 👏
Bob Patrick (1 month ago)
Steve Allen, in his chapter on Abbott and Costello in "More Funny People," pointed out that Abbott and Costello always did a clean act, even in burlesque. Like so many comedians of their era, they were funny and still family-friendly. I agree with William Uchtman, "Still 100X funnier than anything on TV today!"
Peter Metcalfe (1 month ago)
Who could Jonah sell the apples to anyway when he was in there on his own?
strokesdogs (1 month ago)
Andrew Henry (1 month ago)
Lmaooooo the fake laughter is hilarious 😭
wally s (1 month ago)
Filmed in front of a live audience, believe it or not.
William Sweerman (1 month ago)
NeedHim6543 (1 month ago)
I Love Abbott and Costello. Their movies are the best. ☺😊😁
CrimsonEbonyTears (1 month ago)
(3:51) CRABAPPLES!!!
Jason Houser (1 month ago)
What kind of apples?-Apples that grow on trees!
jlschult45 (1 month ago)
These two were before my time but they are still one of my favorite comedy teams. Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin were another favorite of mine.
Michael Fitzgerald (1 month ago)
R.i.p. to the prime time tele .. lt died back in the late 70's. Now we have to deal with mind dead zombies.. I hear they are making special lanes to walk though.. a.k.a. zombie lanes.. and they may be able to vote ... Hello new Zealand....😗😗🍋🍋🍋
susan (1 month ago)
Beautiful.. Absolutely.. They don't make em like that anymore, what a treat! Just so funny 😄 Thank you..
Charles Vergo (1 month ago)
I don't think this is very funny it just pisses me off that's somebody's in interrupting a story
Linda Shelley (29 days ago)
Charles Vergo In real life, yes that can be annoying, but here it’s the whole point of the routine, which is what makes it so funny...
alg11297 (1 month ago)
Still waiting for the payoff
R. S. (1 month ago)
What payoff?
Pat hellyer (1 month ago)
I Love Them! alway's.laugh.
Chris Manning (1 month ago)
Costello doing his Joe Pesci imitation...
wally s (1 month ago)
Joe Pesci was about 10 years old when this was filmed.
Bob Patrick (1 month ago)
I don't know. Joe Pesci reminds me of Peter Falk.
u2good2b4gotn (1 month ago)
5:16 Abbott is there. At 5:19 he disappears. 5:28 he's back.
Roy G Biv (2 months ago)
What timing!
mitchie hiscocks (2 months ago)
load of bllockso
Steven Smith (2 months ago)
I forget how great these two were. Thanks!
Meister Singer (2 months ago)
We’re listening to dead people laugh
Patrick Zollar (2 months ago)
103 people don’t get it. It’s just sad...that’s all.
Peter Goddard (2 months ago)
Never did like Abbott & Costello, pathetic duo.
robert forsythe (2 months ago)
I love the distraction when almost everything else has to do with the chief shit.
Andrew Scott (2 months ago)
I despise the way bud abbot treated Lou costello and it was not part of the skit at least from what I've read about these two
Mary Williams (1 month ago)
Andrew Scott Abbott was the straight man.
paul mckarns (2 months ago)
not even close to funny
Robert Severson (3 months ago)
Abbott always has been an ass
memorystar 72 (3 months ago)
Kieran O'Rourke (3 months ago)
what kind of whale was it? No one can do it the way Bud and Lou did it. Not Jerry S no one. They were the best. I remember watching their show when I was younger.
Jim Vandemoter (3 months ago)
This routine was broadcast the same year i was born. 66 years later it's still totally insanely funny, and you'll notice nowhere in this routine do they ever really tell a joke. The humor comes from their interaction with each other.
Mike Gross (3 months ago)
That laughing audience somehow doesn't seem real, like our canned laughter today WHICH I HATE! I think canned laughter and applause should be BANNED!
wally s (1 month ago)
Many of these early TV shows were filmed in front of a live audience. Believe it or not.
Richard Burriesci (3 months ago)
THERE WAS NO BETTER STRAIGHT MAN THAN BUD ABBOTT! His gravel voice and timing was his gift to us
Bob Patrick (1 month ago)
I might put George Burns ahead of Abbott, but I would rank the five best straight men as (1) George Burns, (2) Bud Abbott, (3) Dean Martin, (4) Dickie Smothers, and (5) Dan Rowan. You couldn't go wrong if you changed the order.
jcheeseman21 (3 months ago)
I just want to hear what Costello has to say, Abbot is very annoying in this skit
atwaterkent911 (3 months ago)
"What, do you think I belong to a whale gang ???"
Hereward the Wake (3 months ago)
devo8466 (4 months ago)
If you haven't read an biography on Lou Costello, don't! Sadly, in real life, Lou Costello was an asshole, and treated people very poorly, including his Partner, Abbott. However! I love Abbott & Costello movies & Skits.
