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Final Fantasy 15: 15 Things You NEED To Know BEFORE YOU BUY

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There aren't many other games in the world that can harness as much excitement as a new Final Fantasy game, and developers Square-Enix are at it again with the next iteration in the grand series: Final Fantasy XV. From slaying giant beasts, to finishing hundreds of hours of game play and countless quests, this game is sure to be a major undertaking for anyone who dares to travel the massive sandbox. So we're here to help. Here are 15 things we think you should know before you buy the game. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingBoltLive LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/GamingBolt-Get-a-Bolt-of-Gaming-Now-241308979564/?fref=ts FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/GamingBoltTweet
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Text Comments (1385)
That guy (6 months ago)
3:41 Ultra instinct Noctis
raymund usi (1 year ago)
Turning a Final Fantasy game into open world is a big mistake, it received the bad open world cliches that you already expect. The driving segment is real bad, its a cheap way for the game to treat its player like "look at at this great massive graphics, impressive huh?" feel into it. Really, the open world is just out of place and unnecessary. The main story itself doesn't have weight and cant hold much much of its own. If you are playing strictly in the "main game" the story and lore is weak. You have to rely on Kingsglaive and Brotherhood to at least appreciate what is going on in the world.
Ant 1 (1 year ago)
They shouldve just made Cloud the main character
1aundulxaldin (1 year ago)
I am torn. Some say that due to its somewhat rushed nature, it is bad. But the graphics and gameplay look exciting. I still want to play.
Nemo 2501 (1 year ago)
So who is enjoying the camera angles in battles? My favorites are when you start combat near any forested area, how it blocks any view of Noctit or the enemies for more than 85% of the battle... Love those! Fantastic camera work Square!
EMOLY._.44 _ (1 year ago)
Already bought it I'm just watching this because I'm waiting for it to download
CoDM04BFreaK (1 year ago)
there are spoilers in this video...
Rocky Balboa (1 year ago)
the game has a miserable story holy fuck..
Chris Parkerson (1 year ago)
Half of these things are just plain wrong.
D.A (1 year ago)
Oh.. AND don't forget to watch Kingsglaive
SPANKED SILLY (1 year ago)
Im a little bit confused dont the last two point contradict each other?
disbadjazz z (1 year ago)
I've played ff3 and ff10. this is by far the best game I've ever played, loved it even more than the witcher 3 game which has similar combat playstyle.
Nhika (1 year ago)
who's that cute summon time to find hentai for her
Shinta Boy (1 year ago)
the fucking spoiler at the end of the video, thanks a lot.
maxi soulcaliber (1 year ago)
im waiting for the pc version
Fox Die (1 year ago)
Unfortunately the game is near impossible to beat without the patch, it's the only game I've had that constantly stops being read every 45-75minutes making it very frustrating trying to rush and skip shit in areas with no checkpoints.. Not to mention the extra scenes that were cut due to disc space. I wasn't able to install the patch till after chapter 6. So just in case anyone reads this that haven't bought the game yet and you experience the same problems I was then don't worry too much about it, more than likely it's a patch fix so get it as soon as you can before actually starting it
it was short
N L. (2 years ago)
What are you doing showing these boss-looking battles in a before you buy video? Not cool.
Dean Grimsell (2 years ago)
15 things you know before you buy Final Fantasy 15 - This video is a ripoff from Gameranx's video with the exact same title
JAN (2 years ago)
the phrase "Gameranx Rip-Off" is the only thing that comes to mind when I see the video title xDDD
FeedEgg (2 years ago)
i really hope this doesnt suck
Nick Q (2 years ago)
I'm addicted to this damn game. I have 12 hours on it and I've had it for a week. I need help...
should i watch the movie and episodes before buying this
Mark Hogan (2 years ago)
Summons are called "assrolls" ? The fuck ?
Indi Page (2 years ago)
What's wrong with the FPS?
