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10 Objects in Space That We Can't Explain | LIST KING

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Text Comments (10)
Stellar Labs (7 months ago)
There is so much to say. I am no beginner when it comes to astronomy. No idea what was going on in your view hungry 2016 mind.
Arthur Failz.? (1 year ago)
Am i the only one who realates black holes to portals or time machines
Dee Nice (2 years ago)
intro song
Aaron Link (2 years ago)
Mitch Rice (2 years ago)
so how does something infinite in size expand?
Stellar Labs (7 months ago)
The universe is finite, like everything else. It’s rate of expansion however is too fast (faster than the speed of light) to he noticed as a barrier. There is no tellling what would happen if you could somehow touch a barrier of the universe but it is impossible as the universe is a strange structure not conceivable to your average person. The universe may be expanding, but the mass and energy in it is not.
Arthur Failz.? (1 year ago)
Carlos Alanis (2 years ago)
i see optical illusions
FlyingFox (2 years ago)
Fascinating vid! Honestly, I was expecting some mention of the Black Knight satellite. Ah, well - cool list anyway :)
SWATJET GAMES (2 years ago)
cool vid

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