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Sooo About That Pool Greenhouse Conversion... Homestead Update

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Fensterfarm Greenhouse (4 months ago)
I may be able to help you avoid all of the mistakes that I have made with greenhouses, Aquaponics, and Hydroponics. We have very similar interests! Chuck
TrollForge (4 months ago)
Too bad, I was looking forward the build. But I totally understand.
Punky Rooster (4 months ago)
Honestly, we had our first person come and evaluate filling it it. And the assessment was not good! So if we can't find someone who can do it affordably and without destroying the deck, then it may end up being a greenhouse again! :D
Saint Coemgen (4 months ago)
Hydroponics requires tanks of recirculating water. You have a nice below ground pool (i.e. hole in the ground below the frost zone) to place such tanks. Of course, just digging new tank holes somewhere else may be easier. :-)
Punky Rooster (4 months ago)
That's a great point. And truthfully, the pool greenhouse MIGHT still happen. I don't mention it hear, but it depends on how expensive / feasible it is to fill the pool in. But, at the very least the greenhouse will be delayed.
Fred Garvin (4 months ago)
too many brain cells been rubbed together over all this pool buisness... just patch it or whatever you gotta do and fill that bitch up with water and go swimmimg. keep it simple
Aaron Dos Sanchos (4 months ago)
Maybe instead of building the full hoop greenhouse, just stretch some plastic and screen over the top of the pool and use the shallow end for growing plants and the deep end for growing fish. I forget what it's called but you can use one of those plastic zipper doors for dust control during remodeling for a simple entry way. No matter what option you decide, it will still involve work, and every idea is always probably a bit more idealistic than the actual practical reality... Ie: taking down a pool you didn't like maintaining and was hardly used to put up another pool, not building a greenhouse or aquaponics system when you already have available structure that would work for both to build off of because the construction isn't as easy as you anticipated, but then having to demolish existing structure and build new greenhouse and aquaponics systems anyway... It all sounds like unnecessary work and added expense and making what you could do with what you already have seem more complicated for yourself than it really needs to be to function.
Punky Rooster (4 months ago)
I need something that would survive the winter and just plastic across the top wouldn't cut it. And it does makes sense to put an smaller above ground pool on top because my family still wants a pool, but a smaller, above ground one is much cheaper and easier to maintain. I can still build outdoor hydroponic systems all around the smaller pool (the deck is huge and very sunny) and I an build a traditional hoophouse on nice, flat ground elsewhere on the property.
Punky Rooster (4 months ago)
CORRECTION: I mispoke at 5:33. I meant to say we would put an ABOVE ground pool ontop of the filled in inground pool. Because above ground pools are safer and so much cheaper and easier to maintain.
Danny Boel (4 months ago)
I've been thinking about building a garden shed for the last 12 yrs or so :-) I collect pallets,for that purpose but they always end up in the stove ... recently I found plywood pallets (about 30 of 'm ) but they're no good for outside use... cool T-shirt btw
Danny Boel (4 months ago)
Punky Rooster I wish I had more space🏡🙄
Punky Rooster (4 months ago)
Thank you. :) And I hear you. I collect stuff for projects I intend to do... someday.

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