Tate (2 years ago)
Watch out with the chapter 7, it may break your game
Proverbs 1:22 (2 years ago)
What About Co-op Online
CGP (2 years ago)
Tutorials I never really liked. I say "if you can't pick up on controls fast, how do you expect to git gud?" :) I mean, for PC it might make sense, but even then just plaster the control scheme in the options menu like always and have an optional help menu. I welcome this optional tutorial thing. With sidequests, really only hunts are useful for the gil. The items from them can be largely useless if it is an accessory. I don't know about the flying car either... I was hoping for something like an airship. Something that actually looks amazing. FFIX was the last of the greats when it came to that stuff. Their whole world was open, grand, had lots of depth to it, and you had so much you could do on every continent. It was built for flight. This one... Painful to walk or even drive in. Even chocobos not as fun. Car on rails, too much far and few between for everything, if you are not painfully strong, then you often wind up being painfully weak. Such an imbalance. Also, what the hell happened to all the cities? There is one you visit by chapter 3, but it has very little depth to it. I need a new FF to get me back to the series, but so far none. This last one is good, looks beautiful. In fact, the main 4 plus the first girl you meet are only eye candy. Yeah, I just wished 10 years would have translated to living up to the hype.
javier orellana (2 years ago)
wow hundred hours of main mission hahahahahahh there are just about 30
GoriestPunk (2 years ago)
this is stuff i need to know when i buy. not before you buy. plus i didnt even play tutorial and learn quick very easy play compare to like crisis core
birchthebirch (2 years ago)
is this a need to know or an advert..
Winterentorm (2 years ago)
Dominus Satanas (2 years ago)
Tutorials? You just mash buttons for most of the bosses anyways.
VxNoVaa kun (2 years ago)
Like if you watched this video right after you bought the game
Manayz (2 years ago)
"hundreds of hours of gameplay" i beat it in only 24 hours give or take a few mins and i know for a fact the side quests will take up the rest of the time but whatever
nomnom nomnomx (2 years ago)
for pc or bust. aint wasting 1070gtx
Finn Peeters (2 years ago)
Prize thumb enter and/or promotion slam fault through.
Daniel Hauser (2 years ago)
beat it in 25 hours and i did quite a few side quests.
nate joe (2 years ago)
I'm buying it tomorrow
peter pan (2 years ago)
Nr 13 is wrong since u have Limitations till you do some story stuff Nr 10 is also bullshit the characters dont have separated Grids they are all in the same Grid in different categories Nr 06 If they ever said the Day 1 Patch is small they lied its lik 8-9 GB to download Also where is that footage from there are some Spoilers.
Joe Carney (2 years ago)
"small day one patch" 10GB later...
Black Hanzo (2 years ago)
amazing thx
Dean Spence (2 years ago)
New fast and fluid combat I.e. button mashing till things die
doeggu (2 years ago)
"What's one thing you think of when starting a FF game? That's right. Tutorials!" Wut?
WHHHYYY ARE YOU GUYS SHOWING SO MUCH OF THE GAME!? I really wanted to listen, but you're ruining players experience by showing what's to come😤
Ram Stones (2 years ago)
This is what the 7 remake is going to be like. Seems fun
Hammer Spank (2 years ago)
You lie! It isn't "open from the beginning" there are story barriers and blockades!
StartupVince (2 years ago)
If one person dies is it game over or do the rest keep fighting?
BlaZe Star (1 year ago)
StartupVince damn that's a good question I don't have it yet
SupahFly (2 years ago)
completed the game. no flying car to be found. also. deathmagic isnt a thing.
NoNameJustWords (2 years ago)
Nice try troll, the game does have death magic, if you had played the game you would know this... also flying Regalia... there is an achievement for it so it is in the game.
Lelouch Lamperouge (2 years ago)
I got my flying car!
R3V0CUB3Z G3 (2 years ago)
I don't really Care about anything anyone says,I'm buying it
Cortez Johnson (2 years ago)
i wish they would of made a lil fun free roam mode as animals any creature win battle n eat to gain exp n survive n level up n unlock new creatures n live to se another day or months or maybe years with the animal character own life span growing n getting to adult stage or may beat the old king n become the king of my kind with my own territorry starting challenges or being challeng by another alpha n fighting of predators to best way the animal gender can bein a predator hunting or bein an grazer i would love to b a crocidile n more i wish they would add that just for more fun. final fantasy 15(wildlife mode) or playing as any enemy or foe ohh how amazing that would be to have in the final fantasy 15 the best multi fungame u can do anything the fantasy world lets u do animal machaninichs with a ragdoll doll
Wesley Johnston (2 years ago)
Wow before you buy. And mostly correct but then you start going into what the vehicles will do. This is spoiler stuff mate.
