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This Amazing OIL Will Remove CATARACTS and Get 20:20 Vision!

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How to Remove a Cataract and Get 20/20 Vision with Castor Oil ★ Like us on FACEBOOK: https://goo.gl/QmGQVT Please Subscribe To Our Channel And Also Share It With Your Friends Thank You:
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Robin Lee (27 days ago)
I use it for dry eyes. I need glasses for distance and for reading. When I use castor oil I do not need glasses for distance anymore. I been using it daily for about a week and it works better than any eyes drops or anything else I have tried. They say if you use everyday for 90 days that you can get rid of cataracts. Well I have mild cataracts and I am going to see if it works to dissolve cataracts. Either way I will continue to use because it improves my vision. Use only Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil, certified by USDA and is guaranteed to be authentic, pure, natural, and hexane free. You can get it from Amazon or health food store. UPDATE: 12/26/18 Castor Oil is wonderful to use and I used it for a very long time successfully with great results. But for the last 3 weeks I have been taking Lutein (marigold extract) 25 mg and Zeaxanthin (marigold extract) 5 mg twice daily and my dry eyes are gone and my blurred vision is gone. I no longer have to use castor oil. I still need glasses to read but I no longer need glasses for distance anymore. God sent!
Whitey Ward (3 months ago)
Long term listening to robovoice leads to ignoring other real people, no subscribe.
Mohammed Maajidh (10 months ago)
which castoroil to use the black colour coil or pale yellow colour ?
Keithava (11 months ago)
I have done this using Castor oil and CBD oil, neither has worked. It will not work on all type of Cataracts.
gardensofthegods (26 days ago)
Sometimes it first what will happen is that we'll be a lot of cloudiness in the eyes in the morning according to everything I've been reading.. maybe you should keep trying and not give up but there's also another product people swear by for cataracts and it's called Grandma's Bright Eyes formula
MARK DARLING (1 year ago)
I'm not asking you to tell me that it will definitely work for my cataracts but I need assurance that it will NOT do any harm to my eyes before putting it in my eyes as I try it. Please Answer!!!!
D V (2 months ago)
Will not harm your eyes. I have been using it for almost 3 months and I can really see the difference. Be patient, it works and will not damage your eyes. Make sure it is Organic, cold pressed, and hexane free.
Michael Pollard (1 year ago)
John Nwanegbo-Ben (1 year ago)
Where can one get the right type of castor oil?
tarakaram ded (1 year ago)
i want castor oil for removal cataract I want addressvb
tarakaram ded (1 year ago)
i want castor oil for removal cataract I want address
tarakaram ded (1 year ago)
i want castor oil for removal cataract I want address
tarakaram ded (1 year ago)
i want castor oil for removal cataract I want address
Hasan Fulu (1 year ago)
I like it. how I link
venusiandesigns (1 year ago)
Can the caster oil be use along with my perception drops for eye pressure? I have to put the drop at bedtime, thank you
Shirley Roddy (1 year ago)
I'm so glad I found this video thanks but what I needed to know is can I use the castor oil in both of my eyes 👀 bc I have severe dry eyes and cataracts please reply thank you
lbird (1 year ago)
Shirley Roddy I see your post is from 2 weeks ago, but I recently watched 2 different videos about using castor oil for dry eyes. Here are the titles in case you have not seen them yet: 'I cured my Dry Eyes by Castor oil' by Dat Tran Van.... and, 'How TO CURE Dry Eyes: My emotional true story !' by Soha Noha........ Maybe one of them can answer any questions you have :)
Kellon Harrison (1 year ago)
has anybody that hav cataract used this castor oil an it worked???
gardensofthegods (26 days ago)
If you go back and read some of the other comments here it looks like some people are claiming that but I still want to ask some of them questions but they haven't gotten back with me yet ...I only just sent the questions now
Swati Bhardwaj (1 year ago)
Ayurveda in India uses this from ancient times
Lakshmi Devi (10 months ago)
Swati Bhardwaj
Athens M (1 year ago)
Could you tell me where I can find the right Castor Oil?
Rob D (6 months ago)
Health Nutritional product stores
Rob D (6 months ago)
Pure cold pressed, Hexane Free, 100% Castor Oil
Pianotendo (1 year ago)
Will it work for myopia and astigmatism?
NJ Kostas (1 year ago)
Sandra Hojnacki , Sandra... do you know John Hojnacki from Swissvale, Penna? He was my college roomate and a Great Guy. I believe he married a girl named Peg. can you email me please. RamboNK6@gmail.com
Sandra Hojnacki (1 year ago)
My results have been good. The bottle says to refrigerate the oil. Keep this in mind. Probably not for everyone. You can also make a eyewash from the herb Eyebrigh. So you can take the herb Eyebrigh and use it as a eyewash. You attack the problem from the inside as well as the surface of the eye. Eyebrigh can be found at any reputable health food store.
