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Skin cancer symptoms

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http://skincanceradvices.blogspot.com/2013/08/Skin-cancer-symptoms.html Symptoms of skin cancer can include many shapes, sizes and colors of skin lesions , or no visible damage. "Skin cancer symptoms "Cancer Symptoms Basal cell skinBasal cell carcinoma usually affects the head, neck, back , chest or shoulders. The nose is the most common site. Basal cell carcinoma occurs at least three times more often than squamous cell carcinoma . Skin cancer symptoms There are several types of basal cell carcinoma , including ( morphea ) multiple nodular and superficial. They look different , but they all have the same treatment. Signs of basal cell carcinoma may vary depending on the type and may include changes in the skin such as: Business , pearly bump with tiny blood vessels in a spider -like ( telangiectasia ) .Red, tender , bleeding dishes easily. Skin cancer symptomsSmall blisters and fleshy, with a smooth, pearly , often with a central depression .Smooth , shiny bump that may look like a mole or cyst .Patch of skin , especially the face, which looks like a scar and firm to the touch .Bump that itches, bleeds , crusts , and then repeats the cycle and has not healed in three weeks.Change the size, shape or color of a wart or a mole.Basal cell carcinoma usually occurs in sun-exposed areas of the body such as the face , ears or scalp . Basal cell carcinoma may appear as follows :A pearly or waxy blowA flat lesion , meat or brown scar ( Skin cancer symptoms ) Symptoms of squamous cell carcinomaThe cancer develops on skin areas that have received a lot of sun over time . People who work with chemicals such as substances arsenic, tar , coal , paraffin and heavy oils are also at risk of developing cancer . solar keratoses , benign ( non-cancerous) and warts often develop in the elderly and in some cases are a sign that the skin cancer can develop. Skin cancer symptoms . This type of cancer is not usually spread to other parts of your body . Cancer begins as a small hard painless lump or patch. The most common sites are the lips , ears or the back of your hand . Squamous cell cancer grows very slowly and looks like a wart or ulcer . Symptoms of MelanomaMelanoma is considered cancer the most dangerous and serious skin and is responsible for most deaths from skin cancer . Skin cancer symptoms . Moles are supposed to be closely monitored for changes or cancer because the third type of skin cancer non-melanoma can develop in normal skin or a mole that turns malignant. The most dangerous type is most commonly affects the upper or the men and women of the face, but can occur in any area . Symptoms of skin cancer nonmelanoma are:The small lesion with an irregular border and red spots , white, blue or blue - black on the trunk or branchesThe large patch of brown with dark spots in any part of the bodyThe simple mole located anywhere on the body that changes color , size or feel or that bleeds ( Skin cancer symptoms ) Checking your skin for new growths or changes is a good idea. Note that the changes are not a sign of skin cancer . However, you must report any changes to your doctor immediately. You can see a dermatologist , a doctor with specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of skin problems.
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Master of Kung fu (1 month ago)
This video gave me cancer
Xay Khang (5 months ago)
Stop putting the computer voice over it. Some people cant understand what the hell its talking about.
Malkiel Falcone (5 months ago)
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Tina James (1 year ago)
My name is Tinamarie Gradel I have cancer on the left side Temple for the second time I am looking for the video for this surgery & sure don't have the money for it?
neeraj saxena (1 year ago)
Rafael Rodriguez (1 year ago)
FrigityFrigBalls (2 years ago)
nice fucking christmas music.
Eggplant Renew (2 years ago)
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MIchael Harrington (2 years ago)
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Lizzy O'Connell (3 years ago)
I heard rumors when i was littler if you pick at one of the brown freckle moles on your arm you could get cancer. Idk maybe it was a scare tactic for other kids and i also heard you could get cancer from a nosebleed, but those two rumors or theories seems false.
skr 420 (2 years ago)
+JacksonandLizzyForever HorseLovers The mole one could or could not be true, nosebleed is a joke, my nose has bled dozens of time, hard to even count, throughout my life maybe even over 100 times.
Viper_sniper1991 (3 years ago)
There are cures for cancer they are keeping it a secret P's don't know why
Tazboy (3 months ago)
Viper_sniper1991 yep look at Dr sebi
Alexa Finucan (3 years ago)
Hallelujah I don't have skin cancaaa
Eslam Ramadan (3 years ago)
Man the voices you are using in this video scare the shit out of me more than the mole in my body
Suzanne Marie O'Connor (3 years ago)
Did this person just say whaz up?! That can't be right. LOL!
DEENA (2 years ago)
i heard it too
roger barajas (3 years ago)
above tha skin  dry pil it off then with thin month is back dosnt hurt please nned info thanx
Lisa Schroll (1 year ago)
roger barajas
jorandle88 (3 years ago)
please see your GP and get it looked at if you haven't already. any lesion that does not heal and grows back like this needs medical advice asap. good luck and let me know how you get on.
roger barajas (3 years ago)
i have like black spot looks like mole i can pil it off gos comes back is that skin cancer
Prashant Kumar (2 months ago)
roger barajas no

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