TheGodOfCruelty (2 years ago)
Small Day One Patch? got the game on the 25th already and had to download a 7 Gigabyte Patch, on release day I had to install another 8 Gigabyte one... and that is considered small? what the hell?
etcher1981 (2 years ago)
Garbage. THis is coming from a FF lover since FF1.
Thrillkilled (2 years ago)
etcher1981 And it's your opinion. It's a huge departure from the original FF, so it's understandable you think that.
Unicorn crossing (2 years ago)
Fantasy has met it's final....
wiggie666 (2 years ago)
yeah NO GOOD, game looks like they put so much garbage in it , it will suck. , thats how they do video games today all polish and filler no real personality or decent gameplay. Its like you don't have to even grind or memorize when playing these games, just do tons of time events and you end up playing an interactive movie ugh, looks like the summons are the basis for the primary storyline, which will be boring, character designs are bland. ff 13 kinda sucked but at least their characters were some what creative and the summons seemed more badass. GTA+FF= trash.
Ron (2 years ago)
Jessica Vann its not tht good
Jessica Vann (2 years ago)
You obviously haven't watched the movie that introduces many of the characters and provides insight into what led up to this game story-wise, nor have you watched the short anime series that goes into detail on the main characters and how their friendships started and developed. A lot of work has gone into the characters of FFXV.
Takiowns Poker (2 years ago)
This garbage is Grand Theft Auto, not Final Fantasy.
RazzGamer (2 years ago)
The game is amazing but.. the thing I don't get is when I level up my HP goes low does anybody know why?
Gamings! (2 years ago)
Hey guys, never played any final fantasy game but this looks fun. Should i buy it or did i need to play the other final fantasy games to understand it?
Gamings! (2 years ago)
Thanks dude
leon voulgaris (2 years ago)
That depends. !in order to understand the story no. In order to understand what a Final Fantasy game is, maybe. I m not die hard fan but started playing FFs in PS1. The first was FFVII and i still think i is the BEST video game i ve played in my entire life and many agree with me. What defined FFVII as the best RPG (and game in general) for me was 1. Good story with gradual evolution of the scenario with deviations and enlightenment of various aspects of the world. 2. Iconic characters. 3. Balanced combat system with the capacity of full party control that permitted you to get attached to basically all the characters. 4. Good customization and materia system which was unique. It made magic and phisical attacks being in good balance. Finally from all this i feel that you have nothing in FFXV. The only plus you have is certainly great graphics. But be aware that you wont understand what a Final Fantasy game is. What i recommend you is to play FFVII or to wait for the Remake. Still i think that they might mess it up.
Lennart82 (2 years ago)
Seriously.... Bitch about Graphics???? Maybe Im to old... But Final Fantasy for me, is the story line. I was already sold on Graphics in ff8.... BLOWN away with 10 for voice over. Game play and story line. Thats it...
john hodson (2 years ago)
looks like GTA meets Sonic 06
Bunnyshooter 223 (2 years ago)
Dont worry, it looks great on Xbox one so itll only be better on everything else It did have hiccups in framerate but its very playable I want 'xbox one pro' so i can play games at 1080p 60fps--especially shooters. I think that is the next big thing, then 4k 60fps. Its a NEED at least at 1080. Cmon, its 2016 we can make it wrk :) Happy holidays!!
Farida Hatata (2 years ago)
Why do everyone play new games of 2016 with a ps4 pro I only have a normal ps4
01Eureka (2 years ago)
Things you NEED to know BEFORE you buy FF15? Well, how about avoiding this video at all cost, because of massive spoilers! -.-
krunchy water (2 years ago)
death is in every ff you noob
daFlyingPotato (2 years ago)
I regret buying this game, the combat system sucks major ass.
Ryan Oder (2 years ago)
Does anyone Know what's going on with the VR? I thought FF15 was able to use it
A A (2 years ago)
faggg game
Spiritus Sancti (2 years ago)
....... this game just brought me back into gaming , Final Fantasy = Life
Turdsley (2 years ago)
I'd rather there be a traditional airship.
jihkosmos (2 years ago)
Totally unrelated to FFXV (even though I'm dying to play it.. but I neither have the game nor a PS4) what are the titles of the background music pieces playing throughout this entire video?
abcde (2 years ago)
I want to play it, but I got no console D:
Kyubi888Naruto (2 years ago)
It would be nice if devs started giving us the option of lowering the res for a bump in thw fps if we so desire.