Percy Makgwale (1 year ago)
+Pianotendo also myopic & have astigmatism, what were your results?
Sandra Hojnacki (1 year ago)
Pianotendo In the morning you may have some discharge from your yes or you may need to blink a few times to clear your vision. This is normal as your eyes seem to sluff off what they don't need.
Pianotendo (1 year ago)
Sandra Hojnacki Cool! I'm about to put them in now.
Chochohtwe Chocho (1 year ago)
I like
Sandra Hojnacki (1 year ago)
One drop at bedtime in affected eye.
Sandra Hojnacki (1 year ago)
Patti Winn I would think castor oil would do the same for dogs as it does for us. Just be sure it is hexane free! organic cold pressed castor oil is what you need to use! Always buy it in an amber bottle.
Patti Winn (1 year ago)
Sandra Hojnacki Kroger castor oil safe for my Yorkiie ??.
Sandra Hojnacki (1 year ago)
This has been on JB Bardot. It is an older post but caster oil, to be specific, organic cold pressed, has been used for years to restore 20/20 vision. I was getting floaters so I tried it! Has taken a while but improvement is happening every day!
Lavender Dorie (25 days ago)
+gardensofthegods I wasn't saying the castor oil made things worse. What I meant was, it didn't help, so things are getting worse on their own. I went back to using Eyebright drops that I make myself at home. The eye doctor said a couple months ago the cataracts haven't gotten any worse now, but they aren't any better yet, either. He didn't know I was using drops, and he's still pushing the surgery which I do not want. I'm looking into the Bates Method, which not only improves sight, but can reverse cataracts, too.
gardensofthegods (26 days ago)
This has been a while since you wrote this and I'm wondering if you could give an update because I have some pretty bad floaters and are you saying that the castor oil has really made them go away ? Can you please tell me also if you had any other vision problems as I need glasses and I am so sick of it.. so are you saying that is actually will reverse eventually the need for reading glasses too ?
gardensofthegods (26 days ago)
+Lavender Dorie it's been a year since you said the castor oil has made your vision more cloudy.. I'm really sorry to hear that that's got to be really aggravating and depressing... your message was a year ago and I'm wondering if the situation with your eyesight has improved... can you please tell me if the cataracts are reversing and if so what you used and what was the protocol ?
Linda R Edwards (2 months ago)
Sandra Hojnacki g
Lavender Dorie (1 year ago)
I've had floaters for decades, and cataracts for about 5 or 6 years. I've tried Can C drops, and just tried castor oil for about 6 months. At first, I did have the little crystals around my eyes in the morning, but my vision has not improved, and in fact, the cloudiness is getting worse.
David (1 year ago)
Portland581 (1 year ago)
I have been using treatment for cataracts for about a week now and I have seen a big improvement.
gardensofthegods (26 days ago)
It's been a year since you were on here saying you were starting to see great benefits using castor oil in your eyes for the cataracts.. can you please tell me what brand you used and how often..? But can you please tell me if you had any other vision problems at all and if any of those were reversed also please ?
Portland581 (1 year ago)
I use it in an eye dropper which I bought a a health food store that came inside a dark bromn empty bottle.
Portland581 (1 year ago)
Heritage Store Brand Caster Oil (Hexane-Free)
Portland581 (1 year ago)
Heritage Store Brand
Cynthia Diop (1 year ago)
Portland581 what kind of oil did you use??????
Enlil Styxx (1 year ago)
My grandmother used castor oil and had perfect vision until 98 years old
gardensofthegods (26 days ago)
So are you all saying that you actually know someone who put it in THEIR eyes and It reversed THEIR cataracts ?
Sonu Raj (1 year ago)
relly it's true
Ric Profit (1 year ago)
Dianne Anderson eyes for sure
Dianne Anderson (1 year ago)
Did ur grandma use the castor oil as drops in her eyes or take it by mouth? Thanks
Cindy Tucker (1 year ago)
This channel originates overseas. That said, I have NEVER heard of this cure. Ever. And I have read about alternative health treatments for 20+ years. Has anyone else ever heard of this cure before???
gardensofthegods (26 days ago)
Can you please tell me if you decided to try the castor oil for the vision problems and if so could you please give me an update and how much It reversed it .. I am in the earliest stages of cataracts and and thinking of trying this treatment here .
Margaret Grady (1 year ago)
Organic, cold pressed, hexane free castor oil eye drops available at www.prismapothecary.com.
Bray Bulahan (1 year ago)
Yes, I've read it before.
Cindy Tucker (1 year ago)
rickyritardo Absolutely fascinating. Thank you for sharing this information.

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