Robert Andujar (4 months ago)
They the best then and still are today.... Thanx
Darrell Talbott (4 months ago)
creative for toons..thanx.
phdfxwg Fischercat (4 months ago)
its a wet whale !
DJ KaNeck (4 months ago)
Capsize...about 7 1/4
VIDEOHEREBOB (4 months ago)
Beyond great. Their comedic timing is the gold standard.
Stephen Strang (5 months ago)
That audience is dying.
germanshepherd13 (9 months ago)
some skits are great but ones like this are annoying and not funny at all.
Peggy Donofrio (10 months ago)
LOL ~ This hilarious ~
Mike Gross (10 months ago)
That sure was a funny story because that one woman can't seem to stop laughing! Does it seem like "canned laughter" is being foisted on us at this time?
ElCid48 (27 days ago)
Mike, check your hearing. I hear many women laughing.
wally s (1 month ago)
Read up on early TV history: this was filmed in front of a live audience.
Kim Vlado (1 year ago)
Amazing no one knew his little boy just drowned one hour before the show started,,, that's where the phrase came out The Show Must Go On
Curt Lewis (2 months ago)
True story. But it was not that night. The little boy drowned nearly ten years earlier when Bud and Lou were doing a radio show in 1943. After they were off the air, Bud explained to the studio audience what had happened -- not originating the phrase "the show must go on" but saying Lou's decision to perform that night "epitomized" the show-must-go-on philosophy
wcwindom56 (1 year ago)
who in the world could possibly give this a thumbs down?
Jim Vandemoter (27 days ago)
Somebody with what i call a bad case of crainial rectumits
Linda Shelley (29 days ago)
i asimov I saw what you did there - that’s funny!😆
i asimov (1 month ago)
It's what happens when you give idiots the right to bear thumbs.
jpryczko (2 months ago)
wcwindom56 !,.
milking cow suprise (1 year ago)
Where's the Abbott and Costello movie? One of the most influential comedian duo ever... still nothing... they did jobs twice since he died...
Dan Crosby (27 days ago)
There was a made for TV movie in the early 80s with Harvey Korman and Buddy Hackett that really trashed Lou (I think unfairly).
3:29 "He don't want the whale to six and seven eighths the boat."
Linda Shelley (29 days ago)
Rick rick It’s called a ‘pun’ - a play on words. It was used a lot in comedy in the olden days, before it was replaced by the modern endless stream-of -consciousness profanity 🤬 🤦‍♀️
Rick rick (1 month ago)
so six and seven eights are the size of a cap? Ok but still ??
Keith Lowe (1 month ago)
Rick rick Didn't want the whale to "cap-size" the boat!
Rick rick (2 months ago)
Agamemnon Butterscotch I don’t get it. Eight is ate maybe but I still don’t get it.
BellatrixRox16 (1 year ago)
I once had a drama "professor" who acted very much like Abbott during one of our class rehearsals. I was trying to rehearse a scene with my partner and I would get three words out of my mouth before she'd interrupt saying "Now why do you think she said that?" That class quickly turned into this sketch and after awhile I wanted to be Costello and upon getting three words out of my mouth say "Now why do you think she said that? That was for in case you asked!" This is one of the best routines ever.
Alan Scouser (1 year ago)
They were absolute MASTERS of their facetious craft. Need I say more?
Who Dat Mafia (1 year ago)
That's one of my favorite routines. Ranks right up there with who's on first. Good clean comedy.
corbin mcnabb (4 months ago)
I agree it is very funny, but I can't put it with Who's on First. Point of view, of course.
Pappy Tron (1 year ago)
Who's on first That's what I wanna know.
Toa Tahu (1 year ago)
I get the joke was all the interruptions, but I don't get how the original joke was funny in the first place...
imnotmelvin3 (1 year ago)
Dude they used caned laughing in the show. listen close.
FYI - Bud Abbott thought television was a fad and therefore didn't sign a contract that included receiving residuals from repeated airings of the series. He died broke in 1974 living off his social security check of less than $200 a month. At one time he was worth an estimated $125 million dollars. Lou Costello however saw the potential and insisted on residuals (points) in his contract. He did NOT die broke. Lou donated A LOT of money to children's charities. orphanages, etc. The long standing story that they didn't get along is a myth - perpetuated by the true story of Martin & Lewis who never socialized outside of work. During their heyday, Abbott Costello lived not far from each other and spent many holidays together with each other's families. Lou was a HUGE fan of Christmas and the two would often have decorating wars to see who could outdo the other in decorating their homes for Christmas.
