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Update on the broken switch

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Guys it's not the stand and it didn't just fall off the snaps are busted And the fact that I spilled orange juice on it makes it so much worse What is Nintendos number please who ever says the number will get a shout out
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Jordan Brandon (9 months ago)
ur screwed
VegasVPfree (11 months ago)
Broken switch ;-;
Skywtaker (8 months ago)
VegasVPfree and I hate your roblox profile mister vegasvpnotfree
upscalemule812 (11 months ago)
Their number is (419) 756-3030
blowzone 2.9 Plays (11 months ago)
Yes you are the you say. You smell like f
blowzone 2.9 Plays (11 months ago)
Are you the one who say the f word in channel
Skywtaker (10 months ago)
blowzone 2.9 Plays um no? I swear all I want F### Sh## C### D### N####
ShowBiz Kid (11 months ago)
Wow you were so stupid you broke. A switch lol
Skywtaker (11 months ago)
ShowBiz Kid dude all I did was rip it out of its place and break the stand simple fix all I have to do is buy a new stand

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