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DRINK THIS MIXTURE EVERY MORNING AND THE FAT DEPOSITS AROUND YOUR BELLY AREA WILL DISAPPEAR Those who are struggling with excess weight will be happy to learn that this article presents an extremely potent drink which will help them melt the abdominal fat. First and foremost, it is important to mention that the major cause for fat deposits around the belly is the Lazy Bowel Syndrome. It actually inhibits the process of burning fat cells around the belly and slows down the process of detoxification. Most nutritionists believe that this is the answer to this problem and the explanation is very simple. Therefore, preparing this homemade drink and using it as replacement for your breakfast is the best thing you can do to address this issue. It is very easy-to-make and all you have to do is to adhere to the instructions below: Instructions: First and foremost, you should take a bowl and put 6 prunes and 100 ml of boiled water into it. Cover the bowl and let it sit for about 10 minutes. At the same time, take another bowl and put 2 tablespoons of oats, a teaspoon of cocoa, and a teaspoon of grinded flaxseed into it. Then, pour 300 ml of kefir into the mixture and mix very well. Chop the prunes from the first bowl and add them into this mixture, mixing everything well once again. When done, put the resulting mixture into the fridge and keep it for the next morning. You should consume it on an empty stomach before you eat or drink anything else. After a month of using this homemade mixture you will lose 3-5 kg, mostly on the abdominal area. In addition to losing weight, you will gain other benefits as well, such as improving your tan, strengthening your hair and nails, boosting energy, and feeling much refreshed
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Dark Knight (7 months ago)
Why only one tablespoon? It is so tasty why can't i eat it all and flush it all out?
david mathews (1 year ago)
Why cocao
tmhall9999 (2 years ago)
It would have been helpful to print the recipe either in the video or in the description. Today I subscribed to your channel. I will unsubscribe within the next few weeks if the recipe is not posted, not posting it tells me you're not serious.
fleshybits (2 months ago)
+Colin Wolrich ...hmm, you misspelled @Charine Williams ' name. Instead of saying that she is unintelligent is misguided- educational background is not the same as intelligence. Not being proficient with grammar or spelling has to do with socio-economic conditions in upbringing- a child can't help where they go to school nor can they tell teachers how to teach. It should also be noted that those who do have book smarts, full access to educational systems in the ivy league are sometimes very well educated but are extremely unintelligent. Perfect grammar, but heads and hearts full of expensive hot air. I can think of a few leaders who bought their way to success because money buys access. So, before you label someone or speak out of disrespect because someone apparently seems to not have something you have (your level if literacy); why don't you first contemplate how you can be of service for them or the greater good? Being of service is as simple as shutting the eff up, or perhaps, re-writing what she was kind enough to intiate transcribing. I mean, yeah, her writing needs work, but not as much as your humanity. And, since we are sharing thoughts here, I would much rather engage with someone whose area of growth is literature than someone whose area of growth is human understanding. Love.
Colin Wolrich (6 months ago)
Carine, either you're a moron or you simply can't spell.
Colin Wolrich (6 months ago)
100 letter?
Colin Wolrich (6 months ago)
Also, stupid computer voice n did it say 300ml coffee?
Charine Williams (11 months ago)
It is easy six prunes in one hundred letter of boil water cover for 10 minutes then get a nather bowl put table spoon of oats one table spoon Coco and one table spoon lime juice, about two cups of boiling water in the bowl then chap prunes in the bowl mix ingerdeant put to cool then put in cooler till the next morning drink before anything for a month

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