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Reaction: Obama's stimulus package

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Where should the money from Obama's stimulus package go? Are stimulus checks for taxpayers an effective way to jolt the economy? What did you do with your last stimulus check?
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Pharaoh on LFS (5 years ago)
Look in the mirror?
Pharaoh on LFS (5 years ago)
Jesus christ that was 3 fucking years ago get your boner down, just after I posted that comment I did a ton of research on the whole thing in general, financial crisis, where we are now, I've come a long fucking way and I probably know more about it then you now so just stfu
MEK (7 years ago)
@xXxDANMANxXx really? then how do u explain the massive bonuses?
Dwayne Todd (8 years ago)
There are ALWAYS people who get rich during recessions. Goldman Sachs' stock has been good the last couple years. It also does not hurt that the current, and last Treasury Secretaries worked there before becoming Treasury Secretaries.
Pharaoh on LFS (8 years ago)
LOL 0:22 people didn't get rich off of the recession lmfao what an idiot. Banks were hurting...that's the whole reason we're IN a recession is because banks and lenders were financially fucked
fahs (8 years ago)
And Obama is doing to the Ameican people exactly what Clinton did to Lewinsky....
Robert Spencer (9 years ago)
seymourpackers49: This is probably the most rational observation I've seen on this thread.
Robert Spencer (9 years ago)
honhanguyen : I want $300K...Heck...Why not $3 billion? You know the answer to this. Quit being silly.
Robert Spencer (9 years ago)
*sigh* Does TANSTAAFL mean anything to anyone here? I've got a better idea on how to stimulate the economy. It's along the same lines of the suggestions of many of those interviewed here: Just mug everyone you come across. It's more honest than having the State do it for you.
bcuzikan (9 years ago)
WE WANT JOBS!!! WE WANT JOBS!!! WE WANT JOBS!!! I figured this was better than trying to explain economics on youtube. Anybody with me. WE WANT JOBS!!! WE WANT JOBS!!! WE WANT JOBS!!!
Working Code Tutorials (9 years ago)
The Federal Government grows larger and more intrusive into our lives as it goes far beyond the limits set in the Constitution. Without an awakening of a willfully ignorant populace, the American Republic is long gone.
yld629 (9 years ago)
Lou Dobbs?
stevecif (9 years ago)
socialism anybody?
Chief8888 (9 years ago)
president obama has to acknowledge that his stimulus package is not favorable to american opinion and so far only 37 percent of people agree with this bill. i don't like the fact that he is somewhat whining that his package wasn't going pass immediately, who does he think he is. the other 72 percent who are both democrat and republicans do not like this bill . Hope and change slogan was just BS and if this keeps up not only we;ll be in a reccession but also a depression.
Sam Novak (9 years ago)
Obama's stimulus = FAIL
Carolina King Pin (9 years ago)
they should start everybody credit over and give every tax payer that make less that 50k a year 250k then the economy would be back on top we print our own money god ppl would buy cars houses etc that would bail out who wouldnt want a new car or live somewhere nice the states with low income housing RENT who wants to pay for something that they will never own american needs to help themselves for a change helpn other countries is a good idea but you cant help someone if you cant help yourself

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