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Blue jean blues ( Written by ZZ Top )

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This is an Instrumental version I recorded at home last year, I have a version already on my site which was recorded at a gig. This really is just an improvised guitar piece not supposed to be anything like the original.So apologies to any guitar purists out there , if I can id rather put my own stamp on a piece of music in my own way if that means deviating from the original piece then so be it.
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Now YOU Shred (4 years ago)
Yeah man! great guitar playing! ! I made a backing track for play along: Blue Jean Blues - ZZ-Top Style Slow Blues Backing Track in B Minor
xxDVSxxONExx (5 years ago)
lol half way through it i couldnt resist i grabbed my guitar and jammed with ya great work brotha
turockandar (6 years ago)
Cool:) Keep playing the shit out of that Strat!
James Powlett (6 years ago)
working on the beard lol
turockandar (6 years ago)
Very good! Only negative comment is that it will take you another ten years to get a beard long enough hee hee:)
bluesharp59 (6 years ago)
Awesome dude , i played harmonica to that song ! the last two bands I was in.
Ali Brustofski (6 years ago)
Ah, James this is beautiful:)

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