SaturnHollow (2 years ago)
So bummed I wasn't able to pre-order FFXV. I'll be able to get it next week when I'm paid though. I just find all the pre-order exclusives very annoying. They should just include it in the game. If anyone has a spare code for A Kings Tale or just plain don't want it, I would be eternally grateful if you messaaged me the code! Also would appreciate it if anyone had the Blazefire Saber code as well, as a XIII fan that would make my life complete! I'd definitely prefer Kings Tale over it though.
Alex W (2 years ago)
I'd there co-op gameplay in Final Fantasy 15?
Tobi -_- Games (2 years ago)
idk if you have to buy the season pass or not but i already did so im good
Tobi -_- Games (2 years ago)
Alex W yes but later after all the dlcs are released
FaceDisgrace (2 years ago)
I scrolled down about 3 comments before finding the phrase "HillaCUNT" used, love the comment sections sometimes lol
Im CheWy (2 years ago)
Is it me or was you talking way too fast
Alex MH (2 years ago)
Well, If your sitting on the couch playing FFXV and your thinking, 'these graphics are crap, what a let down', then I don't think the final fantasy series is for you, in fact I suggest you go back to the year 2100 where you came from, because this game looks stunning in every way!
Beard Man (2 years ago)
When you almost have as many views as you do subs
Fernando Pires (2 years ago)
damn... now I wanna buy this... if at least they had made a decent demo so I could actually understand what the game was
Jesse PlaysGames (2 years ago)
I once completed infamous second sun without upgrading anything at all beacuse i didnt realise i could upgrade
Tobi -_- Games (2 years ago)
Jesse PlaysGames was it hard?
Kyle Bergevain (2 years ago)
Haven't played a ff since ffx but this does look good. I have played the demo and I'm impressed
Ésrom Finger (2 years ago)
Too late, i've already buyed it, 3 months ago.
Dionysus (2 years ago)
Ashita... Ashita ^_^
And Covells (2 years ago)
Will this game be multiplayer? I dont want to have to connect to the internet or have any interaction with other living human beings whatsoever while I play it.
Zignoff (2 years ago)
Currently my attention is on the NG+ and people saying it's NOT in the game which was a HEAVY selling point for me.
julian alegria (2 years ago)
So the game is going to come out in 1080p 60 fps
Luke Biasia (2 years ago)
PC version or GTFO
LiangHuBBB (2 years ago)
day 1 buy
S e v e N H o p E (2 years ago)
I'm getting this on release day. My hype drain is going too fast!
Geert Matthys (2 years ago)
Spoiler: everyone dies and you wasted 90 bucks
etova scales (2 years ago)
Geert Matthys why.... why....?
Orimaru (2 years ago)
Uh oh... Fantasy Hearts!!!
Dat Phoenix (2 years ago)
My Copy came in yesterday. 3 days early. I already invested 25 hours in this game... It is easy the best game of 2016
KurosCloud (2 years ago)
JLConawayII (2 years ago)
Sub-HD resolution? Cool, I'll go back to 2005 and get my 480i Trinitron TV so I can enjoy this game in all its glory.
JLConawayII (2 years ago)
Yeah I'd imagine it won't be too bad, or at least I nope not. The dynamic resolution system in some games like Halo 5 was really distracting at times.
John Jaecques (2 years ago)
Ive read some other comments on this video and it seems like the person who did the video is using a different defininition of HD than most people have. It will run between 900p and 1080p at at least 30 fps for nearly all parts of the game for ps4, and slightly less for xbox one source: http://www.dualshockers.com/2016/08/28/final-fantasy-xv-director-talks-ps4-and-xbox-one-resolution-more-details-on-second-half-of-the-game/ edit: also keep in mind additional improvements to game handling are coming in day one patch and will probably come in the future as well.
Yolastyま (2 years ago)
People doesnt really care so they just buy it
Kiz Epic Journey (2 years ago)
I really hope this game will be good.
tmlms1313 (2 years ago)
Question for anyone in the know, how different will the xbox 360 vs PS4 version be?
Guard Passer (2 years ago)
Noctis and his friends die at the end of the game. sorry to break it to ya
Mike Hunt (2 years ago)
Guard Passer I'm pretty big on FF. There aren't many things I don't already know. Also, faggot.
Guard Passer (2 years ago)
+Gannicus of Rome Noctis Dad is also the Final boss. he betrays his nation
pauleb (2 years ago)
This video should be called 15 random things about Final Fantasy XV.

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