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Update on the broken switch

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Guys it's not the stand and it didn't just fall off the snaps are busted And the fact that I spilled orange juice on it makes it so much worse What is Nintendos number please who ever says the number will get a shout out
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Jordan Brandon (7 months ago)
ur screwed
Alyssa Masker (8 months ago)
Skywtaker Productions (23 days ago)
Alyssa Masker your stupid
Skywtaker Productions (6 months ago)
Alyssa Masker ...
Alyssa Masker (8 months ago)
Skywtaker Is here you're really stupid
Skywtaker Productions (8 months ago)
Alyssa Masker oh hey alyssa
VegasVPfree (9 months ago)
Broken switch ;-;
Skywtaker Productions (6 months ago)
VegasVPfree and I hate your roblox profile mister vegasvpnotfree
upscalemule812 (9 months ago)
Their number is (419) 756-3030
blowzone 2.9 Plays (9 months ago)
Yes you are the you say. You smell like f
blowzone 2.9 Plays (9 months ago)
Are you the one who say the f word in channel
Skywtaker Productions (8 months ago)
blowzone 2.9 Plays um no? I swear all I want F### Sh## C### D### N####
ShowBiz Kid (10 months ago)
Wow you were so stupid you broke. A switch lol
Skywtaker Productions (9 months ago)
ShowBiz Kid dude all I did was rip it out of its place and break the stand simple fix all I have to do is buy a new stand

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