Craig Davis (24 days ago)
As I understand, Abbott was very fond of Costello, but it wasn't really reciprocated. Costello felt like he was belittled throughout their career, and turned even more bitter after his little son drowned. Abbott lived 15 years longer than Costello, and had a long-running problem with the IRS, leading to his financial problems.
Gary Heaton (29 days ago)
IF Bud was really worth $125 MILLION dollars way the hell back then, and STILL managed to piss it ALL away, then he more than deserved to be broke!! Plus, if Lou was such a good friend of his, and he GAVE away so much of his own money, then WHY didn't he give some to his life long partner to live on??? Anyone here that would not help out a good friend that HELPED make You Rich?? I highly doubt it! I doubt he ever had that much money, even converted into today's value. I also don't believe they were life long friends either. If the Christmas part was even true, they probably only did it to piss off the other one. But that's just my opinion, and everyone has one. I however was born with common sense, and didn't believe everything I hear, less than ten percent of what I read, and none of what I actually see! Why none of what I see? Ever see a guy turn a dollar bill you gave them, into a hundred dollar bill? If so, you would learn not to believe it either! And..I'm an American, we know better by now. ;)
Denis May (1 month ago)
Thank you for your interesting insight.
Mary Williams (1 month ago)
Kevin Richards RPM Vocal Studio Did the other guy help him?
boumpanimusic (1 month ago)
Neither of them received residuals from Universal either as it was not in the c on tract. Abbott and Costello actually helped keep the studio out of bankruptcy around the war years but the studios were the same greedy ##$@#@#$$#^ they are today.
steveb0503 (1 year ago)
I once had a friend who used to do this to me sometimes when I would try to tell a story - I now suspect I know where he got the idea from.
Michael Naisbitt (1 year ago)
Lou Costello died far too young and the world has been a sadder place ever since----Modern day comics cannot do a routine without using Fuck and Shit and Pussy in their act. That's not comedy just profanity What has happened to all the good comedy writers
Lane Renner (1 year ago)
Michael Naisbitt I dunno, Jim Gaffigan is a good stand-up with relatively clean jokes. Good comedians are still out there, you just have to look.
me & you (1 year ago)
Love these guys but this is not funny- me and 6 people are here we all think this is boring
William Servidio (1 year ago)
ThreestoogeSSaI Three Stooges
Golden Wing (1 year ago)
what I learned today: be specific when telling a story, or have some duck tape to ensure silence when I tell it.😜
Golden Wing (1 year ago)
Mightymite po-TAY-to, po-TAH-to
Mightymite (1 year ago)
Golden Wing duct*
acla9000 (1 year ago)
True that.
Leonard-Ralph Lyons (1 year ago)
Abbott & Costello were master's of their craft.
Happy Me (1 year ago)
greatsilentwatcher (2 years ago)
Who cares? This comedy pulls from the way we learned the story as children.
blueknight (2 years ago)
All you ass clowns that is bringing religion into this eat ass hairs. Watch and take the clip as it is. It's comedy at it's finest. Nothing more, nothing less.
tim w (1 year ago)
+joseph pavelka not really. you are a confused soul. I hope God will have mercy on you someday to open your eyes
blueknight (1 year ago)
+joseph pavelka ok
Joseph Pavelka (1 year ago)
atheism is just as much a religion man, I see no difference in radical atheism and radical Islam or any other
blueknight (1 year ago)
+joseph pavelka Who said anything about cursing? I said religion. Stop trying to change the subject.
Joseph Pavelka (1 year ago)
+blueknight no, cursing is hatred. You're not that dense mate.
churchboy4 (2 years ago)
sometimes, I feel so bad for Lou, even though I know he's faking the sad, deflated face, he just doesn't it so well.
Bob Patrick (1 month ago)
Lou was never the same after his son, Lou Jr., drowned in the family pool just before his first birthday. He became more irascible and his relationship with Bud became more strained. Yet even in his last years, after Abbott and Costello split, he made some appearances on Steve Allen's Sunday-night show, including one funny bit as a hospital patient and a then-unknown Bea Arthur as an overbearing nurse, and was as funny as ever.
Lance Baker (9 months ago)
What does "he just doesn't it so well." mean???
churchboy4 (2 years ago)
Doug Montgomery (2 years ago)
Lou Costello--society's punching bag.
acla9000 (1 year ago)
Besides Donald Duck.
Justin Perry (2 years ago)
whats funny is you guys thinking the joke is about the story and it is not about the story the joke is about Costello interrupt the story.
R. S. (27 days ago)
Frank Rappa (1 month ago)
Abbott kept interrupting Costello pissing him off
R. S. (1 month ago)
What story?
Spitalhatch (4 months ago)
Costello told the story, Abbott interrupted him.
Azzy M (2 years ago)
He was sitting on the stool, selling the crab apples , three to the nickel.

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